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Chapter 8: Infant’s Body

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

I wonder, how long has it been since I was reborn as “Leafa”?

I’ve taken several naps, but I still don’t have a good sense of time. I’m getting used to the current situation, but if I let my guard down, sleepiness quickly overwhelms me, so it may have been several days already.


It seems like I have truly “reincarnated.”

I’ve never experienced such a novel sensation in my dreams, and it seems that my parents have been taking care of me while I sleep.

My father is Rudra. Based on the conversation I heard when I was born, he appears to be a military man.

As for my mother, Natal, I’m not sure what her profession is. Judging by the way she cares for me, it seems like her job is taking care of me now.

“We have to raise her with care from now on.”
“Even though she’s our daughter, we’re entrusted with a single life. It’s a significant responsibility.”

I must have dozed off without realizing it, and time seems to have passed again. The window that should have been dark at night was now bright.

I tried to stretch my body and let out a yawn, but my limbs moved awkwardly. It might be a reflexive reaction, but I was still not used to not being able to move my body as I wanted. Nonetheless, I was relieved that there was a hope that I’d be able to move better in the future compared to the body of Glass which I lost to the Black Stone Disease.

“Leafa, good morning. You’re an early riser this morning, aren’t you?” I heard my mother’s voice coming from somewhere.

My ears were working fine, but my vision was still limited. Judging by the pleasant scent, I figured she must be in the kitchen.

Nevertheless, it’s quite boring when all you do is sleep or eat. It would be helpful if I could at least understand what kind of place this world was and what era it belonged to…

I gazed up at the ceiling of what seemed to be a wooden house. The sturdy, thick wood logs were probably the beams. I wondered if this house was a one-story or two-story structure. It was my own home but I didn’t even know that.

I couldn’t even turn over, let alone move my head on my own. I wasn’t sure if my head was too heavy or my neck too weak, but without someone lifting me, my exposure to the outside world was quite limited.

“Ah, aau…”

I intended to sigh, but it came out as that babyish sound from my mouth.

“Oh, did I bore you, Leafa?”

My father noticed and approached. When he picked me up with his strong arms, my view rose, and I could vaguely see the room. Maybe it was because the room was well-lit, or perhaps my eyes were developing a bit, or maybe both.

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Since he took me up, I decided to encourage my father to move me. I didn’t expect him to engage in baby talk, but it was worth a try.

“Oh, do you want me to take you there, Leafa?”

I’m not sure how he understood, but my father began to move me toward the window while still holding me. This was the first time I had moved away from the crib, except during bathing. Being able to look around the room during the daytime was quite refreshing for me.


Something that looked like a large, humanoid shadow passed by outside the window. Judging by its size, it didn’t appear to be human, and I couldn’t imagine combat robots like mecha soldiers strolling the city.

“Oh silly me, it’s garbage day today. Rudra, can you handle it?”
“Ah, gotta hurry!”

My mother said something upon realization and my father reacted to it, and returned me back to the bed.

“I think I saw a subordinate unit passing by just now.”

Subordinate uni…?

It seemed that the mecha soldier-looking thing outside was called a subordinate unit. In the era I lived as Glass Dimelia, especially during the Human-Demon War, they were massive humanoid automatons that fought against demons alongside the mecha units. However, judging from my parents’ conversation, in this era, the subordinate units seemed to have taken the role of collecting garbage1.



  1. Robinxen: Wow, other worlds job crisis must be terrifying, imagine the unemployment when such labour can be automated.
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