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Chapter 163 – Compensating Medical Fees

Zhang Tianhai frowned, “It was their bad when my people refused to stop. But little bro, you hurt them too much, right? Look at my four subordinates. Apart from the one that can still stand, out of the other three, one has a bone fracture, and the other’s head is bleeding.”

“The bleeding head isn’t my doing. They did it themselves,” I pointed to the unmoving hulk, who’s head already turned into a bloodied gourd, and smiled.

Zhang Tianhai’s face instantly turned green when he heard my words and eyed the remaining hulk, “Really?”

The hulk didn’t dare to hide anything, and nodded.

“Heh! Even if this wasn’t, then what about those two!” Zhang Tianhai started to think, the person in front of him seems to be a rich person, since he was wearing pretty nice stuff. If he beat the guy up, then he won’t get anything, he might as well get some money out of him. Thus, he replied, “You hit my people, and both of them are severely wounded, shouldn’t you give me an solution?”

“Then what do you want?” I asked Zhang Tianhai.

“How about this, we’ll leave it if you compensate me with two hundred thousand yuan of medical fees. Otherwise, my subordinate will be merciless,” Zhang Tianhai said after a brief thought.

“Two hundred thousand? Do you think I look like I’m carrying two hundred thousand on me?” I shrugged.

“You can call someone to bring it over to you!” Zhang Tianhai reminded.

At this moment, the three kids already crawled over and looked at everything happening in front of them in terror. The three of them didn’t get hurt much, although it looked rather terrifying, it was all external, unlike the internal wounds and bone fracture of the one that I beat up.

“Call? That’s a good idea, but what if I don’t?” I got ready to tease him.

“Not calling? Shouldn’t you find out about what sort of person I, Zhang Tianhai, is! You’re not a Songjiang local, right?” Zhang Tianhai asked.

“I came back not long ago,” I said. “But I haven’t heard of you three years ago?”

“Heh, after Yan Yitong fell, Songjiang city is the world of our Director Zhang! Street Ma’s Cripple Li were pretty awesome, but he acted cockily in front of our Director Zhang, so he were sent to the hospital!” said Zhang Tianhai’s subordinates.

Wait a moment? I do know about that Yan Yitong, he’s the one I dealt with a while ago, but who is Cripple LI or something?

“Who is Cripple Li?” I asked in confusion.

“Cripple Li is the owner of Glorious Development Entertainment City!” said Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate.

“Then your Director Zhang?” I continued to ask.

“Our Director Zhang is the owner of Xingkai Nightclub. He has tons of friends in the underworld. Brat, understand what’s good for you and send the money over. Otherwise, I’m sure that you’ll be lying in the hospital tomorrow!” threatened Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate.

I faint, I was wondering I haven’t heard of them before, I thought some sort of new underworld organization appeared. So they were all nightclub owners! A lot of nightclub owners had contacts with people in the underworld, and would act rather cockily. However, this was just towards normal people. If they face actual people from the underworld, they would suddenly turn extremely respectful.

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These people who walked on the boundary of the underworld were usually the cockiest.

I had originally thought that this Zhang Tianhai was the big boss of a new gang, and was going to destroy them here. I didn’t expect that he was a nightclub owner. It seems like there was no need for me to do anything.

“Uncle, just give him the money. We know him, he’s good friends with Brother Wolf…” One of the brats said to me.

“Who’s Brother Wolf?” I started to get confused again. Did I really leave for too long? Or was I behind on the times?

“Ah! You don’t even know Brother Wolf! Boss Guo handed the stuff in the gang to his subordinates after he left, this street is watched over by Brother Wolf!” said one of the kids.

“Hey! What are you two muttering about!” Zhang Tianhai’s subordinate scolded. “Have you thought about it?”

“Alright, but I have to make a call to tell someone to bring me the money,” I said to Zhang Tianhai.

“Sure, but you better not play any tricks with me!” said Zhang Tianhai.

I took out my phone and dialed a number, “Hey Sanhouzi, I’m your boss! I’m at the street near Shaoniangong… Yeah, right in front of the street side restaurant. Bring me… Wait, how much money was it again?” I raised my head and asked Zhang Tianhai.

“Two hundred thousand!” said Zhang Tianhai.

“Oh, two hundred thousand. Yeah, bring a bit more, I have no money for a cab. What? Where did Xu Er go? I’ll tell you when you come over. I’m in a hurry! Hurry up!” With that, I hung up.

“Alright, just wait!” I said, before leisurely walking to the roadside flowerbed and sitting down.

Zhang Tianhai had blackmailed some people for money before, but those people were all terrified when they made the calls to ask others to bring the money. When Zhang Tianhai saw that the person in front of him was acting to casually and wasn’t scared at all, he started worrying as well. This guy can’t have a backing, right? If he made the call to call people over, then wouldn’t he (Zhang Tianhai) be in trouble?

Zhang Tianhai gave a cue to his subordinate. That subordinate immediately understood and dialed Brother Wolf’s number.

From Zhang Tianhai’s perspective, all of the delinquents and people in the underworld in Songjiang knew Brother Wolf. As long as he calls Brother Wolf over, Brother Wolf would be able to deal with any kind of tricks that the other person pulls.

Not long later, I saw a Jiefang truck with a bunch of people over, with a 213 Jeep in tow.

This Ding Baosan can’t have brought all of them over, right? There is no need to do so much to scare a nightclub owner, right?

However, after that 213 Jeep stopped, a thirty something lad with a cigarette in his mouth jumped down. Zhang Tianhai hurried over, “Brother Wolf, you came!”

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“Director Zhang, who are we destroying this time?” Brother Wolf said without care.

“This time…” Zhang Tianhai told him about everything, including his own worries. However, a hundred thousand yuan out of the two hundred thousand became Brother Wolf’s.

Brother Wolf nodded happily when he heard that Zhang Tianhai agreed to his debut fee, “Leave this to me. If it doesn’t work, then we’ll just destroy them!”

Zhang Tianhai also stopped worrying after seeing Brother Wolf’s many subordinates.

After around ten minutes, Ding Baosan’s Mercedes slowly arrived.

“It might be the people the brat called,” Zhang Tianhai said to Brother Wolf.

“No problem, I’ll help you deal with it!” Brother Wolf said as he walked over.

Ding Baosan’s driver subordinate jumped off the car and was just about to open the door for Ding Baosan, when Ding Baosan pushed open the car door and jumped out, “Boss, I’m here!”

“What did you go to do? Why were you so slow!” I couldn’t help but get a bit angry after seeing Ding Baosan come later than that Brother Wolf.


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