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Chapter 157 – The Meng Family’s Old Man

At this moment, Auntie Hui started to bring the dishes onto the table. Seeing that, both Uncle Zhao and I went to help.

“You have stuff to talk about with Xiao Liu, so no need to mind me!” said Auntie Hui.

“No worries, we finished discussing already,” said Uncle Zhoa.

“Uncle Zhao, you seem to be really free now?” I suddenly noticed that Uncle Zhao looked a lot better, he wasn’t as tired as when Shuguang was first established.

“Yeah, Shuguang Corporation is on the right tracks like a huge machine. Actually, there are less and less things for me, the director to do now,” Uncle Zhao nodded.

“Hehe, isn’t that great, you have time to be with Auntie Hui now!” I smiled.

“No matter how free I am, I’m not as free as you, who is enjoying the benefits behind the scenes!” said Uncle Zhao.

“Hai! Don’t I need to go to school? You don’t want your son-in-law to be illterate, right?” I smiled wryly.

“You’re illiterate? An illiterate can design a CPU?” Uncle Zhao said with disdain.

“Alright, why are you two arguing like children? Come eat!” said Auntie Hui. “Xiao Liu, this Sautéed Pork Kidney is for you. Young man, you have to replenish more, otherwise, you’re in it when you’re odler.”

I sweat, it seems like Auntie Hui isn’t treating me like an outsider at all. However, from her tone, she seems to be complaining a little, it can’t be that Uncle Zhao isn’t can’t do it anymore, right? I turned around to look at Uncle Zhao, who had a troubled expression, and found it kind of funny. It seems like Uncle Zhao is in some trouble!

“Uncle Zhao, can you not do it anymore?” I asked Uncle Zhao quietly using the opportunity of Auntie Hui going back to the kitchen.

“Hai Hai! I’m already this age, adding onto the facet that the company is busy…” Uncle Zhao felt a bit awkward. “How could I be as lucky as you, youngster, with so many girls. However, Uncle Zhao is telling you now, calm down a little, if it wasn’t for your Auntie Hui and I’d relationship being good, she would have had a divorce with me long ago, I don’t want Yanyan to become a widow for you!”

“Ha, Uncle Zhao, it really is like this!” I smiled. “But don’t worry, even when your son-in-law is seventy or eighty, he will still be able… Hehe, let me tell you…” I said quietly beside Uncle Zhao’s ear.

“Oh? There’s something as good as that?” Uncle Zhao asked excitedly.

“Of course, haven’t you seen how good my parents look?” I smiled

“No wonder, I was wondering why your mom seemed to have returned to her twenties the last time I went to your home!” Uncle Zhao said like he suddenly understood it all.

I taught Uncle Zhao the technique I taught my parents, and when I left Uncle Zhao’s home, his face was full of smiles as if a flower was about to bloom.

I finally saw what it meant by having peach flowers across their face, and what it meant by a person’s face being as red as peach flowers.

Liu Zhenhai’s mansion was in the suburbs. I’ve only been there once, but I had a rather deep impression of it. After all, I nearly had to stay there permanently. Liu Zhenhai probably never could have imagined that the person back then was actually his great-nephew.

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As the car drove on the highway, I called Liu Zhenhai and told him that I was going to visit as well as my car plate number. That’s why, my car entered the mansion very easily without anyone stopping us. After we parked, someone of the Liu family, who had been waiting for a long time, walked over.

This time, the person that came to greet me was still that Butler Liu, who was also called Adjutant Liu by Liu Zhenhai.

Butler Liu smiled towards me, “Young Master, please come this way. Old Master is waiting within the study.”

Young Master, I actually become a Young Master! It seems like Liu Zhenhai already told my identity to the people underneath him.

Butler Liu led me to the study. The moment I got to the doorway, I heard Liu Zhenhai’s clear laughter as well as the voice of another old man.

Were there other guests? Just when I wanted to ask, Butler Liu already knocked on the door, “Old Master, Young Master has arrived.”

“Come in!” Liu Zhenhai’s voice sounded out. “Adjutant Liu, go and ask for some good dish from the kitchen, we’re going to celebrate tonight.”

“Yes, Old Master,” Butler Liu answered, then said to me. “I’ll be going to busy myself, Young Master. You can just go in by yourself.”

“Okay,” I nodded, and pushed open the door to the study. I saw Liu Zhenhai and an old man around his age chatting. It seemed like they chatted really happily.

“Second grandpa,” I nodded and greeted Liu Zhenhai.

“Good. Liu Lei is here. Quickly have a seat. This is your Grandpa Meng, his family has been friends with our family for generations,” Liu Zhenhai pointed to the opposing old man and said.

“Hello, Grandpa Meng,” I said towards Grandpa Meng with a smile.

“Good, Geezer Liu, this is the grandson you just found? Haha, he truly is rather like that brat Liu Zhenjiang when he was young!” Grandpa Meng chucked.

That brat Liu Zhenjiang? Probably, only he can call grandpa like that. It seems like this Grandpa Meng must know my grandpa as well. They might have all been familiar with each other back then. I was like grandpa when he was young? I sweat, I’m so much more handsome than my grandpa.

“How is it, Geezer Meng, not bad, right? Now I can peacefully live the rest of my years. Us, the Liu family does have a successor now!” Liu Zhenhai said beyond proudly.

“Originally, I thought that we were bonded by the same trouble with the third generation being just one girl, but who would have thought that you actually brought out a grandson! Too sinister, too sinister! No wonder you were never too worried all these years, so you already had a backup plan!” Grandpa Meng glared at him and said.

“Say, Geezer Meng, I don’t want to hear that. I didn’t know these things before. You also know that ever since my big bro’s incident, he stopped getting into contact with us. I didn’t find it right to shamelessly disturb him. I only found out about all this recently, if it wasn’t because he started dating my granddaughter, I wouldn’t even know about this!” Liu Zhenhai said with a wave of his hand.

“Mhmm! I was wondering why you looked so good recently. You really know how to plot. He was originally your big bro’s grandson, so it was natural to succeed your Liu family’s properties. Now that you got your granddaughter with him, then wouldn’t their children be of pure Liu family blood! You crafty old thing, your plot even included your dead big bro!” Geezer Meng said like he understood everything.

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“How is this plotting! They dated freely. What’s more, my big bro and I aren’t related by blood, it’s normal for them to be together!” said Liu Zhenhai as he touched his beard.

“You! Oh wow, it seems like I have to find a good husband for my granddaughter as well,” Grandpa Meng shook his head and said.

“Then you should hurry. Haha, it’s just that the temper of the girls of your Meng family, not many people can stand it! Back then, my big bro couldn’t stand your sister’s temper…” Liu Zhenhai suddenly noticed that Geezer Meng’s expression turned worse and worse, to the point that it was green in anger, so he quickly shut up.


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