Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 777

It’s Chapter 777.
Seven hundred and seventy seven. Hmmm, not quite as good when written out.
Absolutely crazy to think we’re 77.7% of the way there to 1000.
Is that previous sentence totally redundant? Yes, yes it is.

But I think it really illustrates how crazy far this novel has come.
Let’s not talk about how much more content the author also has though…
Like, yeah… it’s long. Really long. And still going for some reason!

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 776

Honkai Star Rail has opened up closed beta applications.
I strongly suggest checking that out before you miss them.
This beta surprised me though, I really thought they were going to aim for a March release.

Seems like they won’t be. I wonder if they decided to push it back for a reason, or if they weren’t even considering a march release at all.
Well I can’t read their minds, I’m just looking forward to the game.

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I’m still an MMO Junkie Chapter 1

Hello, a new translator here. I don’t really have much to say to be honest. If there’s anything I think you should know, the update of this series may be slow, due to how long one chapter is, the fact that I’m actually translating other series, and the fact that I’m overworking my eyes in particular, but it is slowly but surely being translated.

I mentioned that I’m translating other series, I won’t say much about those other series for now, since they are basically unfinished, and I can’t tell if it will be done anytime soon. Anyway, enjoy this chapter 1!

PS: I’m also interested in translating its LN version. Do anyone know if the LN and WN has any significant difference? Please tell me in the comments!

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 775

I almost typed this as Chapter 885.
That would have been quite a jump, I hope our readers would be smart enough to realise the error but it’s a good thing I caught it.
Honestly thinking about it it’s amazing how few errors in scheduling I’ve done over the years.
I must be getting close to my fourth year now right… honestly the whole two year blip makes it hard to measure.

Anyway, here’s the chapter, not much of a ramble this time.

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