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Chapter 160 – Engagement is Okay

“Mhmm, that’s right! Although Liu Lei has no graduated from university yet, but an engagement is fine. So it’s settled!” Liu Zhenhai also nodded in confirmation.

“Then Geezer Liu, I’ll be going back first!” Meng Rusong stood up to leave.

“Wait, about your family’s properties…” Liu Zhenhai suddenly remembered that he wasn’t given anything from the bet yet.

“Isn’t it all yours when my granddaughter marries over!” Meng Rusong smiled.

“****! Old fox!” Liu Zhenhai cursed. “Sly and crafty guy, you really aren’t making a loss, since there’s an additional condition.”

“You guys got lucky, buy one get one free. Haha, I’ll be going first!” With that, he quickly left.

Meng Rusong already disappeared before I finished.

“Grandpa, doing that isn’t good, right?” I asked.

“What isn’t good about it? I’ll tell your dad about it later, so it’s settled!” Liu Zhenhai said, without annoying me to deny it. “Even if your grandpa was still alive, he would definitely agree! It does count as our family giving the Meng family a answer! Back then, the Meng family had lost all their face!”

He brought up my grandpa? What else am I supposed to say!

“Xu Er, what happened?” While we were going back, I saw that Xu Er’s expression looked a bit gloomy, as if he was troubled.

“Nothing, Director Liu…” Xu Er forced a smile.

“Is there any trouble?” I asked weirdly. Technically speaking, Xu Er’s family is already living decently, there should be any huge living problems.

“No… Thank you Director Liu for the care. I’m already good now,” said Xu Er.

I nodded, since he didn’t want to say it, I didn’t find it right to ask any more. It might be some sort of private matter!

After a while, when the car got off the highway, Xu Er stopped at a set of traffic lights, then hesitated for a while, “Director Liu, I… want to take a leave…”

“Ask for leave? What is it? Is there any trouble?” I asked.

“Actually… it’s something with my family. Something happened to my little sister…” Xu Er said rather awkwardly.

“Oh, okay! Since it’s like that, then of course. How many days off do you want?” I asked.

“Uhm… not so sure… Sorry, Director Liu,” said Xu Er.

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“Alright, just go and conduct your business. I’ll just tell Director Ding. Since I can drive myself, it’s no problem,” I nodded.

“Thank you, Director Liu,” Xu Er said thankfully. “If the it isn’t so troubling, then I won’t be so anxious!”

“Hehe, who doesn’t have some business at home. Hurry and go. How about this, since we’re in the city already, I’ll just take a taxi. Hurry and do your business!” I said.

“How is that okay, Director Liu, you…” Xu Er refused.

“What do you mean it’s not alright, I’m not in a hurry. Just stop the car!” I said to Xu Er.

“But…” Xu Er still wanted to say more.

“Stop,” I said.

Since there was no helping it, Xu Er could only park the car near a bus stop.

“Just call me if you need anything. You know my number,” I said to Xu Er went I got off.

“Thank you, Director Liu,” Xu Er nodded.

I looked up when I got off the car. Ha! It actually was the Shaoniangong stop! I couldn’t help but think of a certain time ago, when Zhao Yanyan and I waited at this bus stop to go to the movies. Time passed by so fast in the blink of an eye.

I wonder how is that geezer Xu Jinde. Oh no, he should be my grandpa-in-low now. I wonder how is he? Since I came, I should go and visit him. I might as well take these few days to visit all my in-laws.

I quickly walked to Shaoniangong. It was already seven something at night. The students that went there just finished classes and so they poured outside in pairs or threes.

I looked at the innocent and naïve smiles on their faces. Once, I was also one of them. However, how many one of us could have remained pure?

I thought that Zhao Yanyan and I were people that started dating early, but from the looks of the middle school couples that held hands, I couldn’t help but exclaim. The world is truly moving along. I’m nearly behind the times.

“Uncle, give us a bit of money to spend!” Just as I immersed myself in thoughts, I heard a sound and saw three young men, no children, with dyed hair!

Uncle? ****, how did I become an uncle? Since I visited Liu Zhenhai, I intentionally dressed more formally in suit and tie. From my appearance, I do seem a bit more mature, but there was no need to call me uncle?!

I looked at the three brats with interest. To be honest, I haven’t met delinquents like them for a long time. Since I had to deal with tough characters like Situ Liang and Lei Xiaolong every day. I found it rather funny when I saw the three children.

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“What do you want money for?” I was in no hurry to teach them a lesson with my fist. Although these three kids dressed very delinquent-like, the childishness on their face told people their real age.

Real mobsters would never dress so flowery with dyed hair and ripped jeans. When have people ever since Guo Qing dress like that? Despite that, he’s still amazing.

“For what? Haha, Uncle, which dynasty did you transmigrate from? Of course we want money to spend!” said one of the delinquents.

“Oh, you guys should be going to school, right? What do you need to spend money on?” I asked.

“****!” Another delinquent said in disdain. “Eating, drinking, picking up girls! Which one doesn’t need money?”

“Yeah, hurry up and give us money. Do it quickly. Since you’re dressed so nice and proper, you don’t seem like a poor *****!” said the third delinquent.

I shook my head. From the three children’s childish once, and the fact that one of them didn’t even have their voice change yet, caused me to get confused, “I can give you guys money, but you have to answer me. Why did you gets come out in the society at such a young age?”

“Uncle, why don’t you have so much bullshit! Hurry up and give us the dough, otherwise, us bros will beat you up!” threatened the first delinquent.

“Hehe, I’m just curious. Say it, how much do you want?” I smiled.

“At least give us three hundred… No, give hundred!” said the second delinquent.

I shook my head. I didn’t want to get into a fight with these children. I search around my pocket and took out the cash, and saw that there was only three hundred something. Since I went to visit Liu Zhenhai and there was a car that took my there, I didn’t bring much money in the morning, and only brought a bit of change. All that’s left are my bank cards.

“There’s just three hundred something. Do you guys want it?” I shook my head.

“Yes! Why wouldn’t’ we!” The first delinquent reached out his hand to snatch it away.

“Then answer me first, why come out to be delinquents?” I asked.


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