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Chapter 158 – My Engagement

“Liu Zhenhai! What’s wrong with the girls of us, the Meng family, that are top beauties, yet you dare to talk about my little sister like that! My sister never married for your big bro, yet you’re just commenting like that! I-I want to duel with you!” Geezer Meng looked like he was beyond furious.

“Meng Rusong, do you think I’m scared of you. Back then, you were defeated by me in the Huaxia Martial competition, even if we fight ten thousand times more, you still cannot defeat me!” Liu Zhenhai jumped down from the care and said like he didn’t care.

“Loser, heh, I have practiced martial arts continuously for all these years. Although you could defeat me then, you might not be able now!” Meng Rusong snorted.

“Ha! Don’t talk about practicing martial arts daily. Even if your days are the same as two days, you can’t match up to me! Don’t mention me, you can’t even beat my grandson!” Liu Zhenhai mocked.

“Bullshit! What can I do if I can’t even beat a youngster. I think your cheap grandson didn’t learn your family’s martial arts, you don’t need to try to anger me using him. I’ll say it now, if he can beat me, then I’ll give him all of the Meng family’s properties!” Meng Rusong glared. “If he can’t, then you have to respectfully call me shifu and be my disciple from now on!”

“Ha, who’s scared of you. Liu Lei, help me teach this old undying thing a lesson!” Liu Zhenhai pointed at me.

These two… How are they anything like old men, they are disrespectful old people, and could fight with the Old Imp. However, to be honest, I’m not really interested in the Meng family properties. Any of the companies in my hands was far larger than their properties. However, if I don’t go, then Liu Zhenhai’s face would be completely lose.

Ai, if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have come today. I’m really stuck between a rock and a hard place!

“Liu Lei, no need to be afraid, beat his teeth out!” Liu Zhenhai shouted.

“Lil’ Child, no need to be scared, I won’t hurt you!” Meng Rusong also shouted.

There was no helping it, I could only force myself to stand forward and greeted Meng Rusong, “Grandpa Meng, forgive me.”

“Fine, Liu Zhenhai, organize a place for us, we’re going to trade a few blows!” said Meng Rusong.

“Alright, wait!” Liu Zhenhai grabbed his phone. “Adjutant Liu, go and clean up the martial arts practice room and make a bit more space. We’re going over right now!”

With that, Liu Zhenhai took Meng Rusong and I to the practice room. When we arrived, Adjutant Liu already sorted the place out. Since it was already large, it was easy to clean up, he merely needed to push the machinery that weren’t going to be used to the side.

“Lil’ child, I’ll let you have three hits to hit me however you like, and during this time, I won’t hit back!” Meng Rusong said after seeing my physique.

“No need, we shouldn’t go easy on each other. Since it’s a contest, then it has to be fair like a proper competition!” I waved my hand. He’s kidding, don’t talk about hitting him three times, even if I hit him properly once, he would have to go down to chat with my old bro Yama.

“How can that be okay! My old face can’t take it if they hear that I bullied a youngster!” Meng Rusong shook his head.

****, I’m afraid of hurting you, yet you’re getting pretentious here and actually thought of your face first! A wave of anger instantly rushed to my head as I said coldly, “I’m afraid of others saying a young person like I bullied an old man. Stop talking, make a move, Old Man Meng!” My way of addressing him also changed from Grandpa Meng to Old Man Meng.

“My good will was treated as crap. Since you’re asking for a beating, then I won’t hold back!” With that, Meng Rusong clawed at me.

I didn’t think that this geezer would make a move immediately when he said so with a pretty fast speed, if my reaction speed wasn’t better than a normal person’s, I might have been hurt already. However, in my eyes, his actions were fast and slow depending on what I wanted, so there wasn’t any threat at all.

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He quickly dodged Meng Rusong’s hit. This caused Meng Rusong to reveal a confused look in his eyes, and he exclaimed, “Little child has some skills!”

Hearing that, Liu Zhenhai, who was on the side, smiled proudly, “Hehe, I said that you can’t do it, yet you aren’t willing to submit. You can’t even beat my grandson, yet you want to be my shifu. What a joke! Geezer Meng, prepared to give all your property to my grandson!”

“Geezer Liu, stop ******** there. I’ll take care of you after I take care of him!” Meng Rusong cursed, without stopping his hands, as he punched towards me.

At that moment, it was as if I was in a martial arts movie, I slowly cooperated with Meng Rusong’s movements. I did think about it, if I defeated Meng Rusong in one move, this geezer might cause some trouble due to his bad temper. That’s why, I basically started playing taichi with him. I didn’t focus on winning quickly. However, Meng Rusong got anxious, as he used all of the moves that he was proud of, he couldn’t threaten his opponent at all!

However, Meng Rusong gradually became more anxious and shocked as the fight went on! No matter what moves he used, his opponent would easily nullify it. What was even more scary was that, he would use the same move to attack back later on. There was no way of fighting anymore!

Actually, I just got playful and after seeing a move, I would copy it as best as I could, and return the blow. Although it was hard to achieve victory, it was hard to lose! It was like a person fighting against themselves, so it would be very hard to determine a victor.

I did do it for a reason. After all, this Meng Rusong is an old man. It would cause a huge impact for him if I easily defeat him, but since I already promised Liu Zhenhai, I couldn’t admit defeat. Thus, I could only start wasting time with Meng Rusong.

“Could Gusu Murong of the legends really exist? Using one’s moves against one’s self?” Meng Rusong exclaimed.

“Exist my ***! My grandson is messing with you!” Liu Zhenhai understood me more, and also know that I was agile.

“Ah!” Meng Rusong exclaimed. When he thought back to it, it really did seem to be that way. He did make several moves randomly, without any real technique, yet the opponent had returned the move just like that. This was clearly doing whatever he was going!

At that moment, how could Meng Rusong not understand. The other person was leaving face for him, since the other person can so easily treat the fight as a game, it would be extremely easy for the other person to achieve victory!

Since there wasn’t any point of fighting anymore, Meng Rusong let out a sigh and jumped out of the court. Just as he wanted to say something, he saw that I jumped out of the court as well!

I naturally had matched his actions, but when I saw his disgraced expression, I decided to save some face for him, “Grandpa Meng is truly strong, I barely managed to go even with you! Thank you for going easy on me!”


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