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Chapter 72 – Preparations for the Transmutation

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

On the eve of winter break, my father drove me to St. Salaius Middle School to pick up the items on loan.

“Amazing, Leafa. It’s quite rare even for Imperial researchers to receive such extensive loans1.”

My father, having heard about my usual behavior from Mr. Lionel and Ms. Anais, was still excited and deeply moved. Being busy with military work, it was rare for him to witness firsthand my evaluation at school, so it was understandable. But being praised so excessively was quite embarrassing.

“You’re exaggerating, Father. It’s not about me being amazing, but rather the wonderful principles and creed of this school. I’m grateful to you and Mother for allowing me to attend such a wonderful school.”
“…I’m truly happy to have raised such a wonderful child…”

Touched by my words, my father had tears in his eyes. While feeling reassured by his genuine reaction, I also felt a pang of guilt. If I hadn’t been reincarnated under my parents’ care, perhaps they could have raised a more ‘normal’ child—The thought hurt. I needed to be even more cautious to ensure no harm came to them. The homunculus was the first step toward that.

With the loaned items brought in by my father’s car — test tubes, oxygen inhalation magical devices, and a cylindrical canister filled with Amnios fluid large enough to fit my body snugly — my atelier became quite cramped.

Since I had decided to use Arkecius for the work, I had planned in advance where to set it up without needing my father’s help.

I connected the oxygen inhalation magical device to the test tubes for homunculus cultivation and linked it to a small aether tank I had prepared as a power source. With this setup, a suitable area was ready.

Without pausing for rest, I began pouring the Amnios fluid from the canister into the test tubes. Mr. Lionel had provided a dedicated hose for this purpose, and it automatically filled the test tubes for the most part.


“Now then…”

I brought Arkecius close to the test tube filled with Amnios fluid and opened the circular lid on top. From here, I’d be adding the substance containing genetic information, and this time, I decided to use blood.

In the past, when I was Glass, I used flesh from parts of myself that had become obsolete. However, this body was not mine alone. While it may be somewhat less efficient for creating the homunculus, I decided it was best to minimize any damage to the body.

I cut my wrist with a knife2 and let the blood flow into the test tube through a small window. As I observed the color of the Amnios fluid change as my blood mixed in, I noticed that the flow of blood from my wrist had stopped.

“I see…”

The cut from the knife on my wrist had already healed.

“It’s just like that time with Auro Rabbit.”

Healing instantly no matter the amount of damage caused was just like that goddess. I chuckled wryly as I once again realized the abnormality occurring within my own body.

“Well, this should make the process a bit smoother…”

Muttering to myself, I cut my wrist again and added more blood to the Amnios fluid. Thanks to the new cut healing quickly as well, I quickly wiped away the traces of blood and moved on to the next task. It was convenient in that sense, but an abnormality was an abnormality.



  1. Robinxen: I’m sorry what… they’re just handing this stuff over to a kid specifically and this is not normal???
  2. Robinxen: Why why why why why why why why why?
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