World of Immortals Chapter 188

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This chapter is brought to you by:
Translator – Silva
Editor -???
Proofreader – ???

This will be the last week I am able to keep a fixed release schedule. Starting from next week onward, I will be helping out my dad with his job. As mentioned previously, my dad’s job require a lot of traveling and don’t have a fixed working schedule (He usually came home late at night and even work during the weekends), so I will not be able to translate most of the time.

I will give you all a status update again after working with my dad for one-two week and see how it goes.

To everyone who have pledged to me on Patreon, if you feel that I’ve disappointed you, feel free to cancel the pledge at any given time, no hard feelings. Though I may not be able to convince my parents to let me continue full-time translating now, but if more people continue to pledge to me in the future, maybe someday, I can finally make a come back as a full-time translator.

Silva’s Diary Volume 4 Chapter 25

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Silva’s Diary is a Fan Fiction written by yours truly, based a few decades later in the future of Zero no Tsukaima. This story included the author’s original blend and crossover with many other popular series, such as Mahou Sensei Negima, Coiling Dragon, Tales of Zestiria, Maple Story, Rage of Bahamut, and so on…

If you wish to have a character created in the story just for you, whether it be the best action character like Jackie Chan, a Harem King like Rito Yuki, a cute mascot like Kyubey, or even the most wicked villain like Felonious Gru. Just interact with the author, leave some feedback for the story, or support the author on Patreon!

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