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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 283

My hololive shirt arrived recently and I’ve been thinking of getting it framed as an option.
The problem is with the whole covid stuff and limited movement it’s not like I can walk into the nearest place that might be able to do it and ask if they do.
And if they do it’s kind of impractical for me to drop it off there and then pick up.
I might have to see if I can send emails or just do it myself somehow.

The troubles of quarantine.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 8 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 282

I tried one of this artifact domains on Genshin.
I got my *** handed to me.
I might end up quitting the game over this because it’s totally sucked my motivation.
Basically I either need to grind up a totally different team to be able to clear it or use the multiplayer feature that kind of sucks with total strangers I’d rather avoid.

If you’re going to strangle your players for resources don’t suddenly make it compulsory to spend more resources.
That’s not how you get players to open their wallet it’s how you get them to quit.

God it annoys me that a company that got Honkai so perfectly balance keeps screwing this one up.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 7 «

Blue Sky Chapter 30

Okay the hiccup of chapter counts has been properly resolved.
You might see some doubles on NovelUpdates. That’s okay. Ish.
Basically the author skipped a chapter and we got all fuddled up with the number count recently.

How are people doing on the Genshin event anyway?
I’ve almost cleared the shop somehow. I thought I’d be a day slower than this. I used some fragile resin to kill world bosses but that’s it.
The coop part will be fun. Probably.

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» Chapter 30 «

Enslaved by Yandere Sister Chapter 46

Silva is just now finding Mira cute. Burn him at the stake! 🔥🔪

Silva has requested for this to be here: Project Gender-Bender

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» Chapter 46 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 111 Part 2

So one of my biggest fears when scheduling stuff on this site is accidentally copying and pasting something I really shouldn’t!
I don’t even copy and paste things that often and even if I do it’s never anything I can’t show to others (I literally only copy things to send on discord!) but sometimes I just fear I will copy something out of context that seems really bad and post that instead of the chapter I meant to paste!

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» Chapter 111 Part 2 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 111 Part 1

So the chapter title for this chapter is Proper Distance is Important.
You have to understand how difficult it was to resist going with Social Distancing Is Important.
You should all be praising me for resisting such a cheap cultural reference that even memes would frown at!

Come on!
You can do it by donating to my gacha funds charity linked here at my paypa…..huh what Silva why are you pinging me on discord?

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» Chapter 111 Part 1 «

The Saintess Chapter 20

Why are guys in love so creepy? No, I’m not talking about something that happened in this novel, it’s just something I heard from my sister and my friend. The girl clearly rejected them yet they keep stalking the girl, it’s creepy af man.

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» Chapter 20 «

Sword Saint Fox Girl Chapter 1-35

The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl is an Original Gender Bender-Yuri webnovel written by EnroItzal on Scribble Hub.

You can support him by going to his Patreon to also get access to early chapters! You can also support him by donating to his PayPal!

Another chapter, enjoy!

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» Chapter 1-35 «

Enslaved by Yandere Sister Chapter 45

I’m bored, so will explain the logic needed to solve a basic HS physics problem. See below the chapter link (so it doesn’t get in the way of those who don’t care).

Silva has requested for this to be here: Project Gender-Bender

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» Chapter 45 «

Q: “Find the radius of a geostationary satellite orbiting Earth in terms of the Earth’s radius.”

We immediately know a few things from the problem – the orbital period of the satellite is 24 hours (well, close to it), it is circular (geostationary is a special case of geosynchronous that is circular; for HS physics all orbits are circular so even if it was stated to be geosynchronous you would still assume circular), and that we’ll need the Earth’s radius and mass, the latter we guess we need as orbits are defined by the mass of the body they are orbiting, so seems fitting to use here.

We know the force acting on the satellite is gravity, and we’ll use Newton’s law of universal gravitation for that. In this setup, gravity is acting in a “center seeking,” or “centripetal” manner, so we’ll grab the equation for centripetal force and set the equation equal. The satellite’s masses cancel each other (hence even if the problem gave it to you could ignore it), then it’s just some simple algebra to solve for orbital radius. Normalize to Earth’s radius and you’re done.

Succubus in Another World – Chapter 94

Dad is back. Anyways, enjoy!

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» Chapter 94 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 55

Hiya~! Hear ye, hear ye! AinCiel day has come once again~!
Last time on AinCiel: Continuing on last (last) chapter’s shenanigans, the guild master bowed his head in an attempt to have things settled with the minimal compensation. However, momma Ain had no plans of letting any harm on our dancing princess slide. With the impromptu Ain-Chasse tag team’s combined effort, Tolt and the guild master are now to face the consequences of their actions. After securing a magic bag for their troubles, our princesses headed home while the Fools’ Gathering are now digging deep into the guild’s issues. Now then:
What will happen this time? How will our princesses spend the free day before the sword pick-up? Will there be some trouble this time again? And our princesses have some time for themselves today?
Find out in the next chapter: Viviana, a Chat, and……!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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» Chapter 55 «

[LO][Vol. 3] Chapter 8

Silva was here

Link to Chapter 8


Wish of the Cipher Chapter 6.3

Daughter of Lucifer/Wish of the Cipher is an Original Gender Bender-Yuri webnovel written by ArcanePunkster on Scribble Hub.

Since the author hasn’t provided any ways to support him, you can support him by going to this chapter’s Scribble Hub page and favouriting the chapter. Maybe even leaving some nice comments!


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» Chapter 6.3 «

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