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Chapter 162 – Trouble Again

“Xu Ruoyun already told me everything about the two of you the last time she called me! Originally, I didn’t approve, but she told me that she already had a crush on you in high school and was never able to forget you all these years. What’s more, she can’t possibly like any other men in her entire life. That was why I forced myself not to say anything,” Xu Jinde continued. “You also know that Ruoyun has been a stubborn since she was young, if I forcefully interfere, it would only have the opposite effect. I already guessed what the situation was when you came to find me just now. I just wanted to hear what you saw! If you were full of lies, then I can’t hand Ruoyun over to you even no matter what, but I was very surprised when you bravely admitted it! I had thought that you would find some sort of random excuse, and say that you guys aren’t related, but you didn’t disappoint me! I’m very happy that things can develop this way. At least she isn’t going to be a mistress. Both of you are unmarried, I’m old now, I don’t want to get involved in the matters of young people, however, you have to promise me one thing. Regardless of the decision you make in the future, you cannot hurt Ruoyun. You also know that she lacked the love of parents since she was young, she’s already bad when it came to feelings. I don’t want to see her get hurt anymore!”

“Xu-laoshi… Ah, no, grandpa, don’t worry, I definitely will not disappoint Xu Ruoyun’s favor towards me! Even if I can’t marry her over properly, I would at least leave her tons of children and grandchildren!” I said in a worked-up matter.

“Good, I’m finally not worried with you promise. I won’t stick a hand into the matters between the two of you. As long as Xu Ruoyun is happy, then I won’t ask about anything. However, if she’s sad, then I won’t let you off!” Xu Jinde nodded in satisfaction. Then he stood up wobblingly, “Xiao Liu, I drank a bit too much so I’m a bit sleepy. I’m old, so I can’t stop myself, I’m going home to sleep. Come and see me with Ruoyun when you have time!”

“Grandpa, let me take you there!” I said.

“No need, my home is just in front, just around the corner,” Xu Jinde waved his hand, then quickly left.

I shook my head and let out a long sigh. Although it was already the summer, I was still covered in cold sweat! That was close, thankfully I had thrown everything in. Otherwise, I might not have been able to get today’s happiness!

Another one dealt with! Who said that more wives is good? Just negotiating with the in-laws is a pain!

I finished the remaining Sichuan Boiled Fish on the table. It seems like this sort of street side restaurants have a lot of specialties! I fumbled around my pockets that only had several bank cards remaining. It seemed like taking a car back was impossible, so I could only walk.

Not far away from the street side restaurant I left, I saw give hulks, who were holding beer bottles, chasing after several brats. I took a look. Ha!? Isn’t this the three brats from earlier? I wonder who they acted in front, causing them to get hit.

The head of one of the brats was already bleeding, while the two weren’t that much better off. All three of them furiously ran in my direction.

“Pa”. A beer bottle flew over and smashed one of the brats on the head, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Wang Wei!” The other two brats exclaimed at the fallen brat. Just as the two hesitated, the hulks rushed over and started to beat the three of them.

“Stop!” I walked over. Although I wanted these three kids to be taught a lesson, and let them know the complexity of the society, there was no need for them to become disabled.

“What?” The four hulks hitting people raised their heads and looked at me. “What are you? Don’t be a busybody!”

It might have been because I was wearing a suit, so these people were slightly worried, causing them to be more courteous as they tried to guess my identity.

“You four, the three of them are children, enough is alright. No need to be so sinister, right?” I pointed at the three brats on the ground.

“They touched our family’s Young Mistress’s *** in Di Bar!” One of the hulks said. “Don’t you think we need to teach them a lesson?”

****, these three really asked for it. However, I couldn’t not care about this since I saw it, “You already taught them a lesson, just let them go!”

“****, who the heck are you! Do you have a right to speak when we teach people a lesson?” Another hulk got impatient and pointed at me. “If you are so ******* annoying, then I’ll beat you up as well!”

Originally, I spoke calmly to them since I saw that the first person had talked to me calmly. Yet, this guy actually swore, causing me to get angry and immediately slapped the hulk with a cold laugh, “No need for you to beat me, I’ll teach you a lesson first!”

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That hulk’s cheek instantly swelled up like a huge bun.

“Bros, beat him up!” The hulk, who was hit, shouted angrily. Then, he instantly punched towards me. I dodged to the side and punched, causing this guy to fall onto the floor.

When the other three saw that I knew martial arts, they quickly rushed over with the beer bottles in their hands. However, their level of attack had no effect on me. As I dodged quickly, a hulk successfully smacked the head of another hulk with a beer bottle.

When that happened, I kicked the remaining two hulks onto the floor. One of them too out his phone and said a bit of stuff, then looked at me, “Brat, don’t run away if you’ve got guts!”

I didn’t plan to run either. If I ran, then the three children would be in trouble.

After a Jinbei van stopped in front of us. Several hulks, who were holding knives, jumped out, followed by a guy, who was wearing a suit, but holding nothing else.

“Boss!” The hulk ran over, then pointed at me. “Boss, that’s him. We were getting even for Young Mistress, but this guy stuck his foot in!”

The guy called boss by them looked at me, nodded towards the hulk and walked towards me.

“What does this brother do?” That boss asked.

“I’m unemployed,” I answered casually.

The boss’s expression immediately changed after hearing that. He scanned my body for a while, and probably didn’t notice anything, “This one is Zhang Tianhai, my subordinates were getting even for my daughter. I would like to ask why brother stopped them and hurt them?”

“Your subordinates refused to stop. They already taught them a lesson, yet still continued. These are still children, teaching them a lesson is enough!” I pointed at the brats lying on the ground.


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