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Chapter 116 – Summoning Divine Ship

So it was like this, Xiao Chen was very worried for Lan Nuo.

“Don’t need to worry about me, once we leave this place, I believe I will smoothly enter the realm of immortal not long later.” Lan Nuo smiled confidently, it was like the spring wind brushing the willow tree, it gave people a warm feeling.

The grudges between Zhao Lin Er was actually dissolved like this, it was not something Xiao Chen could have expected. But they were rather unwilling in the bottom of their heart, they only didn’t want to waste Lan Nuo’s good intention.

Xiao Chen headed back to the coconut grove, but his mind was still filled with Lan Nuo’s figure. He admired this kind of proud goddess very much, if only he could take this kind of girl as his wife…… Sweet-tempered, kindhearted, and intelligent, anyone would fall for her. But he quickly shook this thought off, how could he think about something like this? However, he quickly changed his line of thought, how could he not have this kind of thought, perhaps everyone would have yearned for this kind of wonderful woman.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but recall all kinds of legend regarding Lan Nuo. She was the legendary figure of Yanhuang Dynasty, her name had already circulated to every corners of the world for many years. She was exceptionally charming, a natural-born genius, At the age of twenty, she traveled around the world with a sword, none were able to fight her on equal term.

But it was also during that year, Lan Nuo practiced the legendary ⌈Divine Dominion⌋ and caused her power to become half crippled. Her body gradually became weaker. Soon after, Lan Nuo was resolved to freeze herself in a bottomless ice valley.

A miracle happened to Lan Nuo, thirteen years later, she came out of the ice cave full of life, her complexion was as devastatingly beautiful as in the past. Her peerless beauty didn’t undergo any changes of time, the thirteen years of time passed just like a snap of a finger to her.

She was frozen for thirteen years, the time goes by, yet her rosy cheeks remained youthful!

Returning to the coconut grove, he turned back to watch unconsciously, Xiao Chen saw Lan Nuo, Zhao Lin Er, and Psychic Lanyu walking together. At the same time, he also saw a green-haired youth not far from them. Xiao Chen was surprised, wasn’t that the old treant from the treant’s valley that evolved into blood and flesh human? Could it be that he planned to leave the dragon island too? That was definitely an expert close to the level of demigod!

The sunset dyed the horizon red, the boundless gold ocean moved up and down. There were many practitioners in the vicinity of the beach, almost everyone had rushed over. ⌈1

Keke was sitting at the back of the little unicorn which galloped left and right on the golden beach. It was fearless in the face of those young Syndicate Dragon King, with the support of Keke’s miraculous confinement technique, the little unicorn had a huge boost of confidence. It kept galloping and jumping in the vicinity of the Tyrant Dragon King and Winged Dragon King. Keke even left a few footprints on the body of a few Dragon Kings.

Zhao Lin Er was very annoyed, seeing her beloved little unicorn being rode by that person’s spoiled little critter, it made her a little unhappy. But looking at that adorable little thing, she was unable to really flare up.

“Roar……!” The sky piercing dragon roar caused the gold ocean to become restless, a golden little dragon ran over to the seaside. There were another three young Dragon Kings behind it. Everyone at the seaside knew the older generation experts had arrived, these were the Syndicate Dragon King they had subdued.

Along with the Gold Dragon King’s roar, the other Dragon Kings also became restless, all of them ran towards the beach. Those Dragon Kings gathered in one place, an astonishing battle intent broke out immediately, they actually wanted to fight.

This was not a good event, the master of each Dragon King rushed over to separate them by force. Otherwise there would inevitably be a tragedy. In the end, those eleven Dragon Kings seemed to have come to a compromise, they didn’t attack each other and walked all over the place at the sandy shore.

This was a rarely seen scenario, after all, there were more than ten Syndicate Dragon Kings! To be able to see just one of these legendary dragon was already not bad, but now so many had gathered in one place. Maybe it didn’t seem like a big deal now, but after ten years or hundred years later, the later generations would definitely gasp in surprise. That was because, these little Dragon King would have grown into a powerful existence that even deities were scared of. And these powerful Dragon Kings once gathered on a certain beach.

Everyone at this place might not have these kind of thoughts now, but their offsprings would certainly use this as the topic of a conversation; Their ancestor had once witnessed this scenario. Of course, they would certainly also talk about a certain little critter……

Keke played happily on the beach, Xiao Chen just let it be, it was very hard to break the snow-white little critter away from its disappointed mood, he didn’t want to break its happy mood. However, after the four little Dragon Kings of the older generation experts arrived, Keke began to cause some trouble again.

It actually transformed into a streak of light and stepped on the body of the four Dragon Kings one by one. It seemed like it wanted to make it clear to the people, that it had left its footprint on the body of the eleven Dragon Kings once, as if it wanted to leave a “legend of the little critter” for the later generations.

The four newcomers burst into rage, and the other seven Dragon Kings at a distant place were taking delight in their misfortune. They had experienced this before, they had been provoked by that hateful little critter once. Even that Winged Dragon King that could fly was not an exception.

The night descended, many stars decorated the blue dome of heaven, the night breeze was so gentle, but nobody was able to fall asleep, because they will finally leave the dragon island tomorrow.

Xiao Chen laid in the coconut grove on his back, then he said to himself, “Let’s hope everything go smoothly.” ⌈2

The little fatty Oxman said, “Just relax, those group of old fellows are already here, it is unlikely for them to stall for time again. As a matter of fact, they are a little scared now, because in the vicinity of the snow mountain the demon lived in seclusion, the cloudy fog had become denser these past few days, they are also scared that some unforeseen event will occur.”

“The demon! Sigh…” Xiao Chen let out a breath, he always felt a little sorry for Keke.

This was a suffocating night, and also a night filled with expectation.

Early morning, when the first ray of light spilled on the beach, almost everyone opened their eyes. Everyone started to gather on the golden beach and moved away from the coconut grove. Many people were using net made out of vines to carry a huge bag of coconut fruits to keep as drinking water while on the sea.

There were a hundred plus people altogether, and in front of everyone was eleven young Dragon Kings, each of them was mystical and out of ordinary.

Amethyst Dragon King, Black Dragon King, Azure Dragon King, Jade Dragon King, Red Dragon King, Winged Dragon King, Tyrant Dragon King and so on stood in a straight line. They faced upwards and let out a long roar. The ear-splitting roar took shape as a bizarre power and reverberated in the sky fiercely. The roar was transmitted to the distant ocean.

Every practitioners had no choice but to temporarily seal off their sense of hearing. Otherwise none of them would be able to bear the terrifying sound waves emitted by eleven Dragon Kings simultaneously, despite them being so young.

It sounded like nine heavenly thunder were rumbling over the gold ocean, and nine volcanoes were piercing through the surface of the earth. The oppressive Dragon King’s roar transmitted far and wide, it made this gold ocean rage violently.

The bizarre energy fluctuation wavered in between the heaven and earth, it made everyone believed that the legend of nine Dragon Kings summoning the divine ship was real. Otherwise it wouldn’t be this miraculous.

The heaven and earth seemed to possess an incomparably vast and ancient aura, it seemed like an unknown mysterious power was transmitting some kind of message to a distant location.

“Roar……!” The Dragon King’s roar lasted for a long time. The entire dragon island was trembling slightly. The Dragon King’s roar seemed to pierce through the space-time and transmitted their willpower along.

Among the ear-splitting Dragon King’s roar, a sound that couldn’t be regarded as harmonious suddenly emerged.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Nobody knew when it happened, but the snow-white little critter had already ran in front of the line and became the leading cast of the eleven Dragon Kings unknowingly. It was actually trying to imitate them and devoted all of its being to face upwards and let out a long squeak. But its voice was really too soft and immature, it sounded like an infant that was learning how to talk.

However, what made everyone most shocked was that, the snow-white little critter’s voice clearly resounded in between the heaven and earth, it did not get pressed down by the eleven Dragon Kings’ voice at all. The “squeaking” sound could be heard clearly, it was like a naive child singing the folk song sincerely.

Everyone wanted to stop it, but just at this time, from the vast golden ocean, a loud dragon roar resounded. It was like a great heavenly tone that transmitted from ancient times, it made one’s soul tremble.

A huge imperial boat that was blossoming with seven-colored radiance braved the wind and billows, it appeared on the surface of the gold ocean from thin air, as if it really pierced through the space-time and came from the ancient era.

Many people were moved to tears, that huge divine ship was similar to an imposing small mountain, it seemed like a real Ancestral Dragon. It was currently crossing the Taboo Ocean and approaching this place.

It was indeed a huge divine ship that shaped like the Ancestral Dragon, the ship glinted with seven-colored radiance and illuminated the entire Taboo Ocean. Thousand miles of sea area fluctuated violently due to its appearance, but the divine ship was still sailing smoothly, it didn’t sway in the slightest.

The legend was true, with nine kings gathered together, they could summon the divine ship built from the Ancestral Dragon’s bone and Heavenly Tree. It could bring everyone through the terrifying Taboo Ocean and depart from the dragon island.

Eleven young Syndicate Dragon Kings already stopped their roars, and Keke ran to Xiao Chen’s side. But just at this time, even more world-shaking dragon roars transmitted from their back. There were countless huge dragons in the coconut grove, the green Tyrannical Dragon, the gold Monarch Lion Dragon, the bluish-green Saber Dragon, the purple Thunder Dragon…… numerous wild dragons gathered at this place. The baleful aura soared into the sky, huge dragon shadows occupied the entire seaside coconut grove. ⌈3

Everyone became pale, what did these dragons want, why did they gather at this place, could it be that they wanted to kill everyone?

However, what made everyone felt a bit relieved was that all the seemingly terrifying dragons did not approach, they only let out a roar in that coconut grove and observed the situation. The eleven young Dragon Kings also let out a roar immediately afterwards and ran towards the coconut grove at high speed. They seemed a bit reluctant to part.

At this moment, everyone finally understood, those huge dragons seemed to have come to see the young Dragon Kings off. The eleven young Dragon Kings rushed into the pack of dragons, and let out a sad growl, they seemed reluctant to part from the dragons. The adult dragon’s roars were also filled with sadness and reluctance.

It’s getting closer, much closer, the legendary Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship finally reached the shore. A seven-colored divine light transformed into a rainbow bridge, it extended from the divine ship to the shore. ⌈4


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Chapter 115 – The Identity of the Mysterious Woman

All of a sudden, a beautiful blonde-haired man that was as blazing as the sun entered Xiao Chen’s line of sight. He passed through the dense coconut grove and arrived at this region. It was actually Spell Master Lande.

Xiao Chen restrained his smile, he just sat there and looked at him before he opened his mouth, and said, “You really have the guts to actually appear in front of me, do you want to challenge me?”

Lawrence, Oxman, Yizhen, and Rowena were still joking together, they did not become tense due to Lande’s arrival. That was because they were confident in their strength, with these few people sitting together, even Solitary Sword Demon wouldn’t come to openly provoke them.

“Alright, I will apologize for my frivolous behavior before, but I actually don’t need to apologize, because you already gave me the deepest and most painful lesson. You must know that you were very ruthless during that battle, you broke at least thirty bones of mine.” The blonde-haired beautiful man, Lande, did not seem very embarrassed when he said these. He sat opposite of Xiao Chen unhurriedly, his pair of sapphire eyes appeared very sincere as he said, “A few days ago, I still wanted to find you to take revenge, but now I finally thought it through. The hatred between us was really not worth it. We are about to leave the dragon island soon, there is nothing more exciting and joyous than leaving here alive. Let us forget about all the unpleasant things between us after we leave the dragon island. It was only because I was too arrogant and conceited, I have already suffered enough as a result, I don’t want to keep making more mistake. I came here today to dissolve our past resentment.” ⌈1

Xiao Chen said, “If it was not because I had no other choice, who would want to face you in a life and death battle? If you are sincere, then I will accept your proposal and dissolve our grudges.”

Lawrence’s somewhat sickly face revealed a smile and said, “Lande, I have heard of you before, but I never regarded you as anyone important until now. I can easily take your life within twenty moves. However, seeing your action today, I couldn’t help but see you in a new light. It is easy to take but hard to let go, it proved that you have made a mental breakthrough to some extend.”

“That means I have the opportunity to befriend such a beautiful man, and not as an enemy anymore?” Rowena smiled charmingly.

Lande nodded his head with a smile, “I was desperate before, thinking that we will be trapped on the dragon island forever. But to my surprise, I unexpectedly found that we can leave this island, it really had a big impact on my mental state, I can finally look at things from different perspective, and be more open-minded.” ⌈2

“Lawrence, you might need to get your eyes checked, Lande did not only make a mental breakthrough, his ability might advance by leaps and bounds over the next few years, he’s a demigod that is gradually awakening, a descendant of god.”

“Seems like my little secret had been exposed by you.” It was impossible for Lande to deny.

“A natural born demigod? Lande, I adore you so much!” Rowena discharged electricity3⌋ from her eyes, trying to hook his soul.

“Really? Let’s forget about our rivalry, I will definitely go and swap pointers with you frequently.” Buddhist Yizhen also opened his mouth in shock.

“Huh? Let me take a good long look at the face of a demigod.” The little fatty walked in front and sized up Lande very seriously. It made everyone unable to restrain a smile, it must be mentioned that Oxman was very good at setting the atmosphere.

In this course of events, the beautiful Yan Qing Cheng remained silent. ⌈4⌋ She didn’t say a single word nor did she cast a glance at Lande.

“Brother Xiao, I have a presumptuous request. Can you set my junior sister, Yan Qing Cheng, free? We are about to leave the dragon island soon, let us forget about all the unhappy things in the past.” Lande looked at Xiao Chen earnestly.

“I also did not plan to make an enemy out of her before, but since it has already become like this, it is impossible for me to release her now.” Xiao Chen refused by saying, “Do you believe our enmity can be resolved now? Do you think she will let it go like this?”

In fact, Xiao Chen was a little troubled regarding how to deal with Yan Qing Cheng. A lot of people on dragon island knew Xiao Chen had taken Yan Qing Cheng as captive, it was fine since everyone was trapped on the dragon island. However, everyone was about to enter the immortal’s mainland, the Undying Alliance could even be said to be a powerful force. In the event that the news of Yan Ching Cheng being held captive were to spread out once they enter the immortal’s mainland, it might bring a lot of trouble to him. How about killing her now? That would only be inviting more trouble than necessary. This was the reason why he didn’t act blindly without thinking until now.

These few days, Rowena, Lawrence, and the rest had come up with a plan for Xiao Chen; That was to leave them with no option but to accept it, he will tie a knot with Yan Qing Cheng and become a married couple for real. This way, they could avoid any dangers in the future. According to what they said; Xiao Chen, you will become the son-in-law of the Undying Faction, and not treating Yan Qing Cheng as a slave. How will the Undying Faction find any reason to come and cause trouble for you? Of course, the prerequisite was for Yan Qing Cheng to act lovey-dovey on the outside.

However, to make Yan Qing Cheng cooperate? That was impossible!

Of course, there was another fatal part; Xiao Chen had killed Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue, the two experts from the Undying Alliance. Although the word did not spread out, there was a key person who knew the inside story. That was precisely Zhao Lin Er. At that time, it was her who passed the news to Yan Qing Cheng. If they don’t seal her mouth, things will definitely turn for the worst.

Just when Xiao Chen thought of Zhao Lin Er, she really appeared. She actually entered the coconut grove, and that snow-white unicorn was following far behind her. It was unwilling to approach the crowd, it looked over a little timidly.

Xiao Chen almost couldn’t believe his eyes, the peerless Imperial Angel actually appeared in front of him, it was way too unusual. The grudges between them could only be settled with life and death. At that time, they were really at each other’s neck.

Xiao Chen jumped up immediately, if it was not for Zhao Lin Er, he definitely wouldn’t end up in this world. He couldn’t remain calm and said coldly, “You actually dare to show up here?!”

The devastatingly beautiful Imperial Angel had a really cold expression as she said, “I came here to dissolve our grudges.” ⌈5

Not only was Xiao Chen dumbstruck, even the few people beside him were at a loss for words. What was happening today? Why did everyone come to dissolve the grudges? Lande was still pardonable, since it was originally caused by his arrogance. But Zhao Lin Er and Xiao Chen were always at each other’s neck, how could this kind of enmity be dissolved? And it seemed like the person herself was unwilling to let it go.

Even Lande felt a bit inconceivable, even though he was the first to come, their temper was completely different.

“You want to resolve our grudges?” Xiao Chen wanted to laugh, but he didn’t.

“Please come with me to meet someone.” After saying these, Zhao Lin Er no longer paid attention to Xiao Chen and walked over to the beach.

A graceful figure was standing over there calmly, the figure seemed proud and aloof, and yet it was out-of-this-world. There was a purple young dragon beside her, she was looking at the golden ocean. It was that woman who could control the law of time, but the colorful mist was not lingering on her body at the moment. Only because she was facing the coconut grove with her back, everyone was still unable to see her face.

It was not a trap, everyone did not follow him. Xiao Chen took large strides towards the beach.

Just at this time Keke rubbed its hazy big eyes, it finally woke up. When it looked at the young unicorn that was as bright as jade in front, its glittering big eyes immediately lit up. It flew over there with a swish, and landed on the back of the young unicorn.

The young unicorn was startled like a little rabbit, it wanted to run away, but it realized it wouldn’t be able to throw off Keke who was already on its back. It felt anguished as it turned its head, but when it saw Keke’s appearance, its fear dissipated. It looked at the naughty little critter curiously. The two cute little thing looked at each other face to face, they had a very amusing expression.

Xiao Chen followed Zhao Lin Er one step at a time and arrived in front of the golden ocean. He finally saw the face of the mysterious woman clearly. He became dumbfounded in that very instant, how could this be possible, how could it be her?!

She had a beauty that was hard to describe with words, it was impossible to describe how good-looking was her appearance, she was a stunning beauty that couldn’t be described with mere words. She was a goblet of Spiritual Energy, her entire person looked like a mist and far away, she was obviously in front of him, yet it felt like she was high in the clouds. This was a genuine transcendental aura.

In reality, the appearance of Zhao Lin Er and Yan Qing Cheng could already be considered the most stunning under the heaven. It was impossible for the person in front of him to be more beautiful, but her distinctive traits made her surpass the former two by leaps and bounds. This was a charm the ordinary people could never hope to achieve, it seemed like she was already not a living person with blood and flesh, but rather the most outstanding masterpiece in Heaven.

She was actually the extremely gifted Goddess Lan Nuo!! It was precisely because she caused a distortion in space that Xiao Chen and Zhao Lin Er wound up in this world.

“Are you surprised?” Lan Nuo smiled faintly, like a beautiful rainbow that was let off from the ice and snow, she was very dazzling.

“Really…… Surprised.” Xiao Chen replied as such.

“When I distorted the space on that day, I saw the both of you rushing in when I took a step forward. I originally wanted to stop the both of you, but I realized it was already impossible to turn back, I could only bring the two of you with me. Unexpectedly, you guys became enemy. We all came from the human world, I don’t want to see you guys facing each other in a life and death battle. I want to let the both of you make up.”

Xiao Chen highly respected this extremely gifted goddess. This was the only expert that could create a spatial distortion with martial arts in the human world after many long years of silence. Moreover, it was this kind of peerless and lovely young lady, he admired and respected her deeply. Xiao Chen started by saying, “I originally was unwilling to make an enemy out of her, the result today could be said to be caused by her. I am not trying to push the blame, this is the fact.”

“Hmph! If it was not because you killed my maid that was as close to me as my blood sister, why would I even care?!” Zhao Lin Er’s beautiful face was brimming with anger.

“If it was not because your subordinates were relying on force to bully others, if they didn’t besiege me, why would I even make a move? It was a righteous self-defense, how could I care about my enemy’s situation?” Xiao Chen opposed with equal harshness.

“Alright, the both of you don’t bring up the things from the past anymore.” The proud goddess Lan Nuo smiled faintly and said, “I just wanted to ask the both of you, I intent to help the both of you reconcile, are you willing to make up?”

After a period of silence, the both of them nodded. They revered Lan Nuo very much.

“Good, since the both of you are willing, then please forget about all the unhappy events in the past, the both of you are prohibited to fight from now on, will you promise me this?” ⌈6

Lan Nuo sincerely tried to help them. The two vowed not to fight anymore in the end. This outcome made the both of them very regretful, it was not something they could have imagined in the past. However, not fighting anymore doesn’t mean they will become close friends, it is impossible for them to get intimate with each other.

In regards to Lan Nuo’s ability, Xiao Chen was full of doubts. One must know that she was a goddess that was able to create a spatial distortion. And someone with her ability was only able to suppress the Solitary Sword Demon.

However, he quickly understood after listening to Lan Nuo’s brief story.

When Lan Nuo distorted the space, she had already reached the legendary Nirvana realm.

One who reached this realm would become neither dead or alive, their body and mind would be trapped in the brink of death. They would linger around the boundary of life and death to comprehend the profound meaning between life and death. If one thoroughly comprehended the secrets of life and death, they would become an immortal with one more step. However, if they failed, they might be consigned to eternal damnation, their body and soul would be entirely wiped out.

At the same time, the practitioners who are on this level, their ability are neither strong or weak. Their power are very unstable, when they are strong, they can unleash powers equivalent to Immortalis. When they are weak, their divine ability was even weaker than practitioners of Historia realm.

The realm of Nirvana was regarded by the practitioners as the greatest opportunity, but also the most ruthless one. Those who solved the riddles of life and death would break out of their cocoons and transform into butterflies. They would attain immortality and live on forever. Those who couldn’t comprehend the secrets would be annihilated at this point, it was a cruel reality.

After Lan Nuo, who was at the Nirvana realm, created a spatial distortion and entered the dragon island, she found that her power was still very unstable. She didn’t know the secrets of the dragon island; This place sealed every god-level power, when the boundless sealing power rushed towards her, she originally tried to resist, which almost caused this proud goddess to die on this barren island.

Lan Nuo suffered an enormous loss on this dragon island, the ability that she cultivated all her life was narrowly overthrown. However, she was innately gifted after all, while she was caught between life and death, she quickly discovered the nature of the problem and voluntarily sealed her power by herself. Only then did the boundless sealing power have less influence on her.

But even so, that sealing power still suppressed her power to Nirvana’s lowest fluctuation range. One must know that Nirvana level practitioners could become as strong as the immortals, but they could also get as weak as Historia level expert. The lowest fluctuation range of Nirvana was close to the Historia realm. And the heavy damage she suffered for now was also hard to recover from.


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Chapter 114 – Dragon, dragon, dragon

The pitiful little critter’s appearance made Xiao Chen felt very unpleasant.

The snow-white little critter was weeping with a “boo hoo” sound, then it raised its head to look at the sky, its glittering big eyes were brimming with tears, it seemed to be calling out to its parents.

“Keke, don’t be sad, you will definitely see your parents one of these days, and I will come up with something to help you seize back the little sacred tree.”

When Xiao Chen and Keke left this place, they finally ran into few of the rumored older generation experts at the surrounding of the dragon’s sacred mountain. Although they still hadn’t found the tracks of the Ancestral Dragon, they finally subdued the offspring of the Monarch Lion Dragon roaming in this area.

The golden little Dragon King was very bold and powerful, glorious light flickered all over its body, as if it was made out of gold. Just by considering the physique, it should be comparatively outstanding among the little Dragon Kings.

Xiao Chen did not show himself, he only watched from a distance. And what made him most amazed was that, A huge Monarch Lion Dragon was concealing its brass-like body in between the forest trees not far away. It was quietly watching the little Dragon King as it was taken away, it didn’t try to stop them. However, it had a hint of reluctance in its eyes, it was an expression similar to when parents were sending their child to a far away land. It appeared very humane as it was brimming with sadness.

This made Xiao Chen very shocked, the Monarch Lion Dragon was voluntarily sending the little Dragon King off. Who said their brutality won over their divinity? They were clearly very clear-headed! Perhaps, after the ghost town’s calamity, their muddle-headed brain had already sobered up.

Obviously, the dragons knew the only way to break free from the dragon island’s seal was to let the little Dragon Kings depart smoothly. They had no other choice but to borrow the human’s strength.

He had seen how the dragons prevented the practitioners from capturing the little Dragon Kings before, many practitioners were massacred mercilessly. Maybe they were just angry and unwilling at that time, they didn’t want their offsprings, especially the legendary Dragon Kings, to be ordered and enslaved by humans.

However, it seemed like they had come to a compromise now, they seemed to be aware that the little Dragon Kings would eventually leave this place and enter the immortal’s mainland which was mostly ruled by humanity. Perhaps, having a human to rely on was more dependable. In order to let the little Dragon Kings live a peaceful life in the future, these dragons who served as father or mother came to a compromise.

Another Syndicate Dragon King was subdued, there were already ten Dragon Kings on this island following the practitioners. However, there was still no traces of the legendary Ancestral Dragon.

The roar of young dragons transmitted from a distant place, Xiao Chen brought Keke along and found them by relying on the sound. They only saw a golden little Dragon King fighting with a dark brown little dragon, this was not an evenly matched battle at all, the dark brown little dragon was already riddled with scars. It already received a few life threatening attacks.

Few older generation experts calmly watched the little Dragon King’s battle, then a gray-haired old man among them said, “Let’s be on our way, this kind of battle is meaningless, the little Dragon King need a more powerful opponent.”

He waved his right hand, a wave of spiritual power cuts through the space, that dark brown little dragon was sent flying by the attack in a flash. After that, the few people brought the Gold Dragon King along and distanced themselves.

It was that dark brown little dragon again!

It was that competitive, unyielding, and proud little dragon that always issued challenge to the Dragon Kings all over the place.

Xiao Chen started to have doubts, although this little dragon looked ordinary from the outside, it really seemed to be a little special; How did it survive every time it received a fatal wound like this? Moreover, it kept challenging the Dragon Kings over and over again, it was not fearful of the pressure from the kings of dragons at all. Its characteristic was truly fitting for the king of dragons, but its inborn condition was really a little too inferior.

Just when Xiao Chen was about to make his move, he felt a baleful aura just at this time. That was a distinctive aura possessed by individuals that had slaughtered myriad of living creatures. The figure of a huge green Tyrannical Dragon flashed from the mountain woods at the opposite side. It was walking over to the heavily injured little dragon one step at a time.

Xiao Chen prevented Keke from rushing over there and continued to observe quietly in the dark. It was very obvious that the Tyrannical Dragon was concealing itself in the vicinity all along, and yet it didn’t make a move, this proved once again that the dragons had already came to a compromise. It didn’t prevent the older generation experts from taking the young Gold Dragon King away. Maybe it was like the Monarch Lion Dragon; They wanted to rely on the humans to allow the Dragon Kings to grow up safely on the immortal’s mainland.

The Tyrannical Dragon was the most powerful among the dragon species, its entire body flickered with divine radiance. It arrived in front of the weak little dragon one step at a time. Xiao Chen didn’t know what it was going to do, he held his breath and watched quietly.

“Roar……!” A low dragon roar was transmitted, the Tyrannical Dragon hanged its head downwards, and then it actually extended its dragon tongue to lick the little dragon’s scarred body.

The Tyrannical Dragon didn’t possess any malice. On the contrary, it was a little doting, could the little dragon be his offspring? Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with doubts.

One couldn’t help but gasp in surprise, the powerful Tyrannical Dragon that could cause even the gods to shudder had saliva with healing properties. After getting licked by it, those wounds on the little dragon were all healed without exception. Moreover, there was a crystal clear radiance circulating next to the wound.

The unconscious dark brown little dragon let out a few growls involuntarily, it seemed to have felt its body condition recovering. The Tyrannical Dragon retreated one step at a time, then it left with large strides. The ground let out a “rumbling” sound with each steps it took as it left this region.

Xiao Chen was very confused with this situation, according to the little dragon’s shape, it was impossible for it to be the Tyrannical Dragon’s offspring. Could it be that the dragons had a really peaceful relations, so much so that the grown-up dragons would even take care of other dragon’s offspring?

When Xiao Chen walked in front of the stubborn little dragon, it was already awake. This time, it didn’t reject Xiao Chen anymore, it just looked at him calmly. However, it was still a little proud and aloof.

Keke seemed to find this little dragon’s situation very amusing, it temporarily shook off its disappointed mood that had prevailed for many days. It was a little funny as it tapped the little dragon’s head, it looked like it was checking for the ripeness of the melon. This made the weak little dragon very dissatisfied, it glared at the snow-white little critter angrily. However, Keke was not aware of it at all, it still continued to feel about on its head.

“Don’t try to find it anymore, it originally didn’t have any horn to begin with.”

“Squeak……!” Keke replied to Xiao Chen, and pointed at a faintly discernible speck of light.

After a careful examination, Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. A dragon horn about the size of a grain already grew on its head, but it was seriously too small, and the surrounding also didn’t have any bulge, it was very hard to imagine it was about to grow a horn.

“It is really about to grow a horn, this is really a little strange.” Xiao Chen thought out loud.

This doesn’t seem like a dragon with two horns. It only had one horn, because it was growing from the center of the little dragon’s forehead.

Xiao Chen gave the stubborn little dragon a small piece of Snow Lotus Core. He originally didn’t expect the little dragon to accept, but because he felt the Tyrannical Dragon was returning, he wanted to show that he didn’t want to harm the little dragon. Out of his expectation, the little dragon didn’t refuse it this time, it expended great deal of effort to move its body and swallowed the crystal clear Snow Lotus Core from the underbrush.

It was very obvious that this proud and aloof little dragon was not rejecting him anymore, Xiao Chen obtained Keke’s consent to set aside a Snow Lotus Core that was a little bigger for the little dragon. After that, he got up and be on his way again.

Only until he covered a huge distance did he turn around to take a look. He found that area was flickering with golden radiance, it was actually that Monarch Lion Dragon!


Half a month had passed, there was still no traces of the little Ancestral Dragon. Why was it that the most powerful existence in legend still not making an appearance on the dragon island? The older generation experts were very dejected.

The actual number of older generation experts who entered the dragon island was close to one hundred. In the end, only about twenty plus people remaining. As for the youth generation that entered the dragon island, there were a thousand plus practitioners, but only eighty plus people remaining. It could be said to be a disastrous loss.

The youth generation that entered the dragon island could be considered unrivalled experts among their peers. Almost everyone had already stepped into the Exuvia realm. Although it appeared as if they were nothing special, since Exuvia level youth could be seen all over the dragon island, Exuvia seemed like nothing more than a few words. But one must know that these people were selected very carefully, otherwise how would there be so many Exuvia level youth gathered on this island.

Strictly speaking, the youth who entered the dragon island couldn’t be considered the strongest among their peers on the immortal’s mainland, but they were definitely the top ten among their own sect.

Every powerful forces definitely wouldn’t dispatch their number one youth expert. That was their future hope, it was impossible for them to send promising young experts like those to such a dangerous place. Of course, there were still some exception, some of the weaker forces would dispatch their most powerful youth expert, but it was just a minority in the end.

After a few months of tribulation of the dragon island, these group of young experts had experienced an unforgettable fortification. In only a short few months, almost everyone had made a breakthrough. That was their survival instinct kicking in, which forced them to train painstakingly.

If these survivors were to return to the immortal’s mainland, they would definitely become the top five among the peers in their own sect. More importantly, after these experience, they would put even more effort into their training, they would definitely make great accomplishments in the future.

These painful experience and tribulation would definitely become their most valuable assets.

Just a few more days before they depart, the eleventh Dragon King was subdued by Spell Master Schroder. This young Dragon King was actually found at the beach, it was the offspring of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon. It had the head of the Ancestral Dragon and a draconic body with eight claws, silver light flickered all over its body. It was called the Tyrant Dragon King by everyone.

Originally Schroder wanted to call it the Silver Dragon King. After all, Tyrant Dragon King was not very elegant, but since everyone had already called it as such, he could only follow suit and called it the Tyrant Dragon King.

Xiao Chen was very surprised when he got this news, he had refined a Tyrant Dragon’s egg before, he never thought the other dragon egg would actually turn into a young Dragon King.

There was still no traces of the Ancestral Dragon until now, Xiao Chen had a bit of a guilty conscience, could the little Ancestral Dragon be among one of the dragon eggs he refined? However, he negated this kind of thoughts in the end, the probability of that happening was way too low. ⌈1

The burning sun was high up in the sky, the heatwaves mixed together with the salty smell of the sea breeze. The vast golden sandy shore connected with the ocean, it was entirely the color of gold.

After the dragon island was sealed, the originally green-colored ocean had changed into a golden ocean a few months later. The wind and waves were still present, the waves were still surging up violently as usual. However, it was deathly still, there were no fishes roaming in between, and no seabirds were gliding in the sky.

That verdant coconut grove provided a shade at the coastal area, plenty of completely ripe light brown coconut fruits were piled together. They seemed especially alluring under the green leaves.

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, Yizhen, Rowena, Yan Qing Cheng, and the others had gathered at the coconut grove. The majority of the practitioners on the island had also rushed over, because tomorrow is the day they will request the young Dragon Kings to summon the legendary divine ship.

“Xiao Chen, you really made it.” The little fatty Oxman chuckled foolishly and walked over with the Black Dragon King. He was a beastman descendant with three beast souls at the moment, even though he was only at Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, he couldn’t be underestimated.

Xiao Chen, Yizhen, and the others chatted with him happily. The little fatty and twenty plus of his clansmen had already drank the blood of nine Dragon Kings and completely lifted the curse. Their mood was especially great, they finally had the opportunity to escape from this island.

At last, everyone could finally relax, there was no need to struggle now, all the practitioners took a rest at the seaside coconut grove, and waiting for the day they depart from this island quietly.

Buddhist Yizhen leaned on the coconut tree’s trunk, he petted the Azure Dragon King beside him and said, “I must train harder when I get back, I must surpass the Solitary Sword Demon.”

Rowena smiled charmingly and said, “Great master must not be too hard on yourself, since wine and meat can enter your stomach anyway, let me introduce some good sisters to you when we get back.”

Lawrence nodded seriously when he heard what was said, “That’s not a bad idea, even though brother Yizhen looked as if nothing was wrong, he must be feeling really depressed deep down. We should really help him as much as possible.”

“Hehe, Lawrence, need me to introduce one to you too? We are from the same family oh. As the elder sister, I will pick one for you carefully.”

“Forget it, I cannot accept those sisters of yours.” Lawrence shook his head repeatedly.

“Can you introduce one to me too?” The little fatty Oxman laughed foolishly, “I am not picky, just find me one that is about the same as you.”

Everyone laughed out loud at the same time.

“Why you!” Rowena punched him in the face and said, “Not picky? Just find someone about the same as I? Are you saying I am very ordinary? Very average? Then do you fancy these kind of beauty?” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena pointed at Yan Qing Cheng at the side.

“You mean her? Forget about it. Grandma said this kind of woman is not fit to be a wife.” The little fatty said that with a straight face.

Everyone smiled ear to ear again.

And Rowena already laughed until her beautiful face turned into a mess, her sexy red lips opened slightly as she said, “If it’s her, she really is not fitting as a wife. At best, she can only be a lover, do you dare to take her?”

“How would I not dare.” The little fatty said uncaringly.

“You guys……” Yan Qing Cheng glared at Rowena and the little fatty furiously.

“It’s out of the question even if you dare, hehe……” Rowena casted a glance at the little fatty and said, “Have you never heard you can’t cheat on your brother’s wife?”

“Huh? You can cheat with your brother’s wife?” ⌈2


Since they were about to leave the dragon island, almost all of them already had a relaxed mind, the seaside was filled with many cheerful talk. ⌈3


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    Chanayh: We can’t verify if it is a flag or not.
    Silva: Ehhh? Why? Now I’m more curious than ever… What or who IS the Ancestral Dragon… 
  2. TLN: They had about the same pronunciation in Chinese, thus the misunderstanding. 
  3. Silva: Let’s hope nothing unexpected happens now… 

Chapter 113 – Compromise

Xiao Chen did not hide anything, he had already told Lawrence and Yizhen everything.

“You have to come back as soon as possible. Otherwise when everyone knew that we have already gathered nine Dragon Kings, they might summon the divine ship immediately.”

“That’s right. Xiao Chen, you must not forget, I had already trained this kind of peerless beauty into a wonderful slave ⌈1⌋, if you don’t come back at once, you will regret it in the future.” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena laughed softly.

Yan Qing Cheng was a beauty that could captivate even the birds and beasts, her appearance could even hide the moon and shame the flowers. She just turned her head to the other side, her beautiful face didn’t have a trace of emotion. Since her power had been sealed, she didn’t want to say any useless words.

“It doesn’t matter, even if Xiao Chen didn’t want to give the sacred tree to me, I won’t mistreat him either. How about letting this woman stay behind to accompany him.” The demon showed up in the mountain woods along with the cloudy fog.

This was the first time Lawrence and the others saw the demon. Rowena’s complexion changed on the spot and she quickly retreated. The other people’s face also changed abruptly.

“It’s the last day already, have you not come to a decision yet?” The demon looked at Xiao Chen.

And on the other side, Xiao Chen looked at Keke who was fast asleep. Looking at its peaceful appearance, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. This was the snow-white little critter’s ration, and he was about to leave the dragon island, if they borrowed the sacred tree to the demon, then how about Keke, should he take it with him? Xiao Chen was really in a difficult position.

“Seems like you still have a hard time making a decision.” The demon retreated.

Everyone got through this night peacefully, but just when the first glimmer of light shone upon the horizon, a chilly wind blew past violently. The demon paid a visit at the crack of dawn, without making any sound, he wrapped Xiao Chen and the three skeletons, as well as Yan Qing Cheng in the cloudy fog, all of them disappeared in a moment.

It was impossible for Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen to stop it, the gaps between them were too big. They believed the demon was not simply at the demigod level, he couldn’t have spent these countless years in vain!

The frosty wind was biting cold, Xiao Chen’s party had been brought to the snowy mountain by the demon. The sun had already rose at this moment, the brilliant white snow covered the entire mountain peak, the morning sun made this place more beautiful in contrast to the surroundings.

Keke, the snow-white little critter, had already woke up from the daze, it took off the treasured tree hat sadly and passed it to Xiao Chen while feeling a bit sorrowful. He could tell the little critter was very disappointed, Xiao Chen really did not have the heart to do it, but he really did not want to spend the rest of his life on this island.

“You made Keke really sad.” Xiao Chen said these as he looked at the demon calmly. The underlying meaning was that you have already offended the snow-white little critter, it might come and take revenge on you in the future.

“I just want to borrow it for one year at most, it has a very long life ahead, I will definitely repay you with a generous reward, it will inevitably be more lavish than this favor.”

“But the nine Dragon Kings already gathered together, the divine ship will be summoned soon, we will leave this island, how will you give it back to us?”

“That is indeed problematic, it is definitely impossible for me to board the divine ship and leave the dragon island as I am now.” The demon contemplated for a moment and said, “Then I will have everyone stay behind, I will make them unable to leave until one year later.”

“Do you want me and Keke to make an enemy out of everyone on the island? Once they know the truth, they will definitely resent us.”

“How about I just kill everyone else.” The demon said very cruelly.

This made Yan Qing Cheng at the side felt a little ice-cold, she didn’t say a word since coming to this snowy mountain, but she still felt a bit of fear in her heart. After all, this is the legendary demon that had lived for countless years!

“Didn’t you promise to be a good guy, why must you continue to slaughter?” Xiao Chen really didn’t want the demon to go crazy like this.

“Let me think……” The demon became quiet for a moment, then he said, “How about I give you some present for now.” Speaking until here he waved his hand with sudden force, the cloudy fog wrapped them and brought them to the foot of a snowy mountain.

The demon opened a hole in ice, there was actually an imposing ice castle within. It was hidden in the core of the snowy mountain.

The ice castle halls in the core of the snowy mountain were embedded with many jewels, which made this place as bright as daytime. After passing through seven ice castle halls, they arrived at the main hall filled with weapons.

The demon faced Xiao Chen’s party and said, “Take any weapons of your liking. Although I can’t guarantee that they are rare treasures, there might be some weapons used by ancient immortals among them. I gathered these from the ancient battlefield on the dragon island.”

The radiance in the ice castle hall was bright, every weapons seemed to be uncommon, but there was a common ground, all of them were damaged, they were just some defective goods.

Keke casted a few glance listlessly, it didn’t have the mood to pick any. It was not really interested in weapons, it only cared about that golden divine halberd from before because it liked the aura emitted by that divine artifact.

The three skeletons did not hold back, they quickly picked a long sword respectively. It seemed like an antique that had been through the vicissitudes of time, but there was still a dazzling radiance circulating on the weapons. Although it was lacking of sharp end, if they could repolish the swords, they might become exceptionally good weapons. And if what the demon said was true, they were weapons used by ancient immortals, then there was no need to polish them again, they were already rare killing tools by themselves.

Yan Qing Cheng also did not hold back, she carefully picked a pair of daggers. One was as red as blood, the other was as green as jadeite. They were forged with unknown materials, the divine radiance was resplendent, and they were extremely sharp. The two daggers seemed like they were originally a pair, they were very compatible when put together. Everything was fine except for one small defect, the sharp end was also missing, a tiny section was missing.

Xiao Chen also selected a weapon in the end, even though he believed the body was the best weapon, but since the demon was so “generous”, he might as well take some. What he chose was a black short sword. The jet-black sword did not have any sharp edge, there was also no radiance circulating on the sword, it looked very old and simple. It felt very heavy after he lifted the sword, it was only half a meter long, and yet it weighed several hundred kilogram. It was obviously not a common object.

Since it was a broken sword, it seemed more like an epee ⌈2⌋ now. Whether he used it as a blade to slash or brandish it like a sword, it was fine either way.

“Good eyesight, you guys had chosen the best among these weapons. Especially that black broken sword I am particularly interested in. Frankly, I feel that it is not as ordinary as it look. If it was not for repaying you, I definitely won’t give this broken sword to anyone no matter what.” ⌈3

They could tell the demon was being serious. In regards to the jet-black sword in Xiao Chen’s hand, they could see the demon was a bit reluctant to part with it.

Seeing Keke’s listless expression, the demon said, “I have a special gift for you.” After saying these, the demon brought the few people to the next ice castle hall.

The temperature rapidly decreased the moment they entered the castle hall, even practitioners on the level of Xiao Chen felt a little unbearable. And Yan Qing Cheng who had her power sealed immediately retreated, she was unable to bear the temperature in the ice castle hall.

This ice castle hall was very spacious and empty, on the ice platform at the center of this hall, only a single divine object was there, it was flickering with multi-colored radiance. That was a crystal clear milky white divine jade about the size of a human head. The ice-cold aura was precisely emitted by it.

After the listless Keke looked at it, its glittering big eyes immediately lit up. It flew over there with a swish and hugged that divine jade tightly. It wasn’t afraid of the coldness at all.

The demon explained, “This is the legendary Ice Divine Jade, it was formed naturally by condensing the essence of the ice vein, it is a rarely seen spiritual item. Compared to that Snow Lotus Core you guys obtained before, this is much stronger. However, it is unfortunate that average people won’t be able to enjoy it. After all, it is too cold……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Keke already took the treasured tree from Xiao Chen and placed it on top of the Ice Divine Jade. With a “cracking” sound, the small sacred tree had rooted itself on the Ice Divine Jade, causing it to crack at high-speed.

The demon felt his heart ache. In his imagination, no matter how mystical was Keke, it also wouldn’t be able to completely digest such a huge Ice Divine Jade. He thought there would still be at least more than half of it left. After he shook off the breath of death from his body, he could slowly absorb the essence of the Ice Divine Jade, that’s what he thought. But Keke had given it to the sacred tree instead, the demon knew just one Ice Divine Jade was not enough. Even a few more wouldn’t be enough for the sacred tree to absorb.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter was muttering to the sacred tree unceasingly, it seemed to be bidding farewell the sacred tree. This made Xiao Chen felt even more ashamed.

Multicolored light flickered, white mist drifted, the cracking noise resounded unceasingly, the brilliance of the Ice Divine Jade flowed towards the small sacred tree like ripples of water.

Leaving Keke to look after the small sacred tree, the demon brought Xiao Chen to another ice castle hall to discuss with him.

“I originally didn’t want to say it, but since you guys mentioned the divine ship will take off soon, I can tell you this secret. There is another ship, the Sovereign King Ship. It can steer away from the dragon island, and break through the Taboo Ocean. I will board the Sovereign King Ship in the future and leave the dragon island. I will go to the immortal’s mainland to return the sacred tree to you. I swear in the name of the ancient sovereign king, if I do not return the sacred tree, my body and soul shall perish.”

Sovereign King Ship!

Xiao Chen heard this secret for the first time, but he was not fully convinced.

“I am not trying to deceive you, think about it carefully, how could I willingly stay here? The power of god is suppressed at this place, if I am to stay here, I wouldn’t be able to make the most important breakthrough. I can ignore the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship from leaving, only because I know of another method to leave this place. Otherwise how would I be willing to cut off my way out. As long as the sacred tree can help me transform the breath of death within my body into the breath of life, I can definitely find a way to summon the Sovereign King Ship to leave this place.”

Thinking about it carefully, the demon does have a reasonable argument.

It had already been ten days since the sacred tree was given to the demon. From then on, the demon never shown itself again, he shut himself in the snowy mountain’s core.

And during these ten days, the snow-white little critter was unlike itself, it appeared listless all day long. This made Xiao Chen felt extremely ashamed, how he wished he could go back to the snowy mountain to take the sacred tree back by force, but he didn’t have that kind of ability.

On that day, Keke seriously caused a havoc at the snowy mountain, but the strength displayed by the demon was really too deep. It seemed like he was far beyond the demigod level. He didn’t return a single attack, he allowed Keke to attack him from start to finish, and yet he was able to dodge every attacks with absolute speed. The confinement technique was unable to envelop him.

Xiao Chen was trying hard to think of a way, he felt that Keke couldn’t move on without the sacred tree.

“Squeak……!” Keke looked at the direction of the dragon’s sacred mountain. It had a very sad expression, it seemed to be because it lost the sacred tree its parents left for it.

“Keke, why don’t we go take a look at your little beast nest? We will leave this place in a few more days, and go to an even bigger world.” Seeing the little critter like this, Xiao Chen tried to lighten it up as much as possible. He wanted to make the little critter happy.

Keke nodded its head strongly, it was originally a lively little beast, and yet it was so quiet now. This sense of loss might stick around for very long.

At present, all the young practitioners already knew nine Dragon Kings had been subdued, they were trying to get in touch with those older generation experts.

The little fatty Oxman’s elder had already got in touch with those people, if it was not because they were keeping the Ancestral Dragon in their mind constantly, they might have already summoned the divine ship.

However, the date of departure was getting closer, those people decided to try one more time, if they still couldn’t find any trace of the Ancestral Dragon within half a month, they will leave this dragon island.

Many young practitioners cursed them for being greedy, but there were also a lot that joined the search. After all, that was the legendary Ancestral Dragon, it was the genuine king of dragons.

The little Ancestral Dragon’s strength would probably be unimaginable once it grew up. Nine Dragon Kings were required to summon the divine ship, and yet it was able to summon divine ship by itself. Just looking from this point of view, it was enough to explain its position as the king of dragons.

And in order to find the Ancestral Dragon, the older generations had paid a great price. Almost half of them were killed because they accidentally intruded the dragon’s territory.

However, everyone also discovered an astonishing fact, the dragons didn’t seem to be against the idea of the young Syndicate Dragon King accompanying the humans. It seemed like they knew the Dragon Kings would eventually leave the dragon island. All kind of signs had verified this, in order to break free from the seal of the dragon island, it seemed like they really needed the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon Kings to leave this place.

Xiao Chen bid farewell to Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen, he didn’t even let the three skeletons to follow them. He arrived at the vicinity of the dragon’s sacred mountain again and paid a visit to the Heavenly Tree’s stump. The snow-white little critter seemed especially sad, it was dithering at the place it was born unceasingly. It was poles apart from its mischievous self in the past.


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  3. Chanayh: I don’t think so. You can hide it before they come here……… 

Chapter 112 – Sealed Ancient Artifact

Divine radiance lingered on the golden halberd, it was emitting a pressure as heavy as a mountain. At the same time, it was brimming with the vicissitudes of time, it possessed an incomparable ancient aura and heavy pressure. And the sharp edge of the huge halberd was flickering with chilly radiance like that of the ice.

This was definitely a divine weapon; an ancient artifact that couldn’t be completely sealed! Even the dragon island’s power couldn’t seal its divine power completely. It was enough to show how outstanding was this weapon.

Xiao Chen suddenly recalled, on that day when the ghost town appeared in the sea of bones, the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, jet-black Metal Engraving, Brass Trigrams, and other ancient artifacts were bombarding the divine monolith. And this golden halberd was one of the artifacts among them! This was a divine artifact that was on par with Buddha’s Eternal Wheel and Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, it dared to bombard the divine monolith that sealed the dragon island.

Such a coincidence, he actually found this divine golden halberd! Xiao Chen felt very excited, if he could control this divine halberd, he might be able to borrow its power to completely suppress the demon. However, Xiao Chen quickly calmed down after a short period of excitement. Few older generation experts lost their life at this place, and yet they were unable to obtain the divine weapon, would a younger generation expert like him be able to do it?

“I advise you to keep away from here one last time.” The voice of the demon transmitted from not far away, and continued, “Don’t even think about it, it was buried under the mountain before, if you accidentally stirred up its murderous aura, you will only be courting death. It reappeared in this generation after the ghost town’s calamity, if you guys take another ten steps forward, you will be considered lucky if you can escape narrowly. The few corpses from before are the best example, the golden murderous aura will follow you as closely as the shadow follows the body. It will keep following you until you are dead.”

Xiao Chen had a sliver of fear, he didn’t doubt the demon’s words. If it was really that easy to get the divine artifact, perhaps the demon would already take it for himself. Just when he wanted to call Keke to fall back, that little critter was already completely infatuated. When it looked at the golden halberd with glorious divine radiance, its glittering big eyes were already filled with stars. It was even dancing and gesticulating for joy.

Goodness gracious!

This little critter was actually that fond of this huge killing tool.

“Keke, come back here.” Xiao Chen called out a little too late, Keke already made its move. It actually transformed into a streak of white light and dashed forward, it wanted to carry the divine halberd away.

A cloudy fog rushed forth for an instant and the demon disappeared along with the black fog, because he knew what was about to happen. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were getting anxious, but there was nothing they could do.

The glaring golden light soared into the sky, then it swept over to Keke and Xiao Chen’s direction. The approaching murderous aura made people’s soul tremble. The little critter seemed to come to itself at this time, it knew it caused a huge disaster. Using its most powerful confinement technique, it rushed back at lightning speed. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were wrapped up in the light screen.

At the same time, that unstoppable golden light blade slashed down from the heaven like a huge lightning. Xiao Chen turned completely pale and shut his eyes. And Keke seemed to know that it had caused a life threatening disaster, it growled a few times in distress. At the same time, it spared no effort to strengthen its confinement technique until the strongest state.

The golden divine halberd was an ancient artifact, so much so that it was on equal terms with Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. One could imagine just how incredible was the power released by this kind of weapon. Although the dragon’s divine ability controlled by the snow-white little critter was second to none, it was still a cub in the end, it was unable to resist.

The glaring golden light destroyed that layer of light screen in an instant, then it swoop towards the little critter and Xiao Chen. At this final moment, the little critter innocently blinked its big eyes, it was a little dejected as it looked at Xiao Chen. It seemed to be saying this had nothing to do with it.

Xiao Chen was speechless, he absolutely never thought it would end up like this.

At the most critical moment, the approaching golden light blade did not hit them, the little critter’s treasured tree hat blossomed with multicolored light. All the golden light blade transformed into ripple-like energy flow and gathered at the tiny sacred tree like rivers meet the sea.

“Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter wiped that dejected look from its face and embraced the treasured tree excitedly. It was shouting and jumping like a naughty child. All the approaching golden light blade were absorbed by the sacred tree. ⌈1

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were startled for a moment.

At a distant mountain peak, the demon was at a loss for words. He looked at this direction while feeling bewildered.

“Keke, what are you doing? Stop it now!” Xiao Chen who just calmed down became nervous again. The snow-white little critter was really too unrestrained, it actually wanted to approach the golden divine halberd again after putting on the treasured tree hat. This made the three quiet skeletons jumped up, oh how they wished they could stop the little critter.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The little critter mumbled to itself uncaringly. It walked over there unsteadily.

Xiao Chen felt like his heart would jump out from his throat, would the sacred tree be able to stop the golden divine halberd’s attack this time? After all, the distance was much closer compared to last time.

However, it was unexpectedly smooth, the ancient golden halberd actually emitted a gentle divine radiance, there was no hint of murderous aura. It allowed the little critter to approach slowly. Keke happily turned its head around and waved its little paw at Xiao Chen a few times, this made Xiao Chen and the three skeletons a little speechless.

In the vicinity of the golden divine halberd, the golden light wave was as thick as the liquid. The little critter felt like it was caught up in a swamp, it was difficult to walk and the little critter had to exert its strength to move forward.

Seven steps, six steps, five steps…… up till the last steps, the snow-white little critter finally got in front of the divine halberd. It happily grabbed the golden divine halberd, who knows just why was the little critter so fond of this huge killing tool.

When Keke grabbed the divine halberd that was much bigger than itself, a violent trembling noise resounded. The entire collapsed mountain range shook violently, it felt like a huge earthquake had broken out.

Since it had came to this, Xiao Chen also tried to press his luck, he brought the three skeletons and dashed forward at high-speed. Since it was impossible to run away anymore, they might as well rush forward. They quickly joined up with Keke. Within the glaring radiance, the sky of this rocky mountain range was reeling and the earth was quaking. The dazzling rays of light soared into the heavens, there were even more huge rocks flying into the sky.

Even the practitioners very far away from this region had noticed this kind of bizarre event, they looked at the glaring golden radiance in the sky of this region. The demon who was at a distant place heaved a sigh and said to himself, “If only the sacred tree remains in good condition.”

“Keke, look at what you caused this time, we might really not make it this time.” Looking at Keke’s innocent look, Xiao Chen felt very helpless.

Among the rumbling sound, they felt as if they were walking on clouds, it seemed like they were lifted up from the ground. However, Keke’s confinement technique was still very effective, it wrapped them within, and the sacred tree on Keke’s head was flourishing with multi-colored radiance. It seemed to be gobbling up the fierce energy flow.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke looked at Xiao Chen innocently, it seemed to be saying we are very safe. The golden divine halberd was actually in its embrace, the snow-white little critter excitedly waved the halberd with all its strength, the blazing divine radiance swept across the entire rocky mountain, rumbling sound transmitted from the earth unceasingly. Xiao Chen found the right opportunity to hit the little critter’s head with all his might to make it well-behaved.

In the end, with an ear-splitting explosive sound, the light screen that was enveloping Xiao Chen’s party was sent flying far away from this region. Keke firmly held onto the golden divine halberd, it didn’t want to let go no matter what.

With a “bang”, the group fell in between the rubble a few hundred meter away. With the light screen protecting them, none of them were hurt, but Keke called out anxiously, because the golden divine halberd in its embrace actually turned dimmer over time. After that, it actually disappeared in thin air.

The demon at a distant mountain peak opened his mouth widely in shock, he didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. Those few extremely daring guys were actually safe and sound, they didn’t die.

After the blazing golden divine radiance in this region completely dissipated, the demon rushed over as fast as lightning. He looked at Xiao Chen’s party dumbfoundedly. This was really too shocking for him, all of them were actually still alive. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons already calmed down, only Keke was calling out anxiously. It was especially dejected, the golden divine halberd actually disappeared. ⌈2

The demon was not able to utter a single word for a while, only until a long time of silence later did he doubtfully say, “You guys…… actually pulled that ancient artifact out……”

Keke fiercely revolved around the demon, the snow-white little critter suspected it was the demon who stole the divine halberd.

“Where is the golden divine halberd, how come I cannot feel its aura anymore?” The demon asked with bewildered look. Xiao Chen also couldn’t feel the slightest hint of the divine halberd’s aura. That divine artifact seemed like it just disappeared in thin air.

“How is this possible, it seemed to have completely disappeared from the dragon island.” The demon was about to be driven mad, just what did the few guys in front of him did, a legendary ancient artifact actually went missing just like this. Even with his unfathomable ability, he was unable to feel the golden divine halberd’s whereabouts anymore. It was enough to explain that the divine artifact had really disappeared.

In the end, Keke almost flipped, it pointed at the demon fiercely, asking him to return the divine halberd. The demon was completely speechless, it had no other choice but to get away without making any sound.

They searched in this rocky mountain for more than half of the day, only then did the snow-white little critter left with Xiao Chen while feeling vexed. However, Xiao Chen felt that the golden halberd did not really disappear, he could vaguely feel the aura of the divine halberd, but he was unable to pinpoint the location. ⌈3

Even after they were ten miles away from that place, Xiao Chen still had that feeling. It indicated that the divine halberd was with them all along! When he told the little critter about this to appease it, Keke’s big eyes immediately lit up. It looked up and down, left and right, but it was unable to find anything.

In the end, this matter was left unsettled.

Only one day was left of the seven days limit, and just at this day, Xiao Chen received news that the Winged Dragon King had been subdued. That also signified that they had already gathered nine Dragon Kings; if they could get in touch with the older generations.

This was undoubtedly a shocking news to Xiao Chen. Although the majority of the people did not know they had already subdued nine Dragon Kings, the truth was unable to be covered up for long.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but start to come up with some countermeasures. Maybe his only choice was to give the treasured tree to the demon. Otherwise, he could only helplessly see other people leave and stay on the dragon island all by his lonesome self.

He saw Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen again, Xiao Chen discussed with them for a really long time. That was because he will need to go make a deal with the demon not long later.

“How did the Winged Dragon King get subdued?”

“You might find it hard to believe even if I tell you.” After roasting the tasty deer breast, Lawrence passed it to Xiao Chen and said, “It was a huge Sacred Dragon that gave the little Dragon King as present to a practitioner called Lanyu.”

“What? The Sacred Dragon gave its own child as a present to Lanyu?!” Xiao Chen thought of many possibility, but he never thought it would be like this.

It seemed like the Winged Dragon that fell on the dragon island was able to maintain a trace of divinity. It didn’t get completely sealed by the power of the dragon island. It was making plans for its child’s future, it seemed to know that human’s wisdom couldn’t be underestimated. In the end, Lanyu’s potential seemed to have caught its attention.

Actually, in regards to that female practitioner called Lanyu, Xiao Chen had a pretty deep impression of her. She also tried to pull Xiao Chen into the Blue Rain Alliance before, she had a sweet-tempered nature which left an extremely good impression in Xiao Chen.

In reality, Lanyu was a true expert.

According to what Buddhist Yizhen said, most of those who had enmity with the Solitary Sword Demon on this dragon island had been killed by him. Especially after the ghost town’s calamity, a few practitioners who were almost on his level perished in the ghost town. Among the youth generation, there were only a few people left on this island that could contend against the Solitary Sword Demon. And the founder of the Radiance Alliance, Schroder, as well as the founder of Blue Rain Alliance, Lanyu, were among the few that could withstand nine slash from the Solitary Sword Demon. Of course, Yizhen and Xiao Chen were among the few.

However, withstanding nine slash and defeating him was two different things. According to Buddhist Yizhen’s speculation, the Solitary Sword Demon was at least Eight Celestial Layer. Except for that woman who controlled the law of time, no one else could really be his opponent.

Xiao Chen said, “Nine dragons had already been gathered, we should promptly get in touch with those older generations. Perhaps, the little fatty Oxman and the villagers had already got in touch with those older generation people. It is about time to leave this desolate island.”

“But you……”

“I will go and completely settle this with the demon.”


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Chapter 111 – The Power of God

Xiao Chen was momentarily lost in thought, this stubborn and proud little dragon was far from courageous, it was more appropriate to say it was too competitive. He could guess it was most likely this unremarkable little dragon who issued the challenge to the Winged Dragon. It was because this little dragon had challenged the other two Dragon Kings before. Moreover, the Winged Dragon wouldn’t take the initiative to challenge a puny dragon like this.

“Such a weird little dragon……” Xiao Chen squatted down to look at it quietly. After that, he attempted to give it a dose of Snow Lotus Core. It turned out the same as last time, the little dragon twisted its head stubbornly.

Just at this time, Buddhist Yizhen and Rowena also gathered around. After seeing the little dragon’s grave condition, everyone shook their head. They felt that it was impossible for it to survive.

“This island is called the dragon island, after we got here, we haven’t tasted dragon meat yet, why don’t we roast it? It won’t be able to live much longer anyway.” One practitioner at the side suggested.

As a result, the Jade Dragon King and Azure Dragon King nearby let out a sky piercing roar. They could fight with their race, but they could not tolerate people eating dragon meat. That practitioner was shocked speechless immediately.

The little dragon’s expression was very proud and very fierce, it was not a face a loser on the verge of death would show. Despite how its pair of eyes were already lifeless, it still looked at everyone who pointed at it with disdain, so much so that it even tried to stand up. Only when it looked at Keke and Xiao Chen did it show a somewhat different expression.

Everyone gradually dispersed, Xiao Chen told Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence the news he received from the demon in a low voice.

“What, we actually only need one more Dragon King? We need to get in touch with those older generation soon!”

And just at this time, Xiao Chen felt the aura of the demon in the vicinity. At the same time, Lawrence’s complexion changed abruptly.

“Don’t worry, he will not harm anyone for the time being.” Xiao Chen explained.

“You are saying that is the demon’s aura?” Lawrence was indefinitely bewildered as he asked. It caused Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng at the side to turn pale simultaneously. It was not a good feeling to be spied by a demon.

“That’s right. Something wrong?” Xiao Chen asked in puzzlement.

“So it was him, he was the demon.” Lawrence suddenly realized and said, “Remember what I told you before? After entering the depths of the dragon island, I always felt someone was spying on me, it was this kind of aura.”

Xiao Chen recalled Lawrence’s words, when they decided to work together, Lawrence once said someone was spying on him in the dark, it made him felt restless. That was one of the reason which resulted in Lawrence and Xiao Chen to work together. Who could have thought that was actually the demon, this riddle was actually broken just like this. This also indicated that the demon had already morphed from the snow mountain a long time ago.

Everyone had already left. Only Xiao Chen, Keke, and the three skeletons remained in front of the little dragon.

“Why are you so stubborn? I am trying to help you, why won’t you accept it? Last time you were fortunate to be alive. Don’t tell me you want to overexert yourself again?” The little dragon twisted its head to the other side abruptly. It was also weird that the blood was no longer leaking from the wound.

Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with doubts, he felt that this little dragon did not survive because of luck. Maybe this little dragon had something uncommon that hadn’t been discovered by others.

This little dragon’s warlike nature was very similar to the Dragon King’s, it wanted to evolve and rise to a higher level through constant battle. However, this little dragon was really too weak, it didn’t even have a single horn. It didn’t have any resemblance with the Dragon King, and the disparity between the legendary Ancestral Dragon was even larger.

If only it was a little stronger, Xiao Chen might mistake it as an unusual Dragon King. After all, this little dragon seemed very intelligent, it didn’t succumb to brutality due to the seal on the dragon island.

“Maybe you might become the most powerful dragon just below the Dragon King.” Xiao Chen said to himself softly. Such a warlike little dragon, if it could survive after each battle, it would certainly become more and more powerful. Dragon was a very competitive race, who knows it might really evolve from an ordinary dragon to an unusual dragon that was second only to the Dragon King. As for evolving to an Ancestral Dragon, that was not very realistic. After all, innate skill was also extremely important. Its inborn ability did not meet the requirement.

In regards to Xiao Chen’s evaluation, the little dragon did not have any response. It already closed its pair of eyes and ignored everything at the outside world. Keke curiously run around in circles nearby, it seemed to find the little dragon very interesting. It curiously touched the little dragon’s head, and then looked over the dragon claws. For some reason, it squeaked a few times.

In the end, Xiao Chen also left, but he turned back only after a few miles. Leaving this kind of wounded little dragon at the underbrush alone might attract the other beasts. After all, this was not the dragon’s Sacred Mountain. Without the shelter of the dragon’s territory, the other beasts would most likely enjoy the meal without a qualm.

However, although there were a few beasts in the vicinity by the time he returned, when they got close to the dark brown little dragon, they ran away as if frightened by something. This was a strange and unusual phenomenon.

Xiao Chen still couldn’t understand what happened in the end, but knowing that the strange little dragon was in good health, he left while feeling relieved.

There were only two days left before the seven days limit, Xiao Chen aimlessly walked in the depths of the dragon island by himself. He didn’t place his hope on finding a power that could suppress the demon anymore. It seemed like there was really nothing on the dragon island that could restrain the evil spirit.

But just when he was about to give up, he encountered something unusual.

There was a collapsed mountain range in the depths of the dragon island, that place was barren; not even a blade of grass grows. It was filled with endless chunks of crushed rocks. It seemed like a calamity had took place here, the entire rocky mountain seemed to be destroyed by a powerful force.

Although the mountain range already collapsed, people could still feel it was once a lofty and majestic mountain. Just from these ruins before their eyes, they could already feel a majestic power.

Many areas of the stony mountain range already collapsed and had been flattened, but there were still a lot of rocky peak standing upright. However, those rocky mountains were already filled with cracks, it seemed like they would collapse at any given time. It gave people a weird and wondrous impression.

It was at this unusual place that Xiao Chen found a lot of corpse. It was obvious that they were left behind since ancient times, their bones already decayed a long time ago, the brittle bones would shatter into small pieces with just a light step.

There were many bones like this among the shattered rocky mountain, it made people unable to understand clearly what happened at this place before.

And Xiao Chen just entered this region, walking into the mountain range for a short distance, he found a few more corpses among the rubble. It was obvious they hadn’t died for long, judging from their grizzled hair, they must be fifty to sixty years old elder. Without a doubt, they must be the older generation experts that secretly infiltrated the dragon island.

How did they end up dead at this place? Xiao Chen secretly raised his guard, after a careful observation, he found that these few people seemed to have fled from ahead. It seemed like their body were unable to endure it anymore and fell at this place in the end.

After a careful observation and conjecture, it seemed like ahead of them was filled with indescribable danger. Moreover, it didn’t seem to be very close from here. Xiao Chen took a step forward, Keke also sobered up and curiously sized up the rocky mountain. The three skeletons followed behind them closely.

After advancing for two miles, they found a few more corpses. It seemed like they were the same group of people, but these few people died a little earlier, they didn’t manage to run as far as the few people from before.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke didn’t seem to be aware of the dangers in front, it excitedly ran and hopped between the rocky mountains. It seemed like there was a treasure ahead that was attracting it.

How did this happen? It seemed like there was danger ahead, otherwise it was impossible for these older generation experts to die, and yet Keke who was brimming with spiritual nature acted like this. Xiao Chen was very doubtful.

“Do you guys want to die?” The demon appeared behind Xiao Chen’s party.

“What kind of place is this?” Xiao Chen turned around to ask.

“It is a place you must not set foot in.” The demon’s eyes were a little empty as he said, “The dragon island is a desolate mysterious island, there are a lot of place even I do not dare to rashly approach. I advise you to leave as soon as possible. However, if you want to try your luck, I will not stop you. If something happened to you guys, I can obtain my needs honorably.”

Keke disregarded the demon and took the initiative to run forward, Xiao Chen also paid no more attention to him and followed Keke to proceed onward. After advancing for four to five miles in this shattered rock vein, Xiao Chen and the rest finally felt something abnormal, a sacred aura fluctuated in this region like the water ripples, there was an awe-inspiring power at this place.

It was the power of god!

This kind of thought rose from Xiao Chen’s heart, this was definitely not something that could be compared with an ordinary power, but how could the dragon island permit the power of god to exist? It ought to be sealed.

Specks of golden light emitted from between the rocky mountain ahead. The power of god originated from there, it was obvious that they were already close to their target. Keke let out a cheer and dashed over there joyfully. Xiao Chen felt uneasy to let it be so he also followed closely. The three skeletons even transformed into three streaks of light and followed after them.

They finally entered that collapsed rocky mountain, the dazzling golden light projected into Xiao Chen’s eyes. At the same time, it made people felt the power of god was even denser at this place. It seemed as if there was a blazing sun in front.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter finally stopped its footstep. It jumped on top of a huge mountain rock to look forward.

And Xiao Chen finally saw the object clearly.

It was a golden divine halberd that seemed like it was completely made out of glaring golden light. It was so sacred and out of ordinary, the halberd was quietly stuck between the rocks. It emitted a golden divine power that was like a surge of sea wave. ⌈1


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Chapter 110 – Eleven Dragon Kings

Just when everyone thought it was over, the Red Dragon King burst into a fit of rage. It rushed towards Keke, a few crimson energy blades were released from its pair of horns. Even Xiao Chen had been targeted.

In fact, when confronting this kind of one meter long young Dragon King, even Seventh Celestial Layer experts like Xiao Chen didn’t dare to be careless, because Syndicate Dragon King would become an existence even the deities wouldn’t dare to provoke once they grow up. Even though they were very young now, they were still as powerful as Sixth to Eighth Celestial Layer. This was their inherent gift, people couldn’t help but be frightened and envious of them.

However, before Xiao Chen even made a move, Keke was already enraged. Although it was deliberately stamping the Red Dragon King before, it didn’t really attack the Red Dragon King. But now the snow-white little critter waved its little paws seriously, seven-colored light screen was formed, not only did it block the crimson energy blade, it also trapped the Red Dragon King with a “whoosh”. After that, the little critter waved its little paws again with no trace of politeness. With a “swish”, the Red Dragon King was tossed on top of a tall ancient tree.

This outcome not only made the Red Dragon King bellowed in rage, it also made the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King to look at each other. Many practitioners were also stupefied. Of course, those who had experienced the calamity of the ghost town were not too surprised, because they had seen Keke using its divine power before.

The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King growled, they rushed in front of Keke and let out a snarl unceasingly. It seemed like they were asking something. On the other side, Keke proudly waved its little paws and jumped onto Lunhui Wang’s head. It was “showing off” by “squeaking” unceasingly. ⌈1

It was a really astounding scene. A cute little critter became the focus of a few mystical Dragon Kings. Only Xiao Chen, Lawrence, Yan Qing Cheng, the Solitary Sword Demon, etc. knew why the two Dragon Kings were surrounding Keke and “questioning” it. From the mysterious woman and Amethyst Dragon King, everyone already knew Keke’s divine ability was in fact, the dragon’s secret technique.

A little critter that even knew about the dragon’s secret technique, how could those who knows the inside story not be surprised!

In the end, even though the Red Dragon King was still angry, it didn’t try to attack Keke anymore.

Finally, the little fatty Oxman and that mysterious woman arrived in succession. The Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King followed beside them. With the arrival of two more Dragon Kings, a fierce battle nearly broke out again between the few Dragon Kings. However, the Black Dragon King and Amethyst Dragon King had better self-restraint, and they were much more interested in Keke than the other few Dragon Kings. Those who knew the inside story realized they wanted to fight over Keke’s sacred tree, but the little critter was not concerned in the least.

“Maybe the situation might not be as bad as we thought.” The woman shrouded in colorful mist said to everyone, “I have communicated with the Amethyst Dragon King. According to the legend of dragons, the Ancestral Dragon can undo the seal on this island, but it seemed like it must move away from the dragon island. That is to say the Ancestral Dragon and Dragon Kings will eventually leave the dragon island. We don’t need to force them, so long as we use an appropriate method, we might be able to reduce a lot of casualties.”

Lawrence, Buddhist Yizhen, the Solitary Sword Demon, and Oxman communicated with their own Dragon King and validated the news. Everyone could finally see a sliver of hope, so it turned out the future kings of dragon had to leave this place eventually. Perhaps the Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship was made for them.

They had already gathered five Dragon Kings, they were already very close to nine Dragon Kings. And when everyone realized where did Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s Dragon Kings came from, they couldn’t help but feel like they were going to blow up. Their conjecture regarding Xiao Chen’s “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” at that time actually came true.

It was pointless even if everyone felt jealous or envious, the dragons would go crazy and kill anyone who entered their territory if the grasses were so much as brushed by a little wind. It completely sealed their fancy to steal the dragon egg.

In some kind of sense, it was much safer to surround and capture a young Dragon King. After all, even if those dragons lost their divine ability, even if their brutality won over their divinity, they still had a god-like body. They were extremely fierce and terrifying.

Everyone set off under the guidance of five Dragon Kings. On the other side, Xiao Chen did not follow them. Even though many people wanted to borrow Keke’s power to capture the young Dragon King, it was rejected by Xiao Chen. After all, when those Dragon Kings grow up, even deities wouldn’t dare to provoke them. If he let Keke deal with them now, it was equivalent to setting up powerful enemies for Keke in the future.

It was not because he failed to grasp the bigger picture, it was because with the participation of five Dragon Kings, dealing with one Dragon King shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Of course, everyone did not really force him into it, a lot of people were scared that the demon that was following Xiao Chen would harm them.

Everyone gradually distanced themselves. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang stayed behind and followed Xiao Chen again.

The demon appeared in the forest, he looked at everyone’s figure from behind and said, “I daresay they will fail this time, if it was a different Dragon King, they might be able to catch it, but even five Dragon Kings won’t be able to pin down the Dragon King this time.”

“Why? Don’t tell me the legendary Ancestral Dragon finally appeared?” Xiao Chen looked at him in shock.

“Although I have seen eleven Dragon Kings, I haven’t seen the legendary Ancestral Dragon. Maybe it hadn’t been born yet.”

“What? There are actually as many as eleven Dragon Kings?!” Xiao Chen was very astonished.

“Of course, maybe there might be one or two more. However, to summon the divine ship, you guys only need nine Dragon Kings.” The demon’s words confirmed the written records about the divine ship found by the old woman.

“Is that so…… You still haven’t answered my question, why five Dragon Kings wouldn’t be able to pin down the Dragon King they found this time?” Xiao Chen looked at him in puzzlement, it was hard to imagine just what kind of Dragon King would be able to deal with five Syndicate Dragon Kings.

“Heh-heh, it is not because this Dragon King is very powerful, it is because the ability it possess now is not something the other Dragon King can compare. Because it is the only one that can fly now, the other Dragon King might need a long time before they can manifest a similar divine ability.”

“Why is it so special, don’t tell me there is also a big gap in strength even among the Dragon King?”

The demon laughed and shook his head, then he said, “No, this is the Dragon King’s innate ability, because this is a Winged Dragon King.”

“Winged Dragon King?!” Xiao Chen was very shocked. Because according to what he knows, the Winged Dragon was the only dragon that was not sealed. It seemed like there was only a single Winged Dragon on this dragon island that came from the outside. He still clearly remember how the Fallen Angel defeated and dropped the Sacred Dragon onto the dragon island. Could that be a female dragon and gave birth not long after it was forced onto the dragon island? This speculation might be very possible.

“Is that so, this is really too unexpected.” Xiao Chen heaved a sigh.

Just at this time, the roar of dragons and the practitioner’s yell were transmitted from a distant mountain woods. It was very obvious that they found the tracks of the Winged Dragon King.

“Actually, if you guys find one more Dragon King, you would have assembled nine Dragon Kings already.” The demon laughed faintly.

“What do you mean, don’t tell me other people had already subdued the Dragon Kings?” Xiao Chen felt very excited.

“Of course, the other three Dragon Kings had already been subdued a long time ago. It would be more appropriate to say those three Dragon Kings were the very first to be subdued.”

Hearing these, Xiao Chen quickly thought of those first group of people who entered the depths of the island. It must be those group of older generation experts.

“You must have guessed it already, the older the ginger, the more spicy they are. Although they only have thirty plus people, they are much stronger compared to youth like you. If it was not because of their greed and wanted to enter the dragon’s Sacred Mountain to find the legendary Ancestral Dragon, they might have subdued even more Syndicate Dragon Kings.”

This piece of news from the demon was very shocking, so it turns out they had almost gathered nine Dragon Kings in total without realizing it. It means that they can finally see the hope of leaving this dragon island now.

“Leaving this dragon island is no longer a dream, it is already on the verge of success now.” The demon laughed grimly and said, “Have you thought about it carefully? If you haven’t, you might regret it for the rest of your life. I also don’t want to kill you, why don’t you stay on the dragon island and accompany me?”

Keke who was pretending to be asleep jumped up angrily, it glared at the demon with its glittering big eyes. However, the little critter knew it didn’t have an attack-type magic, it wouldn’t be able to deal with the demon as it is now. Moreover, its confinement technique couldn’t catch up to the demon’s superb speed.

On the other side, Xiao Chen sucked in a mouthful of fresh air, if everyone left, leaving him all alone on the dragon island, that would be very terrifying.

“Eh? These three skeletons…… their background is quite impressive!” It seemed like the demon had only just noticed Qinguang Wang and the other two skeletons. His voice contained a hint of surprise, “They must have just evolved recently, I have never seen them before. They actually evolved this quickly, how come they only awaken now after falling on the dragon island for so many years?” To be praised by him like this, it was enough to tell how much potential the three of them possessed. He revolved around the three skeletons and said, “Don’t tell me they have a bit of history in their past life?”

“They can evolve into Sovereign King.” Xiao Chen opened his mouth and said. He wanted to listen to the demon’s commentary, so that he could understand more about the three skeleton’s future potential. ⌈2

“Sovereign King? Heh-heh…… That’s a little exaggerated, even if the departed souls and undead creatures evolved to the peak stage, how many could actually breakthrough to Sovereign King since ancient times? Sovereign King is an existence equivalent to the Dragon King. Don’t look at the Undead Emperor in the deathly swamp, he is still a hundred and eight thousand miles away from a genuine Sovereign King.”

The demon’s words immediately gave Xiao Chen a whole new understanding of the Sovereign King’s power, but he was a bit puzzled and asked, “When I was in the ghost town before, I saw the skull of a few Sovereign King, if they were that powerful, how did they die within the ghost town?”

“Impossible!” The demon said with certainty, “Sovereign King can only be sealed, it is impossible to kill them. Oh, now that you mentioned it, the dozen of you were only that powerful, and yet you were able to escape from the ghost town, it was indeed a miracle.”

“They had a complete lotus flower insignia on their skull, don’t tell me they were not Sovereign Kings?”

“Far from it.” The demon let out a cold snort and didn’t say anything else.

Just at this time, the dragon roar at the distant mountain woods gradually got further away. Xiao Chen wanted to witness the result with his own eyes. He turned around to take a quick look at the demon before he took large strides towards that mountain woods. This time the demon did not follow him.

The mountain woods was filled with broken branches and withered leaves, it was very obvious that a big battle took place in this region. The majority of the people already left, only Lawrence and Yizhen’s group were still searching in the vicinity. “It was a Winged Dragon King, that little dragon was really too fast. It only exchanged a few blows with the other Dragon Kings before it soared into the sky.” Lawrence felt a bit helpless and heaved a sigh, then he continued, “We felt it was very strange when we found its trail before, because it was really too fast in the thick forest. We only knew it was a silver-colored Dragon King, we never thought it actually had a pair of wings.”

This outcome was really unexpected. After all, Winged Dragon couldn’t be regarded as powerful among the various dragon races. But a Dragon King just had to show up from this kind of race. This gave everyone no choice but to believe the legend, the Dragon Kings could rise from any dragon race, even the weakest dragon had the possibility of giving birth to the Ancestral Dragon.

A weak growl transmitted from not far away, it sounded like a wounded beast. The instant Xiao Chen turned his head, he exposed a shocked expression. He actually saw that dark brown little dragon again; That tenacious, stubborn, and proud little dragon.

Presently, it was surrounded by a pool of blood, the flowers and plants below its body were stained by the blood. It couldn’t bear the sharp pain and let out a growl. Keke’s big eyes also widened right away, it dashed over there with a swish.

Xiao Chen felt it was a little unbelievable, the last time he saw the little dragon fought with two Dragon Kings, it was already on the verge of dying, because its chest was cut open, even the internal organs could be seen through the wound. It was hard to imagine how it could have survived that.

Walking over there, he found that the wound the little dragon received last time was almost fully recovered, but it received another fatal wound. There was a huge bloody hole situated at its neck and the pair of ribs were almost pierced, according to common sense, this kind of injury means certain death.

“Such a weird little dragon, when we got over here it was actually fighting with the Winged Dragon King. Although it was defeated in the end, this little dragon was quite courageous. It actually has the guts to fight with the kings of dragons.” Lawrence heaved a sigh at the side.


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    One that wanted to kill him and had forgotten his own identity. 

Chapter 109 – Encounter

The moonlight was like water, the treetops was quiet, the demon was actually daydreaming. He looked at the bright moon and seemed to be recalling an old memory, he actually shed tears from his pair of eyes unconsciously.

The weeping demon seemed so pitiful, he once killing people like scything flax, and yet he had such a weak side. If these were to spread out, nobody would believe it.

The demon could be considered handsome, and since he was the only evil spirit capable of escaping from the ghost town, that means there must be something uncommon about him. He probably had a really glorious past, but everything about him had been washed away by the flow of time, even he himself had no idea who he was.

“My heart ache when I look at the bright moon in the sky, it feels like I have lost something very precious on a night like this countless years ago……” The crystal clear teardrop rolled down the demon’s pale cheeks.

After a really long time later, he finally wiped the tears. The demon’s face spread into a smile and said, “I actually shed tears, I am becoming more and more like a human, perhaps I am already a human.”

Soon after, under the moonlight, Xiao Chen and the demon on the treetop sunk into a moment of silence again. After a long time later, the demon said with an ice-cold voice, “I will give you seven more days.” He disappeared from the treetop after saying these.

A breeze brushed past lightly, Xiao Chen’s long hair danced along with the wind. At this kind of night, he also thought of many things. Looking at the bright moon, he recalled his parents and relatives. He had been at the world of immortals for a few months already, and yet he was trapped on a desolate dragon island. He spent most of his time striving for survival.

How is father and mother doing? Losing this son of their’s, they must have been really sad. He really wanted to return to the human world and made his aged parents grin from ear to ear. He didn’t want them to be sad. ⌈1

There was also that girl in his heart, after many years later, would she still remember him? “Farewell, my beloved. Let’s hope our dream still exist after many years later, let’s hope that beautiful memory will stay with us forever.” ⌈2

Xiao Chen bid farewell to his past, glistening teardrop actually flashed in his pair of eyes unconsciously, his state of mind was very chaotic……

Without any people around, he didn’t have to hide his true feeling. He was a flesh and blood human, he also possessed every kind of emotions like the common people. However, he could only bury these feeling deep down in his heart. In the eyes of the practitioners on this dragon island, he was a cold-blooded youth, but who would have known he had this side to him?

“I really want to return to the human world……” Xiao Chen muttered this to himself, a few teardrop finally rolled down on his cheeks, but he suddenly shook his head in that instant to shake off the feeling. He buried that emotion deep down in his heart again.

“That is impossible at present. The only thing I can do is to make sure I stay alive.” He steeled himself and forcefully shook off the sentimental feeling. He began to meditate on the treetop until he fell into a deep sleep.

Early morning, the lively birdsong roused Xiao Chen from a deep sleep. Attracted by his secret technique, the worldly essence gathered at surrounding of the treetop. It made the spiritual influence at this place really dense, the multicolored light flickered, even the dazzling morning sun seemed to be comparatively dimmer. Many birds were attracted over, they were flying around him and chirping unceasingly.

Xiao Chen began to stretch his muscle. “Flutter! Flutter! Flutter!” The birds were startled and scattered in all directions. Looking at Keke who was drooling while sleeping soundly, he couldn’t help but smile. The little critter was really too cute, it actually slept as peacefully as a little baby, but it would let out a squeak every now and then.

It was already pointless to stay at the outer region of the dragon island. Xiao Chen brought Keke and returned to the depths of the island. After two days, he actually met up with Lawrence, Buddhist Yizhen, and the others. The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King was accompanying them. As for Yan Qing Cheng, her power was sealed and was supervised by the extraordinarily beautiful Rowena. Moreover, there were twenty plus people behind them, it seemed like they were following the small group blindly.

“Xiao Chen!” Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence cried out in surprise, they quickly rushed over. The two young Dragon King also flickered with divine light and rushed over like lightning. They revolved around Xiao Chen and fixed their gaze on Keke like a tiger watching the prey.

“Are you okay?” Lawrence was very concerned and asked. His handsome yet somewhat sickly face made this Void Master possess a unique trait.

“I am fine, what is going on, why are you guys here?” Xiao Chen looked at him doubtfully.

Buddhist Yizhen said in a low voice, “We are looking for Syndicate Dragon King. Right now, all the practitioners on the dragon island already know it was you who were stalling the legendary demon. Everyone is really grateful to you. All the people who we can get in touch with on the dragon island already moved out, we wanted to find a few more Dragon Kings, summon the divine ship, and leave this island as soon as possible.”

After a lovely laughter that would hook one’s soul, Rowena twisted her snake-like waist and walked over gracefully. At the same time, she pulled the beautiful Yan Qing Cheng over. She casted a glance at Xiao Chen shyly and said, “Seriously, why do you have to be such a show off. Don’t regret it if you can’t enjoy this devastatingly beautiful female slave when the time comes oh.”

Yan Qing Cheng secretly clenched her silver teeth, but she didn’t have any other choice. If her power was not sealed, she really wanted to finish off this extraordinarily beautiful Rowena at once.

“I have been working hard these past few days oh, I have been strictly drilling how to be a woman and qualified slave into her every day.” Rowena giggled. It was really like the ripples of the spring water, she was lovely yet enchanting.

With a few swishing sound, the three skeletons at the back of the crowd rushed over. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang were also with these group of people. They got in front of Xiao Chen at high-speed and used their skeleton-specific language to greet Xiao Chen, their jaw kept generating the “Clack! Clack!” sound.

Xiao Chen found out what happened recently from these people, it really seemed like every group of people had been mobilized. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen was found by that woman who was always shrouded in colorful mist. She persuaded them to take the young Dragon Kings to lead the people in search for other Dragon Kings.

Because only a Dragon King could understand a Dragon King, with the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King at their side, there will surely be a gain.

According to majority vote, they originally wanted Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen to separate and led one group of people respectively. However, after many contradictions, everyone finally agreed to have them stick together. Moreover, they were allowed to bring Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng along.

In fact, a Dragon King seriously understood the other Dragon Kings. They already found the traces of another Dragon King in this region. They had been planning how to subdue it these past two days.

“I found two Dragon Kings at the vicinity of the dragon’s Sacred Mountain, but that place is really too dangerous. There are many dragons and primal beasts, ordinary people won’t be able to approach.” Xiao Chen passed this information to Lawrence and the others. If they wanted to find nine Dragon Kings, they eventually had to venture that region after all.

“Are you talking about the savage Red Dragon King and the bold Gold Dragon King? The Red Dragon King had already been subdued.”

Buddhist Yizhen’s words made Xiao Chen felt a bit flabbergasted.

“Someone went there and successfully subdued the Red Syndicate Dragon King?”

“That’s right.” Buddhist Yizhen explained, “That mysterious woman led Solitary Sword Demon and other experts to enter that region, under the guidance of the Amethyst Dragon King, they found the Red Dragon King. With the sacrifice of nearly twenty people, the Solitary Sword Demon finally subdued the Red Dragon King.”

“How did he subdue it?”

“Originally many practitioners wanted to subdue it by force, but they were unable to encircle the Red Dragon King. On the contrary, a few people were injured by it. Moreover, they angered the brutal Monarch Lion Dragon, Saber Dragon, and other vicious dragons, as a result, we lost seven to eight people. Only a minority were able to come back……” Buddhist Yizhen explained briefly.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but heave a sigh after hearing these. The most formidable and terrifying creature in this world was still human after all.

On the second attempt, the Solitary Sword Demon gathered more than ten people. But the mysterious woman did not participate. First, they lured the Red Dragon King out of the dragon’s holy land, and then they sent people to besiege it.

The dozens of people were also seriously hurt under the counterattack of the Red Dragon King. In the end, never in their wildest dream had they thought the Solitary Sword Demon who didn’t make a move until then would attack them. The dozens of people were killed by him with a single slash! Taking advantage of the situation, the Solitary Sword Demon built a relationship with the Red Dragon King as its savior. Soon after, he used all kinds of talent, and arranged a few more drama before he finally pulled the Red Dragon King to his side. ⌈3

Although the young Dragon Kings were intelligent, and the seal on the dragon island had no influence on them, they were still too young after all. How could their intelligence be comparable to the scheming humans.

“Roar……!” The dragon roar shook the heavens at a distant place. After that, the Solitary Sword Demon’s hearty laugh was transmitted over. One could see him dashing over from the distant with a Red Dragon King by his side.

“Why did you come here?” Xiao Chen asked in confusion.

Lawrence explained, “It’s what we planned in advance. Not only him, the owner of the Black Dragon King and Amethyst Dragon King will come too. We plan to work together to surround the Syndicate Dragon King in this region.”

The Solitary Sword Demon rushed over very quickly. The Red Dragon King beside him had blazing red flame throbbing all over its body, it flickered with divine light. Relatively speaking, the Red Dragon King might be the most competitive among the few Dragon Kings. Its eyes immediately gave off an ominous glint the moment it laid eyes on the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King that were only a little smaller than it. It threw itself at them very fiercely.

A fierce battle would occur every time a Dragon King encounter one another. As for the reason why the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King could interact with each other peacefully, it was all thanks to Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen. They tried to dispel their enmity unceasingly.

The Red Dragon King fiercely threw itself over, the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King also did not want to be outdone. They faced the savage Red Dragon King that was a little bigger than them together. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen stopped them hastily. This was not the right time to have internal conflict between these Dragon Kings, it would not be beneficial for anyone.

However, not only did the Solitary Sword Demon did not stop the Dragon King, he was laughing heartily on the contrary. He was happy to see his Red Dragon King keeping the smaller Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King under control. He was proud and aloof, not only was he vying for supremacy among his peers, his Dragon King was also like him.

Just at this time, the little critter who was sleeping soundly on Xiao Chen’s shoulder was roused up by the noise. It rubbed its big eyes half-consciously like a child and looked at everyone before it looked at the three Dragon Kings that was about to fight.

“Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter’s big eyes immediately lit up. It had seen the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King before, so it naturally recognized them. And it had also caught a glimpse of that savage Red Dragon King on that night. It scuttled with a “swish” and landed on the Red Dragon King’s head in a flash. It was hopping and skipping on top of its head, it seemed to be exerting its strength to stamp on the head.

This unforeseen event made everyone stunned, and on the other side, the Red Dragon King was stamping with fury. It was seriously about to burst with rage. It was more savage than the other Dragon King, its temper was naturally worse than the other Dragon King’s. How could it allow an unknown little critter to let loose on its head?

A pair of crimson dragon horn emitted a red lightning with a “snapping” sound. It wanted to eradicate Keke, but a ball of gentle light immediately wrapped Keke’s body within. It didn’t receive any damage. The little critter nimbly jumped onto the Red Dragon King’s back, it was still hopping and skipping, exerting its strength to stamp the Red Dragon King.

Of course, Keke was not really harming the Red Dragon King, it was just some kind of open provocation. Thinking about it carefully, the Amethyst Dragon King, Azure Dragon King, Jade Dragon King, and Black Dragon King had already been stepped by this snow-white little critter before. The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King were just at the side, they were a little depressed, but they were more than happy to watch all of these unfold. They cheerfully watched the Red Dragon King being stamped by the weird little critter. ⌈4

However, it seemed like Keke was really overdoing it this time, it kept stamping the Red Dragon King wildly. The Red Dragon King’s magic attack was ineffective against it. Although it only knew a single confinement technique, that dazzling radiance was able to resist every attack. It gave the furious Red Dragon King no other choice, even if it was rolling on the ground violently to shake off the naughty Keke, the little critter was able to get on its back again with absolute speed.

Only Xiao Chen knew why Keke was being this extreme. He guessed the little critter must be trying to uphold justice for the dying little dragon on that night.

“Keke, that’s enough. Come back here!” In the end, it was still Xiao Chen who grabbed Keke back.

The Solitary Sword Demon at the side was very dumbfounded, the haughty him seriously felt a bit depressed. A difficult to tame savage Red Dragon King actually lost to a snow-white little critter. It made him very upset.

The other people were feeling very refreshed in their heart. Many people dare to get angry at him but didn’t dare to show it on the surface, because his power was really too high. Only a few among his peers would be able to get on his level.


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Chapter 108 – Undead Emperor

“What is going on?” Xiao Chen asked. Even though he was unwilling to make a deal with the demon, there were things he couldn’t resist asking.

“The blood of god was ignited in the mortal body. This is the awakening of divinity. That is to say, the so-called divine inheritance. The descendant of god will receive a portion of their ancestor’s power.”

This news made Xiao Chen a little surprised, but not as shocked as earlier. He opened his mouth to ask, “He is really strong?”

The demon said very calmly, “No matter how powerful his ancestor was, it is impossible for him to manifest the same power after it had been passed down through the generations. It is already pretty good if he can reach the demigod level before thirty years old. But if he wants to make further improvements, he must break through the confinement of his own blood. Otherwise he will not be able advance any step further.”

Xiao Chen suddenly realized, wasn’t this the demigod that Buddhist Yizhen and Lawrence had told him about? Some people were naturally born as a demigod, they were the descendant of god, along with their growth, they would receive the power passed down to them from their ancestor.

However, this kind of family was very rare, and not every generation possessed this kind of power. Because along with the passage of time, the blood of god hidden within the body of the clan would become thinner and thinner along with each generation. Having one who awakened to divinity every few dozen generations was already good enough.

Who was in the thatched cottage, what level was he now, was it someone he knew? Xiao Chen really wanted to step forward to probe around.

“It was merely the awakening of the deity’s power source, to become a real demigod, he must wait until thirty years old at the very least. His power didn’t increase by much at the moment, if I want to kill him, it would be as simple as crushing a little tick. Maybe even you can do it.” The demon had an easygoing tone, it seemed like he didn’t even take someone who had hope of becoming demigod seriously. This was the qualifications of the strong.

Xiao Chen walked over with large strides, he wanted to get to the bottom of this matter. And just at this time, the gold light completely vanished. A figure broke out from the roof of the thatched cottage and soared into the sky.

“Lande!” Xiao Chen was really too astonished, it was actually the golden-haired pretty boy, Lande. He had a pretty deep discord with the person in question.

“Xiao Chen!” Lande floated high in the sky and looked below. He was also filled with surprise, he never thought he would encounter Xiao Chen at this place. Without any superfluous words, a golden light poured down like torrents.

“God Slayer!” Xiao Chen shouted softly, one after another multicolored light rushed forth from both of his hands. The sword shadows soared into the sky soon after and destroyed those golden light wave. After that, Lande had actually been counterattacked.

Lande hastily soared into the sky and flee towards a distant location. “Let’s fight again at the next opportunity.” Lande’s voice was transmitted from far away. It didn’t contain resentment and indignation, his mood seemed to be very calm, it seemed like he had already forgotten how he suffered a crushing defeat at that time.

“I will wait for you any time.” Xiao Chen replied. To actually make an enemy out of someone who might become a demigod, it was really out of his expectation. However, it was not really that unexpected if he thought about it carefully, Yan Qing Cheng was extraordinary, if Lande didn’t have potential, why would she interact with him? It was certainly because she had an eye on the possibility of him becoming a demigod in the future.

However…… a demigod was nothing to be afraid of. Xiao Chen believed as long as he worked hard, so what if the other party possessed the bloodline of the god? One of the killing moves he practiced was even called the God Slayer, how could he be afraid of a demigod? As long as he practiced it to the highest level, there was nothing to be afraid of.

After a day, Xiao Chen finally arrived at the treant’s valley. However, he was disappointed to find that the green haired man had already left this place, the few treants also disappeared without a trace. And of course, it was impossible to find Zhao Lin Er who escaped to the outer region of the dragon island before anyone else.

“Are you trying to find that old treant to deal with me?” The demon was really unpredictable, he appeared at the treant’s valley without a sound and said, “He was indeed quite strong, but even if he had transformed into human, he is still not my opponent. I will make it clear to you, if he finds the small sacred tree, he will definitely fight over it too, because he is a treant, he needs it more than me. Who knows, he might just shed all pretense and make a move without any qualms.”

Xiao Chen didn’t reply, he just walked at the outer region of the dragon island aimlessly. In reality, he was searching for the whereabouts of those treants carefully.

“Are you really going to find him and make the two of us fight over it?” The demon laughed and said, “If that is the case, I will be very happy to see him kill you and snatch the sacred tree away from you. Then all of this will be unrelated to me. I will find him some other time and take it by force, this can also be considered taking revenge for you. Of course, I will save this little critter.”

Keke was sleeping soundly, otherwise the little critter will certainly rush over there.

Xiao Chen looked around the outer region of the dragon island for several days, but there was nothing to be gained. Soon after, Xiao Chen arrived at a gloomy swamp several times, but he had to fall back every time. That was the deathly swamp Lunhui Wang and the other two skeletons formerly lived.

Regarding that ten meter tall Undead Emperor with a pair of rotten wings, the impression it left in Xiao Chen’s heart was really too deep. Even though he didn’t really see it on that day, the terrifying scene it brought about was enough to prove its strength. It was a terrifying existence Xiao Chen thought to be as powerful as dragons.

Could he really borrow his power? Xiao Chen was really uncertain. If he didn’t deal with it properly, he would anger a killing fiend, it might be as terrifying as the demon!

The night sky was filled with many stars, Xiao Chen finally arrived at the deathly swamp again. He didn’t have any time to tarry, the demon was obviously getting impatient. If he don’t find a way to eliminate the demon soon, his life will be in danger.

These past few days Keke was like an obedient baby, it spent more than half of the day in deep sleep. Xiao Chen knew the little critter might be meditating really earnestly with its strange sleeping meditation method.

The undead miasma drifted in the air, it was fluttering like a black ribbon. The gloomy swamp was very quiet, no birds and beasts dare to get close.

The demon looked at Xiao Chen with a smile yet not a smile, he followed behind Xiao Chen unhurriedly. These past two days he had been following Xiao Chen closely, he was no longer following him secretly.

After a slight hesitation, Xiao Chen held his breath and took large strides into the swamp. A layer of light screen appeared, it protected him and Keke who was sleeping soundly. He stepped on the muddy ground and forged ahead. The path was filled with dried up bones, he could occasionally see a few deathly pale moonlight that spilled into the darkness.

He finally entered the heart of the swamp, Xiao Chen looked at a pile of bones before him. He felt a chill in his heart, that kind of baleful aura that directly penetrated one’s heart was really bizarre. It was like a black flame throbbing on the pile of bones. He knew the ten meter tall Undead Emperor was under that pile of bones.

Turning his head to look at the demon, the desire to retreat welled up in Xiao Chen’s heart, because the evil spirit clearly knew about this place and yet it wasn’t fearful. This was already enough to answer his question.

“Heh-heh……” Although the demon tried to laugh as gently as possible, it still seemed very gloomy under the dead of the night in this deathly swamp. “I think you better fall back, otherwise when the Undead Emperor come out, the undead miasma it releases might harm you. I haven’t greeted this old friend of mine for quite a while already, let’s have a chat about the old times with him today.”

Xiao Chen was completely speechless, the two of them were actually friends. He silently retreated and felt a bit sorrowful in his heart. It might be futile to find someone on this island capable of restraining this demon.

“Old friend, I came to see you.” The demon lightly waved his hand, those big pile of bones all floated up and shifted to the other side. The black underworld fog violently surged up from the underground, it was rolling over and over like raging black fireworks.

A ghost whistle that made one’s scalp feel numb transmitted from the underground, then the demonic cloud covered up the moon, endless amount of black fog soared into the sky in an instant. It completely blocked the moonlight that spilled through the branches and leaves of the tall ancient trees.

A huge monster appeared from the swamp, its ten meter tall body emitted a baleful aura. Although he was a little far away, and the black fog was lingering around, Xiao Chen could still see the rotten body of the Undead Emperor, as well as that pair of huge rotten wings. The negative vibe spread far and wide, the terrifying black power assailed the deathly swamp, and the mournful screech sent a chill down people’s spine.

He was unable to see the head and face, it was hard to guess his emotional state. However, the pressure emitted by him and his power could be felt vividly. This Undead Emperor might really be capable of defeating the demon, but…… would they fight?

Could he be an angel in his previous life? Xiao Chen thought of something like this, otherwise how would it have a pair of wings, but the body was really too huge. Maybe before the dragon island was sealed, a big battle took place on this island and the Undead Emperor might have fallen in that time period.

Two ice-cold rays of light shot towards Xiao Chen like sharp swords, it seemed like the Undead Emperor wanted to get rid of him.

“Old friend, relax. Don’t lower yourself to his level, it was I who wanted to see you.” The demon calmly stood in front of the Undead Emperor.

Its ice-cold gaze shifted direction, the Undead Emperor and demon walked over to a distant place. It seemed like they really were old friends. Xiao Chen’s final hope had been dispelled.

However, just after they left for a short period of time, an explosive sound suddenly echoed from the distant swamp. That was the sound of forest tree getting crushed! Inexhaustible cloudy fog spread far and wide, a violent energy fluctuation rolled over and over.

The Undead Emperor and demon exchanged blows!

Xiao Chen chose to get away from the swamp immediately, his speed was extremely fast, it was seriously like the wind and lightning. He got away the swamp in almost a moment.

That pair of undead brothers actually fought against each other, there’s no news better than this. Xiao Chen went to a highland and jumped onto the crown of a ten meter tall huge tree to survey the deathly swamp from an elevated position.

The inexhaustible cloudy fog rolled over and over, it actually submerged that entire area where the fight took place. It was impossible to see the battle progress, one could tell the intensity of the battle only because of the violent energy fluctuation.

When the dense deathly underworld fog rolled westward unceasingly, the original battlefield became visible to naked eyes. It seemed like a meteor had fallen within that hundred meter radius. The ground had sunk down for who knows how many meter, it already turned into a huge hole. It was pitch-black and god knows how many meter deep.

One could imagine just how powerful was the Undead Emperor and demon, not only did they destroy every tangible thing on the ground, even the area itself caved in.

There were figures of human swaying in the distant place. There were still some practitioners at the outer region of the island. This intense battle startled them, but those people retreated at lightning speed after sensing the thick deathly aura. One could tell that they were very careful.

The intense battle lasted for a quarter of an hour, Xiao Chen was looking forward to the death of the demon.

However, he guessed wrong again, when the underworld fog dissipated, a three hundred meter wide hole appeared on the spot. The Undead Emperor and demon were actually sitting beside the hole as they talked about something.

Although he couldn’t see clearly, he was still able to feel that kind of atmosphere. They don’t seem to be mortal enemy, he could occasionally hear that eerie laughter. The two evil spirits seemed to be hitting it off.

How could that be?

Xiao Chen remained puzzled even after thinking it over a hundred times, the two evil spirits were having a life and death bout just a moment ago, and now they were actually on a friendly term in the blink of an eye. This change of atmosphere was really too fast.

“Haha…… I will definitely not forget about you when I break free, we are the closest friend.” The demon’s hearty laugh transmitted from a distant place.

Soon after, the demonic cloud rolled over and over. The Undead Emperor returned to the underground. A chilly wind brushed past, green leaves fell and withered, the demon appeared on the crown of a huge tree. He was not far away from Xiao Chen. The demon sat on the branch and said, “Have you thought about it carefully? I am already at the limit of my patience. If you can convince the little critter to willingly lend me the sacred tree for one year, he too will get a generous reward.”

Xiao Chen maintained his calm, would they really be able to get the sacred tree back after giving it to the demon? It seemed like Keke and the sacred tree were inseparable, do they really have to make a compromise in order to survive?

“Other than the dragons and those primal beasts on this dragon island, nobody can threaten me. However, the dragons will not do anything to me. And you have seen it yourself, the Undead Emperor and I are on friendly term. Every time I rebirthed, I will come here to swap pointers with him. He is my greatest ally.”

“Who is he? What kind of person was he?”

Hearing these, the demon raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky. He let out an indistinct sigh and said, “I don’t even know who am I. How would I know about him? I only know I escaped from the ghost town. And he is a corpse that rotted countless years ago……” Speaking until here, the demon actually revealed a distressed expression. It seemed like he was really not an evil spirit, but a pitiful youth.


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Chapter 107 – A Different Young Dragon

Sure enough, what Xiao Chen was worried about came true. A sky piercing dragon roar streaked across the vast sky, a golden ray flickered as a Monarch Lion Dragon appeared in this region at high-speed, it was carrying a sky-rocketing baleful aura. A wide expanse of forest trees tumbled down, frightened screams transmitted over, a few practitioners among them were ripped apart by that mountain-like Monarch Lion Dragon in almost a split second.

Its huge draconic body seemed like it was made out of brass. A single attack immediately razed a wide expanse of mountain woods to the ground. The mountainous region trembled violently, the other few practitioners who managed to get away also couldn’t escape from their imminent fate. They were trampled by the Monarch Lion Dragon and turned into meat paste.

Xiao Chen became speechless, the price the practitioners had to pay to leave this dragon island was really too high. Even if they could find nine Dragon Kings in the end, they would most likely lose more than half of their people.

The evil spirit appeared on the sacred tree’s stump without making any sound. Xiao Chen didn’t pay attention to him and left from the other side. After that, he quietly waited until the nightfall.

When the moonlight spilled down, the vicinity of the Sacred Mountain was especially calm. The roars of the dragons and monsters no longer resounded. Xiao Chen passed through the forest and arrived at the foot of the imposing Sacred Mountain. Xiao Chen once more felt that familiar yet terrifying aura.

That’s right, although it was faintly discernible, the aura was very similar to that of the ghost town. If they wanted to enter the ghost town again, this may serve as an entrance, but who would voluntarily follow the path to their own doom?

“Do you want to tempt me to enter the dangerous zone?” The demon stood at a forest not far away, and looked at Xiao Chen calmly. He had lived for countless years, it was impossible for him to fall for this.

Xiao Chen never thought of enclosing the demon in the ghost town again, he only came here to see if there was any terrifying power sealed on the Sacred Mountain that was capable of destroying the evil spirit. However, he stopped his footstep at the foot of the mountain, the peculiar aura emitted by the Sacred Mountain seemed much stronger than last time.

That mountain’s dark red body seemed like it was encroached by blood. Those ruins on the Sacred Mountain were imprinted with the vicissitudes of time, they emitted boundless ancient aura which made the heart quiver.

Keke shook its head towards Xiao Chen. The intelligent little critter had a very keen intuition. Its body that was as bright as white jade flickered with multicolored light as it hinted Xiao Chen not to take another step forward.

His hope was dashed, Xiao Chen knew if he rashly advanced this time, he might lose his life here. He chose to fall back and return by following their former path. When they got close to the Heavenly Tree, the roar of a young dragon attracted Xiao Chen’s attention.

Under the brilliance of the moonlight, it seemed like a layer of silk had spread over the entire mountain woods. He could clearly see the battle between young dragons in the vicinity of the sacred tree’s stump. Moreover, there were actually three dragons! The roars were precisely produced by them.

This immediately caught Xiao Chen’s attention, this was but in the vicinity of the sacred mountain. Who knows if there might be a Syndicate Dragon King among them. He moved stealthily and slowly approached that place. As a result, he was utterly astonished, there were actually two Dragon Kings among the three young dragons. They were currently having a battle. Although the third young dragon was not a Dragon King, it was exceptionally fierce. It actually joined the Dragon King’s battle, they were having an intense battle royal. ⌈1

One young Dragon King flickered with red light from head to toe, it was pulsing like the blazing flame. Its Ancestral Dragon head was really eye-catching, just judging from its draconic body, it was hard to tell what kind of dragon it was.

As for the other young Dragon King, its entire body flickered with golden light, as if it was made out of gold. The Ancestral Dragon head was also just as eye-catching. Its body looked like a little lion, but of course, it was impossible to find any fur on its body, it was completely covered by golden dragon scales.

Xiao Chen was unable to guess the origin of the Red Dragon King, but in regards to the Gold Dragon King, he immediately thought of Monarch Lion Dragon. Moreover, it was most likely born from the other egg in that valley he visited before.

The two young Dragon Kings was close to one meter long, but their power were enough to make experts at the level of Seventh Celestial Layer to feel fearful. The restriction of the seal didn’t apply to them, their divinity won over their brutality, they were capable of releasing some dragon-specific attack-type magic.

No wonder this was the dragon’s holy land, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. All the powerful dragons gathered in this place, thus it increased the probability that Dragon Kings will be born in this place compared to other places. Two Dragon Kings actually appeared in such a short period of time, if including Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King, then this place alone had given birth to at least four Syndicate Dragon Kings.

Could the little Ancestral Dragon also appear in this region? Xiao Chen possessed a little expectation towards this, but he also knew the chance of seeing the little Ancestral Dragon was much lower than seeing nine Syndicate Dragon Kings together.

“Roar……!” The young dragon let out a roar, the battle was very intense. What made Xiao Chen rather astonished was that; That young dragon that was obviously not a Syndicate Dragon King was actually that tenacious. It was clearly weaker than the other two, it already received a fatal wound, but it still rushed over there and joined the battle between the two Dragon Kings.

It was a really strange young dragon, it was actually so tenacious and stubborn. It joined the fray without a care for its own life. It was seemingly a very ordinary, the dark brown draconic body was riddled with scars. Its body was like that of a panther, its head also looked a little similar to the Ancestral Dragon, but it didn’t have a single horn, its power and speed were also unable to compare with the two Dragon Kings. It was also unable to use any simple dragon magic. A lot of dragon scales had already fallen from its body, it was badly damaged, and its body did not emit the least bit of light. It was even inferior compared to other dragons.

However, this little dragon was really too tenacious and stubborn, every time it fell onto the pool of blood, it rose and charged into the fray again. It lasted until the two Dragon Kings were infuriated, they seemed to be very angry at this weak third-wheel that kept interfering with their real fight. They let out a lethal attack towards the dark brown young dragon at the same time.

With a wail, the unremarkable young dragon fell on the ground, it was unable to get up anymore. Xiao Chen sighed with sorrow, the rise of the Dragon King was really a cruel process. Many of their kind will fall during their transformation and advancement. And the legendary Ancestral Dragon might even experience a crueller fate. After all, it had to face the challenge of at least nine Syndicate Dragon Kings!

The young dragon’s battle and cries had been heard by the dragons in the vicinity, but they didn’t come to interfere and let this cruel battle continue. This seemed to be the dragon’s law of survival.

In the end, the young Dragon Kings were scarred and separated from one another, they finally left. The mountain woods turned silent, only the cries of the weak little dragon could be heard. It was not dead yet, the little dragon was just at the vicinity of the sacred tree’s stump, the dragon blood had already dyed the ground red.

Xiao Chen walked over there, he found that the young dragon was already about to die. The condition of its injury was seriously too grave, a few terrible cuts on its chest were whirling around, the multicolored internal organs already exposed itself. It was clearly unable to hold on much longer.

“Squeak……!” Keke exerted its strength to pull the lower hem of Xiao Chen’s cloth. Its glittering big eyes were brimming with sympathy.

“You want me to save it?”

Keke nodded its head strongly.

“I also wanted to save it, but its injury is seriously too grave, it is impossible to bring it back to life.” Xiao Chen shook his head helplessly. He knew the young dragon’s situation made Keke empathize with it. This place was Keke’s place of origin, it was an abandoned child, and the little dragon’s situation right now was very similar. It was like it had already been sentenced to death penalty, and nobody cared about it, as if it had been abandoned by the world.

“Squeak……!” Keke still continued to shake Xiao Chen’s foot. After that, it took off the treasured tree from its head and carefully placed the little sacred tree at the edge of the young dragon’s mouth. Keke inserted the black leaf into the young dragon’s mouth.

“Slurp! Slurp……!” The dying little dragon started to suck the black leaf. Its consciousness was already fuzzy a long time ago, this seemed to be some kind of instinct.

One after another radiance flowed from the little sacred tree into the young dragon’s body. The originally unconscious little dragon opened its eyes. First, it looked at Keke and Xiao Chen in puzzlement, then it vigilantly tried to move its injured draconic body, but it didn’t success, the sharp pain caused it to whine a few times.

Keke tried to pass the little sacred tree to the side of its mouth again, but the young dragon stubbornly turned its head.

“Squeak……!” Keke panted with rage and pointed at the wound with its little paw. It didn’t expect the dying little dragon would shake its head to refuse Keke’s good intention. Then it proudly lifted its head, but unfortunately, it fell back on the ground powerlessly.

Such an interesting young dragon. Even when it was about to die, it was still so proud and aloof.

Keke was very dumbfounded, it helped him with good intentions, and yet the receiving party was like this. The little critter angrily put the treasured tree away. And on the other side, Xiao Chen sighed with sorrow. He opened the close-fitting package and took out the shiny Snow Lotus Core from within. This was supposed to be Keke’s delicacy, but since the little critter’s belly was filled to the brim by the Sweet Dew of Life, it was unable to enjoy the Snow Lotus Core. Xiao Chen had been keeping it all along.

“Let’s try giving it some Snow Lotus Core.”

Keke blinked its big eyes, and then nodded its head to convey its approval.

Xiao Chen forcefully pulled the stubborn young dragon’s mouth apart and stuffed the Snow Lotus Core into its mouth. This was a rarely seen natural spiritual item, it possessed an unimaginable effect, but the dark brown little dragon spit it out. It didn’t want to accept any help at all.

Xiao Chen was speechless at this conduct, he picked up the Snow Lotus Core that fell on the grass and crushed it, then he applied it on the wound. However, the young dragon violently rolled around and rubbed those Snow Lotus Core off from its body. A lot of blood gushed out from its wound, this young dragon was too stubborn.

In the end, Xiao Chen forcefully stuffed a Snow Lotus Core into its mouth and used pure energy to force it down the throat. He stood up and said to Keke, “Let’s go, we already tried everything in our power.”

Although they already moved very far away from there, they could still hear the proud little dragon’s painful cries. It was obvious that it wouldn’t be able to live past this night with that kind of injury.

Early morning, Xiao Chen woke up from his meditative state, the gentle sunlight spilled on the forest. The specks of golden light that leaked through the branches and leaves were like pieces of gold. Keke also rubbed its eyes half-consciously and lazily got up from among the flowers and plants.

Unable to find any power to fend off the demon in the dragon’s Sacred Mountain, Xiao Chen decided to head to the next destination; The Treant’s Valley at the outer region of the island. He will never forget what he saw that night, the twenty meter tall old treant evolved into a flesh and blood human with green hair. The powerful energy fluctuation emitted by him at that time indicated that he was inevitable a powerful existence. Xiao Chen always believed that old treant might be able to contend against the dragon. Maybe he will be able to fend off the demon!

The dragon island was really too big, in addition to the dense forest and all kinds of monsters roaming around, one had to be very careful. It required at least a few days to safely arrived at the outer region of the island.

He finally arrived at the outer region of the island after three days. When he was passing through a valley with beautiful scenery, he found something very unusual. Golden rays of light flowed from a thatched cottage in the valley like ripples of water. It seemed like there was a golden fountain there, waves of auspicious aura made the birds and beasts in the valley calm down. This was seriously too miraculous, it was hard to imagine what happened in the thatched cottage.

The entire valley was filled with verdant orchid tree, there were all kinds of colorful flowers ranging from pink to yellow ⌈2⌋ among the grove. It was filled with flowering trees, and the glistening green leaves made the colorful flowers exceptionally beautiful in contrast. The flower buds were brimming with an intoxicating fragrance.

In addition to that golden mist that bubbled up unceasingly, a layer of mysterious veil had been spread over the entire flower valley. This place seemed like a fairyland, it was auspicious and peaceful.

Xiao Chen continued to observe quietly in the vicinity, Keke wanted to run over there several times, but was stopped by Xiao Chen. Just at this time, the pale looking demon appeared without a sound. Although the black fog did not rush forth, there were still some indistinct sinister aura. He gazed at the thatched cottage attentively and said, “That is the breath of god.”

These words made Xiao Chen incomparably shocked, the breath of god, how was that possible? Could it be that there were still some deities on the dragon island? Didn’t this place suppress the power of god? It was impossible for this kind of existence to be here!

“This is really the breath of god!” The demon squinted his eyes and emitted two cold light.

Xiao Chen’s heart stirred up, would they be able to end the demon’s life just like this? If it was really a god, it should be able to destroy this demon that couldn’t breakthrough to the god realm successfully.

The golden brilliance gradually became weaker, the auspicious aura in the thatched cottage also became gentler and gradually dispersed.

“Oh, I finally understand, this is the awakening of divinity.” The demon’s stiff body finally relaxed. The cold light from his pair of eyes also faded away.


  1. Silva: I’m starting to have doubts on whether or not Xiao Chen is really the ancestral dragon… if that’s not a Dragon King nor an Ancestral Dragon, then what kind of dragon is it? 
  2. Silva: Super redundant, Chen Dong was obviously just writing all these to fill the word count: dark red, rose red, purple, light purple, pure white, orange, etc… 

Chapter 106 – Seeking Power

Speechless…… Totally speechless.

Habit was not easy to change, Xiao Chen really didn’t know what to say to this little critter anymore. He really wanted to pull its hairy ear to awaken it, but he restrained himself in the end. This little critter was born not long ago, it was still too young, having this kind of habit was normal.

It seemed like the demon had completely disappeared, it didn’t show up all along, but Xiao Chen knew it was certainly in the vicinity. The sun sets in the West, the twilight dyed half of the sky red. Xiao Chen walked in the mountain woods aimlessly, he gradually calmed down as he listened to the bellow of the vicious beasts at a distant place. Having a demon following him around, he couldn’t go back to Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s side at the moment.

After Xiao Chen left, the old woman, the little fatty, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the others immediately began to move. The demon’s words couldn’t be trusted, they wanted gather all the experts together and mobilize everyone to search for the Syndicate Dragon Kings. If they can really gather nine Dragon Kings, then leaving this dragon island is no longer a dream.

On this night, many practitioners received news that made them extremely moved. They finally had hope of escaping from this dragon island, this seriously raised their morale. But of course, regarding the appearance of the demon, everyone had a sense of foreboding, which fueled their desire to leave this place as soon as possible.

This was a very lively night, everyone who received the news was unable to fall asleep. All of them wanted to find the Syndicate Dragon Kings urgently.

Without a doubt, when nine young Dragon Kings were gathered, the curtains shall rise!

During the midnight, an open-air fire was throbbing, Xiao Chen sat in front of the flame and meditated calmly. And that snow-white little monster, Keke, was still maintaining the cross-legged posture with the treasured tree on top of its head. It sat on Xiao Chen’s shoulder and let out a sweet sounding snore. It appeared cute and laughable at the same time.

However, Xiao Chen found that Keke was not really sleeping, because he noticed the ripple-like multicolored radiance that was lingering around the little critter all along fluctuated unceasingly. Moreover, the sapling on its head actually turned from its previously dim state to the now brilliant state since a long time ago. It seemed like there was a fantastic connection between the two.

Could it be that it really knows some kind of peculiar training method? Xiao Chen speculated inwardly, he had heard of this before; The dragons and some uncommon races would inherit a training method specific to their race the moment they were born. Keke should be one of those uncommon race.

Chilly wind brushed past, the temperature in the forest rapidly declined, it blew past like the winter’s cold wind. There was a bone-chilling nip in the air, the open-air fire throbbed violently and changed into pale green in a flash, it was very eerie.

Without any sound, the evil spirit sat at the opposite side of the open-air fire. It was only one meter away from Xiao Chen.

“A thousand years ago when I saw the sacred tree, it only had a single black leaf. A thousand years later, it already have three divine leaves.” The demon’s pale complexion was emphasized even further by the throbbing flame. If he said he was not a ghost, nobody would believe him.

Without a doubt, Xiao Chen was hooked by his words. At this very moment, he was absolutely fearless. It was a matter that will happen sooner or later, there’s no point in avoiding it. He opened his mouth to ask, “You saw it at the Heavenly Tree?”

“That’s right, I found it on the stump of the Sacred Tree. The sapling is precisely the stump’s alternate rebirth. However, it’s already not the same Sacred Tree, because it has six more luster compared to the Heavenly Tree.” The demon’s reply affirmed Xiao Chen’s conjecture at that time.

“Although legend says the Heavenly Tree was the dragon’s Sacred Tree, it didn’t belong to the dragons originally. The Sacred Tree was transplanted by the dragons on this island.” The indistinct ghost whistle recounted the tale unhurriedly. The demon was in deep thoughts after saying these, then he said with a perplexed expression, “I actually know this much……”

His behavior made Xiao Chen flabbergasted. And just at this time Keke finally woke up. When it saw the demon was sitting just across of them, the little critter almost wanted to jump over there. Xiao Chen stopped it hastily and asked the demon, “You seemed to have forgotten a lot of thing……”

The demon recovered from his brief bewilderment, he nodded his head and then he shook his head. A negative aura swept past as he said, “Regarding my memories from the ancient times, it was a piece of blank. I can only remember that I escaped from the ghost town.”

Xiao Chen felt a bit disappointed, he wouldn’t be able to draw out the secret of the ghost town from him.

Fog lingered in the mountain woods and merged with the gloomy aura released by the demon. It made this area really bewitching. After a long period of silence, the demon broke the ice and said, “I believe you are an intelligent man. You should know that I don’t want to take it by force, but that doesn’t mean I really don’t dare to make a move. I only wish to borrow the sacred tree from your hands, I will certainly return the favor in at most one year. Moreover, there will certainly be a generous reward.”

“What are you worried about?” Xiao Chen couldn’t understand no matter how much he thought about it.

“Although it is true that my memories regarding the distant past is a piece of blank, I still know who can I provoke and who I should not provoke.” The demon said very directly, “I didn’t dare to start a feud with the dragons, that’s why I was unwilling to kill the two Dragon Kings. Same as the former, I felt apprehensive towards this little critter, I am not willing to provoke its parents.”

Keke’s glittering big eyes immediately filled with hope, it seemed to be loathing the demon no more. Its long eyelashes were quivering, it was listening attentively, it seemed like it really wanted to know the whereabout of its parents.

Xiao Chen understood the little critter’s frame of mind and asked the demon, “You know of Keke’s origin?”

“I don’t know, but I can be sure this little critter is certainly not weaker than Syndicate Dragon King. Its parents ought to be existences on equal footing with a matured Dragon King, otherwise I doubt they would dare to touch the dragon’s sacred tree. When I saw the sacred tree sprouting the black leaf a thousand years ago, I also found a seven-colored egg. It was side by side with the little sacred tree, they were sealed together by a mysterious power. I suspect that should be Keke.” After the demon said these, he got a good look at the little critter.

Keke blinked its big eyes half-consciously, and on the other side, Xiao Chen was shocked. One thousand years ago, Keke was already born in this world as the jade egg? However, he had already interacted with Keke, the little critter was indeed born not too long ago. If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean the seven-colored jade egg had nurtured it for at least a thousand years?

Keke’s identity had always been a mystery.

“How long is required for dragons to break out of their shell?” Xiao Chen wanted to use those dragons to compare with Keke.

“That is hard to say, generally speaking it requires at least several hundred years, but since the dragon island had been sealed, this standard will be completely shattered, because there will be a bizarre power at work this time. All the dragon eggs on the dragon island will crack in the shortest possible time and give birth to the young dragons. What they needed ultimately was the nourishment of the boundless worldly essence. If they were provided with endless spiritual energy, maybe the eggshell would crack in just a few days.”

A few days in contrast to hundred years was really somewhat exaggerated. Thinking about it carefully, comparing several hundred years to a thousand years, Keke couldn’t really be considered to be in defiance of the natural order.

“Squeak……” The little critter cried out softly, it had a somewhat lonely expression, it seemed to be thinking about its parents again. Its miserable appearance made people want to spoil it.

“After learning all these, you should understand now, I really only wanted to borrow it.” The demon fixed its eyes of Xiao Chen and said, “I am fearful of its parents, but I don’t feel apprehensive towards you. Killing you won’t bring any trouble to me.”

Hearing these words, the little critter broke free from the sense of loss, it fiercely waved its little paws at the demon.

Xiao Chen was fearless and said, “You want to kill me? Keke will remember you and avenge me in the future. I understand why you don’t dare to do anything to it, otherwise you will certainly be trapped in a hopeless situation with its parent’s divine ability.”

With a sigh, the demon faded away along with a cloudy fog. An indistinct ghost whistle transmitted from the forest not far away, “Whether it really have a parent or not, or whether if its parents are still alive, it is very hard to say. I was only being too cautious before. My patience have limits, I won’t give you too long to reconsider. If…… you insist on shedding blood, then I will not be lenient!”

The dragon’s Sacred Mountain, it was lofty and majestic. The atmosphere was intimidating, it seemed like a huge divine pillar that supported the heaven and earth.

Xiao Chen brought Keke back to this region again. Standing on the thousand meter high Heavenly Tree’s stump, he looked at the majestic Sacred Mountain at the correct position.

The demon’s words last night made Xiao Chen realize he will not become hostile for a short period of time. He could ignore the threat for a few days. The reason he came here was to find a powerful force to suppress the demon. He placed his hopes on the experts among the dragons, but to his dismay, those Greater Dragons, such as the Tyrannical Dragon, the Monarch Lion Dragon, the Saber Dragon, etc. had also lost the divine ability they displayed at the ghost town. Their brutality won over their divinity at present, he certainly won’t be able to communicate with them.

Without a doubt, the demon also followed them. Even though he couldn’t find his whereabouts, Xiao Chen could feel he was just nearby.


A dragon roar transmitted from a distant place, it was a young dragon according to his intuition. Looking down at the shadows dancing in the forest below, Xiao Chen could see the figures of a few practitioners. They seemed to be pursuing a golden young dragon. The two words “Dragon King” immediately surfaced in Xiao Chen’s mind. The practitioners should have obtained the news that they could summon the divine ship by gathering nine Dragon Kings, but chasing the young Dragon King until this region was really too reckless.

This region seemed to be the dragon’s holy land, not only was there the powerful Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, and so on, this place was filled with primal beasts as powerful as the dragons. The consequences will be dire if they run into them.


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Chapter 105 – Sacred Dragon Tree

Xiao Chen gave a cold snort in return, “That is not a funny joke.”

“I had transformed continuously over the countless years, what I am looking forward to the most was to be reborn under the sun. I am no longer a corpse now, I have blood and flesh, I really don’t want to go on killing anymore.”

“How do you explain about the few people you killed at the village entrance?”

“They attack me first, that woman shrouded in colorful mist can be my witness.” The demon heaved a sigh.

Xiao Chen remains unmoved and said, “Stop acting as if you had no other choice. You once murdered so many people, how could a demon’s nature be changed so easily? Besides, if you really restrained your ominous nature, why would you force me to hand over the sapling?”

The underworld fog around the demon became denser, the dense negative aura pervaded the surrounding once more, he then said with an indistinct voice, “The seal on the dragon island suppressed my power. It made me unable to break through the shackles smoothly. That’s why at the intervals of every hundred years, I need to absorb the Yang energy. Although I already have a living body with flesh and blood, I still don’t have the vitality. If I cannot get the nourishment from the sacred tree, I have no choice but to absorb extensive amount of Yang energy again. But I really don’t want to continue this massacre.”

“You are telling one lie after another.” Xiao Chen was not very convinced by his words.

“Why should I lie to you?” The demon’s pale face that was exposed from the black fog seemed very sincere, he sighed and said, “So what if you have Syndicate Dragon King to protect you? Their blood can indeed harm me, but will they be able to protect you forever? You guys should know if I really wanted to kill you, there were plenty of opportunities. Besides, what about the other people on the island, who will protect them, if I really wanted to kill, who can obstruct me?”

“Are you threatening us?”

“If that’s what you want to think, then so be it.” The demon sighed unceasingly. It sent a chill that made people’s blood run cold, he was a genuine demon, every words couldn’t be taken lightly, reaping life was a commonplace for him.

“Someone is coming……” After saying this, the demon faded away without a sound. After that, a scream resounded from the jungle in front of the village. The old woman and old man’s face turned pale on the spot, it was obviously the people from their village.

“Stop it, you demon!” The little fatty shouted loudly. He led the Black Dragon King into the forest. Xiao Chen and the others also followed closely.

The gloomy black fog rushed forth from the forest, the demon appeared again, ten meter in front of everyone. His pale face was very undisturbed, like nothing had happened at all. It made people felt a chill in their heart.

“Why don’t you give the sacred tree to me now. I will give it back after I have no more use for it, I guarantee I will not harm anymore living person from now on. I will try my best to be a good person.” A sincere expression emerged on the cheeks that didn’t have any hint of blood. The demon was very serious and sincere, one was unable to tell if he was acting.

The old woman and old man were very furious, the clansmen who shouted just now was clearly dead, their body shuddered slightly. Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon found this to be really ridiculous. A demon that once killed people like scything flax actually wanted to reform and start afresh……

“What is this sacred tree that you are talking about. Do you really need it that badly?” The little fatty questioned.

“Alas, that is the dragon’s sacred tree, I really need it badly, that is the only thing on this dragon island that can turn me into a living person.” The demon was always sighing as he spoke. It seemed like he was very anxious, it didn’t have any resemblance to the heartless him when he was making his move. It gave people a misconception that he was just a lonesome man.

“The dragon’s sacred tree.” Once these few words came out from his mouth, a huge wave immediately surged up in everyone’s heart. Naturally, the most excited ones were the two young Dragon Kings. Their pair of eyes were emitting substantive divine radiance as they slowly pressed on towards Xiao Chen and Keke.

Keke broke free from Xiao Chen’s embrace and jumped onto the ground while panting with rage. The little critter was not scared of the two Dragon Kings as it stared at them with the treasured tree on its head. Although Keke was usually lively and cute, it emitted an invisible pressure at the moment. The little critter actually wanted to carry out a battle to defend its honor, it wanted to confront two dragons at the same time.

Xiao Chen knew Keke had a powerful defensive power, he would also have a hard time breaking free if he was trapped. But he never saw Keke using any kind of offensive power before, he didn’t want it to fight with the two Dragon Kings. After all, it was still too young.

But when Xiao Chen reached out his hand to pull Keke, he was repelled by a light screen. Keke’s spotlessly white jade-like body was flickering with seven colored radiance. It was as if a seven-colored sacred fire was throbbing outside of the little guy’s body. It actually emitted an astonishing battle intent.

This had never happened before, Keke was always lively and mischievous. “Competitive” does not sit well with it, but Keke’s current behavior had overturned its former conduct.

The Amethyst Dragon was flickering with purple radiance, the Black Dragon King flickered with black radiance, they were still closing in.

The dragon’s sacred tree was really too enticing, everyone on the spot was unable to calm down, but they knew they couldn’t let the Dragon Kings fight each other. The woman shrouded in colorful mist and that little fatty tried to dissuade the two Dragon Kings unceasingly.

However, the two Dragon Kings remain unmoved, that was the dragon’s sacred tree, and now it was under the control of an unknown little critter like this, they felt that it was a great humiliation for the dragons.

“Squeak……!” Just at this time, Keke let out a young and tender cry. It extended one little paw to point at the treasured tree on its head, and then pointed in front, at the forest that was pervaded by negative aura. After that, it dashed over there first. The two Dragon Kings gathered their thoughts before they let out a roar and rushed towards the evil spirit.

Keke waved its little paws to draw two seven-colored light screen that enveloped the evil spirit in the underworld fog. And the young Dragon Kings’ horns also burst out with glaring rays of light. The rays of light transformed into perfectly straight light beams and shot towards the evil spirit. It seemed like they wanted to decide the outcome with this method, they wanted to find out who was the true king by defeating the evil spirit.

The black fog rolled over and over violently, the demon faded away from his original place. But the three divine beasts seemed to be able to lock onto his aura. They followed after him into the forest, under the roar of the Dragon Kings, under the sound of falling ancient trees, that place was dazzled by rays of light, and leaves were swirling in the air.

Suddenly, like the wind rolled up the clouds, the underworld fog floated over at high-speed. The demon appeared in front of Xiao Chen and the others without making any sound. The cold aura locked onto the few of them, they felt as if an avalanche had weighed down on their body.

Keke transformed into a streak of light and appeared on Xiao Chen’s shoulder. The two Dragon King also came back respectively, the demon then faded away without a sound. All of this happened in an instant.

“You guys saw it already, if I wanted to kill you just now, I had plenty of opportunity, but I didn’t do it.” The demon heaved a sigh at a distant place and said, “The Dragon Kings are too young, although their blood can restrain me, they cannot do anything to me as long as I am fully prepared. On the contrary, if I wanted to kill them, they will certainly be in danger. However…… I do not want to offend the dragons.”

That was indeed the case, the demon had immeasurable strength.

At this time, everyone started to hesitate. In the end, all of them looked at Xiao Chen and Keke. They are the most crucial point of this event, everything will be decided by them.

Keke was panting with rage on Xiao Chen’s shoulder as it widened its glittering big eyes, it casted an angry look at the demon in the cloudy fog. The sapling was a sacred tree that had accompanied it since birth, it was also its ration, and the only thing that’s been accompanying it all along since it was abandoned by its parent. Don’t look at how it was uncaring of the sapling most of the time, when someone really wanted to fight over it, Keke will not comply no matter what.

“Little guy, I only wanted to borrow it. I will definitely return it to you. And I will certainly repay you several-fold.” The demon revealed a gentle expression, he revealed a slight smile to Keke. This made the few people on the spot a little astonished. The demon seemed to attach more importance to Keke than the two Dragon Kings.

Xiao Chen looked at the few people beside him, he quickly understood everyone’s intention after taking a quick glance. Even the most stubborn Solitary Sword Demon wanted to reach a compromise. The demon was really deep and immeasurable, they didn’t stand a chance against him. Although they didn’t know if what he said was true or false, it was still a hope anyhow.

After everyone’s opinion was made clear to him, Xiao Chen became silent. After that, he embraced Keke who was panting with rage tightly to prevent it from rushing over there. He said to the demon, “If your target is the sacred tree, then just come at me. This has nothing to do with the others. We will discuss this further after changing location. No matter what happens, I ask of you not to harm the others. This is the very least you can do to show your sincerity.”

The demon’s pale face turned slightly red, he nodded slightly and said, “My only target is the sacred tree, if other people don’t hinder me, or attack me, I will absolutely not harm them.”

An impending storm was actually eased up like this, Xiao Chen didn’t turn around and took large strides out of the village. The two Dragon Kings roared as they chased after Xiao Chen, they didn’t want to let the sacred tree fall onto other people’s hand.

The little fatty hastily chased after the Black Dragon King to appease it. He spent a great deal of effort to convince it to fall back. As a matter of fact, even though the Dragon Kings are young, they already have intelligence. It knew deep down that it didn’t have enough power to retrieve the Sacred Dragon Tree.

“I wish you can come back safe and sound, I really wanted to make friend with you. I am called Oxman.” The silly little fatty said to Xiao Chen in a low voice as he fell back.

Oxman was a rather funny name ⌈1⌋, but Xiao Chen didn’t have the mood to laugh. He nodded lightly and said, “The next time we meet, we will be friend. My name is Xiao Chen.”

The woman shrouded in colorful mist also walked over, but it was not to take the Amethyst Dragon King away. On the contrary, she wanted it to accompany Xiao Chen and protect him if necessary.

“I appreciate your kindness, but Keke is as powerful as a Dragon King, if Keke cannot restrain the evil spirit, even an additional Dragon King will not help in the least.” Xiao Chen felt the mysterious woman was indeed good-natured. He told her about the other two Dragon Kings with a voice only the two could hear. Soon after, he walked over to the mountain woods alone, that demon had already went ahead of them.

Keke, the snow-white little critter, was extremely intelligent. It clearly knew what happened just now, it unwillingly took off the treasured tree from its head, then it hugged it tightly for a really long time. After that, it reluctantly handed it over to Xiao Chen, it had a really dejected expression. ⌈2

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “You little monster, this is the sacred tree that had accompanied you since birth, how can we give it to others so easily? Besides, that guy is a demon, we cannot believe anything he said, we cannot make a deal with him.”

Keke was unhappy to be called a little monster, it angrily grabbed his long hair and pulled it lightly. Soon after, it still handed over the treasured tree to Xiao Chen.

“Don’t worry, you little monster. We don’t need to hand over the sacred tree yet. He was definitely concerned about something, otherwise on what basis would a demon use kind words to talk with us, and not seize it by force.”

“Squeak……!” Keke’s big eyes suddenly lightened up, its long eyelashes flickered unceasingly. But in the end, it became dispirited again as it lowered its head. It funnily compared its height to the evil spirit’s height, it seemed to be saying it really was too young at the moment, and that it wouldn’t be able to defeat the demon.

Xiao Chen found its action to be very amusing, he laughed and said, “You were always sleeping all day long, and those Dragon Kings were fighting almost everyday; They thought of every possible methods to make themselves stronger. You are not inferior to them, you just need to work hard. If you want to have enough strength to fight off the demon, you cannot be lazy from now on.”

The snow-white little critter angrily grabbed Xiao Chen’s long hair and pulled it lightly, then out of his expectation, the little critter actually nodded its head seriously. It put on the treasured tree hat and jumped from Xiao Chen’s arm to his shoulder. It earnestly sat in meditation and began to harmonize its breathing.

That’s right, it was sitting in meditation and harmonizing its breathing!

This made Xiao Chen so shocked that his jaw literally dropped. Keke was actually sitting like the practitioners. Its pair of glittering big eyes were shut, the long eyelashes were no longer flickering. Moreover, its entire body burst out with faint multicolored radiance, as if it had already submerged in an ethereal boundary.

Xiao Chen’s current state of mind already couldn’t be described with mere words, the shock Keke gave to him was really too much. How could this little critter manifest something like this?

However, after walking for a few miles in the jungle, Xiao Chen became completely speechless again. That was because he heard a slight snoring sound, the little critter actually fell asleep on his shoulder. ⌈3

Speechless…… Totally speechless.

Habit was not easy to change, Xiao Chen really didn’t know what to say to this little critter anymore.


  1. Silva: Since they said it themselves it was a “funny” name, I decided to westernize it so that it really is funny. If I use the Chinese name, Niuren, nobody would find it funny right? Since nobody understand what it means! 
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Chapter 104 – Demon

Since the dragon island had been sealed, no Ancestral Dragon and Dragon King had ever appeared. The legend finally began once more after countless years. The people who came to the dragon island this time was not to explore the island, their goal was the Ancestral Dragon and Dragon King.

“Granny, we don’t need to fear him anymore, at least we have the ability to defend ourselves this time, I will go find Blackie.” The little fatty said without thinking, then he rushed into the village as quick as lightning.

A dragon roar transmitted from the jungle behind the village, not long later the little fatty led a one meter long young black dragon over. The scales all over the little dragon’s body were flickering with black radiance. Its entire body was shiny black, its head looked like the Ancestral Dragon, yet its body looked like a leopard or a tiger. Of course, it was impossible for it to possess any fur, it was completely covered in dragon scales. ⌈1

It was a Dragon King without a doubt, it was pointless to guess what kind of dragon it was, because there was a huge difference between the Dragon King and the previous generation.

The people in this village had actually found a Dragon King already, one could tell they were preparing for this a long time ago. The black Dragon King was only a little smaller than the Amethyst Dragon King. It was very possible this might be the second Dragon King that was born on the dragon island. It possessed a clear advantage to compete for the position of the Dragon Emperor.

When the Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King met each other in the eyes, they immediately let out a growl. The enmity between them was very deep. This was something unavoidable, the battle between the kings of dragons was the cruelest, the Syndicate Dragon King will inevitably fight to the death upon reaching a certain stage in growth.

The woman shrouded in colorful mist and little fatty hastily appeased the young Dragon Kings, preventing them from breaking out into a fight. And just at this time, Keke’s glittering big eyes suddenly widened, the two Dragon Kings also seemed to be on guard as they looked towards the same direction as Keke; The jungle outside of the village.

Keke scuttled onto the Amethyst Dragon King’s back with a “swish”. It used its two paws to rub the wound to smear its paws with a bit of the Dragon King’s blood. Then it transformed into a streak of white light and dashed towards the jungle outside of the village while the Amethyst Dragon King let out a roar in frustration.

The black fog fluctuated in the jungle violently, many forest trees were destroyed in but a moment. Keke transformed into a streak of white light and ran back to the village. And then a youth with pale complexion appeared from the jungle, his chest had a few bloody hole, that was caused by the Amethyst Dragon King’s blood. And his left arm had a tiny paw print, that was clearly Keke’s masterpiece. His pair of eyes emitted two soul wrenching rays of light. He gazed at Keke and the two Syndicate Dragon King, then he faded away in his original position without making any sound.

“It is him!” Xiao Chen and the woman shrouded in colorful mist opened their mouth simultaneously.

“It’s him, it’s that evil spirit……” The old woman was emotional as she said, “I saw the written records regarding the evil spirit left by our ancestors, it included a simple drawing about him. It is precisely because of him that many of our ancestors were dead!”

The constant arrival and retreat of the evil spirit made everyone felt very uneasy. Although it had backed off for now, it was hard to say whether it will show up again or not.

The potency of the Dragon King’s blood made Xiao Chen and the others utterly astonished. It was really capable of restraining this kind of terrifying demon. One could imagine just how powerful the Dragon Kings would become once they reached maturity. And Keke’s performance made everyone flabbergasted, it was actually able to discover the evil spirit before everyone and the Dragon King.

Keke was currently rubbing its little paws desperately, trying to rid the bloodstain from its snow-white fur. After that, it beautifully ignored the Amethyst Dragon King’s growl, and mischievously jumped onto the Black Dragon King’s back, then it waved its little paw at the Amethyst Dragon King. Before the two Dragon Kings got furious, Xiao Chen hastily grabbed it. This little guy was seriously too unruly.

The few of them returned to the village, they went to a different courtyard this time. There was a field of grapevines in the courtyard, the leaves were emerald-green, and many crystal clear purple grapes were hanging on the vines. They were as shiny as the agate crystals.

The few of them sat around a stone table below the grapevines. They began to go over the plan in details, they must eliminate the demon, or else everyone will be in danger.

Xiao Chen said, “The demon suffered a heavy damage from the Dragon King’s blood, this is our chance, we must gather everyone on the dragon island to deal with him.”

After the calamity in the ghost town, there were still hundred plus practitioners on the dragon island. That was because they didn’t get close to the sea of bones. If all of them unite as one, that will definitely be a powerful force.

It was rare for the Solitary Sword Demon to lay down his pride. He also felt the threat of death, he completely agreed with Xiao Chen’s proposal.

The mysterious woman whose entire body was shrouded by the colorful mist nodded and said, “We can also form a truce with another group of experts.”

Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon did not understand, they looked at her doubtfully. The old woman at the side smiled and said, “The young lady is a true expert, but your ability seemed to fluctuate sharply, it made people unable to ascertain your true power.” ⌈2⌋ She squinted her eyes and said, “Other than the group of young experts that entered the dragon island, there are still thirty plus Zephyrus level old masters here.”

The Solitary Sword Demon nodded, he understood in a flash. According to the agreement between all parties, the old masters cannot get involved in anything that happened on the island. Only the youth generation will fight over the Dragon Kings, the older generation could only provide support at the boundless ocean. These people clearly infiltrated the island secretly and didn’t follow the rules.

“I will get in touch with them, I know those people’s movement.” The old man at the side started to talk.

The old woman said, “Our most important goal now is to search for nine Dragon Kings, with nine kings together, we will be able to summon the legendary divine ship and leave this mysterious yet terrifying island for good.”

According to legend, the divine ship made from the Ancestral Dragon’s bones and Heavenly Tree had been drifting in the Taboo Ocean all along. It had withstood the vicissitudes of time, only this kind of boat could bring everyone on the island away from the Taboo Ocean. This was what the old woman’s ancestors found in the written records of a ruined ancient village.

The Ancestral Dragon’s bone was without a doubt, the dragon’s sacred bone. As for the Heavenly Tree, it was as Xiao Chen had thought, it was indeed referring to that divine tree at Keke’s old home; That tree trunk that was as wide as a lofty mountain.

The few of them discussed for a long time, but the most pressing matter was that; Would they be able to leave this village safely? The evil ghost might be lingering in the vicinity of the village.

“Don’t tell me we have to bring the Dragon Kings along to go and gather everyone?” The Solitary Sword Demon exerted his strength to grab his metal sword, his fingers got a little pale.

Everyone turned silent, as a matter of fact, they were already facing a death threat. The evil spirit will definitely not let them off, he suffered a heavy injury because of them. It was a great shame and humiliation for a demon who had survived for countless years.

Just at this time, Keke widened its glittering big eyes again. At the same time, the Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King also let out a growl. A burst of chilly wind blew into the courtyard, the negative aura pervaded in the vicinity of the grapevines.

The Amethyst Dragon King was ready to go this time, it didn’t wait for Keke to scuttle across its body, it was the first to dash out. The Black Dragon King let out a growl and followed closely behind. Keke did not feel pressing at all, it jumped onto the grapevine and looked at the two Dragon Kings yelling on the street.

The negative aura already scattered away, the evil spirit retreated again. However, the few people in the courtyard still felt a nip in the air, they felt the entire village was already filled with the breath of death.

“This will not work, we will eventually make a careless mistake if this keeps up. Without the two Dragon Kings with us, we won’t be able to deal with that demon.” The silly little fatty expressed his opinion, he was clearly not as foolish as his outer appearance dictated.

“Not good, this is really bad!” The old man furrowed his brows and said, “Our clansmen outside will be returning soon, if they encountered the evil spirit, they will certainly not be able to escape its evil clutches.”

Soon after, they got up and rushed towards the village entrance. They prepared to provide support to the people returning to the village. The chicken cries and dog barks already couldn’t be heard in spacious and empty village, it was deathly silent. It was just like an abandoned land left to return to unchecked growth.

“He’s coming!” Xiao Chen shouted. It was because Keke jumped onto his shoulder and used its little paw to pull his long hair. Its glittering big eyes were gazing at the street ahead.

The evil spirit stopped hiding after it has been found, the black fog rolled over and over, waves of bone-chilling negative aura surged up violently. Everyone could feel the nip in the air, the two Dragon Kings let out a roar constantly, they were not afraid of the fiendish aura. If nobody stopped them, they would have dashed over there a long time ago.

The evil spirit was already within hundred meter range. Although the underworld fog was raging and blocked the scorching sunlight from spilling down, Xiao Chen could still “see” him clearly. That was due of his spiritual sense that didn’t require sight and sound.

The one in the cloudy fog was indeed that youth he saw at the sea of bones. His left wrist had an eye-catching birthmark. His pair of eyes were somewhat empty. He seemed to have experienced the changes of time, without examining carefully, it was hard to imagine he was a demon that had lived for countless years. The more one looked at him, the more frightening they felt.

“Give him to me…… And I’ll let everyone off.” A faint ghost whistle transmitted from the black fog. Although it was the voice of a young man, it was lacking of vitality. It sounded like the echo of the chilly wind that blew into the ancient residence from a broken window. As the words reached everyone, it was as if a cold air had entered their body, it made them felt a chill down their spine.

The chilly wind bubbled up, the black fog in front of the demon dispersed a little, they could clearly see the arms he stretched out; It was pointing at Xiao Chen. ⌈3

“You mean me?” Xiao Chen felt something was not good, for what reason did the evil spirit want him for.

The chilly wind swept past again, the pale face within the underworld fog revealed itself before everyone’s eyes. He slowly shook his head, his right arm moved slightly. Keke jumped down from Xiao Chen’s shoulder while panting with rage. It actually dashed forward without any hint of fear, it was squeaking non-stop, as if asking the evil spirit something. At the same time, it waved its little paw and a dazzling radiance enveloped the evil spirit. ⌈4

The fog rolled over and over, the evil spirit faded away without making any sound. The strength displayed by a combat ready evil spirit was unfathomably deep. Keke waved its little paw on the street fiercely, it was very angry, and yet it seemed somewhat adorable. Xiao Chen hastily carried Keke back in his arms. The mysteries surrounding Keke were continuously increasing, he didn’t want anything to happen to this little critter.

The few people beside Xiao Chen were endlessly shocked, the demon seemed to be a little afraid of Keke. But Keke was not a Dragon King, could it be that its blood or body could restrain the demonic fiend?

“I cannot comply to your request, nobody shall harm Keke.” Xiao Chen faced the spacious and empty street ahead as he shouted. It was not only for the evil spirit, it was also to make himself clear to the few people around him.

A conspicuous figure of the evil spirit appeared at the street far away. The ghost whistles transmitted from the cloudy fog, “I want that sacred tree on top of its head, give that sproutling to me, and I promise not to harm a single soul hereafter.”

Everyone’s gaze focused on Keke, the treasured tree on its head did not emit any radiance at the moment, it was just like an ordinary plant, It was nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone originally thought it was because this naughty little critter was running everywhere and the sproutling was stuck on its head by accident. Only now did they knew there was much more to it, even the demon was tempted by it.

At the same time Xiao Chen was feeling surprised, his heart was brimming with doubts, but he didn’t even think twice about it. It was impossible for him to comply. He asked, “Why should we give it to you? How are we supposed to believe anything you said?!”

“I pledge I will not harm anyone on the dragon island after I get the sacred tree, otherwise my body and soul will extinguish.” The evil spirit’s voice transmitted from the black fog.

The old man said in a low voice, “According to the written records, the evil spirit cannot break their oath, he made a pledge before and never go back on his words.” It was very obvious that the old man was afraid of the evil spirit, he wanted to reach a compromise.

“Can you even believe in a demon’s pledge?” Xiao Chen turned his head around and asked coldly.

This made the old man and old woman’s aged face turn as red as apple. They were indeed very scared of the evil spirit, whether the evil spirit would violate his pledge or not was not something they could be really certain of. However, their clansmen shall come back any time soon, and the evil spirit is in the vicinity, this is definitely a life threatening danger for those people.

The underworld fog dispersed, the demon turned his head around to look at the direction of the divine monolith that was located at the heart of the island, then he said, “I will not go back on my pledge, otherwise I will be punished!”

“You are a demon, how can I believe you, people often said not to make a deal with demon.” Xiao Chen was carrying Keke in his arms, he wanted to draw back, but Keke on the other hand was restless, it was struggling to get free and wanted to dash over there. It didn’t seem to be afraid of the evil spirit in the underworld fog.

“Alas, I’m not a demon, I’m a human.” The indistinct ghost whistle heaved a sigh.

Xiao Chen gave a cold snort in return, “That is not a funny joke.”

“I had transformed continuously over the countless years, what I am looking forward to the most is to reborn under the sun. I am no longer a corpse now, I have blood and flesh, I really don’t want to go on killing anymore.”


  1. Silva: And that makes four Dragon King. 
  2. Silva: She must be at Nirvana stage! 
  3. Silva: The evil spirit knew Xiao Chen is the Ancestral Dragon!!!!!!!!!!! (Still not enough exclamation marks!!!) 
  4. Silva: Oh? …It was actually after Keke? That’s boring~~~ 

Chapter 103 – Secret

The Solitary Sword Demon was speechless.

As for Keke who was looking all over the place on Xiao Chen’s shoulder, its glittering big eyes immediately turned perfectly round as soon as it heard these two words, the Ancestral Dragon. It waved its little paws exaggeratedly, that meant it was totally not convinced.

“Why is the village so quiet?” Xiao Chen noticed how there were seventy to eighty households, but he only saw three to five people after entering the village. ⌈1

“Although there are a lot of houses, the population already declined. In the end, there’s not even thirty people left in the entire village.” The old woman let out a long breath.

Just at this time, a white-haired old man floated into the courtyard like a specter. That was an aged Psychic.

“Fourth Grandpa……!” The little fatty called out without thinking.

The old man answered briefly, then he furrowed his brows and said, “Not good, that evil spirit has reborn, I found his traces.”

“What evil spirit?” The Solitary Sword Demon asked.

“An ancient evil spirit, it has lived for countless years, it was the only malicious spirit that had escaped from the ghost town.”

The old man’s words immediately made Xiao Chen felt a chill. He recalled that old ghost that had undergone several metamorphosis at the snowy mountain. It seemed to have followed them here……

The evil spirit had existed for countless years, it came from the ghost town, it actually originated from the ancient era. This piece of news was really terrifying, it made people tremble in the face of disaster.

Back in those days, the village was originally not located here. Rather, it was in a valley with much prettier scenery, but they found a few dozen stone coffins when they dug the land to build the foundations. Only after they suffered a disaster did they move to this forest.

And not more than three months later, the evil spirit appeared. That was the beginning of the village’s nightmare, they were like animals that were reared in the pen. One or two people would disappear from time to time, the villagers knew it was the evil spirit that snatched those people’s life.

The old woman’s ancestors also tried to resist before, they once thought of ways to eliminate the evil spirit, but everything ended up in failure. Moreover, they invited an even more terrible retribution, it was a dark history etched in their memories for all eternity.

As the old woman slowly explained, Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon’s expression became heavier. The reappearance of that terrifying evil spirit will definitely be a great threat to their life on the dragon island. The old woman let out a breath, as if she had just woken up from a nightmare. It seemed like a few more wrinkles appeared on her aged cheeks.

In those dark times, the old woman’s ancestors found a few historical remains of some ancient village. There were some written records in those desolate ancient village, only then did they found out the evil spirit was an ancient departed soul, the only evil spirit that escaped from the ghost town, it was not an opponent they could hope to defeat.

Imagine this, if there were people trapped on the dragon island in each generation. And those people’s death were associated with the evil spirit, then some clues will more or less be left behind.

According to ancient legend, some powerful evil spirits could forcibly absorb the vitality of the living, allowing their ghost-like body to transform unceasingly and thereby returning to the sun again. This kind of evil spirit were called Demon. Those written records left behind in the ruined ancient village validated this legend. It was very obvious that the evil spirits on the dragon island were all demons.

Fortunately the malicious spirit couldn’t wreak havoc for a long period, it was only for one year. When the time passed, it would search for a desolate place and fell into a deep sleep. It would continue to sleep like that for a few hundred years until the transformation took place. After that, it will emerge from the coffin again to assimilate the Yang energy.

The old woman’s ancestors had experienced this calamity twice, which caused the population to decline. If they were to go through this one more time, then even after the remaining twenty to thirty people die, it wouldn’t even meet the demon’s minimum requirement. A complete annihilation was only a matter of time.

“If you say it like that, aren’t we toasted?” Although the Solitary Sword Demon asked like this, he didn’t carry a hint of fear. He was an unfriendly guy, a genuine cold-hearted guy.

“According to some written records we found later, we only have one chance at present.” The old woman took a sip of tea to moisten her dry lips, then she said, “The first three months when he casted off his skin was his weakest period, only during this time would we have a chance of defeating him. Otherwise he will be unparalleled after this time limit. We wouldn’t even stand a chance, he will become a genuine demon.”

The demon had already undergone dozens of transformation, he normally would have reached the perfect realm by now and became an existence that even the god wouldn’t dare to provoke. But because the dragon island was sealed, the demon was unable to break through the shackles. It was firmly suppressed at the realm of demigod, and the demon himself didn’t dare to take the risks and breakthrough forcefully. Otherwise the consequences will be dire, the power of god is not permitted on the dragon island.

Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis. The Zephyrus realm of the five major realms was also known as demigod realm. The gap between the practitioners on the island and the demon was as clear as day.

“Within the period of three months? Then we don’t have much time left……” Xiao Chen told them everything he saw on the snowy mountain.

The old woman and old man were appalled, they revealed a terrified expression. The old woman said, “He…… already morphed at an earlier time?! If what you said is true, then two months might have passed already, it seems we…… don’t even have a month left.”

The old man was gathering snow lotus in the vicinity of the snowy mountain, that’s how he found the traces left behind by the evil spirit, but he didn’t discover the three ice coffins in question.

Xiao Chen lowered his voice and asked, “Is there a birthmark at his left wrist?”

“According to what they say…… yes!”

“Then we’re in trouble, when I came to this place, it seems like…… that guy had followed us.”

This news from Xiao Chen was like a comet falling into the tranquil ocean, the heart of the few people on the spot was palpitating like crazy. Their expression took a disastrous turn, chill ran down their spine, and they quickly swept their eyes across all four directions.

The entire area turned deathly silent.

Only Keke was looking all over the place with its glittering big eyes without a care in the world.

Xiao Chen lowered his voice to the greatest extent, and said, “Since he is that powerful, couldn’t we get help from other forces to deal with him? A few days ago, the dragons displayed an out of the ordinary divine ability!”

This was a proposal, and also an inquiry, why did the dragons recover their former power within those few days, it was still a mystery to him. He was completely uninformed regarding the mysterious ghost town.

“The ghost town…… it was the ghost town!” The old man sighed lightly, and said, “Everything was because of the ghost town. I mean, think about it, that demon came from the ghost town.”

The old man didn’t say much, as a matter of fact, they also didn’t know much. All their information was passed down by their ancestors. At the intervals of every hundred years, the seal on the dragon island would be lifted temporarily. The dragons would recover their divine ability on the day of the ghost festival for a short amount of time and attack the ghost town later. They wanted to destroy the divine monolith, as for what kind of secret it was hiding, outsiders like them was unable to find out.

As for the Brass Trigrams, the jet-black Metal Engravings, the golden Divine Halberd, and other legendary divine artifacts, they were also unable to find out where were these hidden. The mysterious dragon island was hiding a lot of secrets, even if they expended a great effort to unearth everything, they also wouldn’t be able to unearth all the secrets. This island seemed to be hiding a gargantuan secret.

“The dragon island’s divine monolith should be an important clue……” The Solitary Sword Demon thought out loud.

“This misfortune came too suddenly, a disaster shall strike again.” The old woman’s aged face became frailer as she said, “There is a bizarre energy suppressing the power of god on the dragon island. Although they are mainly directed against the dragons, other races had also been affected greatly. Beginning from our ancestor’s era, regardless of how much talent one possessed, they wouldn’t be able to get past Zephyrus Third Celestial Layer.” It was very obvious that nobody on the dragon island had enough power to confront the demon.

Just at this time, the sound of ripping air could be heard from the entrance to the village. Everyone could clearly see a few resplendent sword-qi soaring into the sky. At the same time, they could hear an angry shout, as well as the loud sound of building collapsing, which was then followed by a scream. After that, they could hear the ear-splitting dragon roar.

The old woman, the old man, Xiao Chen, the Solitary Sword Demon, and the little fatty rushed out of the courtyard and ran towards the village entrance at lightning speed.

They only saw a few corpses that had been ripped apart at the village entrance, they were scattered on the collapsed buildings. The body of the woman shrouded in colorful mist trembled slightly, then she threw up a mouthful of blood. She clearly just received the injuries. The Amethyst Dragon King was accompanying her, it also had scars on its body, there were some scales and dragon blood on the ground.

The old woman and the other villagers wore a sorrowful expression, they gathered the corpses together, then they sized up the woman shrouded in colorful mist and the Amethyst Dragon King.

“Is this a Dragon King?”


“What happened just now?”

The woman shrouded in colorful mist was really mysterious, Xiao Chen encountered her several times, but he was still unable to see her real face. The colorful mist was lingering on her body from beginning to end, she appeared incomparably transcendental and mysterious.

“Just now a man with really dense negative aura got over here……”

As the woman shrouded in colorful mist recounted the event, everyone quickly associated it with the demon! Even though he was still in his weakest period, he was still so powerful. The three people in the village entrance were ripped apart by him in almost an instant. And the woman who could control the law of time also sustained a heavy injury, if the wounded Amethyst Dragon King’s blood did not unexpectedly penetrate that evil spirit in the most crucial moment, she might be ripped apart in that moment too. ⌈2

“The Dragon King’s blood can actually restrain him, this is such a wondrous news.” The old woman’s tangerine-like wrinkled skin twitched. It was easy to tell that she was very excited, but it seemed somewhat terrifying. That wrinkled cheeks were almost contorted, she laughed with a quack and said, “This is seriously such a wondrous news, this might be our only way to defeat him. We only knew the mixture of nine Dragon Kings’ blood can lift our curse, but we never thought it can be used to restrain the evil spirit too, kakaka……”


  1. Silva: When he asked this question, it somehow reminded me of the Little Red Riding Hood… 
  2. Silva: I did not translate this wrongly right? Did we just find the demon’s weakness? 

Chapter 102 – Native Peoples of Sacred Island

Chaos was about three meter tall, he was a powerful beastman brimming with wildness. He had a pair of wolf ears, and a long tiger tail. And the person that was glancing around behind him was actually a fatty! His stature was not lofty at all, he was short and stout. People get the feeling that he was especially simple and honest, even when he was glancing around, he seemed a bit foolish and stupid.

This was too strange! Xiao Chen could indeed sense Chaos’ aura from his body, but why was the body a different person? Suddenly, he felt a nip in the air and quivered momentarily. Could it be that Chaos was already dead, and then resurrected with a different corpse? After all, he experienced too many strange and terrifying things during the ghost town’s calamity. He instinctively thought of something like this. In addition, there was also the bizarre fact regarding the snowy mountain’s old ghost, how could he not let his imagination run wild.

The simple-minded fatty circled around the sea of bones. After that, he actually crossed the sea of bones, and walked towards the Southernmost direction. Xiao Chen was not too familiar with the Southern part of the island, he had never explored that region before. However, he went after him this time, and decided to find out the origin of this little fatty that possessed Chaos’ aura.

When he was following the little fatty, Xiao Chen found that the Solitary Sword Demon and the mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist were also following closely. They didn’t even try to avoid him. When they crossed the sea of bones, and entered the mountain woods, Xiao Chen walked over to them, and said straightforwardly, “I suspect there is an evil spirit borrowing corpse to return from the grave. That’s why I came after him, what about the both of you?”

The Solitary Sword Demon sneered, “Heh, likewise! I could feel the aura from a certain beastman that left a little impression in me from his body. But that body doesn’t belong to that person.”

“I also chased after him for the same reason.” The mysterious woman answered like this.

Xiao Chen was finally convinced, his feeling was not wrong, something strange was going on here.

The silly little fatty was not as simple as his outer appearance dictated. He seemed to be very perceptive, he constantly changed his direction in the mountain woods for fear that someone was tailing him. This made Keke that was following at Xiao Chen’s side blink its glittering big eyes unceasingly, it seemed to find this very fascinating.

They kept going southward for about an hour or more, only then did the little fatty enter a wide mountain forest. He was no longer turning left and right, but Xiao Chen and the others were not worried at all, it seemed like they had already reached their destination. But just at this time, Keke jumped onto Xiao Chen’s shoulder. It extended one of its little paw to pull his long hair. After that, it kept glancing backward with its big eyes.

Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat, he pretended to stop and probe around. Not long later, the snowy mountain’s old ghost entered his perceptive range, he could clearly “see” him following them.

This was definitely not good, Xiao Chen saw the Solitary Sword Demon and that mysterious woman in front, it seemed like they didn’t know the existence of this old ghost yet. Xiao Chen remained calm and collected, he continued to follow them. Not long later, they found a small village in the ancient forest. The surroundings were enclosed by ancient trees, it would be hard to find this village if they didn’t search thoroughly.

The small village only had about seventy to eighty household. They could hear the cries of chicken and barking dog. It was brimming with the scent of countryside. It made Xiao Chen felt as if it was a lifetime ago, there was actually a small mountain village brimming with livelihood on this kind of uncivilized dragon island, it was a bit unreal.

“Cough! Cough……!” A fit of coughing transmitted over, a specter-like old woman appeared behind Xiao Chen and the others. She sighed faintly and said, “Youngster, why are you guys following my grandson?”

Xiao Chen felt heavy-hearted, his foresight ability did allow him to detect the old woman in advance, but the other person was seriously too fast. He clearly saw a figure approaching them from the forest like a wisp of smoke.

The Solitary Sword Demon held his metal sword and retreated to the side, pulling some distance from the old woman. And all traces of that mysterious woman shrouded in colorful mist were long gone, it seemed like her ability was really outstanding. She already concealed herself from the old woman in advance.

“We don’t have any evil intention, we only wanted to investigate something.” Xiao Chen was very calm. He looked at this crooked old woman with white hair before him.

“You want to investigate our village?” The old woman’s voice was somewhat cold.

“No.” Xiao Chen decided not to beat about the bush. It was not necessary to cover up the truth with some excuses, he said, “We felt the aura of an acquaintance from the body of the little fatty. We thought it was very strange, so we followed after him. We wanted to find out what is going on.”

“You felt the aura of an acquaintance, don’t tell me that so-called acquaintance was your friend?” Although the old woman was speaking quite gently, Xiao Chen’s prophet-like spiritual sense could feel a trace of danger.

“No, truth be told, he was my foe. Between me and him, only one of us would be able to keep on living.”

“Oh…” The old woman nodded her head. At the same time, Xiao Chen felt the danger faded away.

“How about you?” The old woman turned her head to look at the Solitary Sword Demon.

Although the Solitary Sword Demon was conceited, he also didn’t want to stir up trouble with a powerful enemy without clearly understanding the opponent’s strength. He used his index finger to point at Xiao Chen and said, “I am the same as him.”

“My intuition tells me you guys are not lying. Then this will be easy to deal with, I don’t mind telling you. That beastman known as Chaos was killed by me. I implanted two of the ancient beast souls from his body into my grandson.”

Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon what a little shocked, they had once heard some beastman had ancient beast soul sealed within their body. It was indeed possible to forcefully remove them and implant them in other people’s body.

“My grandson is also the descendant of a beastman. His body has an ancient beast soul. That Chaos didn’t know what’s good for him, he wanted to swallow up my grandson’s beast soul. As a result, he was captured alive by my grandson, I punished him like such after bringing him back to the village.”

Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon were speechless, Chaos was truly too unfortunate. He actually met this kind of fate.

“Let’s go, we rarely get any visitors, let’s go to the village and drink some tea. I know you guys surely have a lot to ask me.” The old woman walked forward as she said these.

“Granny, may I ask; Are you guys living on this dragon island all along?”

The old woman looked at Xiao Chen, her tangerine-like face revealed a smile, and said, “I knew you were going to ask this. Our ancestors were like you, they came from the mainland. As a result, they were trapped on the island, we are their descendants.”

Although he already thought of the possibility, Xiao Chen still couldn’t help but feel amazed. It seemed like he could see his own future already. Is he going to spend the rest of his life trapped on this island?

“Something’s amiss, the dragon island was unsealed not long ago, why didn’t you guys leave?” Xiao Chen thought of this question.

“How to leave? Living on this island for a long period of time, our physique will change. It was just like a curse, we cannot leave this island.” The old woman let out a breath as she speak.

“Don’t tell me there is no other way?”

“There is, if you guys can subdue nine Syndicate Dragon King, even if this island is already sealed, you will be able to safely depart from this island.”

“Is that true?” The Solitary Sword Demon who remained silent until now also couldn’t help but open his mouth to ask.

“The mixture of nine Dragon King’s blood can lift the curse of us later generations.” The old woman looks absent-minded, she was a little excited.

As they were talking, they entered the village. Although there were the sound of chicken cries and barking dogs, the figures of human was sparse. It appeared lacking of vitality, it felt a little lonely.

That silly little fatty walked over from a courtyard, and asked, “Grandma, they are……”

“You silly little boy, you were usually quick-witted, but today you didn’t even realize you were being tailed.”

“They were following me?!” The little fatty was somewhat vexed, then he appeared a little silly again. However, Xiao Chen didn’t look down on him. This little fatty might be those kind of people that act like a hog to eat the tiger. Otherwise it was impossible for him to get rid of Chaos.

The old woman brought Xiao Chen’s party into the courtyard. She prompted them to take a sit beside the stone table, then she made the little fatty prepare the tea. Only then did she begin to talk slowly with Xiao Chen’s party.

“The dragon island is sealed, even the sea area in the vicinity had also turned into the Taboo Ocean. Regardless of man or ship, everything that attempted to enter will be destroyed. But according to legend, there is a divine ship that can cross the Taboo Ocean.” The old woman gave Xiao Chen’s party a sliver of hope.

“What kind of ship?”

“It was a divine ship built from the Ancestral Dragon’s bone and Heavenly Tree. It was drifting in the middle of the Taboo Ocean all along. It already drifted for countless years. It can bring everyone on the island out of the Taboo Ocean.”

“How do we find this divine ship?” The Solitary Sword Demon asked.

The old woman took a sip of the tea, then she said unhurriedly, “Didn’t I say it before? You need nine Dragon King, they can work as one to summon the divine ship that drifted in the Taboo Ocean.”

“Then don’t you suppose we have a high chance of leaving here?!” The Solitary Sword Demon was very excited.

Then the old woman poured cold water, “The prerequisite is that you guys must first find nine Dragon Kings, and have them listen to what you said. You must make them agree to summon the divine ship for you.”

This was definitely an extremely difficult challenge. At that time, how many people wished to subdue the Amethyst Dragon King, and yet none were able to subdue it. Of course, if the Solitary Sword Demon knew Xiao Chen and his party had obtained two Dragon Kings, he definitely couldn’t resist his urge to throw up blood.

“Is there nothing else we can use as replacement?”

“There is, if you guys can find the legendary young Ancestral Dragon, it is also possible. One Ancestral Dragon can produce the same result as nine Dragon Kings.” The old woman said very calmly.


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