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Chapter 164 – Went to get money

“I went to get money for you! The company’s earnings have all been stored into the back, I had to go to quite a few places to get the entirety of the two hundred thousand!” Ding Baosang said with a pant.

I smiled apologetically, it seems like I misunderstood him!

“****! You brought the money right! Stop wasting my time, hurry up and bring out the money!” Brother Wolf walked over and said to Ding Baosan and I.

At that moment, Ding Baosan was facing me, so Brother Wolf was unable to see him. When Ding Baosan heard someone actually curse him in front of his boss, he immediately got angry and turned around, then directly kicked without seeing who the person was.

“You ******* dare to kick me…!” Brother Wolf cursed, but then forcefully stopped himself from finishing the sentence.

Brother Wolf opened his mouth wide, then stared at Ding Baosan in shock. After a long while, he stuttered, “Boss, why did you come…”

“Why can’t I come? You little brat is rather amazing now, you dare to swear!” Ding Baosan took a look and got even more angry when he saw that it was his subordinate. Wasn’t this clearly slapping him in front of his boss!

“About this… Boss, I…” Brother Wolf was beyond cool earlier, but he immediately showed a pitiful expression.

“I understand, so it was you extorting my boss for money! Do you ******* not want to live anymore?” Ding Baosan looked at the scene in front of him and immediately understood what approximately happened.

“No, it wasn’t me… It’s him!” Brother Wolf instantly sold Zhang Tianhai out.

Zhang Tianhai was an impressive person in Songjiang city and naturally knew Ding Baosan. However, Ding Baosan didn’t know him. When Zhang Tianhai saw Ding Baosan arrive, he knew that the situation was bad. When he saw Ding Baosan be really respectful towards the other person, it means that the other person was definitely an important person. He truly kicked onto a wall this time, thus he hurriedly explains, “It’s a misunderstanding, San-ye, Brother Wolf, I was just kidding with this boss. How could I extort people for money!”

“How could Boss Zhang extort me for money. Sanhouzi, you guys misunderstood,” I laughed.

“Yeah, yeah. San-ye, this boss said that I didn’t…” Hearing I say that he didn’t extort me, Zhang Tianhai instantly let out a sigh of relief. However, he felt rather surprised that I actually dared to call Ding Baosan Sanhouzi. What confused him was why I helped him out. Yet, he immediately understood that he thought too much into it.

“Boss Zhang was just asking me for some medical bills for his subordinates!” I immediately continued. “Sanhouzi, give him two hundred thousand. Boss Zhang’s small business doesn’t have it easy. I hurt his subordinates, so its normal for me to compensate him a bit!”

Hearing that, Sanhouzi immediately unzipped the bag, revealing a pile of hundred yuan notes.

“Boss Zhang, just count it? Money needs to be counted in person, since I’m not taking responsibility afterwards,” I said with a chuckle.

“This-This Boss, I really didn’t mean it. You misunderstood, I was just kidding with you!” How would Zhang Tianhai dare to take the money! If he took it, then he wouldn’t even need to think about opening his nightclub in Songjiang!

“No worries, I took your joke seriously. If you don’t take it, then wouldn’t Sanhouzi have came here for nothing?” I said with a twitch of my mouth.

“Ugh, it’s actually like this. What I meant was that my people beat up these three little fellows, so we should compensate them two hundred thousand yuan of medical bills. This boss misunderstood what I meant!” Zhang Tianhai said illogically.

Even an idiot wouldn’t believe Zhang Tianhai’s terrible excuse! However, Ding Baosan and I were smart people, we naturally understood what Zhang Tianhai meant. He merely wanted to create a way out of this.

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“Oh? Is that so?” I asked. “It seems like I misunderstood!”

“Yeah! That’s right. This boss, you misunderstood, I’ll immediately get the people to bring the money over!” Seeing that I accepted, Zhang Tianhai quickly tried to continue with the excuse.

“Hehe, so it was a misunderstanding. But you seemed to have promised something to this… Brother Wolf, right? You seemed to have promised Brother Wolf to give him a hundred thousand kuai?” I pointed to Brother Wolf.

“Yes, yes! I’ll bring it over later together!” Zhang Tianhai clenched his teeth.

With that, Zhang Tianhai told his subordinates to go and get the money.

“Never mind, just keep your subordinates under check from now on. I don’t want to pursue this anymore. From now on, just be more content, don’t think that you can act cockily because you have a bit of money and know some people from the underworld!” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Ah?” Zhang Tianhai opened his mouth wide after hearing that. He didn’t believe that I would just let him off so easily.

“You… mean that I can go?” Zhang Tianhai asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, take your subordinates with you. But sorry, just pay for the medical fees yourself. You can’t accept the money I give you anyways, right?” I said in a laughing, but unlaughing manner.

“I can’t, how could I accept your money? That’s like slapping me on the face!” Zhang Tianhai said.

“Yeah, then go. I hope we never meet again,” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Thank you, thank you! Thank you boss! Thank you San-ye!” Zhang Tianhai nodded respectfully. Then he got the rest of his subordinates to bring the two hurt subordinates to leave with him.

“Wolf, what happened?” Ding Baosan express anything while Zhang Tianhai was there. However, the moment Zhang Tianhai left, Ding Baosan immediately yelled at Brother Wolf.

“Boss… I… That Zhang Tianhai’s nightclub is on this street. I overlook it, so he would find me whenever there’s trouble…” Brother Wolf explained.

“Are you being a fighter for him?” Ding Baosan raised his eyebrows.

“No… I…” Brother Wolf wanted to explain, but since he was directly caught by Ding Baosan, he couldn’t explain it properly at all.

“Go back to the gang and ask for punishment based on the rules,” Ding Baosan said faintly.

“Understood,” Brother Wolf said dejectedly.

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Yet, at that moment, I turned around and looked at the three shocked kids, who were looking at me admiringly…

“Boss, let us follow you!” The three brats suddenly said after a brief pause…

The three brats looked at me with a gaze that was beyond admiration. Ding Baosan actually called me boss!

“Boss, are you the legendary… Boss Guo?” One of the brats asked.

“Ugh… No, but Guo Qing is my boss,” I said.

“Then… Why did San-ye call you boss?” the brats continued to ask.

“Ugh… He’s calling me boss because I am his boss,” I said.

“Then you’re a big boss of the underworld?” the brats asked excitedly.

“It doesn’t seem like it. If I was, then would I get robbed by you guys?” I smiled.

“Ah! Sorry, the three of us had eyes but could not see Mt. Tai, we have offended you…” The three brats thought I was going to take revenge on them, so they quickly apologized.

“It’s nothing. What are the three of you called?” I shook my head.

“I’m called Wang Wei.”

“I’m called Yu Feichao.”

“I’m called Zhang Yuliang.”


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