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Chapter 165 – Xu Er’s Little Sister

“Judging from your ages, you guys should be still in school, right?” I asked.

“We… were expelled,” said the three brats. “What’s more, we don’t want to go to school either, it’s pointless.”

“Going to school is to learn stuff, how can you say that it’s useless!” Although I accept the logic of “all roads lead to Rome” and “masters come from all industries”, it was still too early to enter the society for them. They might very well just waste their lives away.”

“What use is being good at studying, you can still get expelled!” Wang Wei pointed to Zhang Yuliang and said. “He was originally one of the top ten students in our class!”

“Top ten!” I was a bit confused. “Why did someone in the top ten get expelled?”

“Our results weren’t that bad either, it’s just that the three of us beat up the dean’s son…” said Wang Wei.

“You beat up the dean’s son? What did you beat him up for?” I asked. However, I already made a judgement in my heart. This dean’s son must be that sort of cocky person in school. I was once their age, and Liu Kesheng was a typical example of someone like that.

“He harassed Yu Feichao’s girlfriend, since we’re good bros with Yu Feichao, Zhang Yuliang and I beat him up in anger. We had just wanted to scare him, but he actually told his dad what happened, causing the situation to escalate… The three of us all come from single-parent families, our parents don’t want us anymore, and since the dean saw that we didn’t have any backing, he expelled the three of us,” said Wang Wei.

I looked at Yu Feichao. The brat was kind of handsome, he was similar to what I was like when I was younger. “You already have a girlfriend at such a young age…” The moment I said that, I felt a bit speechless. Once upon a time, when I was their age, I already had two girlfriends, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier. When I looked at them, it was as if I saw an image of my past.

If I didn’t know Uncle Zhao back then and didn’t have any superpowers, I might have been bullied like them, right? If I didn’t have any background, Liu Kesheng might very well have gotten me expelled.

Yu Feichao smiled embarrassedly, “We’re childhood friends… But, I feel too embarrassed to go and find her now.”

“If you guys can go back to school, are you guys still willing to return?” I asked. Actually, I just wanted to see if the three of them were truly helpless. If they gave up on themselves, then there was no helping it, I’ll just get Ding Baosan to find somewhere for them to be subordinates at.

The three of them looked at each other, then finally nodded.

“But can we return?” I could tell that Yu Feichao wanted to return to school the most. He was probably still thinking about his little girlfriend.

“Of course, I smiled with a nod. “Since you guys want to go back to study, I can organize it for you guys. However, don’t think about these sort of this in the society after going back to school. These aren’t stuff that you guys should think about. Study properly, and you guys can work at Sanhouzi’s company. Look, although he’s part of the underworld, he’s developing in a legal direction, so you guys shouldn’t have the thoughts of getting famous at the bottom of society!”

“How about this, since your parents don’t want you guys anymore, then follow Sanhouzi. Get him to find a place for you guys to stay and look over your studies!” I said.

“San-ye…” The three brats were still a bit scared of Ding Baosan.

“What San-ye! Just call him San-ge!” I said. After all, Ding Baosan wasn’t much older than them.

After I handed them to Ding Baosan, I called Ye-bobo, who was also Ye Xiaoxiao’s father to easily deal with the matter. No matter how amazing that dean was, he wouldn’t dare to go against the Department of Education. Now that the dean knew that Yu Feichao and co. got a huge backing, he calmed down a little, while his son also stopped daring to do anything after seeing Yu Feichao and co. travel to and from school with bodyguards and cars like a young master of the underworld.

After dealing with it all, I also went back to Yanjing to go to school. I had promised Ding Wenfeng to join his something martial arts society. However, I didn’t even participate in a single even in the end. That’s why, he had called and told me that there was an international martial arts competition at the end of the year, so he wanted to discuss it with me. When I asked him why he wanted to discuss it with me, Ding Wenfeng smiled wryly and told me that I was the only member in the society outside of him, who was the president!

Right before I left, Ding Baosan drove me to the airport in person. During that, I talked to Ding Baosan about Xu Er’s matters. This caused Ding Baosan to worry and complain about how Xu Er didn’t tell him when something arose, so he couldn’t help at all.

Just as we were talking about Xu Er’s matters, my phone rang. It was actually a call from Xu Er.

“Director Liu, I’m Xu Er,” said Xu Er.

“Xu-dage, how is the things on your side?” I asked.

“Director Liu, I caused you to worry…” Xu Er said hesitantly.

“Xu Er, are you in some sort of trouble? Whatever it is, just say it. As long as I can help, I will definitely do my best,” I could tell that Xu Er had something else to say.

“… I just want to ask you to speak with Director Ding about whether it is possible to pay me my salary in advance…” Xu Er replied after a brief pause.

“Salary? You’re lacking money?” I asked.

“Mm… My little sis got into some trouble. The other person wants me to compensate them for five hundred thousand yuan…” Xu Er said depressedly.

“Five hundred thousand? Why are they asking you to compensate for so much? Just what is going on? Tell me in detail!” I said.

Xu Er didn’t make anything clear on the phone. However, when I asked him where he was, he told me that he was in Yanjing city. Thus, I told him to wait there for me, since I would be able to see him about three hours later.

As for little beauty Xia, I got her to return to Yanjing city with me. After all, her family will definitely worry after she has left for so long. I didn’t want my relationship with those in-laws to be too tense. What’s more, I didn’t need to worry about them marrying Xia Jing to Lei Xiaolong. Recently, the Lei family’s business was not going well in the US. Many large companies did not welcome Lei’s Corporation and even cut communications with them.

Since the quickest flight wasn’t a direct flight so we needed to fly to City N to transfer, and because Xia Jing and I sat in first class, we were put in the VIP lounge of City N’s airport to rest after we landed.

“Dagege, there are so few people here!” Xia Jing laid intimately in my arms. Although I haven’t eaten little beauty Xia for real yet, our nightly openness with one another caused us to be beyond close.

“Yeah, actually, there aren’t a lot of people that fly first class. Aside from some people with their backgrounds, nobody would spend so much pointless money to fly first class. What’s more, many first class seats didn’t have any discount, so they were nearly double the price of economy. Hehe,” I replied.

“Then let’s fly economy from now on,” said Xia Jing.


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