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Chapter 146 – Write Up a Contract

“No, not second handed! There are good ones, good ones!” Lei Xiaolong explained.

“Good? How good?” Hank asked impatiently.

“About this… As long as you have a request, I’ll try my best to fulfill it!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“Oh yeah, boss, I saw this brat’s fiancé on tv a few days ago. She was so beautiful!” Du Xiaowei suddenly said.

“Oh? How beautiful? But then again, fiancé, she must have done it with this brat already. Never mind that, hurry up and kill this brat, I still have to go back and sleep!” I waved my hand and pretended like I wasn’t interested at all.

“No, no! I don’t have anything to do with her! I never touched her! As long as you let me go, I-I can give her to you!” How could Lei Xiaolong give up so easily after seeing the light of hope.

“Is that so? You’ll give her over with just that? What proof do you have that you will?” I raised my eyebrows and asked.

“I-I’ll cancel my engagement with her first, then send someone to capture her and give her to you!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“Oh? That sounds rather interesting! Good, I like interesting things. This seems to be much more interesting than killing you!” I nodded.

“Yeah! Yeah! Just how uninteresting is killing, how great will it good when you **** the woman!” Lei Xiaolong agreed.

“Is that so? Then how can I believe you? If you leave like this today and don’t admit it tomorrow, you wouldn’t admit it even if I go to court with you!” I thought about it and said.

“No! I will definitely keep my promise! Let me go! I’ll immediately tell my dad to cancel the engagement with her!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“How about this. I’ll believe you, but just words isn’t enough. Write it down to prove that you already canceled your engagement with her. This will also give me a proof in the future,” I said.

“Okay! Okay! I’ll write it!” Lei Xiaolong quickly nodded in agreement after seeing I agreed in fear of me changing my mind.

Uncle Bin sighed and shook his head. He felt like this wasn’t that simple, as if he fell into a trap. However, he did not know the purpose of the other people doing this.

“Give him pen and paper!” I said to Hank.

Hank wasn’t afraid of Lei Xiaolong running away, since Lei Xiaolong was already paralyzed in fear on the floor, so he couldn’t do anything.

He found pen and paper, then handed it to Lei Xiaolong.

Lei Xiaolong started to write tremblingly.

“This one… divorces… ****! Do you know how to ******* write? Is she your wife right now? Are you ******* educated!” Du Xiaowei glanced at what Lei Xiaolong wrote and directly kicked him.

“I-I’ve never written it before!” Lei Xiaolong stuttered.

“Alright, I’ll say it, and you’ll write it!” I shook my head. It seems like Lei Xiaolong wasn’t very educated.

“Sure! Sure! That’s for the best!” Lei Xiaolong nodded.

“Party A: Lei Xiaolong. Party B: Xia Jing. Due to personality differences between Party A and Party B, A requests to cancel the engagement with Party B and return all engagement gifts that Party B has given…” I said.

“My family didn’t receive any gifts…” Lei Xiaolong interrupted.

“F*ck your mom! If you didn’t then compensate them!” Du Xiaowei kicked Lei Xiaolong once more.

“I’ll compensate, I’ll compensate!” Lei Xiaolong quickly nodded.

“Okay, then add it onto the contract. Compensate Party B 1 billion USD…” I continued.

“1 billion? So much…” Lei Xiaolong said painfully.

“****, do you think it’s too much!?” Du Xiaowei kicked Lei Xiaolong again.

“Wait, wait, I suddenly feel like this isn’t that interesting anymore. Killing’s more fun!” I said with a wave of my hands.

“Don’t, don’t. I’ll compensate! I’ll compensate! It’s not much, a billion is not much! It’s too little!” Lei Xiaolong quickly corrected himself.

“Oh, you feel like a billion is too little as well?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s way too little!” How could Lei Xiaolong dare to say it’s not!

“Since it’s like that, then two billion USD instead!” I said.

“Ahh… Okay,” Lei Xiaolong didn’t dare to object anymore.

“Party A cannot harass Party B in any way from now on. It is effective upon the signing of this document,” I said, then reminded him. “Then sign it and press your handprint on it!”

Lei Xiaolong immediately did all that.

“Go and find the casino’s notary and notarize this agreement!” Would it be trouble if Lei Xiaolong claims that I forced him to write this later?

Hank got a waiter to bring the notary over in order to notarize the agreement. During so, Lei Xiaolong did cooperate fully.

“Alright, you can leave now,” I waved my hand impatiently. “But if I find that Xia Jing’s not original, then you’re dead. You know what I do.”

“No, no!” Lei Xiaolong quickly shook his head, then quickly left this place of trouble alongside Uncle Bin.

“Boss? That’s it?” Du Xiaowei said in disbelief, he had thought that there would be a hard fight.

“Mhmm, this is only the beginning. This agreement is just a step for Xia Jing’s family to take. Otherwise, the Lei family will definitely not agree if I snatch Xia Jing over publicly and might even cause them to go into dispute with the Xia family. Although Xia Jing’s family has some basis within our country, it’s far worse than the Lei family. What’s more, everything will be simple with this agreement. If the Lei family has any complaints, we can just directly publish this,” I said.

“Then the two billion USD?” Hank asked.

“Hehe, do you think boss would care about so little money?” Du Xiaowei asked in response.

“That’s true!” Hank nodded. The money that passes through his month is so much more than that as well.

“But what if the Lei family gets desperate?” Du Xiaowei was a bit worried.

“What do you think he can do when desperate?” I laughed. “We can play him to death in every single way.”

“Then Boss, why are you still robbing the wedding, wouldn’t it be fine directly publishing this agreement?” Hank asked in disagreement.

“You’re such a ******* idiot! Don’t tell people that you’re my student!” Du Xiaowei said angrily. “A hero saves a beauty, Prince Charming saves the princess from the monster. Have you not heard of these stories!”

“I…” Hank laughed embarrassedly…

“Young Master, do we tell master about this?” Uncle Bin asked.

“Tell him? Tell him for what! Do you want me to get beaten up!” Lei Xiaolong said impatiently

“But the issue of cancelling the engagement is so huge…” Uncle Bin hesitated.

“Hmmph, the wedding is going to carry on as normal. Just send more people there1 What’s more, my dad can definitely deal with this using his abilities! Worst come to worst, we’ll get married back in Huaxia. The regulation of firearms is stricter there, they can’t possibly be so cocky!” said Lei Xiaolong.

“But Young Master, those people are really amazing…” Uncle Bin was just thinking about it. He immersed himself in several tens of years in martial arts, but was suppressed in just one move.

“What are you afraid of? Our Lei family’s bodyguards are no joke!” Lei Xiaolong said in disdain, completely forgetting his earlier demeanor.

Uncle Bin sighed without saying anything else. What exactly could he say!


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Chapter 145 – I can exchange

He didn’t dare to imagine what it would be like if Lei Xiaolong lost.

Uncle Bin sighed, this Lei Xiaolong didn’t know what to do other than causing trouble! It seems like he can only use the master’s name if there was no other way. The casino will probably give him face, since the casino’s purpose was just to earn money. No matter how much money they ask for, Lei Bofu would give it. After all, Lei Xiaolong’s life was useless for the casino, they had no need to refuse money.

Thinking that, Uncle Bin calmed down a bit. Hopefully nothing goes wrong.

This time, the dealer dealt for me first once more.

“Wait!” Lei Xiaolong suddenly called out. “This time, deal for me first!”

I smiled, I knew you would suspect there being something wrong with the cards. Thus, I said uncaringly, “Whatever, do as Young Master Lei wants!”

Lei Xiaolong’s bottom card was a 10 of hearts, then the shown cards were jack of hearts, queen of hearts and king of hearts. When he saw that, he said proudly, “Hehe, now the luck has returned to my side!”

Meanwhile, my cards were ace of spades, king of spades, and 10 of spades on the top, while my bottom card was a queen of spades.

When ace of hearts was dealt in front of Lei Xiaolong, he finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

“How is it! Boss Liu, your luck changed over to my side the moment we changed the sequence!” Lei Xiaolong said excitedly.

My last card was a jack of spades, meaning that my royal flush was the combination that beat everything.

Flip! Lei Xiaolong revealed his bottom card, then struck a cool pose that the god of gambling did in a movie and said, “Royal Flush!”

I smiled faintly. Hehe, Lei Xiaolong, you’re screwed.

“What are you smiling for! I won, can’t you afford the loss?” Lei Xiaolong said proudly.

“Sorry, if we didn’t change cards, then you really would have won. But now, ai!” I sighed, then flipped my last card over.

Lei Xiaolong looked at the cards on my table in despair! Two royal flushes appeared at the same time! Just how small of a chance was this!

“This is impossible! You must have cheated!” Lei Xiaolong stood up, pointed at my nose and shouted.

“I cheated? When did you see me cheat? What’s more, we changed cards because you said to do so. You can’t accept the loss and now you’re actually saying I cheated?” I laughed coldly.

“Collect our stakes!” I said to Du Xiaowei.

“Wait! Stop! I’ll call someone to send six hundred million here. Please don’t do anything to young master!” Uncle Bin shielded Lei Xiaolong behind him.

“Yeah! My dad has tons of money, I can tell him to send it here for me!” Lei Xiaolong was terrified as well! He only betted his life in anger, he didn’t think about the consequences or the severity of the issue. Right now, when he saw that the other person was seriously going to collect the stakes, he couldn’t help but get nervous.

“Money? Just how much can you dad bring? If you’re willing to bet, then you have to accept your loss! If you owe money, then pay it back with money; if you owe a life, then pay it back with your life! Do I look like I lack money? Haha, I forcefully played an extra round with you because I heard that you wanted to bet your life against me. You’re going to exchange money for your life? Dream on! How can there be such a good thing in the world! Do it!” I stood up and walked beside Le iXiaolong.

“Don’t, I’ll give however much money you guys want!” Lei Xiaolong screamed. That was because he already saw Hank point a gun at him!

At that moment, Uncle Bin also moved. His target was Hank, but before he got there, Du Xiaowei easily suppressed him. Although Uncle Bin’s ability was top amount bodyguards, Du Xiaowei had my personal guidance, he didn’t just use martial arts, he used a fusion of superpowers and internal techniques. That was why Uncle Bin seemed like nothing in front of him.

“You better not make a reckless move, otherwise, you’re going to die as well,” when Du Xiaowei started acting cool, it really was amazing. He remained expressionless like a mob fighter. Even an experienced person like Uncle Bin seemed to feel shocked.

“You can’t kill him! He’s the young master of Lei’s Corporation!” Uncle Bin revealed Lei Xiaolong’s identity.

Of course I knew Lei Xiaolong was Lei’s Corporation’s young master, it was because he was the young master of the Lei family that I came to cause trouble for him. If I was to put it in a more trendy phrase, it would be “I wouldn’t find him if he was just a commoner”!

“Lei’s Corporation?” I deliberately pretended to be confused and asked Hank. “Is it really famous?”

“It’s pretty famous in both Huaxia and the US. It’s a very capable foundation,” Hank explained.

“Oh! So it’s just rich? But, do you think laozi will care about money since I’m gambling here?” I said to Lei Xiaolong and Uncle Bin in a mocking manner. “Hehe, I pay out several hundred dollars easily, do you think I care about money? I’m telling you, money is just a bunch of numbers to me!”

“Then what do you want!” Lei Xiaolong’s lower body was already wet, he clearly pissed himself in terror.

“What do I want? You can’t be that forgetful, right? Didn’t you say you were betting your life? I only bet with you because you wanted to bet your life, otherwise, what could you have used to bet with me? Alright, stop wasting my breath, laozi is going to take what’s mine! Hank, do it!” I pretended that I was very impatient.

“No, you can’t just kill people! My dad definitely wouldn’t let you guys off!” Lei Xiaolong exclaimed.

“Won’t let us off? Hehe! Young Master Lei, you’re too naïve, right? Xiaowei, tell Young Master Lei what our professions are?” I said casually.

“Killers, mercenaries,” Du Xiaowei replied simply.

“You hear that? Young Master Lei! Our profession is killing people! Six hundred million, just treat it as paying for your life!” I said without care.

“No!” Lei Xiaolong fell into complete desperation.

At that moment, Uncle Bin also understood that the other people were really strong, they weren’t afraid of anything. From the ability of the person that suppressed him just now, even the older generation of the Lei family wouldn’t be able to match him.

“There is no benefit for you if you kill us, why don’t we talk about conditions?” Uncle Bin could only approach it with a tiny bit of hope.

“Oh, it seems like you’re right. Other people all pay us to kill, but it doesn’t seem like I gain anything by killing you,” I said after a long thought.

“Yeah, as long as you let us go, we can agree to any conditions!” Lei Xiaolong immediately appeared energetic once again as if he found some hope.

“Hmm, but what can you give me?” I don’t seem to lack money, am I right, Xiaowei. We have truly too much money! What does a man need aside from money?” I said with a deep ponder.

“Mhmm, a man merely pursues money, position and woman. Boss, you don’t lack the former two…” Du Xiaowei answered.

“Beauties… I have tons of beauties, I can give you a large number of excellent beauties as long as you let me go!” Lei Xiaolong yelled loudly before Du Xiaowei finished.

“****! What are you shouting for!” Hank smashed Lei Xiaolong’s head with the butt of his gun. “Who do you think our boss is? Your women? Our boss don’t want second-handed goods!”


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Chapter 225 – Three Years of Movements!

Xiao Chen walked past the desolate great desert and finally arrived at the end of the nether world. The other side possessed a hazy green splendor. The vibe of the living world assaulted their senses. It made Xiao Chen and Oxman feel as if it was a lifetime ago since they were in the living world, although they had only been in the underworld for a little more than a month.

“Eh? Over there…” Xiao Chen noticed a flickering purple light on the other half of the mountain left behind by Sengen.


Xiao Chen flew above the few kilometer tall mountain as he unfolded his Undying Wings.

There was an Amethyst Cosmic Tree not taller than one foot. It was reasonable to say that it would be impossible for it to be amethyst in color.

Cosmic Tree, in the nether world, it would grow one inch in a hundred years, one foot in a millennium, ten feet in ten thousand years. At ten feet tall, it would be as red as a ruby, only by the time they grew to thirty feet tall would their colour change to amethyst. The longer they lived, the denser the spiritual energy they possess.

However, after examining it carefully, Xiao Chen found the problem. Although it was not ten feet tall, the trunk was growing sideways. This Amethyst Cosmic Tree had grown horizontally for no less than ten feet!

Its entire body was flickering with purple light. The trunk was almost transparent and was just as clear as a diamond.

It was impossible for Sengen to miss this Amethyst Cosmic Tree, but maybe he just didn’t put any importance in only one treasured tree. The Cosmic Tree was a rarely seen article, but Sengen had swept away a whole mountain of it and collected no less than a few dozen trunks, including two which bore the Cosmic Fruit.

Xiao Chen used Weapon Fusion and took the Amethyst Cosmic Tree into his body. This was unconditionally a sacred article in the world of immortals. Regardless of whether it was used to brew drugs or to craft a magic weapon, just by using a little Cosmic Wood, the rate of work would increase dramatically.

A ten feet tall Amethyst Cosmic Tree was definitely a rare item!

The lustrous Amethyst Cosmic Tree rose sharply from the level ground. It was gradually submerged into Xiao Chen’s body. When those huge purple roots completely separated from the soil, a brittle “tink” sound could be heard. A crystal clear divine light flickered on the ground as an Amethyst Cosmic Fruit was dragged out.

Just at this time, the little fatty Oxman who was riding on the Black Dragon King had already arrived. Looking at this scene, he immediately shouted in surprised, “Amethyst Cosmic Fruit!”

That’s right, it was indeed a glossy purple fruit. It was actually growing on the stolon.

“This… how is this possible? How did the fruit grow on the stolon, aren’t the fruits supposed to grow on the branches?” Oxman was dumbstruck. ⌈1

There was no mistake, this was definitely a rarely seen Cosmic Fruit, but the place it grew from was a little eccentric.

Xiao Chen smiled. Regardless of which, he was able to obtain an Amethyst Cosmic Fruit. This was truly an unexpected gain.

“Fatty, I’m sorry, but I want to keep this Cosmic Fruit for the little critter. It doesn’t even have a physical body now, we still don’t know if it will be able to come back to this world smoothly.”

Oxman already knew about Keke’s circumstances, he naturally wouldn’t plan to take this Cosmic Fruit from Xiao Chen. He chuckled and said, “If Sengen knew this, he might regret it endlessly. Among a few dozen of those Amethyst Cosmic Trees, only two of them bore fruit, and the one he dropped just happens to have one.”

Speaking until here. The little fatty sighed with sorrow, “The Peacock’s divine ability is really unimaginable. Even in the nether world, finding one Cosmic Tree is very challenging in itself. Yet he was able to find a few dozen of them and took an entire mountain with him. I suppose he wants to transplant them at his meditative spot.”

Exiting via the tunnel, Xiao Chen and the fatty found themselves in one of the oasis halfway up the mountain. After trekking down the dangerous mountain on the edge of dangers, they finally arrived at the foot of the mountain.

Two days later, they returned to the “Pure Land”. The bright colored fresh flowers, the rocking trees, and the fragrant soft grass was a sight for sore eyes. The specks of light and dense spiritual energy of the Pure Land was very harmonious and tranquil.

There’s no clamor of the mundane world, no fighting and scheming of human society, just by arriving at this place, one could feel as if their souls were purified.

“Oxman has returned once again, hahaha…” The little fatty survived by the skin of his teeth, and fused with the soul of the legendary Gozuki. He shouted happily in front of the village gate.

Qingqing. She was as picturesque and elegant as ever. She ran over to the village gate with agile steps. Her pure white dress and long hair fluttered in the breeze. She was just like a fallen deity, as if she was composed by a beautiful verse. She was just like a fairy made up by the world’s spiritual energy. It could be said that she was the perfect masterpiece crafted by gods.

Looking at her flying over from the fairyland, it was as if she was really a fairy. This kind of beautiful scene gave rise to some complicated desires.

Xiao Chen said without restrain, “Qingqing, if you were to go to the human society, I’ll bet the monarchs all over the continent would wage war because of you.”

Qingqing lightly creased her beautiful nose as a sharp glint circulated in her eyes, “Uncle, are you praising me, or are you scolding me as a femme fatale?”

“This girl is indeed a source of calamity.” Oxman said with a foolish tone, “I have seen two or three women with devastating beauty. Zhao Lin Er and Yan Qingcheng are extraordinarily beautiful, but somehow… they are still a level below Qingqing. Even Rowena, the one I like the most, still fall a little behind Qingqing.”

“Hehe…” The white-clothed Qingqing was intelligent and agilely walked around Oxman, she smiled and said, “Brother fatty, you are normally scatterbrained and foolish, never would I have thought you would have such a sweet mouth.” Soon after, she turned around to face Xiao Chen, and said, “Uncle, your complexion looks good. There are a few strains of black hair among the white hair now, looks like your life expectancy has increased.”

With the baptism of the leyline, Xiao Chen’s body condition had indeed become much better. More importantly, with the overflowing life energy from those divinized acupoints, his body’s constitution was slowly changing for the better.

Another half a year passed in the blink of an eye, Xiao Chen had already stayed at the Pure Land for about a year. During this time, he was determined to train and push himself to his limits. His power increased day after day. He had already stabilized his power at Historia’s Third Celestial Layer. It was no longer fluctuating like it was in the past.

He already found out from Oxman that Fairsnow was to be wed to the Middle Earth’s Tiger Clan. Presently, the troops that were escorting the bride were already on their way. Xiao Chen really wanted to make his move, but he didn’t have that kind of power at the moment.

Train in silence and forge ahead on the lonesome path by himself, that was the only thing he could do.

“Uncle…” The witty Qingqing came into the forest and found Xiao Chen at last. She gracefully jumped down from a tall tree and smiled gently, “Uncle, if you keep this up, you will become a log. You are always meditating all day long. I haven’t heard a single word from you during the past three days. This is not good for you if you keep this up. Meditating is also to train the heart, confining yourself to train like this won’t bear any good result.”

Xiao Chen suddenly understood. At the same time, he lamented. Geniuses truly existed in this world. His talent could already be said to be top notch, but if compared to Qingqing, he was still a little behind.

The eighteen year old Qingqing was more powerful than Xiao Chen and Oxman. The little fatty was not convinced and had challenged Qingqing before, as a result, he lost and ran with his tail between the legs.

Just what realm had the ethereal and vivacious Qingqing reached already, Xiao Chen did not know. What he knew was that only Lan Nuo was comparable to her in terms of talent.

“Uncle, you are so foolish, you are lost in thought again, hehe…” Qingqing giggled, and then she took out a jade bowl as if she was performing a trick, “This is a porridge made with black reishi mushroom and black sesame seed. Uncle, drink it quickly. This way, your white hair might darken sooner.”

Xiao Chen smiled and received the jade bowl. A warm feeling was flowing through his heart.

“Drink it quickly, Elder Turtle said you are very efficacious. I will cook one bowl for you everyday.” Qingqing stepped on the tree leaves and flew away gracefully.

Xiao Chen was enlightened by Qingqing, so he frequently went to tour the beastmen or jungle tribe’s villages.The beast folk were guileless and were very friendly toward him.

In the evening, in the middle of a wasteland, many tents of a certain beastmen tribe were lit up. Xiao Chen was currently sitting around the bonfire with a group of young beastmen as they were eating and drinking in the spacious outdoors. Just at this time, little fatty Oxman ran over in a hurry.

“Xiao Chen, I’ll let you in a good news. Just when Fairsnow finished paying her respects, her short-lived husband was killed by someone, hahaha…”

Xiao Chen set aside the wine cup and deer meat ⌈2⌋, wiped the oil from his mouth, and asked, “What happened?”

“Hey, have you ever heard of the number one assassin group in the mainland, Million Chrysus?” The little fatty proudly puffed up his chest.

The group of beastmen youth sitting around the bonfire were all outstanding in appearance, they were all very straightforward. One of them said, “Ox-headed brother, just spill it out, don’t keep us in suspense.”

Oxman was quite depressed. After the horns grew on his head, all his acquaintances began to call him ox-head. He snatched some deer meat and gulped down a cup of wine before he said, “Reportedly, this ‘Million Chrysus’ has already existed for countless years, and they have deep grudges against the Middle Earth’s Tiger Clan. It’s been passed down that, the first generation assassins tried to assassinate the tiger clan’s ancestor. That old White Tiger almost lost his life at that time. Hereafter, the grudges between both parties were impossible to unravel. This time, I heard that a genius was born among the youth generation of this ancient assassin group. He named himself Chrysus. It was him that assassinated the seventh son of the tiger clan’s lord. That is; Fairsnow’s husband.


The beastmen youth at the side shouted. They admired these kinds of heroics the most. They toasted in succession and gulped down the wine.

Million Chrysus, it was a long-established organization. The organization was founded a long time ago and it was already impossible to find any written records regarding their organization. They were an organization that were close to legend. During their golden age, they even dared to assassinate an immortal.

Moreover, legend had it they caused quite a few world-shaking incidents. Assassinating the White Tiger Emperor was one of the few incidents. Although they didn’t really manage to kill him, it was enough to secure their position as the best assassination group in history.

Oxman lamented, “It is reported that, even though the husband is already dead, Fairsnow was still wedded to the tiger clan. This woman is really unpredictable!”

Speaking until here, Oxman turned his head to face Xiao Chen and said, “How about… I get in touch with some brothers and go to snatch Fairsnow over, or maybe get rid of her?”

“That’s right, let’s go and kidnap her. I hear that she is one of the pearls in Southern Wasteland. Catch her and make her brother Xiao Chen’s or brother Gozuki’s wife.” The beastmen youths at the side wished for the whole world to be in chaos. They were normally very combative. After hearing something like this, they wanted to go and test their skills.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “With our power, it is enough to handle the youth generation, but if an old ******* shows up, we will be completely wipe out. Perhaps the Fair family and tiger clan are just waiting for me to return. This is not yet the time to make a move. If I am to make my move, I will definitely make them suffer. We cannot rush this kind of thing.”

The time flowed on like water, the fleeting years passed by in a flash. Xiao Chen spent his twenty-fourth birthday at the Pure Land. He had already lived in this place for three years. This place had already become his home. The beastmen and jungle race’s tribe had already become a second hometown to him.

His white hair had already turned black again. During these past two years, Xiao Chen always drank one bowl of piping hot black sesame porridge everyday. He was touched, but he found that there was nothing he could do to repay Qingqing. She did not lack anything nor did she want anything.

He wasn’t narcissistic enough to believe that, this fairy-like girl would have come to like him. Qingqing had transcendental beauty that exceeded the splendor of the moon. Taking care of him was only because of her kindhearted nature. Even if it was another man who arrived at this place, she would also take care of him just the same.

Just because she was kindhearted, it didn’t mean she was simple. In fact, Qingqing gave Xiao Chen quite a few headaches. Towards this uncle she had picked up, Qingqing frequently teased him. Even their peers in the nearby tribe felt very helpless. Qingqing would frequently play a harmless prank on them.

Seal of Aquarius!

Secrets of Turtle’s long life!

Flying Apsara!

Xiao Chen practiced the bizarre artes he learned from the elders.

He was about to leave this place. Training the mind was also a part of meditation. He needed to enter the human societies.

“Uncle, you are really going to leave?” Qingqing was playing on a swing in the flower garden. She heaved a sigh and said, “Sigh… nobody will play with me again. How about I go discuss with my grandfather and go look for you in the Middle Earth later on.”

Lu Bu who stands out among men, the Red Hare which stands out among horses ⌈3⌋. Two years ago, the legendary Lu Bu riding on the Red Hare had made an appearance on the Middle Earth’s battlefield.

One and a half years ago, Bai Qi ⌈4⌋, the human butcher who killed hundreds of thousands of men reconstructed his physical body and returned from the nether world with an army of twenty thousand.

Nine months ago, Buddha Dipankara ⌈5⌋ entered the Shang Dynasty of Middle Earth to spread their doctrine.

Eight months ago, Tongtian dispatched many of his disciples to the national border of Hsia Dynasty.

Seven months ago, Yuanshi dispatched Yunzhongzi ⌈6⌋ to the national borders of the Middle Earth’s Zhou Dynasty.

Half a year ago, the Demon King who was missing for a millennium once again appeared in the Southern Wasteland.

Three months ago, the almost forgotten founder of the Demon Sect made an appearance in the Middle Earth.

Two months ago, Sage Confucius ⌈7⌋ led nine chosen ones out of the seventy two disciples and appeared in the Middle Earth.

One month ago, the Supreme Zhang Sanfeng ⌈8⌋ appeared in the mortal world.

Some twenty odd plus days ago, Zhuang Zhou ⌈9⌋ transformed into butterflies and made an appearance.

More than ten days ago, Xiao Li the Flying Dagger killed seven angels in the Western part of Middle Earth.

These past two years, many legendary figures began to reveal themselves for some reason. And this seemed to be just the beginning.

Xiao Chen felt it was about time to enter the Middle Earth to learn through experience.

“This is goodbye, I will miss you guys.” Leaving behind half of the Amethyst Cosmic Tree, which was even more precious than gold, Xiao Chen departed from the Pure Land. His destination; the boundless Middle Earth! ⌈10


  1. Silva: Anything is possible for plot armor… 
  2. Fade: ? deep meat? steeped meat? dark meat?
    Silva: Oh frick… what the hell is deep meet… I’ll need to check that later, but it’s probably deer meat? 
  3. Lu Bu specialised in archery and horse-riding, and possessed great physical strength. He was nicknamed “Flying General” (飛將) for his martial prowess.He also owned a powerful steed known as the “Red Hare” (赤兎). The Cao Man Zhuan recorded that there was a saying at the time to describe Lü Bu and the Red Hare: “Lü Bu [who stands out] among men, the Red Hare [which stands out] among horses” 
  5. According to some Buddhist traditions, Dīpankara was a Buddha who reached enlightenment eons prior to Buddha Gautama, the historical Buddha. 
  6. I got nothing on Yuanshi, but here’s information about Yunzhongzi 
  10. Silva: Yep… lots of information gathering going on in this chapter… but hey, it’s finally the end of this arc, and the beginning of a new one! 

Episode 73 The Fall of the Throne

「Both Kairiku and Tohotsu didn’t suffer any casualties as of yet thanks to Rinos-dono’s barriers. However, they are filled with cracks, the situation became increasingly dangerous after the last attack」

For them to be able to put a crack on my moderately sturdy barrier is quite impressive. Well, the barriers should be able to protect everyone at least 2-3 times.

「What about the numbers? What kind of monsters is attacking? 」

「It’s geryon. About 200 of them」

「When did they attack?」

「It was Tohotsu the day before yesterday and Kairiku yesterday. Judging by their route…..」

「The next is the Kurumfar mansion」

「Yes, I think that they should attack today」

I left 50 harpies in the Kurumfar mansion but having them face 200 champions of the forest, geryons, isn’t wise.

「All right, I understand. I’ll go. I wanted to visit today anyway」

Leaving Peris and Mei behind, we teleported to the Kurumfar mansion.

Upon arrival, I immediately made my way to Tohotsu. I heard the circumstances directly from the man responsible for this town, Kars.

「The day before yesterday, in the afternoon, I received a report from the soldiers stationed on the wall about the monster attack. I ordered to close the gate and had the women stay in their homes. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties thanks to the Rinos-dono’s barrier but the sight of roughly 100 geryons launching wind magic was quite a shock」

Looking closely at the barrier, I could see some minor cracks but there weren’t any critical problems. I mended the cracks and headed to the next town, Kairiku.

I listened to the report of the sea tribe member and mayor of this town, Marcel.

「We were attacked yesterday afternoon. Since I was told about it by Kars from Tohotsu I wanted to prepare a countermeasure, but as expected, 200 geryons are too many. There was no choice but to close the gates and persevere」

When I examined the barrier, I found a big crack. That was a close call. I immediately recast the barrier making it even stronger in the process.

「Why did they attack?」

「Because of the fish’s smell, most likely. We captured a lot of esaraharu the other day and were in the process of dismantling and drying them. The sea breeze might have carried the smell of the way to the forest」

「So you mean that they will come again」

「Most likely they intend to gather their forces and attack once more」

I looked at the「Map」. Looking closely I found a mass of mana deep in the forest. Seeing their red color, they must be the geryons. They didn’t stay too far from the Kairiku town. Apparently, their next target is Kairiku.

「If they come attacking once again we will fight back」

「However, there are too many of them. With just our forces……」

「It’s all right, I have a plan」

After a while, the group of geryons began to move. They head straight here. Kairiku is the target.

「Geryons! Geryons came out! 」

Hearing the screams of the gatekeeper, we moved towards the wall. Looking from the top of the wall, the geryons marched towards the city in orderly lines. Not just that, a lot of geryons were stationed in the sky. There was also an abnormally big geryon amongst them.

「This is the geryon king. As expected of the king of the forest. The strongest individual is participating on the frontlines」

I equipped the katana and went out of the gate. I slowly walked towards the geryon king. Then I pointed at it with my finger and waved it in the air provocatively. [1]

With its pride hurt, the geryon king dashed towards me. I pulled out 「Kurogatana」and aimed between its eyes. However, it jumped to the side and dodged it. Then it swung its foreleg with sharp nails in my direction. I dodged its strike by bending my body.

The geryon king moved its wings as it roared. Green mist rose from its body. After a while, multiple「Wind Blade」came flying my way. I released wind blades of my own and canceled its.

I made a thrust at it again. It dodged the strike to its face. However, I changed my target to its left foreleg.


The strike connected.


An impressive roar. Looking closely, its left foreleg seems to be broken. While it was at it, I swung towards its head.


It body collapsed with a bang. Moving naturally, I swung towards its remaining foreleg and its hind legs.  With its legs crushed, it could only crawl on the ground.

「Shall we continue?」

Breathing roughly, it stared at me with eyes filled with killing intent. Apparently, it didn’t give up yet. I applied recovery magic and restored its wounds. [2]

「All right then, let’s proceed to the second round」

Maybe because it thought that I will attack it again, it slowly retreated while glaring at me. The other geryons watched holding their breath. Just when I thought that it would run away, it suddenly stopped and its figure disappeared.

When I came to myself, I noticed its face above my head. With its mouth wide, it tried to crush me with its teeth. I tried to avoid it on reflex but it still bit my left shoulder.

「Gakin! Baribari!!」




I heard the screams of Rico and others. Yet, I didn’t move. After a while, geryon king’s head relaxed and slid down my shoulder.


Its magnificent fangs were blocked by my barrier and completely crumbled apart. It started whining as it bled from its mouth. I pulled out the Holy Sword and slashed its eyes taking away its sight. After that, I cut off its wings, forelegs, and hind legs making it unable to stand once again. [3]

「You’re quite fast. I shall compliment you for being able to escape my sight even if only for a moment. All right then, in the third round, I’ll be serious. Try it again with your speed and attacking power. Well, people say that what happens twice can happen thrice, so you need to try harder」

I applied recovery magic once again and healed the geryon king.

It wasn’t as intimidating this time. With its tail between its legs, it slowly retreated and, once it created enough distance, run away like a frightened rabbit.

「Don’t you run away, moron」

I released「Scorching Bullet」and destroyed its right hind leg. Having its leg suddenly blown away, it stumbled and fell on the ground. Immediately after, its wound ignited at the same time with the explosion ahead of it. [4] The blast wave blew him towards me. Its body had severe burns and it was in danger of dying.

I healed it for the third time.

The geryon king didn’t move. I sheathed the Holy Sword, pulled out the「Onigiri」, and stood before it.

「Shall we do it once again? This time I’ll show you the true hell」


It closed its eyes and assumed a submissive pose. I spoke to it while it was maintaining the pose.

「What, you don’t want to?」

「I plead. Do not kill me」

「You were attacking our villages and now you are prostrating? Aren’t you a bit too shameless? 」

「….Perhaps it is so. Then kill me in one strike」

While we were talking, 10 geryons approached us. Apparently, they intend to bite me. Didn’t they see the previous fight? Or so I thought as I slashed them with the「Onigiri」one after another.

「Guogyaaaaaaa!!!! Gugyaa!!」

10 geryons writhed around me. Looking at this sight, the other geryons seemed to lose their will to fight.

「You are the geryon king. Make them surrender. If you are able to do it, I don’t mind saving them. If you aren’t, I’ll slaughter every single one of you. I will even let you choose between dismembering or hellish suffering」

The geryon king stood up, turned towards its comrades and roared. After that, the geryons in the sky and the geryons in the forest gathered before my and lowered their heads in submission.

Once I confirmed it, I healed the twitching ones. Once healed, they stopped twitching and turned submissive. Let’s leave them at that.

「You’ve lost to me, therefore, you are now under me. My orders are absolute. Disobedience means death」


Answered the geryon king as the representative.

「I shall protect those who are under me. You can get the explanation from the harpies. But first, can you tell me why did you attack the town? 」

「To secure provision. The tasty smell of the fish reaches us every day. There is no way to endure it. The group that I dispatched to gather food was easily repelled. After that, I launched a full-scale attack in the name of the king only to end up like this」

「I see, you do look like cats. Do you like fish this much? If you are willing to serve me, I don’t mind splitting some fish with you. How about it? 」

「Since we have surrendered, we shall follow Master’s orders」

「Understood. Marcel! Please divide some esaraharu. Give them some of the processed ones too」


A great number of esaraharu was given to the geryons. They devoured the fish as if it was the center of their worlds.

After that, we returned to the mansion where I had the harpies meet the geryons and explain them the meaning of being my subordinates.

After a while, 200 geryons lined up in front of the mansion. For some reason, the showed me their bellies and assumed a submissive pose. It must be very surreal to witness 200 champions of the forest showing their bellies. I wonder, what exactly did the harpies explain to them?

At that day, the title of the「Ruler of the Forest」was passed to the human from the beasts.


  1. Beat the king to become the king? 
  2. Something reminds me of a certain dragon. 
  3. It’s been a while since that last relentless abuse. 
  4. My guess is that it pierced through its leg, flew forward, and collided with the ground ahead of it thus creating the explosion. 

Episode 83 Date Starts From Clothes

The team was currently in a suite room on the top floor of the most luxurious hotel in the second district. The suite room was on the 8th floor and provided a wonderful view.

There are four suite rooms on the 8th floor, but they took two of them. One for the student council and one for the rest.

「All right. Everyone is here」

When Seiya confirmed everyone’s presence, he inserted his hand in his pocket, took out something, and handed it to everyone.

「This  is?」

Selena questioningly looked at this thing. The same was true for everyone present except Seiya. Seiya explained to the five.

「This is the IC Gater Mini. It has a few restrictions compared to my IC Gater but with this, you can use the virtual currency. I put 20 thousand grela in each of them, use it as you see fit. That being said, don’t leave the inn too much」

Hearing his explanation, everyone looked at their IC Gater Mini. Seiya’s IC Gater was something like a charge-type wallet.

When selling or buying, you can use the IC Gater to pay, making an exchange possible. According to the youth, there are several companies dealing in support and maintenance of the IC Gater.

The girls’ IC Gater Mini didn’t differ that much from a normal one, it only worked with the different amounts of money. The normal IC Gater has no limit while the IC Gater Mini can only operate with a limited amount of money based on its type.

For example, these IC Gater Mini had a fixed maximum amount of 50 thousand grela, and they currently had 30 thousand on them. In other words, if they work hard they can increase it up to a maximum of 50 thousand. Besides those, there is a type for children with a maximum amount of 10 thousand and a type with a maximum amount of 1 million.

Normally the IC Gater of Seiya’s type is kept in a bank and used to charge the IC Gater Mini when necessary.

Therefore, the people with the normal IC Gater either came from other places or confident in their own power.

「Also, you can fill it by selling stuff like we did before. That being said, 50 thousand grela is the limit, if you exceed it you’d have to get a new one. It’s one for 2000 grela, it seems」

Seiya’s explanation was met with silence. Apparently, they had difficulties to comprehend the concept of virtual grela.

That’s why they decided to go out only with Seiya and stay in their room any other time.

「By the way, Seiya……what are we going to do from now on……? 」
「That’s right. We came all the way here, but we have no idea where my mother is」

Yua’s and Selena’s question was reasonable.

They came here to save Moka Fenix, not for sightseeing. But they had no way to save her since they didn’t know where she was hidden. Nevertheless, they didn’t have any way to figure out the location.

「Regarding that, we have no choice but to ask around」
「Ask around!?」
「Would this method work?」
「It may be dangerous if we don’t hurry」

The student council members were surprised by Seiya’s nonchalant answer.

True enough, they didn’t have any other mean but to ask around. However, it can take too much time or, in the worst case, can alert the criminal.

Besides, they couldn’t predict the consequences of being slow. The student council members were agitated.

「This is just a speculation, but they probably won’t kill her anytime soon. If they want to kill her, they could have done so in the Leiria Kingdom.
That means that their target is『Fenix Flames』. However, the criminal shouldn’t be knowledgeable about『Fenix Flames』.If he knew, he wouldn’t have kidnapped her at such a timing.
Therefore, the criminal only knew the general outline and decided to get it」
「But you aren’t certain, right? 」

Asked Selena in a slightly worried voice. That wasn’t surprising. After all, she had her mother kidnapped and they discussed the probability of her mother being killed or not.

「Relax, She should be safe for at least a week」
「Why can you say that?」
「Because this time’s criminal is a big organization. They committed this large-scale crime. It involved a lot of preparations and risks. Your normal bandits aren’t capable of something like that.
In Leiria’s case, it would have been on the level of a special magician’s clan or the church. There is no way for such an organization to kill the target that they spent so much effort to capture. They will probably treat her carefully for a while」
「Then, is my mother safe for a week? 」
「Yeah. But at the same time, it will turn dangerous after one week」
「It can’t be……」

Selena made a despairing expression. It was the end of the second day since they departed the Leiria Kingdom. Because they couldn’t catch up to the criminal even of the magic horses, he is either already here or in a completely different place.

Even if he was here, they only had a window of six days. Selena downed in her worries and despair. Seeing her like that, Mona and Aishi grasped her hands.

「Well, that’s why I’m going to gather intelligence right now, relax」
「Right now……?」

What Yua asked about was whether it is okay to go out so late. The time was about 8 PM. Looking outside the window, the sun couldn’t be seen leaving only the light from the buildings.

Seiya wanted to go out alone in such a city. Her worries were understandable.

「Yeah, the drunkards start appearing on the streets around this time. I think there is a chance of some of them leaking some secrets」
「Then I’ll go too」

I can’t let Seiya wander the dangerous city, thought Yua. 「Then Lily too!」 she would definitely say something like that. That’s why Seiya immediately disagreed.

「Because here is the Dakuria. If you somehow end up using your light attribute here, it would escalate into a great commotion」
「Then I’ll fight with only wind and fire attributes…….」

Hearing her words, Seiya swung his head sideways.

「That’s precisely why you can’t. I can’t let you face danger with the attributes you aren’t used to. This time I shall go alone. Lily too. You look like a kid, they won’t let you inside」

Being a step too late, Lily puffed her cheeks. On the other hand, Yua understood but didn’t seem to be convinced.

Looking at the three, Selena thought. This method may take a lot of time. I want to save Moka as fast as possible but it’s true that there is nothing I can do without any information.

That being said, when someone asks her to obediently wait here the answer is no.

「Then I will go too. I’m not of the light attribute and I look much more adult than Lily. Besides, you are acting for my sake, I can’t just sit and do nothing」
「You know, it’s not like I’m doing it for your sake, it’s for Nari’s」
「I know.  But you are here because of my little sister, I, as the older sister, can’t accept being left out.  So please, lolicon. [1] Take me with you for the information gathering」

Selena looked at him with serious eyes. Looking into their eyes, Seiya said with a sigh.

「Do what you want」

Selena, who received the permission to accompany him, looked slightly happy. Next to Seiya, there was Yua with an uncomfortable look in her eyes but he didn’t notice.

「All right then, let’s go. I will come back in four hours at the latest. If I won’t come back today at all, stay on high alert. In the worst case, Lily, I’m counting on you」

Seiya said so and left the room. Selena followed after him.

「Hey, where are we going to go first?」
「First is the clothes store on the third floor of this inn」

Selena asked for a destination and Seiya answered as such.

There are various facilities in this inn besides the rooms, the clothes store is one of them. However, Selena’ didn’t seem to understand the need to visit the clothes store.

Seiya headed for the third floor as he eyed such Selena. To arrive, they used the elevator the saw in this inn for the first time.

「Still, this elevator thingy is amazing」
「That just means that this country’s technological level is this high」

The two arrived at the store while having such a conversation in the elevator. The insides of the store were wide, many kinds of clothes ranging from children’s to adult’s could be seen here. Selena’s eyes sparkled.


A girl, who appeared to be a store clerk, approached Seiya. She was slightly older that Seiya but felt young nevertheless.

Seiya told her the place they planned to visit and asked to pick a suitable outfit.

The girl grinned at Seiya and Selena for a moment and went to fetch the clothes.

After a few minutes, they were told to go to their respective cabins to try the clothes out.

When Seiya entered the fitting room, he saw tuxedo-like clothes on the wall. He took off his uniform of the thirteen apostles’ subordinate and wore the tuxedo.

「It suits you well」

The clerk girl complimented Seiya as he went out of the fitting room in the new tuxedo. Seiya himself didn’t think it suited him but became slightly happy at her compliment.

「Are you going in a night bar with your girlfriend?」

The girl asked Seiya. As for Seiya, he felt that is he says yes here Selena will get furious at him. However, going with someone who isn’t a girlfriend to a bar at this hour is something in itself, so he affirmed.

「Well, something like that」
「I see. Are you going to enjoy yourself tonight? 」

The grinning clerk girl asked such a thing. Seiya wondered whether it was okay for a store clerk to ask something like that from a customer when Selena’s fitting room’s door opened.


With such a sound Selena came out from the fitting room.

Different from her usual twin tails, she let her hair loose, she wore a red dress with long skirt together with long black gloves up until her elbows.

She approached Seiya on her high heels.

「How beautiful. With this, you boyfriend will be all over you this night」
「Eh, b-b-boyfriend? 」

The girl’s words shook Selena. She seemed surprised being treat as Seiya’s girlfriend. Seiya acted before Selena said something weird.

「You’re beautiful, Selena」
「Nn, nnnnnn???????」

Hearing Seiya saying her name was already surprising, but the compliment made her completely lose her words. Her face was red, as red as it could be.

The clerk girl looked at the two with an amused expression. Seiya wanted to finalize the purchase and leave this place as soon as possible.

「How much?」
「Are you fine with this? We have more to offer」
「I don’t mind」
「Understood. It’s 12 thousand grela, but since I saw something nice let it be 10 thousand」
「I see. I will take you up on your offer」

Seiya said so, paid with the IC Gater, and left together with Selena.

At that time the girl said「Take your time this night~」but Seiya chose to ignore it. As for Selena, when she heard the girl’s words, she blushed once again.

As for the uniform, he asked the girl to deliver it to the suite room on the top floor as he informed Lily about it through the telepathy.

Like that, the two ventured into the dark city.


  1. That’s not how you ask people. 

Chapter 52 – Bookworm Xiao Chen

“Young Master Qun, this……” Lang Guicheng was somewhat bewildered. Didn’t Yue Shaoqun want to teach Xiao Chen a lesson? How come he was speaking politely? Could it be that he wanted to use other methods to trap Xiao Chen? For example, making Xiao Chen mistakenly believe that Yue Shaoqun wanted to treat, causing him to order some luxurious dishes, then finally making Xiao Chen pay the bill?

But hadn’t this move already been used by Lou Zhenming and failed?

Yue Shaoqun waved his hand and stopped Lang Guicheng from speaking any further. Then, he said to Xiao Chen: “Fellow student, what do you think?”

“Yue Shaoqun, it can’t be seen that you are quite nostalgic. Used to sitting at this table? Then are you nostalgic about your fiancée?” Tang Tang had seen what had happened here from afar. She hurriedly ran over and directly turned to Yue Shaoqun, flaming him.

Yue Shaoqun was stunned for a moment. He turned his head and caught sight of Tang Tang leisurely sitting across from Xiao Chen. His face couldn’t help but slightly change, but it very quickly returned to normal. His original gloomy face instantly became a huge smile and he said: “Congratulations to you Tang Tang, you’ve found your new happiness! The matter between us is old and yellowed history, it’s best not to mention it.”

Yue Shaoqun gently and skillfully avoided Tang Tang’s ‘nostalgia’ question, instead taking this opportunity to thoroughly indicate his attitude. In other words, this was equal to him personally catching Tang Tang cheating and giving him a ‘green hat’1, so him breaking up with Tang Tang was completely reasonable. In addition, after this, Tang Tang also couldn’t be entangled with Yue Shaoqun anymore. After all, this was an issue related to an aristocratic family’s face.

Tang Tang naturally could understand Yue Shaoqun’s meaning and coldly smiled: “Yes ah, Xiao Chen is my boyfriend and is very good to me. You congratulate me, but won’t treat me to a meal?”

“Treat, of course I’ll treat. Just now, I said that this meal would be paid by me. Whatever you want to eat, order!” Yue Shaoqun faintly smiled and said.

“Xiao Chen, let’s order some lobster and abalone again, then pack it for later!” Tang Tang took the menu and said without a trace of politeness.

Yue Shaoqun gave out an indifferent laugh. This bit of money was only a drop in the ocean to him. Taking advantage of today’s opportunity, he could thoroughly break off relations with Tang Tang, making him very happy! Actually, for these past two years, Yue Shaoqun had been trying to find out information he could use against Tang Tang the entire time. However, Tang Tang simply didn’t give him this chance and wasn’t too intimate with any male students.

Yue Shaoqun had originally pinned his hopes on Deng Xiaokun previously, but Tang Tang hadn’t given Deng Xiaokun an opportunity the whole time. This made Yue Shaoqun awfully disappointed, but who would have expected that Tang Tang was unexpectedly intimate with a country bumpkin that came down from his village?

It was very hard for Yue Shaoqun to understand Tang Tang’s tastes. Even if she had grown up into a pig, wasn’t she still a former aristocratic family daughter? In that case, what was this vision? But this had no relations with him. Whoever Tang Tang found didn’t matter, as long as his goal had been achieved.

Hearing that the opposite party was Yue Shaoqun, Xiao Chen absolutely wasn’t courteous. He directly called over the server and ordered a big pile of lobster, abalone, sea cucumber, and king crab. In any case, if they couldn’t finish it, they could pack it to go. Having a rich guy to treat, if it wasn’t free, then they wouldn’t eat!

It was so much that Xiao Chen had even bought the Young Lady’s dinner. Recently, the Young Lady didn’t have anything to eat in the mornings. Besides instant noodles, it was instant noodles. This made Xiao Chen feel a bit embarrassed at heart.

After hearing that Xiao Chen wanted to bring some for dinner, Tang Tang let out a small sigh.

It seemed that in Xiao Chen’s heart, Cheng Mengying was his goddess, something irreplaceable! Even though he had fallen to being Cheng Mengying’s servant, he still thought of pleasing her. Tang Tang truly didn’t know what to say.

While waiting for Tang Tang and Xiao Chen to pack it into a parcel and leave the cafeteria, Yue Shaoqun threw a card to the server without any trouble and made her go settle the bill. This bit of money was a small token regarding Yue Shaoqun. He was Yue Family’s eldest son and eldest grandson, as well as the sole descendant from the first wife. Having this status, the entire Yue Family’s wealth could be withdrawn and used.

“Young Master Qun, why didn’t you teach that Xiao Chen a lesson? How come you treated him to a great feast?” Lang Guicheng questioned confusedly.

“This reason is very bad. At most, it could only make him change tables and consider it as done. If it were pursued without reason, then it wouldn’t be my style.” Yue Shaoqun lightly said: “Moreover, I can take opportunity of this affair to break off relations with Tang Tang, finally completely cutting it off.”

“So it was actually like this! Young Master Qun is a gentleman, not haggling it over with them. If it was changed to Lou Zhenming, he would directly go and grab a stool.” Lang Guicheng was Yue Shaoqun’s attendant since middle school. He was fully aware of Yue Shaoqun’s hypocritical nature, but didn’t dare say anything about it and only spoke praises.

Yue Shaoqun faintly smiled and didn’t mind it. He was mulling in his heart, ‘After today’s matter, I can’t brazenly teach Xiao Chen a lesson, otherwise when other people see it, they would think I am feeling jealous because of Tang Tang. This wouldn’t be my true intention.’

Yue Shaoqun didn’t expect that there would be such a sudden occurrence this noon. This made him have a headache. There was gain, but there was also loss.

“Was that hypocrite just now Yue Buqun?” Xiao Chen carried a large amount of food and spoke happily. He hadn’t even spent a cent for lunch, yet still returned with a huge pile of food.

“He’s called Yue Shaoqun, not Yue Buqun.” Tang Tang glared at Xiao Chen: “Do you know him?”

“I’ve heard of him, but I’m not familiar with him; I haven’t had any previous dealings with him. If not for his name sounding like Yue Buqun, I wouldn’t be able to remember what he’s called.” Xiao Chen replied.

“I reckon that today’s affair will be spread out by Yue Shaoqun very soon. He doesn’t know who you are, but your Xiao Family and Cheng Family know.” Tang Tang muttered to herself, then said apologetically: “Me calling you my boyfriend was just a momentary impulse, but will probably bring you some trouble.”

“What trouble? I’ll be mingling with you everyday and will be unable to avoid trouble. This is just a small issue.” Xiao Chen paid no mind to it. In his opinion, if he showed intimacy with Tang Tang, Cheng Family people would feel relieved. They would feel that he and Cheng Mengying wouldn’t become more intimate as time passed as a result of being together.

“It could be me thinking too much. We are the abandoned children of our families, so supposing that even if they know, they would just treat it as listening to a joke.” Seeing that Xiao Chen was at ease, Tang Tang didn’t bother being puzzled by these matters.

When Cheng Mengying and Jin Beibei were leaving the cafeteria, Cheng Mengying happened to see Xiao Chen and Tang Tang merrily walking ahead of them with a large package and immediately fumed in anger! She wanted to throw the small lunchbox in her hand away!

Wanting to anger me to death! It was your fortune that this Young Lady felt that you were pitiful for eating instant noodles and steamed buns every day, thus packing up two dishes to prepare to let you eat in the evening. But you actually went with Tang Tang and pigged out and returned with so much? Is this the money that was made from selling breakfast this morning?

“It seems like brother-in-law has already eaten, oh!” Jin Beibei said.

“Of course the package I have for dinner isn’t to his degree! This Young Lady hasn’t eaten meat for several days and can eat a lot!” Cheng Mengying thought about it and didn’t throw away her package in the end. After all, this was the stuff that she was going to eat in the evening.

Returning to the classroom, Deng Xiaokun also happened to return back to the classroom from home. Seeing Xiao Chen and Tang Tang carrying several lunchboxes into the classroom, he was immediately dumbfounded.

“I say……it can’t be that some person treated you today, right? What did I miss?” In Deng Xiaokun’s understanding, Tang Tang was a miserly person and Xiao Chen was a poor devil. Could these two people spend money for a feast? It was definitely impossible, so the only conclusion was that someone had treated.

“There was this mental case named Yue Shaoqun who treated, so we called for a little more.” Xiao Chen gave a lunchbox to Deng Xiaokun, saying: “Here’s a little. We’ll eat the remaining before evening classes.”

“Yue Shaoqun? He treated you guys to a meal?” Deng Xiaokun took the lunchbox and his face slightly changed. He didn’t have the previous excitement when looking at the food, rather, he turned to look at Tang Tang: “Yue Shaoqun……did he find trouble with you?”

“It’s nothing. He just congratulated me on finding a new boyfriend, consequently treating me to a feast.” Tang Tang lightly explained.

“New boyfriend? When did you……get a boyfriend?” Deng Xiaokun’s face stagnated, becoming a bit unnatural.

“It’s Xiao Chen. Yue Shaoqun misunderstood on his own and I didn’t explain.” Tang Tang waved her hand: “He was merely taking advantage of this matter to cleanly break off our relationship. It doesn’t matter, I know that he’s been waiting very long for this opportunity. He just happened to run across me and Xiao Chen together today.”

“So it’s like this!” Deng Xiaokun immediately let out a sigh of relief and nodded, saying: “But this is a good deed, Yue Shaoqun, that guy, is a hypocrite. Seeing him makes me angry……right, does Xiao Chen know about the relations between you two?”

“He knows, I told him.” Tang Tang nodded, but actually didn’t say much. Deng Xiaokun didn’t know whether or not Xiao Chen knew Tang Tang’s previous matter.

Since it was Yue Shaoqun who spent the money, Deng Xiaokun wasn’t polite and grabbed two lobsters to eat. On the other hand, Xiao Chen continued to study. He wanted to finish the final few chapters in first year algebra and started to work on the exercises right away. As expected, Xiao Chen discovered that the way to solve these exercises all popped up in his head, making it smooth and easy!

Some topics were indeed beyond the scope of the chapter and surpassed the knowledge belonging to the chapter, but Xiao Chen had already completely looked over the first year algebra textbook. So, as long as it was an algebra topic from the first year, Xiao Chen could relaxedly solve it!

During the afternoon period, Tang Tang watched Xiao Chen’s pen flying on top of the exercises as if he were drawing a painting; his speed was faster than a celebrity signing sold books. Xiao Chen worked continuously and before evening classes started, he finished and threw away the oily pen in his hands, then put down the exercise book!

“Were you solving problems or doodling?” It was very hard for Tang Tang to understand; how could it be possible for Xiao Chen to only spend one afternoon to finish an entire exercise book from start to finish?

“Naturally, I was solving problems. It’s just that I haven’t checked whether or not they’re right or wrong.” Although Xiao Chen felt that he shouldn’t have made a mistake, it was still better to check over the answers once.

“I’ll help you look over it.” Tang Tang honestly didn’t believe that Xiao Chen had the ability to self-study all of first year algebra in a day and even finish the exercise book! If this was fine, then those bookworms should just drop dead.

“Great.” Xiao Chen happened to want to take a breather. Returning to reality from the sea of topics, Xiao Chen had this feeling of being from a lifetime ago. For the previous him, wasn’t it absolutely impossible to earn money in this style? But the current Xiao Chen was truly at the end of his rope.

Tang Tang took Xiao Chen’s exercise book and started comparing it with the answer key. Xiao Chen took out the feast that was packed from lunchtime and arranged them one after another. As he was doing that, Deng Xiaokun happened to come back from buying a drink.


  1. TLN: You should’ve seen this in other translated Chinese web novels before. A ‘green hat’ means that the person wearing it got cucked(cuckolded). 

[Vol 1] Chapter 16

The Demon’s Raid

Several days have passed since I was able to perceive aether.

To polish my manipulation skill and magic incantation, I spent a long time inside the forest these past few days.

[ 『Spear of Flame, burn and pierce my enemy』 ]

My objective is to hunt. I can improve my efficiency for practical magic by hunting weak monsters and wild animals,, while also shortening the chant when my magic efficiency improves.

Fortunately, if I took some rest, I can recover some of my aether, I was spending half a day in the forest while resting sometimes.

As for the monsters in the forest, there are large monsters with sharp horns, they are a little dangerous. There are also man-eating mushrooms and human-sized caterpillar, there are fundamentally no strong monsters around.

However, that day, there are several weird signs drifting in the entire forest, I had felt it since the time I entered the forest in the morning.

[….. W-what is this, this unpleasant feeling]

I sense that the aether in the whole forest is increasing. No, rather than increasing, it’s more like they’re mixing unnaturally with something…

When I am still thinking about it.

[U, uwaaaa!]

I heard a scream from somewhere in the forest.

When I looked at the direction of that voice—- I was lost for words.

I felt high density of aether from that direction. Powerful, yet intense and wild aether.

However, I was certain I heard a villager’s scream. As a fellow member of the village, and as a person who is also a magician, there is no way I won’t go and help.

[ 『Accel』 ]

After I chanted a simple spell, I quickened my pace. Then immediately, I saw the villager being surrounded by monsters.

It’s a young man who is still in mid-twenties, this person played with me many times. He is crawling with his butt on the ground in the front of monsters, he seems unable to escape.

Looking down at him was a bear with red-fur.
If a human was hit by its claw, they will surely be blown away in one hit.

— Well, if it can hit the target, that is.

[『Physical Strength UP』 ]

With my strengthened power, I grabbed the young man from the side. While accelerating, I kicked the monster to make it crash onto the ground. We escaped from that place using that chance.

[Y,you are… Gerald!? Why are you in such a place… More like, what was that!?] [… Sorry, there is no time to explain. We need to inform the village for now]

The young man who I shouldered on my back talked to me, I could only say that in return.

A strong monster showed up near the village. Moreover, it’s unlikely the enemy is alone.
Two or more monsters are approaching… I can sense it.

I maintained my speed as I ran toward the village.

And then, over there, I saw…The village was raided by a pack of monsters.

[No way…]

A monster that looked like a huge centipede is running after the villagers. A scorpion-like monster is trying to surround the child who attempted to flee. Monsters are swinging their claws and fangs in attempt to kill and devour the villagers.

Toward the spectacle in front of me, I was stunned for a moment. But, anxiety rose within my heart as I thought about the safety of my family. Immediately, I rush towards my home with trembling feet.

When I opened the door, Mother, who was holding on to Sierra, called me with a scream-like voice. She always called me with [-chan] attached, seems like it’s not possible to do it during situation like this.

[Mother!? Where is Father?] [He was holding off the monsters, with weapon in hand. But…]

No way…

Father is not an athletic person. He doesn’t have physical strength either. Just by hiking a bit, he became exhausted, there is no way he can hold them off.

And yet, he has a strong sense of obligation and passion, and that kind of man went to the battlefield. Taking a weapon he is not familiar with.

It was as if he’s going to the battlefield to die.

There’s no other choice.

I forcibly take mother’s arm that is holding Sierra, and push them into the closet. I also throw the young man who I shouldered into the closet.

Even though it’s small, they should be safe in here. They just have to endure the stuffy feeling for now.

[What are you doing, Gerald!? What are you trying to do—] [It’s okay]

To mother who was crying and clinging to me, I matched my line of sight with Sierra.

She is not screaming even in situation like this, her eyes looking at me is somewhat intellectual, she looks so noble.

[Sierra. Listen. It’s safe in here. Your oniichan will definitely protect you] [Nii-tan?] [You two, please I need your help here. I’ll definitely be back].

Listening my words, the young man who I saved in the forest nodded in agreement as he saw me.


Mother is shouting. However, I need to go. There will be less casualties if I were to move.

Because I have my memory from previous life. I can understand the magic language, it’s possible for me to awaken as a magician.

In a word, I have power. The power to save everyone in this village.

And more importantly, is there anyone who can silently watch their precious family get hurt?

Father said, 『As a man』, one must strike without holding back. He should be fine, right?

I am a magician, a boy, the son of my father and mother.

I close closet door forcefully…. Now that I think about it, isn’t this the place where I found the grimoire? While recalling the old memory, I close the door and turned around.

[ 『Any person excluding me is forbidden to open this door』 ]

I chant a spell to keep the door completely locked.
In addition, as precaution, I cast another magic on it.

[ 『Negate any forms of attack from outside, reinforce the door and wall of this closet and make it indestructible』 ]

… With this, perhaps the closet won’t get destroyed. Moreover, although the phrase is not smart, I think it’ll be better to use detailed words in situation like this.
Mother and the others, you’re gonna be safe.

I went out of the house while steeling myself.

How to fight, I haven’t learned about it yet. There has yet been a chance for me to fight enemies stronger than usual.

Still, I can’t run away this time. Father, only I have the power to save him and protect the people of this village.

I resolve myself, and run towards the crowd of monsters whose invading our village right now.


(TL Note: This is the teaser from Author)

Weapon from Japanese. That’s all. But, in Another World, how strong will that weapon be? The next chapter is from Russel’s point of view when the monsters attacked the village.
Father is working hard.


Episode 72 Everyday Life and the Kurumfar From Now On

When I awoke in the morning, I was all alone again. There was no one in Mei’s and Rico’s room. When I was trying to guess whether they went to the Kurumfar territory and went down the stairs, I found everyone gathered in the dining room. It made me breathe out in relief, but for some reason, everyone had a serious look on their faces. I quietly sat on my seat.

「Good morning. Will you have breakfast? 」

「Yeah. I will」

Peris headed to the kitchen. The other women contemplated with their brows furrowed.

「Everyone…..what happened? 」

The silence continued for a while.

「It seems that we have no other choice but to have Rinos decide」

「I agree. Kurumfar is Rinos-san’s territory after all」

「What are you talking about, Rico?」

「It’s about the future of the Kurumfar territory.  The fishing industry would rise again, that is for sure. However, this alone is not enough to feed the residents and the teleported people. The time for the harvest in near but the chance to get something out of this territory is close to zero. We can support the people for this year by ourselves but it’s not a long-term solution. I was thinking of a way to solve this」

「I made the fertilizer for the fields but the chemical to melt the salt is still incomplete. I’m terribly sorry」

「Mei doesn’t need to apologize. I’m also concerned about this problem. I’m going to explain so wait for a while. Let’s eat breakfast first. There is also a need to resume the operation of the store in the capital」

「About that, my husband. I made this stone」

Mei took out big, medium, and small green stones.

「If you put your mana into it, the user will be able to cast a barrier by himself」

Ho, I put my mana into the small one and watched. After that, the stone turned red. Apparently, with this, it was completed. As a test, I had Luara wear it as I lightly hit her…..Oh, the barrier was properly deployed. Let’s see~, Ferris said and joined me. The barrier was splendidly broken apart and Luara’s face received a right straight. She flew away like a doll and lost her consciousness. [1] When I approached to apply recover magic, I saw something leaking out from the area of her crotch. I silently applied recovery magic, prepared a bath and let Rico and Peris handle the rest.

「Are~? Even though I properly held back」

「As expected a normal barrier would be broken after a dragon strikes it」

After that, I proceeded to test the barrier stone and only after I swung my「Kurogatana」with full power did it crack. This should sell well. Another noteworthy quality of theirs is that the people with evil intentions won’t be able to use them. Therefore, it would be impossible for the bandits to use them. By the way, the big magic stone can stay active for 5 days, medium for 3 days, and small for 1 day.

I headed to the store with Mei’s barrier stones. Right after the opening, the adventurers and merchants flooded the store, it turned out to be a busy day. I left Mei attending to the customers while I filled the stones with my mana at the back of the store. Thanks to her, I was able to fill the warehouse with them. It seems that I won’t need to come to the store for a while.

While I was away, Rico went to the Kurumfar territory to receive a report on the current situation. It seems that there weren’t any big problems for the moment. For the first time in a while, the fishermen ventured into the sea capturing fresh octopi and fish filling the tables with food.

At night, I had a leisurely dinner with everyone and discussed my ideas about the development of the Kurumfar territory.

「Regarding the Kurumfar territory, I’m going to share my thought right now. Nothing is set in stone yet so don’t be shy to correct me. First, about the agriculture, we have to remove the salt from the fields. I decided to attempt it myself. And another thing, I’m thinking about building a hotel near the Kairiku town」

「Hotel, you mean, a facility like in the capital where you can stay?」

「Right. The fish there is delicious. The scenery is beautiful too. We shall invite the guests from the capital to stay there. A hotel for the adventurers and travelers to stay would do fine too. Also, we need to expand the port. This place is an important trade route. If the ship and its crew would be able to stay in the city, that should make town prosperous」

「Is it even possible to achieve?」

「I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off, but there is worth in trying」

「Sounds interesting!」

「I also agree with my husband’s opinion」

「If Rinos-san says so then I shall assist!」

Everyone was mostly in favor. That being said, it was settled with my opinion alone, thus, deciding to discuss it again with the people of the Kurumfar territory, I was about to go to bed earlier.

Rico, Mei, and I headed to the bath far away from everyone.

「Mei, what’s wrong?」

「Ah, just want to try some things…..」

「……While we are at it, how about bathing together? 」

「…..Is this all right? 」

「Mei, let’s get in together!」


That night, we bathed together first time in a while and went to the bed together too.

The next morning, the three of us headed towards the dining room. As I sweated a lot in the morning, we entered the bath. Rico and Mei had their faces flushed and looked pretty erotic. I left behind my sleepiness as I took my seat. Peris and Ferris were in charge of preparing breakfast as usual. Recently, Luara, for some reason, joined their team. Although I added her as my follower, she naturally acts together with us without any permission to live in this mansion. She is just a freeloader in Ferris’ room, I can’t guarantee that she has a comfortable life.

After that, Mei and I headed to the store while Rico to the Kurumfar territory. After a while, I went to the royal palace to make a report about the Kurumfar territory to the emperor and prime minister.

「…..As I mentioned, we managed to save the fishing industry but the fields are still untouched and it’s unlikely to receive a harvest from the fields this year」

「Hm. So it’s escalated this far…..I received similar reports from my subordinates. So that’s how it was. Well, that territory was never able to feed itself in the first place. Thus, the empire collected the tax in salt. Won’t salt do? 」

「No, I heard that the salt facilities are about to start operating again, there is no problem with that. The point is, the territory would have a shortage of food. Well, this time we can solve this with our own power but if something happens I shall ask Your Majesty and Your Excellency to assist」

「Well, at that time the empire would handle it one way or another」

「That being said, Rinos-dono, your hotel plan sounds interesting. I also want to try such fish someday. Besides, I didn’t see a sea in a long while」

「The emperor can’t casually leave the capital」

「No, I still want to relax away from the politics once in a while. Besides, I can distance myself from the noisy women here and spend a good time with the girls I like」

「If Your Majesty wishes for it I won’t get in your way, but……….」

「It’s inappropriate to neglect political affairs, Your Majesty」

「What are your saying, prime minister. Creating an inheritor is an important business 」

「Your Majesty!」

「I’m not speaking about right now. However, when Rinos-dono finishes the hotel, you’ll have to let me go. That’s how it should be. It’s something that is going to be built by my sister’s husband. Why can’t I honor his achievements? Isn’t that something the ruler should do? 」

The prime minister silently lowered his head.

When I got dismissed by His Majesty, our usual lifestyle came back from the next week. In the morning, during the day when my shop was closed, I received a visitor.

When everyone was having breakfast, a voice came from the back of the mansion.

「It’s Pius! I’m here with an urgent report! 」

Rico and I face each other at the name of this sudden visitor. Since it was an urgent report, I invited him in and guided him to the dining room where everyone gathered. Pius briefly apologized for using the teleportation barrier without permission and got immediately to the deal.

「It’s an emergency. Kairiku and Tohotsu have been attacked by the monsters! 」


  1. Casual domestic abuse. 

Episode 20 Yua’s Heart

Inside the bright cave, Yua faced a lightning beast, wearing lightning around its body.


Lightning beast attacks Yua at the speed that can’t be registered by her eyes. She casts『Channel Light』to raise functions such as the eyesight and brainpower, somehow she managed to escape the attack.

The lightning beast moved behind Yua and tried to slash at her, but Yua gripped Yurial in her right hand and fired at its foreleg from the very close range.

Then, she raised her leg strength a took a distance from it.

Yua was on the defensive for a while already.

Even if she tries to attack, its speed is frightening, she can’t hit the beast so easily.

Adding to that, even if her attack hits, it is impossible for her to even penetrate its skin.

Yua knew about the source of its speed and hard skin. She even knew of a magician with similar qualities.

The speed that couldn’t be caught by the eyes, the solid skin that couldn’t be penetrated even by the Yuriel, the source of them was the lightning cloak on its body.

There are two types of the lightning attribute in the Leiria Kingdom.

The commonly known lightning attribute is an attribute derived from the wind attribute which is one of four basic attributes.

And the less well-known lightning attribute is the attribute compounded from the combination of wind attribute and fire attribute.

Lightning beast’s cloak was the latter.

The lightning attribute which is compounded attribute, incorporates the special effect of both wind and fire, the special effect of lightning attribute is『hardening+activation』.

This is the secret of the beast’s strength.

By cloaking itself in lightning, lightning beast hardened its skin using wind attribute, and at the same time by the special effect of fire attribute, activates his latent physical abilities.

「So troublesome …」

Yua muttered looking at the beast.


The lightning beast roared, and its figure suddenly vanished. She felt that beast’s speed was gradually increasing.

However, she was still able to barely protect herself.

If you do not lose your cool, it is doable. Yua thought so.

However, the moment when the lightning beast moved in front of Yua and tried to slice her with its claw again, her movements were slightly late.


Although Yua thought that she would be fine if she fought calmly, somehow she could not keep up with the movement of the lightning beast. And this was not the first time.


You thought that it wouldn’t be a problem if she dealt with it calmly, but for some reason, her body didn’t respond well enough.

It felt like she had a hole in her heart, Yua’s movement kept growing duller.

But Yua couldn’t understand what that feeling was.

The lightning beast continued its merciless attack, disregarding her emotional state.


She felt that each time she tried to concentrate on its attack, the hole in her heart grew bigger.

As if the more she fought, the more she regretted. Yua desperately tried to concentrate on the battle.

「I have to focus …」

Yua muttered to herself again, trying to capture the appearance of the beast in her field of vision. But the moment she looked at Seiya, her movements couldn’t help but slow down.

She couldn’t see the appearance of Seiya under a large number of rocks and stones, after the collision with the wall, but it was impossible for him to survive.

Yua understood such a thing well enough. Still, when she looked at that place, she couldn’t help but be mindful of it.

(It makes no sense …)

Yua desperately tried to convince herself.

(I just tried to use him to get to Aquaristan)

Yua tried to remind herself of the first though she had upon seeing him.

(He is a temporary partner, if he dies that is fine)

Trying to forget about Seiya, she thought of heartless things. But the more Yua tried to forget him, the more his figure imprinted itself in her heart.


Yua couldn’t understand.

I do not trust other people, I do not trust Seiya. So even if he died, I only feel a little sorry, but nothing more. Our connection comes to an end.

He died. Our relationship expired. I need to forget him.

Yua kept thinking as such.

But, for some reason, she couldn’t forget him. She couldn’t understand that reason. [1]

No, she knew it but didn’t want to acknowledge it.

She was afraid of being betrayed again.

While Yua was thinking, the lightning beast didn’t cease its assault. In other words, it was inevitable that Yua fell into a pinch in a moment.

「Damn it……」

The lightning beast appeared behind Yua, who lacks concentration.

Because of the lapse in concentration, Yua couldn’t respond to its attack. Even if she started moving, it would be impossible for her to avoid the attack of the beast.

Just a momentary gap. However, in high-speed battle, the moment is enough.

Various responses are born in Yua’s head, but she didn’t have enough time to execute any of them.


I will be pierced through the heart just like Seiya and die. Yua imagined this outcome in her head and strengthened her resolve.


Various regrets surfaced in her heart, but it will turn into nothing soon enough, so Yua stops thinking. She prepared to embrace the incoming pain.

(Here it comes……)

Yua was expecting the pain to come. But the pain never appeared, no matter how long she waited.

She was wondering what happened and slowly opened her eyes that she previously closed. And then she was startled.

「Are you alright, Yua?」

Behind Yua, there was a figure of Seiya with Hollins in his right hand, deflecting the attack of the lightning beast.

This story goes back a bit, just a moment after Seiya crashed into the wall and was buried by the rocks, he mysteriously regained his consciousness.

He felt it was very strange.

Why was he still breathing, why was he still conscious, why he even was here? Seiya felt strange, but he understood that he was still alive


Seiya wondered. He should have been pierced through the heart by the sharp claws of the lightning beast, he should have lost a lot of blood and died. That was an undeniable fact.

But even then Seiya didn’t feel any pain anywhere in his body, the only difference being that his surroundings were dark.

Other than that, everything was normal.

Seiya looked at his chest. There should be a wound from the beast’s claw. But when Seiya saw his own chest, he didn’t find any wounds.

「Why…Mm? This is……」

Not to mention the wound, he noticed that his clothes were mostly fine as well. There was still a small hole in the chest part, the white mana was leaking from that hole.

White mana, its identity is, of course, the holy attribute. But Yua wasn’t here right now, that meant that Seiya is the source of the holy attribute.

「What is happening?」

Seiya was watching his clothes with great concentration, soon enough the small hole vanished and his school uniform returned to its original condition

Seiya lost his words to an incredible sight. But soon he remembers an important matter.

「Right, Yua」

Seiya thought that Yua still didn’t know about his condition. He immediately became worried about her safety.

For Seiya, Yua was a mysterious girl he didn’t understand too well, but he still felt happy because she needed him.

Yua needed Seiya’s help. She needed the help of the Unknown. Never before someone asked Seiya for help.

Seiya, for the first time, felt like admitting to himself, he wanted to protect Yua.

「Have to help Yua」

Seiya slowly stood up and emerged from the darkness.

Then he saw Yua being in a pinch.

「『Mantle of Light』」

Seiya will use his power to protect Yua.


  1. Because he is MC, girl. 

Episode 19 Seiya’s Death

Seiya put a lot of power into his legs, kicked the ground and approached the white tiger.

The white tiger too kicked the ground and jumped towards Seiya.

Apparently, they are both thinking the same thing.

What the two of them aimed for, was to add the power of the leap to the attack and simultaneously collide with each other in the air where the center of gravity of the opponent was unstable.

In the air, without leverage points, the outcome will be decided by the sheer power.

The more powerful one is, the more likely he is to win in the collision.


The sound of Hollins and claws colliding reverberated in the air. They efficiently utilized their power and came to a momentary stalemate in the air, their power was close to each other.

And the results soon came out.


Seiya was pushed back by the tiger. But the same was also true for the white tiger, and it was blown back by his attack.

In other words, the clash ended in a draw.

But the battle was not over yet. For the tiger’s standpoint, this was the end of their clash, but Seiya’s assault was not over yet.

This is the difference between magicians and magical beasts.

While being pushed back in the air, Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』towards the ground behind the white tiger.

That place was where the white tiger will land. From the power of『Dark Wave』, the ground behind the tiger sank about ten centimeters.

However, the white tiger does not know such a thing and tries to land on the ground. As expected, its legs sunk and its balance was broken.

This was Seiya’s aim. Seiya screams the name of the partner he can rely on.

「Leave it to me……」

Seiya firmly landed on the ground and entrusted the attack to Yua.

She immediately understood his plan, she poured the light mana in her legs and raised their strength.

「I will finish it with this …」

Yua kicked the ground and closed in on the imbalanced white tiger.

The white tiger couldn’t dodge and ended up receiving the attack.

This time, the white tiger was supposed to be pierced through by Yuriel.

「It is finished …………it can’t be… …」

The next thing they saw was not the sight of the white tiger being penetrated by Yuriel, nor it was the sight of him being scared.

They saw the picture of Yuriel being broken into two the moment it hit the forehead of the tiger.

It was as if his forehead was made of steel, Yuriel couldn’t withstand the impact.


Yua lost her words and froze in place seeing this.

Guruuuu Guraaaaa

In front of her, white tiger raised a much bigger roar than before, and its appearance began to rapidly change.

The ice suddenly grew on its neck, it started to resemble a lion, then the green lightning gathered around its whole body.

All of the sudden, the white tiger changed its appearance. He now looked more like a lightning beast than a tiger.


Seiya calls out to Yua in a loud voice. He tried to warn her about its attack.


Called by Seiya, Yua finally got a grip of herself and took evasive actions.

Instantly casting『Single Light』on her feet, Yua swiftly widened the distance between her and the thunderstorm to 10 meters.

Because Yua has taken a distance from the lightning beast, she ends up without injuries.

Yua who escaped thunder beast’s attack was relieved that the momentary crisis has passed, and ended up relaxing her guard. But that proved to be fatal.


Seiya screamed her name again, but it probably won’t be of any use. Unlike Yua, Seiya knew what was about to happen.

The lightning beast’s speed couldn’t even be compared to before.

If it was still a white tiger, widening the distance to 10 meters would have been the correct decision. However, the opponent now wasn’t the white tiger but a lightning beast.

The beast wrapped in lightning had the ability many times higher than a tiger.

In other words, the distance of 10 meters is negligible for the lightning beast.

Perhaps, in normal circumstances, Yua would have been able to deal with the situation. But Yua was surprised at the moment and didn’t make a good decision.

After two heartbeats she noticed her blunder. But then it was already late.

Lightning beast approached Yua at high speed and tried to tear her body with its claws.

And the moment lightning beast was about to pierce her heart.


Yua’s body suddenly was pushed away by someone, and she fell on the ground.


Bicha bicha, there was a sound of liquid scattering.

What the hell happened?

When Yua looked back, there was a shocking picture in front of her eyes.


There was a scene of Seiya, who pushed her away, being penetrated in the heart by the lightning beast.


Seiya raised a voice filled with pain. However, his eyes were losing their lustre, it was not known if he still had awareness.

The arms that held Hollins trembled, and Hollins fell on the ground.

Karan karan, the strange sound was reverberating.

「It can’t be…..」

Yua lost her words looking at this.

A tremendous amount of blood flown out of Seiya’s chest, colouring the surroundings in red.


Lightning beast shook its foreleg and blown Seiya’s body into the wall.

Pshht, making such a sound, Seiya’s body hit the wall with his back and fell to the ground. [2]

Pierced through the heart, he already lost a lot of blood, adding to that the previous sound. Seiya’s circumstances couldn’t be any worse..


Yua was convinced that Seiya died. Although they were together thus far, if you died it can’t be helped.

And besides, there is no way lightning beast will forget about her.

In order to leave this place alive, Yua switched to the Yurial and prepared herself.


  1. This is a fourth time a copypasted this line. 
  2. I’m running low on onomatopoeias. Sheesh. 

Episode 18 White Tiger

The two, who had successfully defeated the sea dragon, crossed over the lake and entered the cave.

But there was a little difference from the previous one. That is, Yua wasn’t using『Firelight』.

He didn’t know what was the principle, but in the cave where they are now, strange lights were spread around providing plenty of light in a wide area.

「How long till we reach the end?」
「I don’t know……」

They walked slowly into the dark cave, there were no openings in their posture.

Seiya was always ready to cast his spells at any time and Yua was prepared to create a weapon.

The duo marveled at the appearance of the cave.


They came to a bright open place about 50 meters in diameter.

But why such an open space exists in the Great Dalis Canyon.

「Well, usually in such cases」
「There should be a strong enemy……」
「Yep. Speaking of the devil」

Before the duo, who absolutely expected to meet a strong enemy in this place, a new beast revealed its figure.

The beast that appeared before the two people was a monster with sharp fangs and characteristic black lines on its white body, the white tiger himself.

Its size was quite small compared to centipede and sea dragon, and it is difficult to grasp its strength at first glance. However, the duo lost their words looking at the white tiger that appeared before their eyes.

「You’re lying, right? Is this really a magical beast?」

Said Seiya, with Hollins already in his arms.


While looking at the beast and calling it a monster, Yua held her bow, Yurial, in her right hand.

They understood with a glance that white tiger was on the different level from the previous monsters.

Although the aura of the white tiger is smaller than the sea dragon’s, it is somehow deep, they understood that it should be a powerhouse amongst magical beasts.

The white tiger’s aura, if anything, was closer to the warrior than a monster.

The duo felt instinctive danger facing the white tiger, they decided to finish this fight swiftly and moved into action.

「『Dark Wave』」

First of all, Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』towards the white tiger trying to eliminate its existence, but white tiger jumped sideways and dodged it. [1]

「It is fast」
「It is fine……」

Seiya was surprised by the speed of the white tiger, but Yua was finally ready to unleash her attack.

「This is the end……」

She loaded Yurial with an arrow made from light, setting it up toward the sky, and let go of its string.

Arrow released from Yua’s Yurial will fly above the white tiger and will split to become a rain of light arrows falling down on it.

No matter how fast white tiger is, he can’t easily avoid the rain of arrows.

And if even a single arrow hits, the mana of light will enter white tiger’s body, causing it to explode from the inside.

In other words, the white tiger will be defeated.

Yua was convinced in white tiger’s defeat. That is why she was amazed by the result, she saw the next moment.


White tiger raised a roar towards the rain of arrows pouring down on it.

「It can’t be……」

Yua lost her words from the shock.

The moment white tiger roared facing the arrows, all of the light arrows which filled the entire sky disappeared without any trace. It closely resembled Seiya’s dark attribute.

「He can’t have the dark attribute…….right?….」

Yua unexpectedly lost her words. But Seiya’s answer was negative.

「No, it wasn’t the dark attribute」
「Then what was that…….」

If it is was not a dark attribute, the what was that, Yua thought. However, even Seiya didn’t know the answer.

Although he did not understand everything, Seiya dint’s sense any dark attribute mana from tiger’s roar.

「I do not know, but magic might not work against him」[2]

If you use a single-target spell, the white tiger will avoid it with its speed, so you can’t hit him easily. On the other hand, even if you attack by using a spell with a big area of effect, it will be prevented by the roar. [3]

It seems magic does not work against white tigers. If so, it naturally comes to weapons.

「Yuriel ……」

Yua switched from the bow Yurial to the rapier Yuriel and looked at the white tiger, which was staring at them.

「『Mantle of Light』」

Meanwhile, Seiya raised his physical ability and the processing speed of the brain by putting the light mana on his body to match the speed of the white tiger.

「I will be the main attacker, I leave support to you」
「All right……」

Seiya grips Hollins and makes one step ahead.

Because white tiger can move at tremendous speed, it will be better for Seiya to be the main, after all, he can raise his physical abilities with『Mantle of Light』.

Because Yua understood that firmly, she decided to look for the openings.

「Fuuu, let’s go」


Seiya and white tiger quietly confront each other. Seiya moved first.

Seiya kicks the ground with his raised strength and moves to the front of the tiger. Holding Hollins in his right hand he attacks it.

However, white tiger swiftly moved into action.


White tiger jumped and landed behind Seiya. There were no wasted movements, it was moving as if it was sliding on earth.

「I’m not done yet」

Seiya transferred the power to his left foot, kicked the ground with, and approached the white tiger again.

While doing that, he tried to penetrate its right eye with Hollins in his left hand.


It was then. The white tiger roared towards Seiya. His motive was unknown, but he clearly wanted to erase “something”.

Seiya was not a person that will wait for an attack to hit. He immediately casts multiple『Dark Wave』against the roar.

「『Dark Wave』」

He successfully erased the power behind the roar, and only the breeze reached his face. Then he immediately thrusts Hollins in its left eye. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be.


However, just before that happened, wind blades sliced at his left shoulder and caused him to bleed.

And with that shock, Hollins struck out in a different direction. Of course, it never hits the white tiger.

Seiya showed a multitude of openings at this moment.

As soon as white tiger seen the gap, it tried to slice him with its claws.

「『Wall of Light』」

But the claw of white tiger never reached Seiya’s chest. The wall of light suddenly appeared between Seiya and white tiger, preventing its attack.

「I was saved, Yua」

Seiya thanks Yua for timely assist a while ago. Because it was not Seiya who cast the『Wall of Light』, but Yua.

『Mantle of Light』is the only spell Yua can not use, but she was able to understand it.

Instead of being able to use 『Mantle of Light』, Yua was able to use『Channel Light』, a weaker version of『Mantle of Light』.

『Mantle of Light』is a spell that can raise the physical ability of the whole body by spreading the mana of light attribute inside and outside.

On the contrary,『Single Light』 is a spell that can raise the power in one part of the body by putting the mana of light attribute in that body part. [4]

And the『Channel Light』used by Yua uses the same principle to deploy multiple『Single Light』points at the same time, although it is inferior to『Mantle of Light』, it still raises several parts at the same time.

This was the limit of the current Yua.

Yua was using『Channel Light』, to raise the processing speed of the brain and perception, and closely watched the battle between Seiya and white tiger.

Seiya takes a distance from the white tiger and thinks about what happened before. What on earth was the wind from the last time?

The roar of the white tiger was completely extinguished by Seiya’s『Dark Wave』. And while Seiya’s face was subjected to the breeze, it was unlikely that wind blades would appear out of nowhere.

Thinking about it, he finally found the answer.

「Overlayed spells」

As Seiya said, the white tiger was overlaying his spells.

A magic overlay is a technique that uses remnants of the dispersed spell to improve or create a new one.

However, because this technique is quite sophisticated, no one is able to do that in the Leiria Kingdom.

If Seiya did not read it in books, he would have never understood.

However, once the cat is out of the bag, you do not need to fear it anymore. As long as you know, you can make a countermeasure.

For example, with regard to this magic overlay, it is okay to just deflect the spell.

Even if it was deflected, it won’t be destroyed, and white tiger won’t be able to do anything. Basically, if you use avoidance method, you have nothing to fear.


Seiya took a stance with Hollins and breathed out heavily. Then he imagined. The method to defeat the tiger.

「All right then」

The image was completed.


  1. Xianxia MCs should learn to dodge sometimes too, and not just smacking skills in each other. 
  2. The enemy with magic protection. Again. Author sure loves them. 
  3. Should I just use AoE instead? 
  4. Yeah, their mechanics are SO different. 

Episode 17 Magical Beasts Of The Great Dalis Canyon (2)

Defeating the centipede and going ahead, they noticed a light source ahead.

The light ahead of them was different from Yua’s 『Firelight』.


Thinking that they might have reached the surface, their legs steps sped up naturally.

Seiya and Yua reached the light very quickly.

「This is not the surface」
「Yes…..but it is beautiful…..」
「I agree」

Unfortunately, it was not the surface spreading ahead of the duo. However, rather that getting upset, they marveled at the beauty of this place.

In front of Seiya and Yua was a big lake.

They finally found an open space after all the walking. The sight of the lake could be said to be very mysterious.

「But there is no road」

Indeed, as Seiya said, it was a big lake that spreads out far ahead. He couldn’t find the way ahead.

In other words, the road has ended.

「What should we do?」

Seiya asks Yua what to do. So far Yua was leading their small party, it became natural for Seiya to ask her.

The answer to his question was very simple.

「There is no choice but to cross over the lake ……」
「As I expected. Then, is our goal the land ahead?」

Seiya points to the faintly visible plot of land in the deepest part of the lake.

It is about 500 meters in a straight line from the place where they were standing to the land located in the deepest part of the lake. It is tough to swim all the way to the land, if there was a small boat it would have been much easier.

There is no such thing as a small boat in the Great Dalis Canyon. But Seiya’s partner is a magician who can make impossible possible.

Before crossing the lake, they decided to have a breakfast.

「Yua, can I ask you for a boat?」

She immediately created a small wooden boat with the『Holy Creation』spell of the holy attribute. Then she threw that boat into the lake to float.

「Well then, let’s go」

It happened at the moment Seiya tried to jump onto the small boat floating in water and head to the land 500 meters ahead. A large wave, which appeared out of nowhere, turned over the boat.

「What happened!?」[1]

Seiya halted his movements and retreated a step. Same goes for Yua, she too took a step back.


The sound of the waves resonated across the lake. Immediately afterwards, a buzzy sound came out from the water, and the source of the sound appeared.

「This is?!」
「So big……」 [2]

A huge sea dragon stood up from within the lake and revealed his appearance to the duo.

Although this sea dragon couldn’t be seen in its entirety, it was big enough to make the centipede look rather harmless. Moreover, its whole body was covered with hard scales, and it radiated a considerable pressure.

Clearly, it is not your average magical beast.

「Hey, tell me I’m seeing things」
「I can’t believe it……」

They suddenly lost their words, being stared at by this monstrosity.

But the monster was not kind enough to let them regain their bearing.

Locking on the duo, it constructs a large magic circle on its mouth and fires off his spell towards them.


A water cannon shot out from a magic circle deployed by a sea dragon with a big shout that could rupture your ears. Its power was no joke, and if they take a hit, they will probably depart straight to the afterlife.

「Crap, 『Dark Wave』」

Seiya cast the『Dark Wave』at its full force towards the attack, which this sea dragon unleashed. There was absolute no leeway fo him.

The『Dark Wave』casted by Seiya struggled with the water ball for a moment but somehow succeeded in destroying it.

But monster’s attack doesn’t end here.

It created the magic circle again and repeated the same attack.

「『Dark Wave』」

Just like before, Seiya fought back with the『Dark Wave』against the attack of the sea dragon, and again after a brief stalemate, the water ball was destroyed.

Both attacks of the sea dragon had considerable power, they were difficult to extinguish even with Seiya’s dark power.

Although it attacked only twice, Seiya’s mana was depleted considerably.

However, the monster did not take into consideration his condition and began its third attack.

Moreover, the magic circle this time is quite big, unlike the previous one, it is doubled in size.

「Are you kidding me? This is just outrageous」
「Leave this to me…..」

Yua answered while summoning her weapon.


The weapon that Yua created was not a rapier, Yuriel. Its color was white as Yuriel, but it was not a rapier but a bow.

Yurial —- It is a white bow, like Yuriel which is rapier, it is one of her favorite weapons.

Yua holds Yurial in her left hand while holding the string with her right hand, it points at the sea dragon.


Seiya leaked a surprised voice seeing Yua holding Yurial. Because there was no arrow loaded in the bow.

「It’s alright……」

The next moment, arrows made from mana of light attribute were loaded into the bow.

Then Yua smiled a little bit and let go of the Yurial’s bowstring.

Yellow arrows, released from Yuriel, flew towards the sea dragon as if they were sucked in. But on the way, suddenly yellow arrows started to separate to become a rain of light arrows, pouring over the sea dragon.


The sea dragon exposed to the rain of the light arrow felt it, and the magic circle which he tried to construct shook.

「Leave it to me,『Dark Wave』」

Seiya immediately casted『Dark Wave』against the sea dragon whose attack was interrupted. However, the target of the『Dark Wave』was not a sea dragon but the magic circle.

The magic circle that was present a moment ago disappeared without a trace.

The sea dragon failed to catch up with the situation and created an opening.

Seiya, looking at such sea dragon tells Yua.

「Yua, stop his movements. I will take him down」
「All right」

As Yua said that, she immediately cast her next magic to seal off its movements.

「『Holy Hammer』」

Light attribute spell『Holy Hammer』 —- It has “holy” in its name but it is a spell of the light attribute, not the holy attribute. It is considered advanced spell, few people can successfully cast it.

This spell is the spell that crushes everything by increasing the pressure in the are of effect. When used against humans, its killing potential is quite high, so its use is restricted by church and academies.

But even if you say that it is capable of killing humans, what she currently targets is a monster. It is also quite large, the durability of its body is much more than a human’s body.

So it was impossible for her to squeeze the sea dragon under the『Holy Hammer』.

However, it was still easy to restrict its movements.

Yua became exhausted after restricting the sea dragon. She left the rest to Seiya.


Confirming that Yua sealed the movement of sea dragon, Seiya summoned Hollins, his trusted weapon. And while holding Hollins he cast a new spell.

「『Mantle of Light』」

When spell’s name was said, the yellow mana starts wrapping around Seiya’s body. This spell was finally completed when Seiya regained his dark attribute.

Until now there was a danger of ruining the body, by mistakenly adjusting mana, but now it was different.

With the addition of the dark attribute, there was an option of decreasing the amount of mana. Using the dark attribute he erased the surplus of mana

If minus is added to the operation which had only plus and natural consumption, mana adjustment becomes much easier and security also increases. Right now, Seiya was able to exercise『Mantle of Light』with peace of mind.

Seiya, holding Hollins, launches himself in the air. He jumped with the pure leg strength and landed on the back of the sea dragon.


Landing on the back of the sea dragon, pressure of the『Holy Hammer』strikes him, immediately Seiya extinguished the pressure exerted on himself using the dark attribute.

And Seiya, who became free of constraint, put the mana of light attribute also the Hollins to raise its sharpness and durability. Holding it in both hands, he stabbed the back of the sea dragon


The sea dragon screams from the pain caused by pressure and stab wound, but Seiya does not mind and pierces its back again.

Usually, he would have poured mana into the body of the sea dragon and erased his insides, but he couldn’t do it so easily unless he knows what kind of constitution this monster had.

If sea dragon has an ability such as mana absorption, if Seiya pours the mana of the dark attribute, the situation will be reversed in a blink of an eye.

So Seiya decided to take his time and do it the safe way.

「『Triple Length』」

Seiya casted『Triple Length』on Hollins deeply stabbed in the back of the sea dragon. Thereby extending its length.


Getting stabbed even more deeply, sea dragon screamed in pain more than ever.

Watching a sea dragon and breathing out, Seiya says.

「This is the end」

At the next moment, Seiya strongly grasped Hollins, stabbed deeply in the back of the sea dragon, raised his arm strength, and pulled Hollins to the head of the sea dragon. He tore its back all the way to the head


The sea dragon with two swords in its head issued its final scream, and its life was extinguished.

「Fuh, it ended somehow」

Seiya breathes out, seating on the body of the sea dragon floating on the surface of the water. And Yua moves towards Seiya on the boat.

「Good work……」

The facial expression of Yua still has a sense of distance, but it is a bit closer compared with the beginning when she met him.

Still, Yua did not trust Seiya.

But Seiya started to trust Yua.

Little by little, two people were closing the distance between them.

The duo got on a small boat, moved to the land in the deepest part of the lake, and entered the cave further in the back.


  1. Your boat turned over, do not thank me. 
  2. That’s what she said.