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Chapter 79 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (29)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,822 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,211 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

Perhaps this was also part of the Gift Leone’s Artifact had, but they hardly felt the weight of the giant black great sword. Now the three of them could focus their strength only to strike the falling ship. The three synchronized their breaths and raised the sword. They waited for the golden time to strike with the sword’s body facing the ship instead of its cutting edges.

With winds billowing the smoking trail in the sky, along with a shriek-like creak the giant vessel was making, the ship soon entered the peripheral of Inglis and the two.

「——It’s here! Now!」
「Here we go!」
「Yeah! Ready, set!」


The body of the black sword and the hull of the falling ship collided, creating sparks flying around. Strong feedback could be felt by the three of them. They clenched their teeth and tried to step forward, but their whole bodies were dragged behind, leaving trails from their feet that dug deep into the ground.

「KGGHHHHhhh!!!!! Maybe it’s too heavy for us——!」
「We’re being pushed back! If this continues on……!」

Rafinha and Leone grimaced over the ship’s sheer mass.
Even after Pullum’s Artifact had strengthened the two of them, perhaps it was still too
reckless to try to blow away that giant of a ship.
——If this continues on, that is.

「I guess there’s no other way.」

Inglis’ body was then enveloped in the pale brilliance of Ether. She activated Ether Armor. Until now, she pushed through only with her pure muscles alone.

She did that because the strong waves of Ether would destroy any weapon she wielded while clad in Ether Armor. And Artifacts were not an exception to this. At the very least, that was the case for lower to middle grade Artifacts.

It was probable Leone’s high-grade Artifact could ‌withstand the Ether. Inglis would rather not take that chance, but the alternative was a huge catastrophe that could be otherwise prevented. It was no time to hold anything back.

「I’ll pour all that is left……!!」

There was only a paltry amount of Ether left in her, and she used all of it to fuel the momentum to push the ship away. The inertia of the ship that had been dragging their feet back had come to a perfect stop. And now, the great black sword, clad with Ether, was in a perfect tie with the ship. The ship’s bow deformed. The creaking screech ‌intensified.

「W-…… We can do it!! That’s Glis for you!」
「Let’s push it away with this!」
「Yeah……! Just one last push——!」

And yet, that one last push was just one step too far to reach. Inglis had fought quite the intense series of battles and fired two Ether Strikes in a day. Her fatigue furiously weighed her down, as such she couldn’t produce her usual full strength. This lack of stamina and endurance made her painfully aware of how lacking she was in training.

「Let me be of help as well!!」

A figure with pure white wings descended in front of their eyes.
The Artifact the figure brandished was in the form of a halberd.
It was a beautiful girl with light-colored fluffy blonde hair.
It was Liselotte with her Gift activated.


Should the ship win against the blade, Inglis, Rafinha, Leone, and all that lived within the castle would be crushed to death. This was a fight with their own lives at the stake. For Liselotte to literally fly into the fray, she must have quite the courage.

「You’ve helped my father get to safety, after all!」

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Liselotte put her hand on the hilt of Leone’s black sword. The effect of Pullum’s Artifact extended to her as well, which would then further enhance the sword’s strength. That strength was the one last push they needed.


The black sword Artifact won over the falling ship as it made a perfect arc, swinging it aside. The giant ship was flung off and fell towards the waterway leading to the castle as aimed, raising an immense column of water as it did. The water that rolled up then poured back down from the sky, falling on the people like rain on a sunny day.

「A-, am I dreaming——! That’s one crazy sight to behold……!」
「I-, incredible……! YOU GIRLS ARE INCREDIBLEEE!!!!」
「It’s like a miracle! They did it wonderfully!」

Exclamations erupted from those who witnessed it.

「Inglis! Girls! Man, you guys are awesome! You totally nailed it!」
「Lahti is right! Everyone is awesome……!」

Lahti and Pullum were just as awed.

「Phew…… We somehow did it. I’m exhausted.」

A big heave escaped Inglis.
She drained her Ether to its last drop and remembered what exhaustion felt like.

「Really! My arms are at their limits! Look, they’re trembling!」
「Fufufu. Mine too. But still, that was great.」

Both Rafinha and Leone showed their twitching arms to one another.

「I sure am glad I made it in time.」

Added Liselotte, satisfied.
Rafinha then gripped her hands tight, showing her a thousand suns’ smile.

「Thank you for saving us! It seems like I misunderstood you!」

Rafinha must have held quite a bad impression of Liselotte.
If her ill-feelings for her had been resolved, then all of this had a silver lining.

「No, you didn’t. It really was me who lacked insight——」

Liselotte turned to Leone and bowed deeply.

「My Father has told me about you. I don’t know how to apologize for distrusting you. Please, forgive me for the rudeness I have brought about.」
「Eh……? Ah——No, it’s all right. I-, I didn’t really mind.」

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Leone looked surprised and flustered‌.

「Liar. You cried hard, right Glis?」
「So you saw it, Rani. I hugged her all night; you know? That made me feel nostalgic since Rani used to sleep in my arms too night after night.」
「「S-, stop it!」」

Oh, they scolded me with their cheeks blushed red.

「At any rate….. I really am sorry. Well then, why don’t we return the room arrangements to how it’s supposed to be? If you don’t mind bearing with me——」
「……!! Of course, I’d be glad to.」

Answered Leone with the most lovely smile.

「Wah! Great for you, Leone!」

Clapped Rafinha in delight.

「Yeah! And Rafinha’s snoring makes it hard to sleep, so……」
「Well, you see. You need to get used to it before you can sleep.」

Inglis nodded along.

「Ufufufu——How immodest. Still, the three of you sure are interesting.」


Suddenly, there was a sharp sound of something shattering.

「!? The Artifact is……!?」

A series of large cracks appeared throughout Leone’s black great sword Artifact right before it shattered into several pieces.

「W-, was it stressed too much……!? The ship was really heavy, after all……」
「I’m sorry, Leone. That’s me to blame——I used all of my strength on it.」
「EEH!?!? Is that so……?」
「I’m so sorry. Even though it’s so important to you——」
「It’s all right. Don’t mind it, okay? We couldn’t have stopped the ship otherwise, so there’s no other way.」

Leone’s face was bright and refreshing as she said so.


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