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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 156

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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 155

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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 154

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Chapter 158 – My Engagement

“Liu Zhenhai! What’s wrong with the girls of us, the Meng family, that are top beauties, yet you dare to talk about my little sister like that! My sister never married for your big bro, yet you’re just commenting like that! I-I want to duel with you!” Geezer Meng looked like he was beyond furious.

“Meng Rusong, do you think I’m scared of you. Back then, you were defeated by me in the Huaxia Martial competition, even if we fight ten thousand times more, you still cannot defeat me!” Liu Zhenhai jumped down from the care and said like he didn’t care.

“Loser, heh, I have practiced martial arts continuously for all these years. Although you could defeat me then, you might not be able now!” Meng Rusong snorted.

“Ha! Don’t talk about practicing martial arts daily. Even if your days are the same as two days, you can’t match up to me! Don’t mention me, you can’t even beat my grandson!” Liu Zhenhai mocked.

“Bullshit! What can I do if I can’t even beat a youngster. I think your cheap grandson didn’t learn your family’s martial arts, you don’t need to try to anger me using him. I’ll say it now, if he can beat me, then I’ll give him all of the Meng family’s properties!” Meng Rusong glared. “If he can’t, then you have to respectfully call me shifu and be my disciple from now on!”

“Ha, who’s scared of you. Liu Lei, help me teach this old undying thing a lesson!” Liu Zhenhai pointed at me.

These two… How are they anything like old men, they are disrespectful old people, and could fight with the Old Imp. However, to be honest, I’m not really interested in the Meng family properties. Any of the companies in my hands was far larger than their properties. However, if I don’t go, then Liu Zhenhai’s face would be completely lose.

Ai, if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have come today. I’m really stuck between a rock and a hard place!

“Liu Lei, no need to be afraid, beat his teeth out!” Liu Zhenhai shouted.

“Lil’ Child, no need to be scared, I won’t hurt you!” Meng Rusong also shouted.

There was no helping it, I could only force myself to stand forward and greeted Meng Rusong, “Grandpa Meng, forgive me.”

“Fine, Liu Zhenhai, organize a place for us, we’re going to trade a few blows!” said Meng Rusong.

“Alright, wait!” Liu Zhenhai grabbed his phone. “Adjutant Liu, go and clean up the martial arts practice room and make a bit more space. We’re going over right now!”

With that, Liu Zhenhai took Meng Rusong and I to the practice room. When we arrived, Adjutant Liu already sorted the place out. Since it was already large, it was easy to clean up, he merely needed to push the machinery that weren’t going to be used to the side.

“Lil’ child, I’ll let you have three hits to hit me however you like, and during this time, I won’t hit back!” Meng Rusong said after seeing my physique.

“No need, we shouldn’t go easy on each other. Since it’s a contest, then it has to be fair like a proper competition!” I waved my hand. He’s kidding, don’t talk about hitting him three times, even if I hit him properly once, he would have to go down to chat with my old bro Yama.

“How can that be okay! My old face can’t take it if they hear that I bullied a youngster!” Meng Rusong shook his head.

****, I’m afraid of hurting you, yet you’re getting pretentious here and actually thought of your face first! A wave of anger instantly rushed to my head as I said coldly, “I’m afraid of others saying a young person like I bullied an old man. Stop talking, make a move, Old Man Meng!” My way of addressing him also changed from Grandpa Meng to Old Man Meng.

“My good will was treated as crap. Since you’re asking for a beating, then I won’t hold back!” With that, Meng Rusong clawed at me.

I didn’t think that this geezer would make a move immediately when he said so with a pretty fast speed, if my reaction speed wasn’t better than a normal person’s, I might have been hurt already. However, in my eyes, his actions were fast and slow depending on what I wanted, so there wasn’t any threat at all.

He quickly dodged Meng Rusong’s hit. This caused Meng Rusong to reveal a confused look in his eyes, and he exclaimed, “Little child has some skills!”

Hearing that, Liu Zhenhai, who was on the side, smiled proudly, “Hehe, I said that you can’t do it, yet you aren’t willing to submit. You can’t even beat my grandson, yet you want to be my shifu. What a joke! Geezer Meng, prepared to give all your property to my grandson!”

“Geezer Liu, stop ******** there. I’ll take care of you after I take care of him!” Meng Rusong cursed, without stopping his hands, as he punched towards me.

At that moment, it was as if I was in a martial arts movie, I slowly cooperated with Meng Rusong’s movements. I did think about it, if I defeated Meng Rusong in one move, this geezer might cause some trouble due to his bad temper. That’s why, I basically started playing taichi with him. I didn’t focus on winning quickly. However, Meng Rusong got anxious, as he used all of the moves that he was proud of, he couldn’t threaten his opponent at all!

However, Meng Rusong gradually became more anxious and shocked as the fight went on! No matter what moves he used, his opponent would easily nullify it. What was even more scary was that, he would use the same move to attack back later on. There was no way of fighting anymore!

Actually, I just got playful and after seeing a move, I would copy it as best as I could, and return the blow. Although it was hard to achieve victory, it was hard to lose! It was like a person fighting against themselves, so it would be very hard to determine a victor.

I did do it for a reason. After all, this Meng Rusong is an old man. It would cause a huge impact for him if I easily defeat him, but since I already promised Liu Zhenhai, I couldn’t admit defeat. Thus, I could only start wasting time with Meng Rusong.

“Could Gusu Murong of the legends really exist? Using one’s moves against one’s self?” Meng Rusong exclaimed.

“Exist my ***! My grandson is messing with you!” Liu Zhenhai understood me more, and also know that I was agile.

“Ah!” Meng Rusong exclaimed. When he thought back to it, it really did seem to be that way. He did make several moves randomly, without any real technique, yet the opponent had returned the move just like that. This was clearly doing whatever he was going!

At that moment, how could Meng Rusong not understand. The other person was leaving face for him, since the other person can so easily treat the fight as a game, it would be extremely easy for the other person to achieve victory!

Since there wasn’t any point of fighting anymore, Meng Rusong let out a sigh and jumped out of the court. Just as he wanted to say something, he saw that I jumped out of the court as well!

I naturally had matched his actions, but when I saw his disgraced expression, I decided to save some face for him, “Grandpa Meng is truly strong, I barely managed to go even with you! Thank you for going easy on me!”


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Chapter 157 – The Meng Family’s Old Man

At this moment, Auntie Hui started to bring the dishes onto the table. Seeing that, both Uncle Zhao and I went to help.

“You have stuff to talk about with Xiao Liu, so no need to mind me!” said Auntie Hui.

“No worries, we finished discussing already,” said Uncle Zhoa.

“Uncle Zhao, you seem to be really free now?” I suddenly noticed that Uncle Zhao looked a lot better, he wasn’t as tired as when Shuguang was first established.

“Yeah, Shuguang Corporation is on the right tracks like a huge machine. Actually, there are less and less things for me, the director to do now,” Uncle Zhao nodded.

“Hehe, isn’t that great, you have time to be with Auntie Hui now!” I smiled.

“No matter how free I am, I’m not as free as you, who is enjoying the benefits behind the scenes!” said Uncle Zhao.

“Hai! Don’t I need to go to school? You don’t want your son-in-law to be illterate, right?” I smiled wryly.

“You’re illiterate? An illiterate can design a CPU?” Uncle Zhao said with disdain.

“Alright, why are you two arguing like children? Come eat!” said Auntie Hui. “Xiao Liu, this Sautéed Pork Kidney is for you. Young man, you have to replenish more, otherwise, you’re in it when you’re odler.”

I sweat, it seems like Auntie Hui isn’t treating me like an outsider at all. However, from her tone, she seems to be complaining a little, it can’t be that Uncle Zhao isn’t can’t do it anymore, right? I turned around to look at Uncle Zhao, who had a troubled expression, and found it kind of funny. It seems like Uncle Zhao is in some trouble!

“Uncle Zhao, can you not do it anymore?” I asked Uncle Zhao quietly using the opportunity of Auntie Hui going back to the kitchen.

“Hai Hai! I’m already this age, adding onto the facet that the company is busy…” Uncle Zhao felt a bit awkward. “How could I be as lucky as you, youngster, with so many girls. However, Uncle Zhao is telling you now, calm down a little, if it wasn’t for your Auntie Hui and I’d relationship being good, she would have had a divorce with me long ago, I don’t want Yanyan to become a widow for you!”

“Ha, Uncle Zhao, it really is like this!” I smiled. “But don’t worry, even when your son-in-law is seventy or eighty, he will still be able… Hehe, let me tell you…” I said quietly beside Uncle Zhao’s ear.

“Oh? There’s something as good as that?” Uncle Zhao asked excitedly.

“Of course, haven’t you seen how good my parents look?” I smiled

“No wonder, I was wondering why your mom seemed to have returned to her twenties the last time I went to your home!” Uncle Zhao said like he suddenly understood it all.

I taught Uncle Zhao the technique I taught my parents, and when I left Uncle Zhao’s home, his face was full of smiles as if a flower was about to bloom.

I finally saw what it meant by having peach flowers across their face, and what it meant by a person’s face being as red as peach flowers.

Liu Zhenhai’s mansion was in the suburbs. I’ve only been there once, but I had a rather deep impression of it. After all, I nearly had to stay there permanently. Liu Zhenhai probably never could have imagined that the person back then was actually his great-nephew.

As the car drove on the highway, I called Liu Zhenhai and told him that I was going to visit as well as my car plate number. That’s why, my car entered the mansion very easily without anyone stopping us. After we parked, someone of the Liu family, who had been waiting for a long time, walked over.

This time, the person that came to greet me was still that Butler Liu, who was also called Adjutant Liu by Liu Zhenhai.

Butler Liu smiled towards me, “Young Master, please come this way. Old Master is waiting within the study.”

Young Master, I actually become a Young Master! It seems like Liu Zhenhai already told my identity to the people underneath him.

Butler Liu led me to the study. The moment I got to the doorway, I heard Liu Zhenhai’s clear laughter as well as the voice of another old man.

Were there other guests? Just when I wanted to ask, Butler Liu already knocked on the door, “Old Master, Young Master has arrived.”

“Come in!” Liu Zhenhai’s voice sounded out. “Adjutant Liu, go and ask for some good dish from the kitchen, we’re going to celebrate tonight.”

“Yes, Old Master,” Butler Liu answered, then said to me. “I’ll be going to busy myself, Young Master. You can just go in by yourself.”

“Okay,” I nodded, and pushed open the door to the study. I saw Liu Zhenhai and an old man around his age chatting. It seemed like they chatted really happily.

“Second grandpa,” I nodded and greeted Liu Zhenhai.

“Good. Liu Lei is here. Quickly have a seat. This is your Grandpa Meng, his family has been friends with our family for generations,” Liu Zhenhai pointed to the opposing old man and said.

“Hello, Grandpa Meng,” I said towards Grandpa Meng with a smile.

“Good, Geezer Liu, this is the grandson you just found? Haha, he truly is rather like that brat Liu Zhenjiang when he was young!” Grandpa Meng chucked.

That brat Liu Zhenjiang? Probably, only he can call grandpa like that. It seems like this Grandpa Meng must know my grandpa as well. They might have all been familiar with each other back then. I was like grandpa when he was young? I sweat, I’m so much more handsome than my grandpa.

“How is it, Geezer Meng, not bad, right? Now I can peacefully live the rest of my years. Us, the Liu family does have a successor now!” Liu Zhenhai said beyond proudly.

“Originally, I thought that we were bonded by the same trouble with the third generation being just one girl, but who would have thought that you actually brought out a grandson! Too sinister, too sinister! No wonder you were never too worried all these years, so you already had a backup plan!” Grandpa Meng glared at him and said.

“Say, Geezer Meng, I don’t want to hear that. I didn’t know these things before. You also know that ever since my big bro’s incident, he stopped getting into contact with us. I didn’t find it right to shamelessly disturb him. I only found out about all this recently, if it wasn’t because he started dating my granddaughter, I wouldn’t even know about this!” Liu Zhenhai said with a wave of his hand.

“Mhmm! I was wondering why you looked so good recently. You really know how to plot. He was originally your big bro’s grandson, so it was natural to succeed your Liu family’s properties. Now that you got your granddaughter with him, then wouldn’t their children be of pure Liu family blood! You crafty old thing, your plot even included your dead big bro!” Geezer Meng said like he understood everything.

“How is this plotting! They dated freely. What’s more, my big bro and I aren’t related by blood, it’s normal for them to be together!” said Liu Zhenhai as he touched his beard.

“You! Oh wow, it seems like I have to find a good husband for my granddaughter as well,” Grandpa Meng shook his head and said.

“Then you should hurry. Haha, it’s just that the temper of the girls of your Meng family, not many people can stand it! Back then, my big bro couldn’t stand your sister’s temper…” Liu Zhenhai suddenly noticed that Geezer Meng’s expression turned worse and worse, to the point that it was green in anger, so he quickly shut up.


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Chapter 156 – Worry

“Dagege, I want to learn too!” Xia Jing immediately wanted to learn it when she heard that it could make her forever young. Actually, she already noticed that my mom didn’t grow older when she arrived, and instead seemed young, as if my mom was just a sister. Due to politeness, she didn’t ask what exactly was going on, thus, she only found out that it was like that!

“Hehe, you don’t need to learn!” I smiled.

“Why?” Xia Jing asked weirdly. “Doesn’t dagege want me to be forever beautiful?”

“Of course it isn’t that. It’s just that my body is rather special, as long as… As long as we become a couple, your body wll naturally change,” I didn’t know how to explain it either. I wanted to as “have sex”, but since my parents were there, I couldn’t be too obvious about it!!

“Become a couple? Ahh… I know, dagege, you’re so bad! Mom and dad are here, yet you could say this sort of thing…” Xia Jing dipped her head.

“I merely spoke the truth!” I smiled wryly.

“Alright, just stop talking. Hurry up and eat! The food is already cold!” My dad helped me out.

“Oh yeah, Xia Jing, did you call your mom? They should be worried that you sneaked out, right?” I asked.

“Not yet… I’m worried that my mom will make me go back and marry Lei Xiaolong…” Xia Jing shook her head.

“She probably won’t! From the looks of it, your mom already broke it off with Lei Fubo, so she won’t make you marry him! What’s more important is whether your mom will agree to us!” I said worriedly.

“I’m scared that she won’t agree…” Xia Jing nodded.

“Ai, it seems like we can only reveal a bit of my identity to her. Otherwise, your family definitely won’t let you marry me. What’s more, I don’t only have you…” I said in a guilty manner.

“I know, is it that Zhao Yanyan?” Xia Jing asked.

“Mhmm, but there are a few more…” I smiled wryly.

“I don’t care about these things, I already said it, it’s fine as long as I can be together with dagege,” Xia Jing shook her head. “I don’t know if my mom would agree, so I haven’t dared to call her.”

“Never mind, just avoiding her like this isn’t going to be of use. After a few days, I’ll go with you to visit uncle and auntie at your home to see if there’s any solution.”

“Mm, thank you, dagege!” Xia Jing said as she looked gently towards me.

“Call your family after eating and tell them that you’re safe. Don’t let them worry. This is your second time running away from home, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Dagege is making fun of me again!” Xia Jing said embarrassedly.

In the end, I resisted eating Xia Jing that night. After all, Xia Jing’s identity was rather special, no matter what, I have to deal with Lei Xiaolong’s issue, otherwise, it would seem a bit irresponsible towards Xia Jing.

However, we started playing the game from three years prior, causing us to have fun the entire night. I was rather energetic in the morning, but Xia Jing couldn’t hold it anymore, and continuously yawned, causing my mom to look at us in weird eyes. In the end, Xia Jing still couldn’t stand it and went back to my bed to sleep.

I used this rare time that I’m back in Songjiang to visit Liu Zhenhai. No matter what, this person is my second grandpa, it was a bit wrong if I didn’t visit him when I’m back in Songjiang.

I called Xu Er, and told him to wait for me at the entrance of my family’s mansion half an hour later. Then I cleaned up a bit, before Xu Er called me to inform me that he was there.

I got Xu Er to go to Uncle Zhao’s home once and managed to get a box of Dahongpao tea from him, causing Uncle Zhao to feel sad as he reprimanded me, “You don’t come to see your father-in-law often, and the one time you come, you came to rob me.”

Since I looked at the time and saw that it was nearly noon, I decided to stay at Uncle Zhao’s home to lunch, “I haven’t eaten Auntie Hui’s food for so long.”

Hearing that, Auntie Hui quickly went to the kitchen to cook in excitement. This caused Uncle Zhao to keep saying that she was giving me a lot of face since his wife, who haven’t cooked for a long time, is finally cooking willingly today!

I chuckled without replying. The mother-in-law being nice to the son-in-law was normal.

“Xiao Liu, the Yanjing management incident a while ago was a huge alarm for us!” Uncle Zhao used the meal as an opportunity to talk about this. “Shuguang is no longer a normal private company, it is an international corporation with branches all over the world. Although it is only one company, its influence on the society cannot be underestimated. The manager of each branch company would have their own vast network, and when people have power, it’s hard to avoid situations of them using it for their own benefits!”

“This is what I was worried about as well. I did want to use the Yanjing incident to set an example, but it only had a very limited effect,” I said with a nod.

“Yeah, it’s just like crime. No matter how strict the law is, there will always be someone to go against it,” said Uncle Zhao. “Currently, the power of Shuguang Corporation’s subsidiary companies are too huge, and they have too much money flowing through them. It’s unavoidable for people to get greedy. If this continues, I’m afraid corruption would occur within Shuguang Corporation.”

“The main company can go and check it at times,” I suggested.

“I thought about this as well, but those people can be bribed. This would only cause more bribery to occur,” Uncle Zhao signed.

I nodded in agreement. The company I was in during my previous life faced this issue as well, if I wanted to get money back then, there were a lot of loopholes for me to use!

“Have you considered a rotatory system” I suggested a rather popular method that companies liked to use later on, which was transferring employees around.

“I’ve considered this as well, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. Every location has its own policies and clients, if the employees are transferred around too frequently, it’s not good for the development of business. If it wasn’t that frequent, then the purpose of it is loss!” Uncle Zhao said worriedly.

Oh yeah! I suddenly had an idea! I could get Du Xiaowei’s people to establish something like the “Boards of Supervisors”, it would be like the Embroidered Uniform Guard in the Ming dynasty. They would be another organization, separation from Shuguang Corporation. They will only obey their highest supervisor! Since Du Xiaowei had already added a mental scorch onto his subordinates’ mind, they were definitely loyal, so there was no worry of them doing things for their own good!

“Uncle Zhao, I have a group of people in secret that are definitely loyal to me. We can establish another supervisory organization that will make surprise checks onto the different branch companies of Shuguang. This way, everyone would be checked,” I said.

“You have more people? If they are very loyal, then that’s great!” Uncle Zhao also know that I often do some surprising things, so he did not doubt me at all.

“That’s right, since it’s like this, then I’ll get my people to contact you after a few days. I won’t get involved in the specifics, you’ll be fine,” I said.

“Alright,” Uncle Zhao nodded happily.


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Chapter 155 – Unsuitable for Mom

I thought about it, then said, “Yeah, otherwise, what can dagege used to fight over Lei Xiaolong with you. His dad is a famous entrepreneur and a millionaire. Back then, your dagege is just the childish of a working family, a normal high school student, how could I oppose them! But it’s good now, even if I snatched you over, they don’t dare to say anything!”

“Yeah, he… I was worried that Lei Xiaolong would cause trouble for you just now. Now it looks like I have no need to be afraid. Aiya, but Lei Xiaolong doesn’t know your identity. What if he comes to cause trouble for you?” Xiao Jing exclaimed.

“He came to look for me? Hehe, it’s not bad if I don’t go to find him. What’s more, he doesn’t dare either. It’s even better for me if he does, I still need to ask him for money!” I smiled. I found it rather funny whether I thought of the image of Lei Xiaolong pissing himself.

“He doesn’t dare to come? Ask for money? What?” Xia Jing was a bit confused.

“Hehe, it’s like this, you’ll understand after seeing this,” With that, I took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to Xia Jing.

“What is this?” Xia Jing received it and opened it to take a look. “Engagement Cancelling Agreement. Party A: Lei Xiaolong. Party B: Xia Jing… Hahaha! Dagege, what exactly is this?”

“This? That brat, Lei Xiaolong, wrote it personally, so you don’t need to be afraid of him troubling you. I was worried about your parents’ face, so I make this. This way, your family can properly break off your relationship with the Lei family,” I said. “As for returning money, you’ll know if you look down!”

“So it’s like that, dagege, you’re amazing!” Xia Jing was a bit moved. She stood up and hugged me, then kissed my cheek before continue to read that agreement in shyly. “Two billion… USD?! Dagege, this is too much isn’t it? Although Uncle Lei can take out that much money, their Lei’s Corporation will be in trouble!”

“That’s not what I can control. I hope they don’t come bother us again. If they don’t, then we’ll leave it. If he really starts to fight us, then I’ll make him return this two billion first, then I’ll see what right does he have to fighting with us!” I said.

“Mm, Xia Jing doesn’t understand these either, I’m just happy with dagege being nice to me!” Xia Jing said happily. “But dagege has to be careful, Lei Xiaolong’s family have a lot of masters. I’m afraid of them making a move to you.”

“You don’t need to worry about this. Dagege’s fighting prowess improved quite a bit these few years. If I had only ten percent of my current ability, then the two bad guys that tried to molest you would be directly sent to Yama,” I said confidently.

“Hehe, dagege is still talking about that…” Xia Jing said embarrassedly.

“But I have to thank them. Otherwise, how could I have met such a cute Xia Jing!” I was a bit lost as I looked at Xia Jing’s completely embarrassed expression.

“Why is dagege looking at me like this!” Xia Jing got even more embarrassed.

“Hai, hai, don’t perform some sort of show that is unsuitable for mom to watch!” My mom’s untimely voice sounded out.

Since my dad knew that I was returning that day, most of the dishes in the kitchen were half finished, so it was rather convenient for them to cook. Furthermore, since my mom was helping as well, an entire table of feast appeared on the table very quickly.

Since this was an extremely happy day, my mom specifically let my dad open a bottle of Maotai, while she opened a bottle of red wine as well. Normally speaking, my mom doesn’t let my dad drink, I tried to change her mind a few times, and told them that drinking won’t hurt their body after they practiced the techniques I passed onto them, but my mom still didn’t let her.

“Son, a glass for you?” My dad immediately raised the bottle of Maotai and wanted to fill my glass.

Seeing that, my mom immediately stopped him, “Old Liu, what are you doing? How can son drink?”

“Our son is already an adult, why are you still treating him like a kid. He has a career and wives, what’s wrong with drinking a bit!” said my dad.

Hearing that, my mom blushed and thought about it. That’s true, she was about to be a grandma, yet she still thought her son was just a child. Thus, she no longer stopped my father, and merely said, “Just pour a bit less for him!”

My dad didn’t follow what she said, and directly pulled a fill glass for me, my mom poured a bit of red wine for both her and Xia Jing.

“Cheers, to our daughter-in-law coming home!” My mom raised her wine glass.

Xia Jing blushed after hearing that, but she still lifted her glass, clearly admitting what my mother said.

My dad and I looked at each other and smiled. I could tell that my dad was a bit jealous of me, but as the son, how could I tolerate my dad going out to find a mistress, so I merely looked at him with a helpless gaze.

My dad also shook his head and laughed. Our actions did not draw the attention of my mom. Otherwise, my dad probably didn’t have to think about sleeping on the bed again.

“Cheers!” I raised my wine glass and touched Xia Jing’s.

“Dagege…” Xia Jing said quietly. “Ganba, ganma…”

“This time you should take away that ‘gan’!” My mom smiled.

“Erm… Dad, mom!” Xia Jing was a bit awkward, but she still called out.

“Ai~ Nice daughter-in-law!” My mom took out a red packet and handed it to Xia Jing. So she had already prepared it beforehand!

“… Mother-in-law!” Xia Jing obediently received the red packet and put it into her pocket.

“Hehe, good! Since you called mother-in-law, mother-in-law will go to your home to ask for you hand in marriage!” My mom laughed.

“Ah!” Xia Jing could only finish the wine in her glass in order to hide the embarrassment in her heart. Her cheeks flushed red, either due to her embarrassment or due to the alcohol, making her look extremely cute.

I also finished the wine in my glass in a gulp, causing my dad to be completely shocked.

“Son, this is white wine!” My dad exclaimed.

“Dad, your son can drink so much more than you!” I laughed. Even ten glasses of white wine of this level wouldn’t have been a problem back then.

“Son, drinking is not good for your body!” My mom reminded.

“Mom, did you forget about the techniques I taught you and dad? Hehe, at the later stages, you would be able to push out the alcohol from the pores in your skin!” I said.

“Dagege, what technique is it?” Xia Jing asked weirdly.

“Erm… It’s like the cultivation method of ancient martial masters…” I explained.

“Oh, I know. Lei Xiaolong’s family seems to have something like this passed down from their ancestors!” Xia Jing nodded.

Lei Xiaolong? His family has it too? Is their family a renowned martial family as well? Was the Lei family one of the Six Renowned Families? It looks like I have to ask Liu Yue about the Six Renowned Families in detail one day. No matter what, I am someone of the Six Renowned Families already, I can’t not know anything!

“Yeah, more or less, but my technique can make a man… err, strengthen their body, and a woman stay forever young!” I said.


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VPnA – The Prequel Volume 2 Chapter 153

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Wow, look at how far we’ve gotten since the launch of my Patreon! We’re already at 20 patrons and have achieved all of our goals! What does this mean? This means that at the end of the special launch event, we’re going to get 4 bonus chapters for VPnA: The Prequel, then even more bonus chapters at the end of the month! As for the Patreon Rewards, RPS advance chapters will be set up today, while Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel advance chapters will be set up on a later date (most likely next week).

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Wow, look at how far we’ve gotten since the launch of my Patreon! We’re already at 20 patrons and have achieved all of our goals! What does this mean? This means that at the end of the special launch event, we’re going to get 4 bonus chapters for VPnA: The Prequel, then even more bonus chapters at the end of the month! As for the Patreon Rewards, RPS advance chapters will be set up today, while Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel advance chapters will be set up on a later date (most likely next week).

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Wow, look at how far we’ve gotten since the launch of my Patreon! We’re already at 20 patrons and have achieved all of our goals! What does this mean? This means that at the end of the special launch event, we’re going to get 4 bonus chapters for VPnA: The Prequel, then even more bonus chapters at the end of the month! As for the Patreon Rewards, RPS advance chapters will be set up today, while Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel advance chapters will be set up on a later date (most likely next week).

Chapter 154 – Triumph Return

When the car arrived in front of my family’s mansion, my parents already saw my car from the surveillance camera. So, they call walked out to greet me as if I was a hero making a triumph return.

Little Beauty Xia, who I thought about day and night, stood beside them.

Xia Jing clearly blanked out for a bit when she saw me, while her eyes turned red. Just as I wanted to ask, Xia Jing’s expression turned into a look of surprise as she ran over and jumped onto me like a koala. She said excitedly, “Dagege, I finally see you again!”

I felt a bit awkward hugging Xia Jing in front of my parents. However, seeing my parents supportive gaze, I didn’t care. I reached out to hold Xia Jing’s *** so she can relax a bit. Otherwise, her arms would be really tired as she hangs onto me.

“Hehe, you didn’t tell Dagege when you came back to find me. You even caused me to embarrass myself at the wedding!” I smiled.

“I just wanted to give you a surprise! Who would have thought that you would care about me so much… But I’m very happy, you were so cool on the wedding…” Xia Jing said slowly as she leaned on my shoulders.

“Wasn’t I just afraid of you being stolen by Lei Xiaolong!” I patted Xia Jing’s butt.

“Aiya, Dagege, you’re so mean. You actually hit my butt!” Xia Jing said in a spoiled manner.

It’s been three years. Aside from the foreignness when Xia Jing and I just saw each other, we immediately acted like a couple without a hint of foreignness, as if we’re back to three years ago.

“Of course I have to hit you, you directly left for three years. Do you know how much Dagege missed you!” I couldn’t help but be a bit embarrassed when I said it! To be honest, I didn’t really think of her too much these three years.

“Xia Jing knows… Xia Jing have also been missing Dagege, Xia Jing has been thinking about Dagege every day. If Dagege doesn’t believe it, then take a look at the diary Xia Jing brought. Every day is filled with stuff about Dagege…” Xia Jing said shyly.

“I believe, I believe!” I said. “Alright, let’s talk back in the room. Wen’t just say in front of the door!”

“Ah! Ganba and ganma are still watching us! Aiya, it’s so embarrassing!” Xia Jing quickly jumped down from my body.

My parents didn’t say anything. They merely watched as with a smile. Actually, I understood very well in my heart. My mom had treated Xia Jing as her future daughter-in-law! She was the one my mom liked the most out of my girlfriends. Perhaps it’s because she came first that my mom’s favor towards Xia Jing even surpassed that of hers towards Zhao Yanyan.

My mom quickly went to wash some fruits when we got back to the living room, while my dad also said that he would go to the kitchen to wash the fish in preparation for a few good dishes at night. Thus, they left the space to Xia Jing and I.

Although we seemed to have countless things to want to say to each other when we just met. When we truly sat down, we didn’t know where to begin.

Xia Jing and I sat in the living room as we looked at each other.

“Xia Jing, where have you been these years?” I casually find a topic and broke the awkward silence between us.

On the other hand, Xia Jing’s speakers seemed to have turned on as she continuously told me about what had happened in the past few years.

So, Xia Jing went to school normally after she got back. However, Xia Jing’s father’s surveillance of her got even tighter. As expected of someone working for safety, there were no weakness in his “care” for Xia Jing, so Xia Jing had no chance to act by herself.

As for my side, since we moved and changed phone numbers, Xia Jing was unable to contact me.

After casually chatting for quite a while, Xia Jing and I no longer had the foreignness we had at the start. When my mom finished washing the fruits, she also joined us.

Xia Jing had come this time to give me a surprise, but she didn’t think that I would have already moved. So, she went to the original place. It was fortunate that our family didn’t sell the original apartment after we moved, and most of the people living there were workers at my dad’s electronics factory, so when they saw Xia Jing come back me, they warmheartedly helped her contacted my dad. Hearing that Xia Jing came, my dad immediately drove to pick her up.

Xia Jing checked out my family’s house, then asked hesitantly, “Dagege, your family seems richer than before…”

“Mhmm, didn’t you tell me to work hard after you left! That’s why I listened to you and worked hard to earn money!” I nodded.

“But… This seems to be because ganba became a factory owner. What does that have to do with you?” Xia Jing asked weirdly. “Also, even though your family is rich now, you couldn’t possibly do something so huge in the US…”

“Hehe, yeah, what you see if only on the surface. My dad likes to save up. He’s been driving that Jetta for three years and is reluctant to throw it away. Hehe! But that electronics factory is my dad’s business. It’s not mine. My company is so much more famous than my dad’s factory!” I smiled.

“Ah! Dagege is exaggerating. Ganba’s factory is a subsidiary company of Shuguang Corporation. How could your company be more famous!” Xia Jing blinked in disbelief.

“Of course, which company is more famous than Shuguang!” I continued with what Xia Jing said.

“Yeah! There’s also an East Asia Motion Company that’s rising, but it’s still a distance away from Shuguang!” Xia Jing said.

“That’s why, what would your Dagege’s company be if it’s even more famous than your ganba’s factory?” I asked with a smile

“Mm… Ah! It can’t be… How is that possible!” Xia Jing didn’t quite believe her guess.

“What’s not impossible? How is it impossible if you don’t say it?” My mom interrupted.

“Ganma… You’re saying that, Shuguang is Dagege’s…?” Xia Jing didn’t even believe what she was saying.

Xia Jing looked at my mother in disbelief. My mother looked at me, while I nodded to Xia Jing, “That’s right. Xia Jing, do you remember me always writing on paper when you were in my home?”

Xia Jing nodded to indicate that she still remember.

“I designed some electronics products then, then sold it to foreign companies, earning my first bucket of gold. Then I established Shuguang Corporation with Zhao Yanyan’s father. It’s just that I’m still a student and have my own things to do, so I hid in the back and didn’t announce my identity to the public,” I explained.

“Ah! Really!” Xia Jing looked at me in disbelief,” Dagege… You’re actually so amazing now… Was it all for Xia Jing…”

Xia Jing was a bit worked up and moved as she choked, she thought that I did all this for her, so how could she not be moved.

However, I felt a bit guilty. I already started thinking about earning money before knowing Xia Jing, but I wasn’t dumb enough to deny it.


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Chapter 153 – Xu Er

I found out that Xu Er was a vet. He was a driver when he was in the army. After leaving the army, he wasn’t able to find a job. In this era, even the drivers were the relatives of the management within the company. Since Xu Er didn’t have any contacts, he could only start working at a construction site.

The workers at the construction site were all young lads, and often in heat, so they would get a few prostitutes to deal with their lust when they get a bit of money. At the start, Xu Er was a bit held back, but then, he was unable to resist his co-worker’s nagging, and went to a nightclub with them.

Don’t think that workers are poor and couldn’t afford to go to clubs. That’s discrimination! The amount construction workers earn after a month of hard work is no less than those who sit in offices!

Since Xu Er was a virgin, the ma’am of the nightclub made an exception and called the star of the club, Yang Xin! However, Xu Er was an infatuated person. He was actually unable to forget that Yang Xin, and would go find her whenever he got a bit of money!

What was even more weird was that Yang Xin was actually moved by Xu Er and fell in love with him!

However, Yang Xin owed the nightclub five hundred thousand yuan when she borrowed money to treat her father! Although Yang Xin was able to pay back most of it, she still owed them two hundred something thousand!

The two of them thought about it, then decided to elope. However, they were caught by the people the nightclub owner sent before the two got to the train station.

The nightclub owner had pointed to Yang Xin in rage, “You ungrateful *****! Laozi didn’t treat you badly. When your dad was sick, I immediately took out five hundred thousand. Now you’re selling your body at my place to repay the doubt, I didn’t ask for any interest. Now that you’re the star, you think you’re amazing? You want to just leave like that?”

Yang Xin trembled in fear. She knew the owner’s ability! The owners of nightclubs would have a bit of relationship to the underworld, they were definitely merciless people!

However, Xu Er was a soldier before, a calf wasn’t afraid of a tiger. He said strongly to the nightclub owner, “Yang Xin and I truly love each other. We promise to return the money in the future!”

The owner immediately got angry upon hearing that, and scolded Xu Er, “You’re just a worker, how are you going to get the money to pay me back! What’s more, laozi got her to be a prostitute here is for the business of my nightclub! Otherwise, why would I have lent her money!”

With that, he told his subordinates to beat Xu Er up. Meanwhile, Yang Xin continuously begged and the owner only told the people to stop after Yang Xin agreed to continue working there.

Coincidentally, Ding Baosan was really tired that day, since he was a bit troubling for an underworld boss like him to manage his company. In order to relieve his stress, he went to this club by himself to drink a few glass. The reason he didn’t go to our place was because our people were there. He would have to meet them if he went there, so he wouldn’t be able to relax.

Ding Baosan was someone who had learnt a lot from Guo Qing. Although he was someone of the underworld, he never does anything that would harm the country or the people, and he also detested forcing good women to be prostitutes.

Since he saw the nightclub owner teaching Yang Xin and Xu Er, he instantly got angry and walked over to the owner, “Let the two of them go.”

When the owner’s subordinates saw that Ding Baosan walked over by himself and spoke so cockily, he instantly got angry, “Who the **** are you! You dare to mind our business!”

The owner was a bit closer to Ding Baosan. So he nearly shocked himself to death when he got a clear look of Ding Baosan!

Ding Baosan was in charge of Songjiang’s underworld after Guo Qing left. Which nightclub owner didn’t know Ding Baosan! Although Ding Baosan was by himself, the owner didn’t dare to act carelessly.

He immediately slapped his lackey and said angrily, “****, how could you not know Lord San!’ Then he said flatteringly to Ding Baosan, “Lord San, how did you find time to visit our shop? You truly bring owner to this small shop!”

“What’s going on?” Ding Baosan pointed to the couple on the floor and asked.

That owner also knew about the rule the Three Rock Gang had set for nightclubs, which was the fact that they couldn’t force women to become prostitutes, and all prostitutes had to be willing. Thus, he quickly explained everything.

Ding Baosan understood that this Yang Xin did it willingly. There was nothing wrong with selling her body to repay a debt. However, Ding Baosan felt that this Xu Er had quite a personality, so he suggested to help Yang Xin repay her debt.

The owner didn’t care about the two hundred something thousand. If he offended Ding Baosan, then he didn’t need to think about running his nightclub anymore. So, when Ding Baosan suggested it, the owner immediately said that it wasn’t needed.

Ding Baosan didn’t say too much, since he saw that the owner was kind of smart, he accepted the favor.

Yang Xin thought that her and Xu Er were over. However, the person in front of her dealt with the issue with a few words, so she quickly pulled Xu Er over to thank him and her boss.

The owner felt rather pained to let go of the star, Yang Xin. However, he wouldn’t just be pained if he lost the nightclub due to this, thus he generously told someone to bring the agreement Yang Xin signed over and ripped it publicly.

Since Ding Baosan saw that Xu Er knew how to drive, he told Xu Er to become a driver at the Three Rock Corporation. Since the salary of a driver at Three Rock Corporation was doubled that of the salary as a construction worker, Xu Er was completely thankful towards his boss.

Meanwhile, Yang Xin quit her job and went to the Three Rock Corporation to become an office assistant. The couple did managed to earn as much as a white-collar together. They recently just borrowed some money from the bank to buy an apartment at an internal price. When they get the apartment the following year, they were going to get married.

As for Xu Er’s older brother, he was very unlucky. He jumped into a river to save a drowning child. He was able to save the child, but Xu Da had drowned himself. What was most infuriating was that the family of the child just directly left with the kid and was never seen again. Although the government had awarded Xu Da the title of being a Samaritan, but he already died, so what use was the title.

On the other hand, Xu Er’s little sister studied in university elsewhere. They were originally very poor, and needed to borrow money left and right in order to pay for her school fees, but now that Xu Er got this job, not only could he pay for his little sister’s school fees, he was able to give his little sister a lot of money per month as well.

With that, Xu Er couldn’t help but smile happily. He was truly thankful to this boss. However, he could never understand why that nightclub owner would give Director Ding so much face! He didn’t think too much about it afterwards either, and merely thought that Director Ding was an important person.

It seems like Xu Er did not know that Ding Baosan was of the underworld before.

While we were chatting, I got a pretty good impression of Xu Er. Since I needed a driver while I’m in Songjiang, I wanted him to drive temporarily for me.

Recently, since I had Du Xiaowei as my driver, I got used to the feeling of being a boss. That was why I felt rather weird to drive myself.

Thus, I told Xu Er about it. Xu Er didn’t mind either, since Ding Baosan already told him beforehand to listen to my instructions.


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Chapter 152 – The Lei family’s attitude

“Songjiang! Oh yeah, I remember! That’s right, it’s definitely him! I would have never thought about it. An insignificant person back then became so powerful!” Uncle Bin suddenly understood. “I was wondering why he’s so familiar. Xiaolong, the Boss Liu in the casinos the other night was him!”

“Boss Liu is that little *******? How’s that possible?” Lei Xiaolong asked.

“What little *******! You’re a ******* little *******. Never underestimate your enemies! What have I taught you! You can look down on your enemies, but do not underestimate them! Little *******? Now he’s a big boss, and an amazing person. You can say that he’s sinister, deadly, but if you underestimate him, you’ll always lose!” Lei Fubo said to his son.

“Oh!” Lei Xiaolong ignored his father. “Oh yeah, I remember, that person seems to be called Liu Lei! His surname was indeed Liu!”

“Then there’s no mistake!” Uncle Bin nodded. “That’s him, he’s the guy! Ai! I really should have been merciless and turned him into a disabled person!”

“Alright, no need to say any words of regret! The most important thing right now is how to deal with it!” Since Lei Fubo was an outstanding member of the Lei family, he was able to calmly face a situation.

“Alright, Mr. Lei, I’ll listen to you,” said Uncle Bin.

“A Bin, get some private detective friends to investigate the background of this Liu Lei! It should be as detailed as possible!” said Lei Fubo. “Don’t leave out any detail.”

“I understand, Mr. Lei. I’ll go and do it right now!” said Uncle Bin.

Uncle Bin used all investigating powers he could use and actually got the majority of my background.

Liu Lei. Male. 18 years old. From Songjing city. His father works as the General Manager and Factory Manager of Songjiang City Shuguang Electronics Factory. His mother is the accountant within the factory. Their living conditions are superb.

He currently has five girlfriends. His grades are superb.

His vehicles are: Jetta, Mercedes s600, Land Rover, extra-long Bentley Red Label. The current one is Santana 2000.

His car plate numbers in Songjiang city are: Xin a00077, Xin a88888. The Santana 2000 uses a normal car plate number.

His best friend in high school was Guo Qing, who is the leader of the Three Rock Gang, the current largest gang in Asia. Liu Lei is the Board Chairman of Three Rock Corporation in name.

Although there wasn’t a lot of information, it was already enough to shock Lei Fubo.

The car wasn’t much, since they could be bought with money!

The main thing was the identity as Guo Qing’s best friend! If they were just friends, it didn’t matter much. The main thing is that they seem to be very close friends.

The fact that Liu Lei was named as the Board Chairman of the Three Rock Corporation was enough to show their friendship.

From the looks of it, Liu Lei might have used Guo Qing’s power to do this wedding robbery!

If it really was like that… Although the Lei family could be said as one of the Six Renowned Families with a long history, it could not be matched with the mothership-type of gang!

“A Bin, what do you think?” Lei Fubo looked at the information in his hand and asked.

“Err… Mr. Lei, forgive my bluntness. If he is really related to Guo Qing, then we can’t match him,” said Uncle Bin.

“So what if they’re a gang! The Situ family that is in a good relationship with us runs mobsters as well. I think that we should get them to help and kill them!” Lei Xiaolong suggested.

“Suggesting this sort of **** idea again! Why should they help you!” Lei Fubo was already ver annoyed with his son. He wasn’t good for anything except screwing stuff up!

“I-I’m saying it for our family’s face! If we just admit defeat like this, how will the other renowned families look at us!” Lei Xiaologn said in a troubled manner,

“How would others think! Do you want to lose our entire Lei family due to how others look at us!” Lei Fubo said angrily.

“Mr. Lei, how about this. We can send someone to get into contact with this Liu Lei and see how he reacts, then decide,” said Uncle Bin. “Of course, we can threaten him appropriately when we are negotiating and see his reaction. If he stands strong, then we’ll submit. If he appears weak, then we’ll talk about it later!”

“Alright, that’s all we can do now,” Lei Fubo nodded, then said to Lei Xiaolong. “You ******* stay proper in recent times!”

“Understood, dad!” Lei Xiaolong nodded obediently.

But would he really listen?

After Lei Xiaolong left his father’s office. He found a place without anyone else, to take out his phone and dialed his best ****** friend’s number…

Songjiang City. Back in the Songjiang City that I left for a long time.

The current Songjiang city was already completely different to three years prior. Emotions overwhelmed me as I looked at the city where my dreams begun.

Reborn, establishing Shuguang Corporation caused me to feel like I was in a dream.

Ding Baosan sent a car to pick me up at the airport. Originally, he wanted to come in person and get a whole squad of cars with thirty to fifty cars, but I completely rejected him. Isn’t that just going to negatively influence me! I have to face everyone with my real identity sooner or later. If the media sees that, they would think that I started off working in the Underworld!

“You’re Director Liu, right? Director Ding told me to come pick you up,” A twenty something years old lad quickly jumped out of the driver’s seat and helped me open the door when he saw me walk towards the black Mercedes.

I nodded with a smile, “Yes, I’ll be troubling you.”

Hearing me say that, the lad was rather surprised and honored. So he quickly said, “It’s nothing, nothing!” Then he took over my luggage and put it in the trunk.

As the car drove on the highway, the lad showed that he was rather familiar at driving, so it was clear that he was an experienced driver.

“What’s your name?” I asked casually.

“Ah! Director Liu, I’m called Xu Er… Other people all call me Er-zi,” the lad replied.

“Xu Er?!” I was a bit confused, why would anyone be called this!

“Ugh… It’s like this. My family has three children. I’m the second child. My parents aren’t very educated when I was born, so they gave me such a name. My little sister’s name is much better, my older brother named her,” said Xu Er.

“Hehe, so it’s like this. Then isn’t your older brother called Xu Da?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, but… Big bro passed away…” Xu Er said a bit depressingly.

“Sorry for mentioning depressing things,” I said awkwardly.

“No worries, I’m already used to it!” Xu Er replied plainly.

I didn’t want to continue on his heavy topic, so I said, “We work at Three Rock Corporation?”

“Yeah, I was lucky that Director Ding chose me and got me to drive at the company…” Xu Er said thankfully. “If it wasn’t for Director Ding, then I might have been beaten into a disabled person already!”

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

“Hai! It’s nothing nice, but I can say it if Director Liu wants to listen…” Xu Er started to speak.


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Chapter 151 – Wait for you to come back

“Mm, Dagege, hurry back, I’m waiting for you at dad and mom’s…!” said Xia Jing.

Waiting for me at dad and mom’s. Ha! This sounds just like my little wifey…

“Okay, Dagege will hurry back. Hehe, Dagege waited for you for three years!” I chuckled. I believe that Xia Jing will understand what I mean by three years.

“Aiya! Dagege… What are you saying… I’m not coming…” Xia Jing said in embarassment.

“Crap… It’s on speaker here…” Xia Jing suddenly exclaimed.

“Damn brat! What are you saying! What is your brain thinking all the time! You’re as disgusting as your dad! See how I deal with you when you get back…” it was my mom’s voice. I quickly hung up, otherwise, I’d be in for a treat!

As I expected, David did the coverup work very well. Even the reporters on scene thought that a tv show was being shot.

After the incident, David also took the guns out for the police to check. The results showed that there were merely props that could not be used, so the incident merely got labeled as a misunderstanding.

The American people didn’t treat it seriously at all, they just thought of it as a fiesta that was gossip material. Of course, only a few people knew the truth…

The Xia family was not willing to pursue the incident due to their daughter running from the wedding; while the Lei family didn’t want to lose anymore face than what they had already lost… So the entire incident just ended like that.

“What, why didn’t you say so earlier!” Lei Fubo sat in the chairman office of Lei’s Corporation and roared as he pointed to his son, Lei Xiaolong, who was standing in front of him.

“Dad… I thought those people were just kidding…” Lei Xiaolong said in a troubled manner.

“Just kidding? Tell me in detail what those people were and what happened! Never mind! No need for you to say it! A Bin, tell me the situation at the time!” Lei Fubo waved his hand and said to Uncle Bin, who stood on the side.

“Okay, Mr. Lei. The other day at the casino, the person in the lead was a young man calling himself Boss Liu. He was about the same age as Young Master, but his tone, expressions and actions were very mature, and not like Young Master who…” Uncle Bin wanted to say frivolous, but decided to correct himself. “Not like someone of Young Master’s age! This person looked very familiar, as if I’ve seen him somewhere before, but I really can’t recall it. Perhaps it was a few years ago. But no matter. What’s important was that his subordinate is really amazing. He actually suppressed me in a move, and I had no way of fighting back… It still scares me a bit when I think back to it. It wasn’t just a small difference! His ability could be described as insane… And I already felt pressured just from the atmosphere…”

“So amazing? A Bin, your martial ability is one of the best in our generation. Back then, my old man treated you as his closed door disciple!”

“That’s right! Mr. Lei, to say something disrespectful, even my shifu, which is Old Master, might not be able to match up to him!” Uncle Bin shook his head.

“What! Even father can’t match up to him!’ Lei Fubo was shocked. “It seems like the person Xialong offended is truly powerful!” Lei Fubo was a bit worried.

“Yeah, they claimed to be a mercenary company from South Africa. If we really get a grudge with them, the trouble would be endless…” Uncle Bin spoke out his worries.

“Dad, so what if they’re mercenaries! Is our Lei family scared of them! All of the guests that came today were at the very top of society. This proves how much face and power you have, father. You can just ally with them when it happens. If it really doesn’t work, then petition for the world police to eradicate these people!” Lei Xiaologn said like he didn’t care at all.

“My face? My power? Bullshit! They came to make fun of us!” Lei Fubo looked at his disappointing son angrily. How did such a useless thing come from the Lei family!

“World police? Are you a ******* ******!” Lei Fubo couldn’t help but swear. “Why would the world police help us eradicate them? Are they terrorists or what? What use is eradicating them for the US? You have to use your brain when you speak! Don’t give some retarded suggestions!”

“Mr. Lei, don’t scold Young Master for now. Since it happened, we have to think of a way to deal with it. Just scolding Young Master is not going to help the issue!” Although Uncle Bin was angry at Lei Xiaolong for being a disappointment as well, since he watched Lei Xiaolong grow up, he did care about him a lot…

“I let the anger get to my head. Uncle Bin, what do you think their purpose is? Would they come to trouble Xiaolong in the future?” asked Lei Fubo.

“Mr. Lei, I started thinking about this since I came back that night. I didn’t feel like anything was wrong back then, but now that I think about it, they planned it very carefully and it was very dangerous for us the enter time!” said Uncle Bin.

“How so?” asked Lei Fubo.

“Mr. Lei, now that I think about it, those people might have set a trap for Young Master, baited him in and forced him to sign that agreement…” Uncle Bin paused, then continued. “And their final purpose —— if they really were responsible for what happened today, then I can be a hundred percent certain that their purpose is Xia Jing!”

“Xia Jing?!” Lei Fubo exclaimed. “So these people did it for Xia Jing as well!” Lei Fubo thought about it carefully, and found that it was the case. These people didn’t just come to destroy the wedding, the target of the person in the lead was Xia Jing!

“Dad, you have to snatch Xia Jing back for me! I like her too much, don’t cancel the engagement with the Xia family!” Lei Xiaolong interrupted.

“**** your mom! Why did your mom give birth to a jerk like you!” Lei Fubo slammed the table in rage.

Lei Xiaolong didn’t care and though, if you didn’t **** my mom, where did I come from!

“Xia Jing! You still dare to mention her? Do you have a brain? Those people came for Xia Jing! You better not bring this sort of woman home, I don’t want the family to get destroyed!” Lei Fubo said impatiently.

Lei Xiaolong didn’t dare to say anymore, he didn’t want to get scolded even more.

“Xiaolong, think about it. Is there normally any pursuers around Xia Jing? Like your love rival or something?” Uncle Bin thought of an important problem.

“There doesn’t seem to be any. Everyone around her knows that she’s my fiancé, and they don’t dare to do anything in fear of our family’s power!” Lei Xiaolong shook his head.

“That’s weird, could they have any other purpose? Perhaps I guess it wrong?” Uncle Bin also shook his head.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Bin! Speaking of rivals in love and enemies, do you remember Xia Jing running away to Songjiang city and lived in a little bastards’ home? When Xia Jing left, she was reluctant to part with that little *******!” Lei Xiaolong suddenly said.


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