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As you guys can see on my patreon, I put the series on hiatus. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but between the unexpected workload from the new workshops that I’m in, and another reason that I rather not speak about in too much detail, I’m going to have to do that.

So, it’ll be on hiatus for another week or two, maybe slightly more. During this time, I’ll still continue to stack up chapters, so expect a mass chapter dump when I’m back for the series!

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Well, it’s bad news. No, I’m not dropping the novel or anything. It’s just that I’m going to have exams next week, and I completely forgot about it, so I had to cram on the weekends and will have to continue to cram in the following few days. Due to this, there’ll be no chapters this week, while I’ll start to try and make up for the owed chapters the following week, after my exams.

VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 163

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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 162

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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 161

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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 160

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Chapter 164 – Went to get money

“I went to get money for you! The company’s earnings have all been stored into the back, I had to go to quite a few places to get the entirety of the two hundred thousand!” Ding Baosang said with a pant.

I smiled apologetically, it seems like I misunderstood him!

“****! You brought the money right! Stop wasting my time, hurry up and bring out the money!” Brother Wolf walked over and said to Ding Baosan and I.

At that moment, Ding Baosan was facing me, so Brother Wolf was unable to see him. When Ding Baosan heard someone actually curse him in front of his boss, he immediately got angry and turned around, then directly kicked without seeing who the person was.

“You ******* dare to kick me…!” Brother Wolf cursed, but then forcefully stopped himself from finishing the sentence.

Brother Wolf opened his mouth wide, then stared at Ding Baosan in shock. After a long while, he stuttered, “Boss, why did you come…”

“Why can’t I come? You little brat is rather amazing now, you dare to swear!” Ding Baosan took a look and got even more angry when he saw that it was his subordinate. Wasn’t this clearly slapping him in front of his boss!

“About this… Boss, I…” Brother Wolf was beyond cool earlier, but he immediately showed a pitiful expression.

“I understand, so it was you extorting my boss for money! Do you ******* not want to live anymore?” Ding Baosan looked at the scene in front of him and immediately understood what approximately happened.

“No, it wasn’t me… It’s him!” Brother Wolf instantly sold Zhang Tianhai out.

Zhang Tianhai was an impressive person in Songjiang city and naturally knew Ding Baosan. However, Ding Baosan didn’t know him. When Zhang Tianhai saw Ding Baosan arrive, he knew that the situation was bad. When he saw Ding Baosan be really respectful towards the other person, it means that the other person was definitely an important person. He truly kicked onto a wall this time, thus he hurriedly explains, “It’s a misunderstanding, San-ye, Brother Wolf, I was just kidding with this boss. How could I extort people for money!”

“How could Boss Zhang extort me for money. Sanhouzi, you guys misunderstood,” I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. San-ye, this boss said that I didn’t…” Hearing I say that he didn’t extort me, Zhang Tianhai instantly let out a sigh of relief. However, he felt rather surprised that I actually dared to call Ding Baosan Sanhouzi. What confused him was why I helped him out. Yet, he immediately understood that he thought too much into it.

“Boss Zhang was just asking me for some medical bills for his subordinates!” I immediately continued. “Sanhouzi, give him two hundred thousand. Boss Zhang’s small business doesn’t have it easy. I hurt his subordinates, so its normal for me to compensate him a bit!”

Hearing that, Sanhouzi immediately unzipped the bag, revealing a pile of hundred yuan notes.

“Boss Zhang, just count it? Money needs to be counted in person, since I’m not taking responsibility afterwards,” I said with a chuckle.

“This-This Boss, I really didn’t mean it. You misunderstood, I was just kidding with you!” How would Zhang Tianhai dare to take the money! If he took it, then he wouldn’t even need to think about opening his nightclub in Songjiang!

“No worries, I took your joke seriously. If you don’t take it, then wouldn’t Sanhouzi have came here for nothing?” I said with a twitch of my mouth.

“Ugh, it’s actually like this. What I meant was that my people beat up these three little fellows, so we should compensate them two hundred thousand yuan of medical bills. This boss misunderstood what I meant!” Zhang Tianhai said illogically.

Even an idiot wouldn’t believe Zhang Tianhai’s terrible excuse! However, Ding Baosan and I were smart people, we naturally understood what Zhang Tianhai meant. He merely wanted to create a way out of this.

“Oh? Is that so?” I asked. “It seems like I misunderstood!”

“Yeah! That’s right. This boss, you misunderstood, I’ll immediately get the people to bring the money over!” Seeing that I accepted, Zhang Tianhai quickly tried to continue with the excuse.

“Hehe, so it was a misunderstanding. But you seemed to have promised something to this… Brother Wolf, right? You seemed to have promised Brother Wolf to give him a hundred thousand kuai?” I pointed to Brother Wolf.

“Yes, yes! I’ll bring it over later together!” Zhang Tianhai clenched his teeth.

With that, Zhang Tianhai told his subordinates to go and get the money.

“Never mind, just keep your subordinates under check from now on. I don’t want to pursue this anymore. From now on, just be more content, don’t think that you can act cockily because you have a bit of money and know some people from the underworld!” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Ah?” Zhang Tianhai opened his mouth wide after hearing that. He didn’t believe that I would just let him off so easily.

“You… mean that I can go?” Zhang Tianhai asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, take your subordinates with you. But sorry, just pay for the medical fees yourself. You can’t accept the money I give you anyways, right?” I said in a laughing, but unlaughing manner.

“I can’t, how could I accept your money? That’s like slapping me on the face!” Zhang Tianhai said.

“Yeah, then go. I hope we never meet again,” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Thank you, thank you! Thank you boss! Thank you San-ye!” Zhang Tianhai nodded respectfully. Then he got the rest of his subordinates to bring the two hurt subordinates to leave with him.

“Wolf, what happened?” Ding Baosan express anything while Zhang Tianhai was there. However, the moment Zhang Tianhai left, Ding Baosan immediately yelled at Brother Wolf.

“Boss… I… That Zhang Tianhai’s nightclub is on this street. I overlook it, so he would find me whenever there’s trouble…” Brother Wolf explained.

“Are you being a fighter for him?” Ding Baosan raised his eyebrows.

“No… I…” Brother Wolf wanted to explain, but since he was directly caught by Ding Baosan, he couldn’t explain it properly at all.

“Go back to the gang and ask for punishment based on the rules,” Ding Baosan said faintly.

“Understood,” Brother Wolf said dejectedly.

Yet, at that moment, I turned around and looked at the three shocked kids, who were looking at me admiringly…

“Boss, let us follow you!” The three brats suddenly said after a brief pause…

The three brats looked at me with a gaze that was beyond admiration. Ding Baosan actually called me boss!

“Boss, are you the legendary… Boss Guo?” One of the brats asked.

“Ugh… No, but Guo Qing is my boss,” I said.

“Then… Why did San-ye call you boss?” the brats continued to ask.

“Ugh… He’s calling me boss because I am his boss,” I said.

“Then you’re a big boss of the underworld?” the brats asked excitedly.

“It doesn’t seem like it. If I was, then would I get robbed by you guys?” I smiled.

“Ah! Sorry, the three of us had eyes but could not see Mt. Tai, we have offended you…” The three brats thought I was going to take revenge on them, so they quickly apologized.

“It’s nothing. What are the three of you called?” I shook my head.

“I’m called Wang Wei.”

“I’m called Yu Feichao.”

“I’m called Zhang Yuliang.”


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Chapter 163 – Compensating Medical Fees

Zhang Tianhai frowned, “It was their bad when my people refused to stop. But little bro, you hurt them too much, right? Look at my four subordinates. Apart from the one that can still stand, out of the other three, one has a bone fracture, and the other’s head is bleeding.”

“The bleeding head isn’t my doing. They did it themselves,” I pointed to the unmoving hulk, who’s head already turned into a bloodied gourd, and smiled.

Zhang Tianhai’s face instantly turned green when he heard my words and eyed the remaining hulk, “Really?”

The hulk didn’t dare to hide anything, and nodded.

“Heh! Even if this wasn’t, then what about those two!” Zhang Tianhai started to think, the person in front of him seems to be a rich person, since he was wearing pretty nice stuff. If he beat the guy up, then he won’t get anything, he might as well get some money out of him. Thus, he replied, “You hit my people, and both of them are severely wounded, shouldn’t you give me an solution?”

“Then what do you want?” I asked Zhang Tianhai.

“How about this, we’ll leave it if you compensate me with two hundred thousand yuan of medical fees. Otherwise, my subordinate will be merciless,” Zhang Tianhai said after a brief thought.

“Two hundred thousand? Do you think I look like I’m carrying two hundred thousand on me?” I shrugged.

“You can call someone to bring it over to you!” Zhang Tianhai reminded.

At this moment, the three kids already crawled over and looked at everything happening in front of them in terror. The three of them didn’t get hurt much, although it looked rather terrifying, it was all external, unlike the internal wounds and bone fracture of the one that I beat up.

“Call? That’s a good idea, but what if I don’t?” I got ready to tease him.

“Not calling? Shouldn’t you find out about what sort of person I, Zhang Tianhai, is! You’re not a Songjiang local, right?” Zhang Tianhai asked.

“I came back not long ago,” I said. “But I haven’t heard of you three years ago?”

“Heh, after Yan Yitong fell, Songjiang city is the world of our Director Zhang! Street Ma’s Cripple Li were pretty awesome, but he acted cockily in front of our Director Zhang, so he were sent to the hospital!” said Zhang Tianhai’s subordinates.

Wait a moment? I do know about that Yan Yitong, he’s the one I dealt with a while ago, but who is Cripple LI or something?

“Who is Cripple Li?” I asked in confusion.

“Cripple Li is the owner of Glorious Development Entertainment City!” said Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate.

“Then your Director Zhang?” I continued to ask.

“Our Director Zhang is the owner of Xingkai Nightclub. He has tons of friends in the underworld. Brat, understand what’s good for you and send the money over. Otherwise, I’m sure that you’ll be lying in the hospital tomorrow!” threatened Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate.

I faint, I was wondering I haven’t heard of them before, I thought some sort of new underworld organization appeared. So they were all nightclub owners! A lot of nightclub owners had contacts with people in the underworld, and would act rather cockily. However, this was just towards normal people. If they face actual people from the underworld, they would suddenly turn extremely respectful.

These people who walked on the boundary of the underworld were usually the cockiest.

I had originally thought that this Zhang Tianhai was the big boss of a new gang, and was going to destroy them here. I didn’t expect that he was a nightclub owner. It seems like there was no need for me to do anything.

“Uncle, just give him the money. We know him, he’s good friends with Brother Wolf…” One of the brats said to me.

“Who’s Brother Wolf?” I started to get confused again. Did I really leave for too long? Or was I behind on the times?

“Ah! You don’t even know Brother Wolf! Boss Guo handed the stuff in the gang to his subordinates after he left, this street is watched over by Brother Wolf!” said one of the kids.

“Hey! What are you two muttering about!” Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate scolded. “Have you thought about it?”

“Alright, but I have to make a call to tell someone to bring me the money,” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Sure, but you better not play any tricks with me!” said Zhang Tianhai.

I took out my phone and dialed a number, “Hey Sanhouzi, I’m your boss! I’m at the street near Shaoniangong… Yeah, right in front of the street side restaurant. Bring me… Wait, how much money was it again?” I raised my head and asked Zhang Tianhai.

“Two hundred thousand!” said Zhang Tianhai.

“Oh, two hundred thousand. Yeah, bring a bit more, I have no money for a cab. What? Where did Xu Er go? I’ll tell you when you come over. I’m in a hurry! Hurry up!” With that, I hung up.

“Alright, just wait!” I said, before leisurely walking to the roadside flowerbed and sitting down.

Zhang Tianhai had blackmailed some people for money before, but those people were all terrified when they made the calls to ask others to bring the money. When Zhang Tianhai saw that the person in front of him was acting to casually and wasn’t scared at all, he started worrying as well. This guy can’t have a backing, right? If he made the call to call people over, then wouldn’t he (Zhang Tianhai) be in trouble?

Zhang Tianhai gave a cue to his subordinate. That subordinate immediately understood and dialed Brother Wolf’s number.

From Zhang Tianhai’s perspective, all of the delinquents and people in the underworld in Songjiang knew Brother Wolf. As long as he calls Brother Wolf over, Brother Wolf would be able to deal with any kind of tricks that the other person pulls.

Not long later, I saw a Jiefang truck with a bunch of people over, with a 213 Jeep in tow.

This Ding Baosan can’t have brought all of them over, right? There is no need to do so much to scare a nightclub owner, right?

However, after that 213 Jeep stopped, a thirty something lad with a cigarette in his mouth jumped down. Zhang Tianhai hurried over, “Brother Wolf, you came!”

“Director Zhang, who are we destroying this time?” Brother Wolf said without care.

“This time…” Zhang Tianhai told him about everything, including his own worries. However, a hundred thousand yuan out of the two hundred thousand became Brother Wolf’s.

Brother Wolf nodded happily when he heard that Zhang Tianhai agreed to his debut fee, “Leave this to me. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll just destroy them!”

Zhang Tianhai also stopped worrying after seeing Brother Wolf’s many subordinates.

After around ten minutes, Ding Baosan’s Mercedes slowly arrived.

“It might be the people the brat called,” Zhang Tianhai said to Brother Wolf.

“No problem, I’ll help you deal with it!” Brother Wolf said as he walked over.

Ding Baosan’s driver subordinate jumped off the car and was just about to open the door for Ding Baosan, when Ding Baosan pushed open the car door and jumped out, “Boss, I’m here!”

“What did you go to do? Why were you so slow!” I couldn’t help but get a bit angry after seeing Ding Baosan come later than that Brother Wolf.


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Chapter 162 – Trouble Again

“Xu Ruoyun already told me everything about the two of you the last time she called me! Originally, I didn’t approve, but she told me that she already had a crush on you in high school and was never able to forget you all these years. What’s more, she can’t possibly like any other men in her entire life. That was why I forced myself not to say anything,” Xu Jinde continued. “You also know that Ruoyun has been a stubborn since she was young, if I forcefully interfere, it would only have the opposite effect. I already guessed what the situation was when you came to find me just now. I just wanted to hear what you saw! If you were full of lies, then I can’t hand Ruoyun over to you even no matter what, but I was very surprised when you bravely admitted it! I had thought that you would find some sort of random excuse, and say that you guys aren’t related, but you didn’t disappoint me! I’m very happy that things can develop this way. At least she isn’t going to be a mistress. Both of you are unmarried, I’m old now, I don’t want to get involved in the matters of young people, however, you have to promise me one thing. Regardless of the decision you make in the future, you cannot hurt Ruoyun. You also know that she lacked the love of parents since she was young, she’s already bad when it came to feelings. I don’t want to see her get hurt anymore!”

“Xu-laoshi… Ah, no, grandpa, don’t worry, I definitely will not disappoint Xu Ruoyun’s favor towards me! Even if I can’t marry her over properly, I would at least leave her tons of children and grandchildren!” I said in a worked-up matter.

“Good, I’m finally not worried with you promise. I won’t stick a hand into the matters between the two of you. As long as Xu Ruoyun is happy, then I won’t ask about anything. However, if she’s sad, then I won’t let you off!” Xu Jinde nodded in satisfaction. Then he stood up wobblingly, “Xiao Liu, I drank a bit too much so I’m a bit sleepy. I’m old, so I can’t stop myself, I’m going home to sleep. Come and see me with Ruoyun when you have time!”

“Grandpa, let me take you there!” I said.

“No need, my home is just in front, just around the corner,” Xu Jinde waved his hand, then quickly left.

I shook my head and let out a long sigh. Although it was already the summer, I was still covered in cold sweat! That was close, thankfully I had thrown everything in. Otherwise, I might not have been able to get today’s happiness!

Another one dealt with! Who said that more wives is good? Just negotiating with the in-laws is a pain!

I finished the remaining Sichuan Boiled Fish on the table. It seems like this sort of street side restaurants have a lot of specialties! I fumbled around my pockets that only had several bank cards remaining. It seemed like taking a car back was impossible, so I could only walk.

Not far away from the street side restaurant I left, I saw give hulks, who were holding beer bottles, chasing after several brats. I took a look. Ha!? Isn’t this the three brats from earlier? I wonder who they acted in front, causing them to get hit.

The head of one of the brats was already bleeding, while the two weren’t that much better off. All three of them furiously ran in my direction.

“Pa”. A beer bottle flew over and smashed one of the brats on the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Wang Wei!” The other two brats exclaimed at the fallen brat. Just as the two hesitated, the hulks rushed over and started to beat the three of them.

“Stop!” I walked over. Although I wanted these three kids to be taught a lesson, and let them know the complexity of the society, there was no need for them to become disabled.

“What?” The four hulks hitting people raised their heads and looked at me. “What are you? Don’t be a busybody!”

It might have been because I was wearing a suit, so these people were slightly worried, causing them to be more courteous as they tried to guess my identity.

“You four, the three of them are children, enough is alright. No need to be so sinister, right?” I pointed at the three brats on the ground.

“They touched our family’s Young Mistress’s *** in Di Bar!” One of the hulks said. “Don’t you think we need to teach them a lesson?”

****, these three really asked for it. However, I couldn’t not care about this since I saw it, “You already taught them a lesson, just let them go!”

“****, who the heck are you! Do you have a right to speak when we teach people a lesson?” Another hulk got impatient and pointed at me. “If you are so ******* annoying, then I’ll beat you up as well!”

Originally, I spoke calmly to them since I saw that the first person had talked to me calmly. Yet, this guy actually swore, causing me to get angry and immediately slapped the hulk with a cold laugh, “No need for you to beat me, I’ll teach you a lesson first!”

That hulk’s cheek instantly swelled up like a huge bun.

“Bros, beat him up!” The hulk, who was hit, shouted angrily. Then, he instantly punched towards me. I dodged to the side and punched, causing this guy to fall onto the floor.

When the other three saw that I knew martial arts, they quickly rushed over with the beer bottles in their hands. However, their level of attack had no effect on me. As I dodged quickly, a hulk successfully smacked the head of another hulk with a beer bottle.

When that happened, I kicked the remaining two hulks onto the floor. One of them too out his phone and said a bit of stuff, then looked at me, “Brat, don’t run away if you’ve got guts!”

I didn’t plan to run either. If I ran, then the three children would be in trouble.

After a Jinbei van stopped in front of us. Several hulks, who were holding knives, jumped out, followed by a guy, who was wearing a suit, but holding nothing else.

“Boss!” The hulk ran over, then pointed at me. “Boss, that’s him. We were getting even for Young Mistress, but this guy stuck his foot in!”

The guy called boss by them looked at me, nodded towards the hulk and walked towards me.

“What does this brother do?” That boss asked.

“I’m unemployed,” I answered casually.

The boss’s expression immediately changed after hearing that. He scanned my body for a while, and probably didn’t notice anything, “This one is Zhang Tianhai, my subordinates were getting even for my daughter. I would like to ask why brother stopped them and hurt them?”

“Your subordinates refused to stop. They already taught them a lesson, yet still continued. These are still children, teaching them a lesson is enough!” I pointed at the brats lying on the ground.


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Chapter 161 – Not Drunk at all

“Alright, then we’ll tell you. Just how amazing is it to be like this, there are girls that are interested in us as well. We want to be like the legendary Big Boss Guo Qing of the Songjinag underworld to control the entirety of Songjiang’s underworld!” The third delinquent said proudly.

“You said it as well, Guo Qing is the boss of the underworld in Songjiang. How are you guys going to take over?” I asked.

“Uncle, you’re behind on the times. Guo Qing already left Songjiang!” the first delinquent said with disdain.

I shook my head. Left? He left, but Sanhouzi is still here. However, these kids truly thought too simply, it isn’t bad to let them face some hurdles, so that they won’t just learn bad things.

“Then I hope your dream comes true,” with that, I entered Shaoniangong.

Shaoniangong’s display window still held the copies of Zhao Yanyan, Xu Ruoyun and my certificates when we got the prizes, as well as our photographs. However, I had handed a normal nerdy photograph to Geezer Xu, since I didn’t want too many people to know about me.

“Sir, these people were once students in our Shaoniangong’s computer class. Does someone in your home want to study here?” Although we haven’t met in several years, I could tell that it was Xu Jinde just from the voice.

“Xu-laoshi,” I turned around and smiled towards Xu Jinde.

“You are…” Xu Jinde looked at me for a long while, then realized. “You’re Liu Lei!”

“Yeah, Xu-laoshi, I’ve come to see you,” I said with a nod.

“Hehe, it’s great that you can still remember your teacher!” Xu Jinde was very happy when he saw me. After all, I was his best student, and helped to bring honor to Shaoniangong.

“How could I forget Xu-laoshi, this is the place where my dream begun,” what I said wasn’t exaggerated at all. My first project, Shuguang Input Method, was coded on Shaoniangong’s computer. It isn’t wrong to say that this is the place where my dream started.

“Haha, your teacher is very happy to hear that! You should be in university now, right? Why did you suddenly come to find me?” Xu Jinde asked in surprise.

“It’s like this, something happened at home, so I came back to deal with it. So I also took the chance to visit you, sir!” I said.

“So it’s like this!” Xu Jinde nodded.

“Oh yeah, Xu-laoshi, have you finished teaching? I didn’t eat dinner yet, so I want to treat you to a meal. Let’s chat and eat at the same time,” I said.

“You’re my student, how could I let you treat me?” Xu Jinde shook his head. “I just finished teaching. Ruoyun isn’t home, so I didn’t want to cook. Let’s go, I’ll treat you!”

“Hehe, how’s that okay! Don’t forget, I, your student, is a little rich person already!” I smiled.

“Oh, right, I already forgot. You already wrote programs and sold it back then! Shuguang’s Director Zhao came to visit me a few times, his company is getting bigger and bigger!” Xu Jinde exclaimed.

“Yeah, back when I sold him the software, he was still a small company,” I nodded.

“Mm, I heard. Your input method sold for quite a lot of money. Ruoyun told me about it, back then, that chick was really jealous! She would mention you every day. I had thought that if you guys were older, Ruoyun might have fallen for you,” Xu Jinde joked.

From my point of view, this wasn’t funny at all. Only I was clear about what happened back then. Xu Ruoyun and my difficulty can’t be described.

I forced a smile, “Yeah, Xu Ruoyun was a little beauty. Back then, she was the school beauty of our school as well. If she was willing, I really wanted her to be my girlfriend.”

Xu Jinde and I found a street-side restaurant near Shaoniangong. Since Xu Jinde was determined to come here, I didn’t refuse. It was nice occasionally enjoying the liveliness like in these sorts of places.

“Owner, give us a Sichuan Boiled Fish, a plate of fried peanuts, a quarter of a kilogram of dry tofu in chicken sauce and two mugs of beer!” I said to the owner of the store.

“Alright! Coming right up! It’s twenty eight yuan in total! “said the owner.

Xu Jinde quickly paid the money first, while I didn’t fight for the bill. It was if we went to a large hotel, since I could pay by card. However, I could only pay cash here, but I’ve given all my cash to the three brats earlier.

“The Sichuan Boiled Fish here is very traditional. I would often eat here after teaching. It’s really spicy!” Xu Jinde pointed to the Sichuan Boiled Fish that was brought over.

“Good, I can eat spicy ones!” I took a bite of the fish, it seemed pretty good! When I had my second bite, I felt like I didn’t want to put down my chopsticks!

“How have you been these few years? Are you still with your little girlfriend?” Xu Jinde started to talk more after having a few mouthfuls of beer.

“I’ve been pretty good after designing some products, since I earned a bit of money,” I smiled. “I’m still with her. Oh yeah, Xu-laoshi, you might not know, there was a story between her and I back then!”

“Oh? What story?” Xu Jinde became interested.

Thus, I told him about the incident of me going to Uncle Zhao’s company to sell the software, then got shouted at by Uncle Zhao for whether I knew Zhao Yanyan.

“You said that chick is Zhao Junsheng’s daughter?” Xu Jinde was very surprised. “That’s too much of a coincidence! Too much, you two are truly fated to be together!”

“Hehe, thank you, Xu-laoshi,” I also smiled.

“Oh yeah, Xiao Liu, you’re studying in Yanjing, right?” Xu Jinde finished his mug of beer, then asked for another one. Meanwhile, his face also turned slightly red, clearly indicating that he was drunk.

“Yeah, I’m in Huaxia University,” I nodded.

“Recently, did you see the chick, Xu Ruoyun?” Xu Jinde asked with a slightly strange expression.

I was shocked, did Xu Jinde know about something?

“Xu-laoshi, why are you asking this?” I didn’t answer the question directly.

“Ruoyun haven’t mentioned you to me for several years, but would intentionally or unintentionally mention your name recently. Xiao Liu did you guys meet?” Xu Jinde took another sip of beer.

“I…” I wasn’t sure of what to say.

“No need to lie to me. This old man is someone that experienced it before. From the chick’s tone, she has most likely already fallen for you!” said Xu Jinde.

“About this… Xu-laoshi, I won’t hide it from you. That’s right! I met with Xu Ruoyun, what’s more, not only did we confirmed our relationship, we’ve already moved in together! The reason I came to find you is to talk to you about this!” I clenched my teeth and told him the entire truth.

Xu Jinde looked up and glanced at me through his squinted eyes, causing goosebumps to cover my body.

After a while, Xu Jinde suddenly chuckled, “You truly aren’t bad! Xu Ruoyun didn’t misjudge you! Laddie, daring to admit is very impressive!”

I sweat! So this geezer wasn’t drunk at all!


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Chapter 160 – Engagement is Okay

“Mhmm, that’s right! Although Liu Lei has no graduated from university yet, but an engagement is fine. So it’s settled!” Liu Zhenhai also nodded in confirmation.

“Then Geezer Liu, I’ll be going back first!” Meng Rusong stood up to leave.

“Wait, about your family’s properties…” Liu Zhenhai suddenly remembered that he wasn’t given anything from the bet yet.

“Isn’t it all yours when my granddaughter marries over!” Meng Rusong smiled.

“****! Old fox!” Liu Zhenhai cursed. “Sly and crafty guy, you really aren’t making a loss, since there’s an additional condition.”

“You guys got lucky, buy one get one free. Haha, I’ll be going first!” With that, he quickly left.

Meng Rusong already disappeared before I finished.

“Grandpa, doing that isn’t good, right?” I asked.

“What isn’t good about it? I’ll tell your dad about it later, so it’s settled!” Liu Zhenhai said, without annoying me to deny it. “Even if your grandpa was still alive, he would definitely agree! It does count as our family giving the Meng family a answer! Back then, the Meng family had lost all their face!”

He brought up my grandpa? What else am I supposed to say!

“Xu Er, what happened?” While we were going back, I saw that Xu Er’s expression looked a bit gloomy, as if he was troubled.

“Nothing, Director Liu…” Xu Er forced a smile.

“Is there any trouble?” I asked weirdly. Technically speaking, Xu Er’s family is already living decently, there should be any huge living problems.

“No… Thank you Director Liu for the care. I’m already good now,” said Xu Er.

I nodded, since he didn’t want to say it, I didn’t find it right to ask any more. It might be some sort of private matter!

After a while, when the car got off the highway, Xu Er stopped at a set of traffic lights, then hesitated for a while, “Director Liu, I… want to take a leave…”

“Ask for leave? What is it? Is there any trouble?” I asked.

“Actually… it’s something with my family. Something happened to my little sister…” Xu Er said rather awkwardly.

“Oh, okay! Since it’s like that, then of course. How many days off do you want?” I asked.

“Uhm… not so sure… Sorry, Director Liu,” said Xu Er.

“Alright, just go and conduct your business. I’ll just tell Director Ding. Since I can drive myself, it’s no problem,” I nodded.

“Thank you, Director Liu,” Xu Er said thankfully. “If the it isn’t so troubling, then I won’t be so anxious!”

“Hehe, who doesn’t have some business at home. Hurry and go. How about this, since we’re in the city already, I’ll just take a taxi. Hurry and do your business!” I said.

“How is that okay, Director Liu, you…” Xu Er refused.

“What do you mean it’s not alright, I’m not in a hurry. Just stop the car!” I said to Xu Er.

“But…” Xu Er still wanted to say more.

“Stop,” I said.

Since there was no helping it, Xu Er could only park the car near a bus stop.

“Just call me if you need anything. You know my number,” I said to Xu Er went I got off.

“Thank you, Director Liu,” Xu Er nodded.

I looked up when I got off the car. Ha! It actually was the Shaoniangong stop! I couldn’t help but think of a certain time ago, when Zhao Yanyan and I waited at this bus stop to go to the movies. Time passed by so fast in the blink of an eye.

I wonder how is that geezer Xu Jinde. Oh no, he should be my grandpa-in-low now. I wonder how is he? Since I came, I should go and visit him. I might as well take these few days to visit all my in-laws.

I quickly walked to Shaoniangong. It was already seven something at night. The students that went there just finished classes and so they poured outside in pairs or threes.

I looked at the innocent and naïve smiles on their faces. Once, I was also one of them. However, how many one of us could have remained pure?

I thought that Zhao Yanyan and I were people that started dating early, but from the looks of the middle school couples that held hands, I couldn’t help but exclaim. The world is truly moving along. I’m nearly behind the times.

“Uncle, give us a bit of money to spend!” Just as I immersed myself in thoughts, I heard a sound and saw three young men, no children, with dyed hair!

Uncle? ****, how did I become an uncle? Since I visited Liu Zhenhai, I intentionally dressed more formally in suit and tie. From my appearance, I do seem a bit more mature, but there was no need to call me uncle?!

I looked at the three brats with interest. To be honest, I haven’t met delinquents like them for a long time. Since I had to deal with tough characters like Situ Liang and Lei Xiaolong every day. I found it rather funny when I saw the three children.

“What do you want money for?” I was in no hurry to teach them a lesson with my fist. Although these three kids dressed very delinquent-like, the childishness on their face told people their real age.

Real mobsters would never dress so flowery with dyed hair and ripped jeans. When have people ever since Guo Qing dress like that? Despite that, he’s still amazing.

“For what? Haha, Uncle, which dynasty did you transmigrate from? Of course we want money to spend!” said one of the delinquents.

“Oh, you guys should be going to school, right? What do you need to spend money on?” I asked.

“****!” Another delinquent said in disdain. “Eating, drinking, picking up girls! Which one doesn’t need money?”

“Yeah, hurry up and give us money. Do it quickly. Since you’re dressed so nice and proper, you don’t seem like a poor *****!” said the third delinquent.

I shook my head. From the three children’s childish once, and the fact that one of them didn’t even have their voice change yet, caused me to get confused, “I can give you guys money, but you have to answer me. Why did you gets come out in the society at such a young age?”

“Uncle, why don’t you have so much ********! Hurry up and give us the dough, otherwise, us bros will beat you up!” threatened the first delinquent.

“Hehe, I’m just curious. Say it, how much do you want?” I smiled.

“At least give us three hundred… No, give hundred!” said the second delinquent.

I shook my head. I didn’t want to get into a fight with these children. I search around my pocket and took out the cash, and saw that there was only three hundred something. Since I went to visit Liu Zhenhai and there was a car that took my there, I didn’t bring much money in the morning, and only brought a bit of change. All that’s left are my bank cards.

“There’s just three hundred something. Do you guys want it?” I shook my head.

“Yes! Why wouldn’t’ we!” The first delinquent reached out his hand to snatch it away.

“Then answer me first, why come out to be delinquents?” I asked.


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Chapter 159 – Completing a Wish

Meng Rusong was stunned after hearing that, then he immediately laughed out loud, “Child, good, good, good!” Meng Rusong said “good” thrice, causing me to become a bit confused, only to hear him continue, “You’re better than be at martial arts, and saved space for me. Grandpa Meng is very happy! But since there’s just the three of us here, you and I know, and Geezer Liu can definitely tell with his observation skills. So, I lost!”

“Ha, Geezer Meng, now you’re speechless, right? You should keep your promise and call me shifu, right?” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

“********! Who promised you? When did I say that I would call you shifu?” Meng Rusong asked.

“You said it yourself just now, if we lost, then I have to call you shifu, but now you lost!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yes, I lost, but I said that if I lost, I would give you guys the Meng family, not call you shifu!” Meng Rusong glared at him and said.

“Ha, yeah, Old Meng, are you going to keep your promise?” Liu Zhenhai didn’t think that this Geezer Meng would actually bet using his family’s properties, and thought that the latter was only joking.

“Naturally, but about this… Hehe, we have to think far ahead. Geezer Liu, your grandson isn’t bad, yeah?” the way Meng Rusong caused goosebumps to creep all over my body. God knows what this guy was thinking.

“Naturally! Can the people of our old Liu family be bad!” Liu Zhenhai said proudly.

“Of course I know they can’t be bad, otherwise, my little sister wouldn’t have fallen helplessly in love with your older brother back then!” Meng Rusong said. “I wonder if your grandson is married yet?”

“Married?” Liu Zhenhai instantly became vigilant and asked. “Married… He doesn’t seem to be, but he’s already with my granddaughter.

“It’s fine even if he’s married. Hehe, haha, Geezer Liu, we’re both people from that era, it is normal for a man from a large family to have a few wives and mistresses. You don’t mind this, right?” said Meng Rusong.

“What exactly do you want to say?” Liu Zhenhai looked at his old friend cautiously.

“Nothing much, nothing much, ha, it’s just that, speaking off it, don’t our family have an incomplete engagement? Hehe, I have a suggestion, how about be become in-laws?” Meng Rusong smiled.

“There is an engagement, but my older brother passed away. What do you want? How are we supposed to be in-laws?” Liu Zhenhai pretended to be confused. Actually, he could guess what was going to be suggested with his intelligence, but he merely weighed the results of this in his heart.

“It’s true that the engagement was between your older brother and my sister, but our Meng and Liu family have been on good terms for generations, this wedding was decided by my dad and your dad. Back then, my dad and your dad were best friends, the marriage was decided before they were born and they hoped that the descendants would all get married throughout the years. They didn’t say that it had to be your older brother and my little sister, so it’s fine as long as it’s the descendant of the Meng and Liu family!” Meng Rusong continued. “Filial piety should come first in everything. Since our parents have passed away and their biggest regret was that our family could not become in-laws, now that there’s a clear chance, why don’t wework it out and fulfill our parents’ dying wish?”

Meng Rusong phrase it in an extremely dignified manner, and also spoke about their parents’ dying wish. The people of the older generation like Liu Zhenhai have a very deep feeling about filial piety. Although Liu Zhenjiang arguing with his family for love doesn’t seem like much now, since it’s normal for young people to be different, it was completely outrageous back then, resulting in Liu Zhenjianng being disowned and for them to never speak once more!

Liu Zhnhai was also deeply entwined with this line of thought. He couldn’t help but be moved when he remembered the look of anger on his father’s face when the latter heard about his older brother refusing the marriage!

What’s more, Liu Zhenhai realized that it was something that they definitely wouldn’t lose anything on. The Meng family only have a single girl in this generation, if she’s with Liu Lei, then the Meng family’s properties would all become the Liu family’s! Of course, most importantly, it also fulfills his parent’s dying wish!

If his parents hear about this, they would even definitely feel very happy in the underworld! It seems like they had to do this!

Thus, Liu Zhenhai squinted his eyes, “Geezer Meng, you’re talking about your granddaughter and my grandson?”

“Yep!” Meng Rusong nodded. “How is it, Geezer Liu, what do you think?”

“Hmm, our parents’ orders comes first, doing that would have fulfilled the way of filial piety!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yeah, I think so too. What’s more, my granddaughter is really pretty, she can’t be a mistress when she marries into the Liu family. Our Meng family is a reputed family as well, at least she has to be equal!” said Meng Rusong.

“That’s no problem!” Liu Zhenhai answered.

****, I nearly turned to stone after I heard it all! What the hell are these two old men doing? They just sold me out within a few sentences? Have they asked me for my opinion?

I already have enough wives. Although I don’t mind more, since the more beauties the better, I didn’t like this sort of love that came just from a marriage meeting. I liked the type of feeling where we get to know each other. The process of pursuing a beauty was the most enjoyably. If you put a beauty in front of me and tell me she’s my wife, I might not even have the urge to sleep with her.

“Grandpa, Grandpa Meng, what are you guys talking about?” I interrupted awkwardly.

“Just talking about a marriage for you,” Liu Zhenhai said plainly, as if I wasn’t the person he was talking about at all!

“A marriage?! Have you asked me for my opinion?” I opened my mouth wide.

“You only need to know it. Isn’t it great to find a beauty as a wife for you!” Liu Zhensaid said. “I know that you’re rather like a playboy, you aren’t that sort of damn conservative like my older brother. You’re probably really happy for me to get another wife for you!”

What sort of logic is this! I’m speechless, np matter how terrible I am, I won’t casually agree to have a woman I’ve never met as my wife!

“Grandpa, Grandpa Meng, we have to think about it carefully!” I said helplessly.

“Think about it carefully? Isn’t that what we’re doing!” said Meng Rusong. “Don’t worry, my daughter is super pretty, she’s been a school beauty since she was young. She’s not… what do you young people call it? That new term…”

“Dinosaur!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yes, yes, yes! Dinosaur! She’s not a dinosaur! She’s a MM!” Meng Rusong repeated like a woman selling cucumbers in the streets.

… I sweat! These two geezers are rather trendy, it’s 1999 and they already know how to use a term that just came out!

“No… Er… Grandpa Meng, about this. Look, I’m still young, let’s talk about it later!” I said quickly.

“What young? I already had a kid when I was your age!” said Meng Rusong. “So it’s settled. I’ll go back and tell my granddaughter, then we’ll find a good date for you to get married before telling the people from the other renown families!”


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