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Chapter 159 – Completing a Wish

Meng Rusong was stunned after hearing that, then he immediately laughed out loud, “Child, good, good, good!” Meng Rusong said “good” thrice, causing me to become a bit confused, only to hear him continue, “You’re better than be at martial arts, and saved space for me. Grandpa Meng is very happy! But since there’s just the three of us here, you and I know, and Geezer Liu can definitely tell with his observation skills. So, I lost!”

“Ha, Geezer Meng, now you’re speechless, right? You should keep your promise and call me shifu, right?” Liu Zhenhai laughed.

“Bullshit! Who promised you? When did I say that I would call you shifu?” Meng Rusong asked.

“You said it yourself just now, if we lost, then I have to call you shifu, but now you lost!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yes, I lost, but I said that if I lost, I would give you guys the Meng family, not call you shifu!” Meng Rusong glared at him and said.

“Ha, yeah, Old Meng, are you going to keep your promise?” Liu Zhenhai didn’t think that this Geezer Meng would actually bet using his family’s properties, and thought that the latter was only joking.

“Naturally, but about this… Hehe, we have to think far ahead. Geezer Liu, your grandson isn’t bad, yeah?” the way Meng Rusong caused goosebumps to creep all over my body. God knows what this guy was thinking.

“Naturally! Can the people of our old Liu family be bad!” Liu Zhenhai said proudly.

“Of course I know they can’t be bad, otherwise, my little sister wouldn’t have fallen helplessly in love with your older brother back then!” Meng Rusong said. “I wonder if your grandson is married yet?”

“Married?” Liu Zhenhai instantly became vigilant and asked. “Married… He doesn’t seem to be, but he’s already with my granddaughter.

“It’s fine even if he’s married. Hehe, haha, Geezer Liu, we’re both people from that era, it is normal for a man from a large family to have a few wives and mistresses. You don’t mind this, right?” said Meng Rusong.

“What exactly do you want to say?” Liu Zhenhai looked at his old friend cautiously.

“Nothing much, nothing much, ha, it’s just that, speaking off it, don’t our family have an incomplete engagement? Hehe, I have a suggestion, how about be become in-laws?” Meng Rusong smiled.

“There is an engagement, but my older brother passed away. What do you want? How are we supposed to be in-laws?” Liu Zhenhai pretended to be confused. Actually, he could guess what was going to be suggested with his intelligence, but he merely weighed the results of this in his heart.

“It’s true that the engagement was between your older brother and my sister, but our Meng and Liu family have been on good terms for generations, this wedding was decided by my dad and your dad. Back then, my dad and your dad were best friends, the marriage was decided before they were born and they hoped that the descendants would all get married throughout the years. They didn’t say that it had to be your older brother and my little sister, so it’s fine as long as it’s the descendant of the Meng and Liu family!” Meng Rusong continued. “Filial piety should come first in everything. Since our parents have passed away and their biggest regret was that our family could not become in-laws, now that there’s a clear chance, why don’t wework it out and fulfill our parents’ dying wish?”

Meng Rusong phrase it in an extremely dignified manner, and also spoke about their parents’ dying wish. The people of the older generation like Liu Zhenhai have a very deep feeling about filial piety. Although Liu Zhenjiang arguing with his family for love doesn’t seem like much now, since it’s normal for young people to be different, it was completely outrageous back then, resulting in Liu Zhenjianng being disowned and for them to never speak once more!

Liu Zhnhai was also deeply entwined with this line of thought. He couldn’t help but be moved when he remembered the look of anger on his father’s face when the latter heard about his older brother refusing the marriage!

What’s more, Liu Zhenhai realized that it was something that they definitely wouldn’t lose anything on. The Meng family only have a single girl in this generation, if she’s with Liu Lei, then the Meng family’s properties would all become the Liu family’s! Of course, most importantly, it also fulfills his parent’s dying wish!

If his parents hear about this, they would even definitely feel very happy in the underworld! It seems like they had to do this!

Thus, Liu Zhenhai squinted his eyes, “Geezer Meng, you’re talking about your granddaughter and my grandson?”

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“Yep!” Meng Rusong nodded. “How is it, Geezer Liu, what do you think?”

“Hmm, our parents’ orders comes first, doing that would have fulfilled the way of filial piety!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yeah, I think so too. What’s more, my granddaughter is really pretty, she can’t be a mistress when she marries into the Liu family. Our Meng family is a reputed family as well, at least she has to be equal!” said Meng Rusong.

“That’s no problem!” Liu Zhenhai answered.

****, I nearly turned to stone after I heard it all! What the hell are these two old men doing? They just sold me out within a few sentences? Have they asked me for my opinion?

I already have enough wives. Although I don’t mind more, since the more beauties the better, I didn’t like this sort of love that came just from a marriage meeting. I liked the type of feeling where we get to know each other. The process of pursuing a beauty was the most enjoyably. If you put a beauty in front of me and tell me she’s my wife, I might not even have the urge to sleep with her.

“Grandpa, Grandpa Meng, what are you guys talking about?” I interrupted awkwardly.

“Just talking about a marriage for you,” Liu Zhenhai said plainly, as if I wasn’t the person he was talking about at all!

“A marriage?! Have you asked me for my opinion?” I opened my mouth wide.

“You only need to know it. Isn’t it great to find a beauty as a wife for you!” Liu Zhensaid said. “I know that you’re rather like a playboy, you aren’t that sort of damn conservative like my older brother. You’re probably really happy for me to get another wife for you!”

What sort of logic is this! I’m speechless, np matter how terrible I am, I won’t casually agree to have a woman I’ve never met as my wife!

“Grandpa, Grandpa Meng, we have to think about it carefully!” I said helplessly.

“Think about it carefully? Isn’t that what we’re doing!” said Meng Rusong. “Don’t worry, my daughter is super pretty, she’s been a school beauty since she was young. She’s not… what do you young people call it? That new term…”

“Dinosaur!” said Liu Zhenhai.

“Yes, yes, yes! Dinosaur! She’s not a dinosaur! She’s a MM!” Meng Rusong repeated like a woman selling cucumbers in the streets.

… I sweat! These two geezers are rather trendy, it’s 1999 and they already know how to use a term that just came out!

“No… Er… Grandpa Meng, about this. Look, I’m still young, let’s talk about it later!” I said quickly.

“What young? I already had a kid when I was your age!” said Meng Rusong. “So it’s settled. I’ll go back and tell my granddaughter, then we’ll find a good date for you to get married before telling the people from the other renown families!”

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