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[Magic Language] Vol.1 chapter 18

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Chapter 18


[Vol 1] Chapter 18

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Silva

Exterminating the monsters.

It’s a peerless battle. Including this chapter, the infant Arc will end in three chapters.

[ 『Wind, slice them into pieces!』 ]

I cleaved several monsters with one spell, then ran towards the villagers without being spotted.

I couldn’t use wide ranged magic attacks on the group of monsters due to villagers being scattered here and there. Instead, I used body strengthening, distinguished the villagers apart from the monsters, and, once the villagers took some distance, I crushed the approaching monsters.


A leopard-like monster bared its fangs towards a villager. Although he held a sword in hand, I who watched from afar, understood that he was trembling in fear.

It is a distance that I will not be able to cover in time even if I strengthen my body and use 『Acceleration』.

However, there is still no problem.

For these past few days, I have understood from experience, as long as the incantation is in the Japanese language, the spell can be quite flexible depending on the given instruction.

For example.

[ 『Teleport』 ]

The moment I casted it, my view changed immediately; I stood between the villager and the monster thanks to [Teleportation].

[Guru ouuuuu….]

The monster flinched momentarily because of the sudden turnaround, but it kept attacking.

I turn my palm towards the monster.

[ 『Flames, turn it into cinders』 ]

After I chanted the spell, the entire body of the monster was wrapped in flames. The monster didn’t even have a chance to scream as it was turned into ash, blown away by the wind and disappearing.

[Gerald!? You, are you a magician…?] [We can talk later! More importantly, you need to hide from the monsters!] […I am indebted to you. Also, Russel is that way. Please go, and take this with you. I won’t be able to use it anyway]

Although the villager that I helped couldn’t conceal his suspicious expression, he still gave me his sword and pointed at the direction where my father went.

That was where most of the monsters had gathered.

Thanks to my effort, most of the dangerous monsters had been cleared, although some of the smaller ones slipped away. Because of that, they started to gather in one place in search of prey that was weak and easy to win against rather than a strong opponent.

And, my father was over there.

[Wait for me, father. 『Teleport』 ]

I muttered and moved towards the whirlpool of monsters immediately.

The scenery changed again. When they noticed my presence, a Centipede-like monster opened its big mouth and approached me.

[『Become a blade that can tear through space』 ]

I strengthened the sword with magic. The strengthened sword could literally cut through 『space』.

Naturally, the hard shell of the centipede monster was unable to endure it, and all that remained was two cleanly cut halves…

I cut down the other monsters with my sword and turned them into cinders. Occasionally, I used『Teleport』 to get behind their back and behead them. Before my power, the monsters that were densely packed were unable to do anything and lost their lives on the spot.

[Father, are you alright!?]

After I managed to rout the monsters with a swift attack, I turned towards my rear. I saw my father bleeding from his abdomen, that father who fought bravely with his own power and took up a weapon to defend the village.

Everyone was injured and shedding blood. They all looked painfully exhausted and was panting heavily.

[Ge… Gerald, are you safe?] [There is no way I would get hurt, right? Father! More importantly, your injury]

I rushed over and touched the wound. Father was groaning 「Uu」 in pain.

[Please endure it. 『Healing force, please assemble』 ]

It seemed like the wound was not serious. Even though the bleeding was terrible, it’s not a fatal wound.

I felt relieved for a moment after casting the spell, but his face complexion was still bad.

[Father?] [What, don’t worry. As long as the wound is closed up, ugh] [Don’t move yet, Russel-san. Weren’t you poisoned by the monster?]

When father tried to get up, One of the people who guarded father grabbed his shoulder and made him sit. He was called Reid, the boss of the warriors in the village.

[Poison!?] [Yeah, that centipede-like monster sprayed poison while attacking us…] [If that’s the case, we must detoxicate it!]

I turned to father’s body again and raised my palm. I imagined the flush of poison flowing in the whole body in my head.

And then, I uttered an incantation.

[ 『The poison flowing in this person’s body, eliminate it and recover the body to it’s normal state』 ]

When I finished chanting, father’s body shone for a moment. After the light disappeared, father’s complexion seemed better compared to a moment ago.

It’s clearly becoming better than earlier.

[Ku, how pitiful I am, showing such a shameful side to my son] [Th-that’s okay! Father was fighting for the sake of the people in the village, right!? There’s no way that kind of father would look shameful!] [Fu.. That’s right, my son] [Of course!]

Although still staggering a little, father managed to stand up. I stood at father’s side and supported him.

However, my body was also staggering a little. I used a considerable amount of aether, I’m exhausted.

[With this everything is settled. You can be relieved]

Reid himself showed a relieved expression.

In the village, monster corpses were stacked up everywhere. Centipede, leopard, bear, wild boar…… It was an ugly sight to behold. But still, sighs of relief could be heard as the safety of the village had been assured.

[Nevertheless, Gerald. You…]

Reid was looking down at me. When I took a glance, my body started to shake a little.

When my identity as a magician was revealed, what kind of eyes would they use to look at me? Was it fear? Would I get persecuted and get kicked out of the village?

Such anxiety was sprouting in my mind. When the monster raid is over, everyone will start pressuring me about this matter.

Whether fortunately — or unfortunate — Reid-san didn’t continue his questioning.

It’s because there was a sudden explosion in the village.

[What!? What is that sound!?]

Reid-san prepared his weapon again after hearing the sound.

That sound— Mother and Sierra, I heard the sound from the direction of our house.

[Mother! Sierra!]

I began to shout and run. It didn’t even matter if my aether was exhausted.

I repeatedly used 『Teleport』, and reached our house in a few second.

At that place, I encountered someone who made me determined to be a Royal Court Magician.


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Chapter 17

[Vol 1] Chapter 17

Father’s Decision

Author’s Note:
For the time being, it’s gonna use Russel’s the point of view as the third person. A father who is trying to defend his children, I think it’s really cool.

—Time goes back only a little, before Gerald returned from forest.

At that day, in the village, the usual daily life was as usual, which brought about boredom. It doesn’t have any shadow of turbulence, the situation is so peaceful and carefree as always.

The children is gathering and laughing happily in the plaza, while the adults cultivate the field with plow and hoes in their hands.

It’s scenery is like usual, surely, nobody ever thought that this situation would eventually be destroyed.

[Then, I’ll go out for a while] [Alright, Russel. Take care]

Russel went out the house like always, Cecil was holding Sierra and saw him off. She did not forget to kiss him on the left cheek.


[Lovey dovey—] Being teased by Sierra, Russel’s cheeks became bright red even though it’s their morning routine.

Russel is off to work, in the morning he often goes around the fields and houses that he rent out. Nevertheless, since the fields near the village are mostly are Russel’s land, it is impossible to go around all the fields just by half a day.

Therefore, Russel had adjusted and narrowed down the number of fields for only half a day, so he can go around all of them within seven days. Today, he planned to go through three fields in the morning.

Like that, as per usual, Russel left the house. However, one of the villagers came approaching Russel on his way to the field.

[Russel-san. Now, do you have time?] [Sure, no problem… Is there something wrong?] [You see, on the field that I rent from you, when I went there this morning, the crops are toppled over]

Russel knitted his brows hearing the villager’s report. Deep wrinkle appear in the middle of his forehead.

[Toppled over, you said?] [Yeah, it is]

According to the villager, when he went to the field this morning, all the crops in the farmland were dug up from the soil. And yet, there was no sign that the crop was eaten by something. It was as it they were being forcibly scooped out from the soil, and was thrown on the ground.

Russel listened the villager’s story and was a little doubtful.

There are certainly beasts that often ruins the farmland. Deer, wild boar, bear, or weasel. Those beasts who snatched the crops were usually being sold as human’s stock food or being sell from side to side. It’s not weird to say that the hostile creatures targeting the crops are part of the agriculture life in this village.

But, if they were only rampaging on the field without eat anything, Those are just some nasty pranks. Prank, is a cuter word for this, but the meaning is same, which is to enjoy causing trouble for others.

[Please help, Russel-san! If my field is left like this, it’ll impossible for me to harvest by this summer] [Umu. I’ll go confirm it for the time being]

Even though he didn’t completely believe him, Russel changes his destination toward the flustered villager’s field.

At this time, Russel thought about this;

What, it won’t take a lot of time. I can just simply check the field, we just need to re-plant the seeds and that’ll be the end of it. It’s certainly a heavy blow, but the summer is just starting and it’s not fatal timing yet.
It would be more miserable if this occurred during the end of summer. If you think about it, he can be considered quite lucky.

However, when they reached the field, Russel learned that his naive thought was a big mistake.

On the way to the field, Russel was unable to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling.
There is something fatally wrong here. Why do I feel so uneasy just walking past the the usual road? I feel that something big is going to happen.

— It’ll be good if it’s just my imagination.

However, the uneasy feeling was growing stronger.

When I noticed an unfamiliar footprint, the ground was unnaturally gouged out, at that time I realized that bark of many trees were whittled, my uneasiness grew bigger with each step I took.

And what I feared really happened when we reached the field.

[No way…]

The field, as the villagers said, was certainly overturned unnaturally. I understand after I saw it. At first glance, the fields that should have been leveled were ruined to the core, the crops were turned upside down, revealing their roots.

However the most important was the 『culprit』 that gathered on the field.

[A crowd of monsters…?]

What gathered there, was definitely a group of dangerous monsters. Multitudes of bizarre creatures with various colors and shapes, were assembled as if they were having a meeting.

Russel’s foot began to tremble at the situation that was beyond his expectation. The villager was also the same as him.
Fortunately, the monsters did not seem to have noticed them yet. Piipii gyagya, they just raised unpleasant voices.

While still being conscious of his feet, Russel could not peel his sight off from them. The fear of the monsters attack made his limbs froze.

[Vi, village]

Even so, he still manage to say something with a shaken voice.

[Go back to village, and inform everyone… Monsters, monsters are coming] [Y, yeah]

The villager nodded at Russel.

[Inform everyone]

Informing everyone, though I said that, my body didn’t move. I was blinded by fear, it made me unable to move.

However, I could not just stay frightened in such a place. My lovely wife is waiting for me in the house. I also have a daughter. Perhaps he might be stronger than me, but Gerald is still a “child” that I, Russel, have to protect.

Parents should be the one protecting their children. That’s why when Gerald and I encountered a demon in the forest, I picked up a weapon and confronted the demon. …… As a consequence, I exposed my miserable-self and was protected by my son.

Still. But still.

Isn’t it natural for a father to protect their family?

[Let’s go]

I gripped the villager’s hand, and took a glance at the monsters. They seems hadn’t noticed us yet.

[If we don’t inform everyone about this, the people in village won’t notice and will be attacked by the monsters] [Russel-san… You’re right]

The villager, responded and turned his glance to Russel. Both of them matched their eyes and nodded to each other, they turned their back from the monsters at the same time.

And then, they returned to the village to relay information about the monsters, but what welcomed them was —

—A flock of ugly monsters trampling the village.

[No way]

Russel was unable to say anything, he began to run towards his home immediately.

He encountered Miru on his way home.


Miru shouted at Russel.

[I can’t find Gerald! The situation is very strange, where the hell is he!] [… If it’s Gerald, I’m sure he is gonna be alright] [I will do something about it! Miru, you must hide yourself well. Understand?]

Miru was searching for Russel because she’s worried about Gerald, she nodded even though she hesitated for a moment.

She was still a young child. She should be full of anxiety right now. Even so, she still worried about her friends, it’s hard to believe that she was thinking of others despite her of current age.

[You will really do something about it, Oldman? Gerald, you will really do something about that guy, right?]

Before turning back and ran away, Miru turned her head to face Russell and left such a word.

While seeing off her brave back, Russel thought about the future of such young child.
Then what my present self is able to do, is to protect that [future]. We must survive the attacks of the demons, to protect the future of this village.

Russel’s house had not received attack from the monster yet. But, it’s only a matter of time. The monster wave will approach here soon.

[Russel! You are safe?]

When I walked into house, Cecil rushed at me with uneasy face. She held Sierra on her chest.

[Yeah. I am safe… Where is Gerald?] [Still in the forest. It’ll be good if he can return back early… Ah, but it’s dangerous to come back right now…]

Toward the sudden chaos situation, Cecil’s thought pattern was a royal mess.
Since Russel was not around, she must be feeling insecure.

I gripped her shoulder in attempt to calm her down, then I began to talk with a clear voice.

[Listen to me alright, Cecil? I need to go. This monster raid is a problem that will affect the entire village, so all the villagers need to do something in this situation. Do you understand?] [Yes. But…] [That’s why, I must fight. To protect the village, to protect you, to protect the children… So please, I want you to be here, hide yourself and keep Sierra safe. You can do it, right?] [What about Gerald?]

Cecil whispered in painful voice.

[That child, what is going happen to him?] [He is smart and a strong kid. I’m sure, he is safe by himself… I believe in him] [But] [Do you understand? I will say it one more time. I’ll fight. So, you should hide yourself and protect Sierra]

You can do it, right? Being asked by Russel, Cecil nodded while showing hesitation.

He gently raised her face and kissed her on the forehead.

[Thank you. That’s the girl I love] [Russel, I…] [I might be helpless, but as a man, as a father, as a husband — at the time like this, it’s not possible for me to ignore the situation]

In the end, Russel embraced Cecil and Sierra, before he turned around and ran out of the house.
The weapon that he chose was a pickaxe. A sharp agricultural tool used for crushing hard soil in the agriculture land.

It was impossible for me to learn magic, I am incompetent, I’m weak, but I am a heroic father. He began to run towards the crowd of monsters.

There is only one feeling burning vigorously in his chest. To repel the monsters, and protect the village where they could live peacefully.

Cecil, Sierra, and even Gerald, I won’t let those monsters lay a finger on you. Because I am— your father.

With that determination in mind, Russel exerted a lot of strength into his hands and swung the pickaxe down at the head of the approaching monster.

Author’s Note:
Next time, I will revert back to Gerald’s viewpoint.
It is a long-awaited Peerless Japanese.

Magic Language – [Vol.1] Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

[Vol 1] Chapter 16

The Demon’s Raid

Several days have passed since I was able to perceive aether.

To polish my manipulation skill and magic incantation, I spent a long time inside the forest these past few days.

[ 『Spear of Flame, burn and pierce my enemy』 ]

My objective is to hunt. I can improve my efficiency for practical magic by hunting weak monsters and wild animals,, while also shortening the chant when my magic efficiency improves.

Fortunately, if I took some rest, I can recover some of my aether, I was spending half a day in the forest while resting sometimes.

As for the monsters in the forest, there are large monsters with sharp horns, they are a little dangerous. There are also man-eating mushrooms and human-sized caterpillar, there are fundamentally no strong monsters around.

However, that day, there are several weird signs drifting in the entire forest, I had felt it since the time I entered the forest in the morning.

[….. W-what is this, this unpleasant feeling]

I sense that the aether in the whole forest is increasing. No, rather than increasing, it’s more like they’re mixing unnaturally with something…

When I am still thinking about it.

[U, uwaaaa!]

I heard a scream from somewhere in the forest.

When I looked at the direction of that voice—- I was lost for words.

I felt high density of aether from that direction. Powerful, yet intense and wild aether.

However, I was certain I heard a villager’s scream. As a fellow member of the village, and as a person who is also a magician, there is no way I won’t go and help.

[ 『Accel』 ]

After I chanted a simple spell, I quickened my pace. Then immediately, I saw the villager being surrounded by monsters.

It’s a young man who is still in mid-twenties, this person played with me many times. He is crawling with his butt on the ground in the front of monsters, he seems unable to escape.

Looking down at him was a bear with red-fur.
If a human was hit by its claw, they will surely be blown away in one hit.

— Well, if it can hit the target, that is.

[『Physical Strength UP』 ]

With my strengthened power, I grabbed the young man from the side. While accelerating, I kicked the monster to make it crash onto the ground. We escaped from that place using that chance.

[Y,you are… Gerald!? Why are you in such a place… More like, what was that!?] [… Sorry, there is no time to explain. We need to inform the village for now]

The young man who I shouldered on my back talked to me, I could only say that in return.

A strong monster showed up near the village. Moreover, it’s unlikely the enemy is alone.
Two or more monsters are approaching… I can sense it.

I maintained my speed as I ran toward the village.

And then, over there, I saw…The village was raided by a pack of monsters.

[No way…]

A monster that looked like a huge centipede is running after the villagers. A scorpion-like monster is trying to surround the child who attempted to flee. Monsters are swinging their claws and fangs in attempt to kill and devour the villagers.

Toward the spectacle in front of me, I was stunned for a moment. But, anxiety rose within my heart as I thought about the safety of my family. Immediately, I rush towards my home with trembling feet.

When I opened the door, Mother, who was holding on to Sierra, called me with a scream-like voice. She always called me with [-chan] attached, seems like it’s not possible to do it during situation like this.

[Mother!? Where is Father?] [He was holding off the monsters, with weapon in hand. But…]

No way…

Father is not an athletic person. He doesn’t have physical strength either. Just by hiking a bit, he became exhausted, there is no way he can hold them off.

And yet, he has a strong sense of obligation and passion, and that kind of man went to the battlefield. Taking a weapon he is not familiar with.

It was as if he’s going to the battlefield to die.

There’s no other choice.

I forcibly take mother’s arm that is holding Sierra, and push them into the closet. I also throw the young man who I shouldered into the closet.

Even though it’s small, they should be safe in here. They just have to endure the stuffy feeling for now.

[What are you doing, Gerald!? What are you trying to do—] [It’s okay]

To mother who was crying and clinging to me, I matched my line of sight with Sierra.

She is not screaming even in situation like this, her eyes looking at me is somewhat intellectual, she looks so noble.

[Sierra. Listen. It’s safe in here. Your oniichan will definitely protect you] [Nii-tan?] [You two, please I need your help here. I’ll definitely be back].

Listening my words, the young man who I saved in the forest nodded in agreement as he saw me.


Mother is shouting. However, I need to go. There will be less casualties if I were to move.

Because I have my memory from previous life. I can understand the magic language, it’s possible for me to awaken as a magician.

In a word, I have power. The power to save everyone in this village.

And more importantly, is there anyone who can silently watch their precious family get hurt?

Father said, 『As a man』, one must strike without holding back. He should be fine, right?

I am a magician, a boy, the son of my father and mother.

I close closet door forcefully…. Now that I think about it, isn’t this the place where I found the grimoire? While recalling the old memory, I close the door and turned around.

[ 『Any person excluding me is forbidden to open this door』 ]

I chant a spell to keep the door completely locked.
In addition, as precaution, I cast another magic on it.

[ 『Negate any forms of attack from outside, reinforce the door and wall of this closet and make it indestructible』 ]

… With this, perhaps the closet won’t get destroyed. Moreover, although the phrase is not smart, I think it’ll be better to use detailed words in situation like this.
Mother and the others, you’re gonna be safe.

I went out of the house while steeling myself.

How to fight, I haven’t learned about it yet. There has yet been a chance for me to fight enemies stronger than usual.

Still, I can’t run away this time. Father, only I have the power to save him and protect the people of this village.

I resolve myself, and run towards the crowd of monsters whose invading our village right now.


(TL Note: This is the teaser from Author)

Weapon from Japanese. That’s all. But, in Another World, how strong will that weapon be? The next chapter is from Russel’s point of view when the monsters attacked the village.
Father is working hard.


[Vol 1] Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Aura

In the village, there is an plaza for the children to play around.

Even if I said plaza, there is nothing special on it. It’s just a wide plain and flat ground.

The children in the village have already gathered there, under this fine weather… they are moving their body in high spirit.

There are several kids around 5 to 7 years old gathered in plaza, their number is 8 in total.

When they noticed Miru and my appearance, they stopped playing and come over here.

[Gerald, I heard you collapsed?] [You seem fine though, let’s play with us!] [Ge,gerald, is Sierra-chan is not coming? I, I, I captured a big toad, and I want to present it to her…] [… You seem to feel better now]

Everyone gathered and several of them said their own piece. And also, you, don’t approach Sierra, because she is scared of toad.

Her onii-chan won’t permit it.

[Everyone, it’s been awhile. Thank you for worrying about me. But, I’m alright now]

While answering them, I pour magic power into my eyes and [observe] everyone.

Then as expected, I can see colorful magical light wrapping their bodies. It seems there are an individual differences from the intensity of the light, there are some with dim, flickering aether, and some others with aether so bright that it blinds me.

However, the one with the brightest aether is still Miru, who is standing next on me. Although, hers is not as bright as mine.

[Haa? Who’s worried about you! I was only wondering if you’re alright or not!] [If you’re already fine, let’s play!] [B-by the way, Gerald, you won’t infect Sierra-chan, right? I-i-if Sierra-chan collapse next time, I, I, I will, I will…] […Fuu. I am fine already, see?]

Why are there two people here acting like tsundere? And you, shut-up with Sierra-chan. I won’t permit anyone approaching her as her onii-chan.

[Don’t listen to them, let’s go play! It’s just the usual gang!] When Miru held the ball over her head,
[Ooooh!] shout of joy arises.

By the way, that ball was handmade by Miru. She rolled the clothes, paper scraps, and the leaves together, coiled it around and fixed them with a string, it was really well-made.

Thanks to her achievement of making this ball, she became our leader even though she was still five years old. Besides, with her height and physical abilities, she was able to compete with the older childrens.

The other five years old in this village is only me, therefore it’s not bad for me to be frequently treated as a pair because of that.

[Well then, let’s have a match to celebrate my return. I’ll show you who’s boss, Miru] [What did you say! I won’t lose! I will be the one who knock down Gerald!]

After Miru and I started it, we scattered around the plaza.
The usual game, is beginning.

Here is the rule and explanation about our [usual game].

At the east and west corner of plaza, there is a log standing there respectively.
On top of the logs, which are taller than us, a [circle] is drawn at the side, that will serve as the goal.

We will get a point if the ball hit the circle, and the two teams compete for points.
If you kick the ball and hit the circle, the team will get 3 points, if you use your head it’ll be 2 points, and if you hit it by throwing with hands, it’ll score 1 point.

Even though there is no foul play, after the ball is thrown, the two team scramble for it. This game is called Jump Ball.

In addition, one isn’t allowed to hit or kick another player. You can carry the ball by hand, kick it, and make it roll, but if you try to carry it by holding it to your stomach then the ball will be given to the opposing team..

To put it bluntly, it felt kinda like soccer, rugby, and basketball being mixed into one.

We split our team into 5:5 on the left side and right side respectively. The teams are somehow fixed already, although one or two people trade places sometimes.

And then, Miru and I will never be on the same team. We are the only five years old children here, so it might because of that we have a deep sense of rivalry.

[… Nevertheless]

When the game started, I stood still for awhile and noticed something.

I’m able to see the opponent’s movement, more than usual

For example; when someone made a feint; when the opponent started to make suicide attack; when the ball was kicked or thrown.

The aether from the opponent is always swaying to the direction that they will advance to, it cast a strong light, so I can very much 『understand』 their intention.

Before, I can only 『sense』 their intention, but now, from the aether of the opponent, I can predict two steps ahead of their movement.

…. Is this 『Magic Perception』? Perhaps this is what they call 『Feel』 and 『Perceive』.

[Here I go, Gerald!]

Miru is approaching while holding the ball. Her aether is strengthening in flash.
For a moment, Miru feinted by trying to run through my right side. But, her aether is swinging to my left side.

However, I have yet to make a move. I didn’t move to either the right or left side. I just stood there and waited for the right time.

And then, Miru’s aether suddenly intensified. By the time I noticed it, she already released the ball from her hand and prepared to kick.

But, I begin to move immediately before that. Miru’s prided long shot— She pretends to run towards the right side, and shoot the ball towards the left side.

I cut off the ball which was released from Miru’s hand and began to dash. Miru’s foot kicked the empty sky.

After I passed the ball to my teammates, they threw the ball towards the target.

[Hell yeah!]

There is shout of joy from my team, while I am calmly reflecting the greatness of magic perception.
This ability is awesome. Perhaps, if I am to use this on children’s game, I can win by myself alone?

[Kuh, one more time, one more time! Next time I’m gonna win!]

At the same time, the frustrated Miru throws the ball back into the plaza from the outfield .

I sensed aether approaching from the sky, when I looked above.

There was a bird with its wings spread out. The bird opened its talon and swoop down like a bullet, the ball which was thrown by Miru earlier, was taken from us.

Miru let out a stupid sound when the bird flew back to the sky, it provoked us to do something about it.

[Return it! Return the ball!] Everyone started throwing stones toward the sky, but no one could reach it. The only stone which reached the bird’s height was from Miru’s kick, but the bird swung one of its wing to deflect it as if sneering us.

[My, my ball….]

Miru, whose ball that she made with great effort being taken from her, became teary eyed and bitterly stamped the ground.

[Return it, Return it please… My ball!]

Her face was deep red because of anger, that girl’s face looked really vexing.
It really made me sad.

For five years old children, the importance of the ball was immeasurable.

If it’s an adult, they might possibly endure it, but for Miru, she could not easily accept it.

When I saw her like this, my chest tightened. I could feel her sadness, my heart is aching.

I resolved myself and pick up a stone, I was conscious of my magic power.

I concentrate the magic power around my throat. And then, I apply my 『imagination』 on the magic.

Shoot down the bird from the sky with the stone that I throw. When I imagine it, I recite the chant.

[『Grant me power to shoot down the flying bird』 ]

Since I was whispering, nobody heard the chant. Power suddenly welled up within my body

My body feels light, I understood that my physical strength has been strengthened. It’s not same when I compare it with my previous buff, furthermore, my view has become clearer too.

Right now I can clearly see the movements of the bird in the sky. I can predict how fast it flies, how far is the distance, and how fast will my throwing stone reach the bird head…

I gripped the stone, while being cautious to not break it, I rotate my whole body.
And then, with a powerful recoil, I threw the stone with the right timing.

The stone shot made a [Boom!] sound as it flew towards the bird with a terrific speed. The bird tried to avoid it in a panic, but it was already too late.

In an instant, the stone hits the bird’s head. The bird which got its head crushed, fell down along with the ball.


I heard someone shout. But my eyes were focused on the fallen bird.

Just now, I realized the dread when I use my magical power. The bird head is completely crushed with the stone, I understood that it’s an instant dead with only one blow.

This is different with the magic training that I did so far before I can sense the aether. Regarding this magic, it was impossible to activate it with only images so far.

At the same time, [Aah] I had this feeling.

I used magic in the front of the people in the village. Now that my magic is exposed, I wonder how the others would react…

[Awesome Gerald! You, how did you do that?]

Miru noticed it and talked to me while hugging her recovered ball.

I felt relieved and answered her question with random things. Miru continued to talk without any regards to me.

[Just now, you did that, right!? Awesome! That’s so cool! Hey hey, please teach me the trick!] [The trick, eh, just now is only by chance…]

It’s not possible to say honestly that it because of magic. I can only evade the question.

[By chance? Nn~, is that so? Oh well. More than that, you’re so cool! I have fallen in love!] [Love… Eeeh!?] [Yeah, I have fallen in love! Because you’re so cool!]

The cheerful Miru came closer to me, she brought her face closer to my cheek.
Toward her sudden behaviour, I was unable to react fast enough,
[chu] I heard light sound.

[Y, y, you, just, now, what, did….?] [Eh? Papa always did that with mama]

My face become hot. When I noticed that I was being kissed on cheek, I began to blush more.

[Na, nyan, na na, nya re?]

Oi my tongue. Speak properly.

[Eh? Like I said, I fell in love with you?] […? Your face is red, you know? What’s the matter?] [It’s because the weather is so hot!] [Yeah! It’s great that the weather is so nice!]

This girl do not seem to understand anything.

— Although, it was I who didn’t understand anything at all.
This sign is the cue for 『that omen』.

At this time, I did not know anything..

Coming up next: The Demon attack on the village. The battle scene should be increasing, please look forward for it.


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Magic Language ch.14 part 2

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Author note: There will 5 to 6 more chapters of Kaoru’s childhood, then we will move on to the adventure outside of the village. Please bear with me till then.

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[Vol 1] Chapter 14

When we enter the living room, Sierra and Father were having a meal. They had a surprised expression when they turned their eyes onto me.

“Gerald, are you feeling better now?”

“Yeah, I feel great”

I nodded to Father words as I sat on my chair.

As soon as I sat down, Mother brought in hot soup and bread for me. Just the smell of it multiplied my appetite by ten folds.

Well, it’s only natural, seeing I have not eaten anything for three days now.

Both of my hands naturally stretched out towards the dish. I ate the bread like a caveman while every so often, gulping down the slightly sweet corn soup.

“Geho, goho” ⌈1

“Ahh, mou, eat slowly Gerald-chan, it won’t disappear you don’t have to rush”

“Ugh, s-sorry”

Struggling to swallow the food, Mother used a handkerchief and help wiped my mouth.

…… Even though I know that I’m childish, I still tried to act like a grown-up. Possibly because they think that my action of overdoing myself was amusing, Father and Mother ended up chuckling.

“By the way, Otou-san, Okaa-san”

While slowly finishing the rest of the food, I told Father and Mother.

“I am able to perceive æther now”

After saying that, Father’s expression changed from surprise to joy.

“Gerald…… You” ⌈2

Father looked at me with an expression as if he was about to cry and then he proceeded to wipe his eyes (though there were no tears flowing).

“I see, you are becoming a man too……”

He muttered to himself.

But I understood Father’s feelings. To be more precise, I am starting to understand his feelings.

Now, I am able to perceive æther, something which I could not have done before.

At least, I am『Like a Magician』. There is no doubt that becoming a magician means I am growing up.

“Otou-san, will I become a good man?”

“Ahh, to grow, to grow into such a splendid young man…… as expected of my son”



Hishi!3⌋ While seeing two men embracing each other, Mother muttered to herself while having an amazed face.

“Mmm, man sure are blockheads……”

You would think that he is getting excited at such a trivial thing. But this is an important matter between Father and me.

Be that as it may, I decided to not give Mother any more chance of making fun of me, I untied my arms from Father’s back and returned them back to my side.

Then, Father, with all his might, suddenly pulled himself back to me.


“Gerald, I…… I used to wish to become a magician back in my glory days a long time ago”

I see. After I looked at him, I understood.

Ever since I started using magic, the tension started to rise. But having been told by your son that he is also able to perceive aether now, it was enough to make you cry.

I love and respect the place where the heart of a boy is kept in Father like that. I really want to become an adult who does not forget purity, like my father.

“But I lacked the talent…… to understand the magic language. But surprisingly, my son has been granted the dream I always yearned for. For parents, there is no greater joy than this. Thank you very much!”

My face became red after hearing Father’s thankful words. I wonder why such straightforward and to the point words of gratitude could be this embarrassing.

Aware of my own embarrassed expression, Mother displayed a smile over on the other side of the table while giggling.

“Oh? Nii-tan and Rachel getting along? Sierra too!”

Sierra clung onto my back and squeezed tightly. What a cute little creature, I feel happy just being close to her.

“Nii-tan, Nii~tan”

Sierra rubs her cheeks on my back. Even if the action is not visible, I could imagine. Her actions seem to make my chest warm and relaxed. Sierra is clad in a soothing aura. I see, I can perceive æther regardless of senses.

If such a thing is considered.

“…… Nii-tan, smewwy”


“Well, it can’t be helped since you have not washed your body in three days”


Sierra moved away from my back. Mother’s strangely calm comment seemed to be the finishing blow to me.

However, Sierra getting away from my back somehow managed to help me regain my composure. While sitting on the chair and extending the spoon for the soup again, I decided to『look』at everyone.

And then I saw it, three people covered in æther.

Father is……Unfortunately, his æther is considerably low. The faint light he emitted was coloured dark grey. However somewhere deep down, despite him being a romanticist, he gives off a feeling of being a serious father.

He said he didn’t have the talent for it, but even if he knew the language of magic, but with the size of this æther, he won’t be able to use very strong magic techniques.

I saw it when Mother entered the room, but the æther given off was in a warm orange colour.

Still, the feeling I get from Mother’s æther is so gentle that it feels like it envelopes you to the brim with magnanimity. Warm, gentle……I like colours of that feeling.

Next, I move my eyes to Sierra—incredible.

Unlike my bright silver light, her æther is so strong to the point you’d be hard pressed to question whether it was a halo or not. Even though I’m know magic on some extent, but, it’s still so dazzling.

According to the grimoire, anyone during infancy/early childhood has a talent for magic. From there, as you’re growing older, both of your talent and æther light gradually grow smaller, until you’re dead.

In that sense, Sierra who’s still two years old has such a strong æther light.

However, by continuously looking at other people’s æther like this, I somehow managed to sense my own æther.–



Even though it is a good practice to shut myself in the room and pour æther into the spell, there’s a special feeling when perceiving other people’s æther. I notice there are differences on individual æther in color and light. Moreover, this magical light can show us the innerself of the person, it’s pretty interesting.

Even so, why could I suddenly perceive æther…?

That’s remind me, I think I have an idea about it.

The sign that I felt before the big wild boar appears. And also, there was some indigo color-like thing which wrapped the body of that low-tier monster.
Don’t tell me, at that time I already….

[… Nee, Father. I want to ask something] [Nn? What is it Gerald?] [There was something shiny in the body of the giant wild boar, do you know about it?] [Light, eh?… No, I don’t remember there is something like that…]


[『Protect him with the Divine Protection』] [O,oh!? Gerald, what magic did you use on me this time?]

When I cast the incantation, golden light wraps around my father’s body.

Disregard my surprised… No, my excited father, I turned around to mother and Sierra.

[Hey, do you see golden light that wraps around father’s body?] [Eh, I don’t understand] [Light? Sierra dunno] [Un. I see. Thank you both of you. I think I understand for the time being] [What do you understand?]

Toward me who understood something, my mother just inclined her neck in curiousity, I think I understood it to some extent.

When I was attacked by the Giant Wild Boar, most likely I could already sense the æther so I was able to do it. For example, the moment where I cast strengthening magic on my father’s body.

And then, if I encounter another Giant Wild Boar, I think I might be able to recognize the magic that giant wild boar possessed. Perhaps, the reason I could perceive æther was because the magic sensory organ or something developed rapidly.

However, as the result, my body can’t endure the rapid change, thus I have fallen asleep for the three days due to that.

When I told my conjecture to my father and mother, they both consent with [I see] together.

[More importantly, Gerald is really smart to be able to understand that kind of magic. Moreover, possessing the understanding to predict about anything at this age. Oh dear, you will grow into someone amazing in the future] [Well yeah… I wonder where did we make mistake in raising you?]

Oi, what do you mean by that, mom.

[This kind of smart Gerald, mom don’t want it… Mom prefer the cute and foolish Gerald] [What about Sierra? Is Sierra cute?] [Yeah, of course! Sierra is the cutest in the world!] [Ehehe, Onii-tan, thank you]

Sierra’s smiling face at that time was really dangerous.
Mou, really, even though it’s bad manner during eating, I want to embrace her, rub my face on her, and pat her adorable head.

[Saa, Sierra, come!]

Therefore, I straightened my body stance and open both of my arms on Sierra.
But, my expectation has been betrayed.



[Eh, Sierra. Come here, Oniichan will hug you~ I’ll hold you up tightly, you know?] [Yaada]


[W, why… Why, Sierra….Do you hate, Oniichan?] [Mmm, but I like you Onitan?] [Then, why…] [Smelly] [Haha. You’ve been rejected, Gerald]

My father’s hand slapped my back when I was depressed due to her words.

…. Moreover, to slap my back while being on strengthened body, it’s more painful than usual.
The effect of magic, I experienced it for the first time.

After the Princess of our home said [Smelly] to me, I went outside with full stomach.

I wanted to try various magics which I was able to perceive at once, but for the time being let’s wash my body first.

Anyway, it’s natural to think that Sierra is my most precious girl. That kind of Sierra said such things, there is no way that I am alright with it.
… Well, when I said something like that, my father responded [I won’t give my daughter to you! I will never hands her to a man like you!], it somewhat made me speechless.

Anyway, I draw water to the tub from the well in the garden, I put the dry medical herbs inside. I carried the tub to the sink place, and began to wipe my body with a wet cloth.

What is a sink place? To put it simply, it’s a place like bathroom without bathtub. The surface of the floor was made by smooth stones, and there was cloth covering the surrounding to prevent being seen from outside.

The people in this village usually brought their hot water or cold water to this sink place and wash their body. Even though there is no custom to use bathtub, there’s no feeling of lingering dirt after cleaning up, thanks to the medical herbs which serve as the soap.

… Well, the moment I can use magic to make my body clean, there will be no need to use the sink place again.

[What a nice weather…]

Although it’s quite hot.

It feels very cool and pleasant when I wipe the skin with water the moment it starts to burn slightly. This somehow feels like I am really living.

When I am still washing my body and cooling myself, I feel a sign of magic from someone approaching me.

[O, Gerald! You, you did something bad, didn’t you?]

When I heard the voice, a familiar face looks into me between the clothes which surrounded the sink place.

[Na, nu, nwaaaa!?] [Uo, why so sudden Gerald!? Why in the face!]

I was surprised so I instinctively threw the water in the tub toward the face. The face that thrust out between the clothes was pushed back by great power.

…More like, that kind of saying is triggering some lewd/guilty thinking. for now I think it’ll be better to stop?

[M,m,m,miru!? What are you doing while I am still washing my naked body…]

I was surprised, and kept talking like a machinegun. Naturally, I was hiding the crotches with both of my hands.

[Don’t be such a letdown, we’re already this close. right?] [Nuwaa!? Again!?]

Miru shows her face again from between the clothes. She also raised a miserable scream a moment ago.
The eyes that she shows on me, it’s unsuitable for the sunny weather like now.

[… Such a pathetic voice for a man] [It’s because I am a man so I don’t want to be seen by you!] [? What do you mean?] [… It’s alright if you don’t know it]

Miruriru— a.k.a Miru, five years old. She is a girl.
She has a pair of confident eyes and red hair, an active-type… and is a girl who is same age as me.

It’s natural for this village to have other childrens, my five-years old self included.
Among them, since we’re on same age, I often play together with Miru.

[Nn? What is with it’s alright if I don’t know? Oh well, let’s go play outside. You don’t need to wash your body now] [… It’s perhaps not important, but I want to ask something. Why do you suddenly barge-in here without permission?] [I asked Cecil] [So suspicious…]

To call by name instead of [Your mother], as expected from Miru, she don’t have any timidness.

Although I was amazed, I received my change of clothes from Miru and said [I will change clothes for the time being], and I went back to the sink place.

When I got out, there is a ball being held by Miru, there is a fresh smile on her tanned face.

[… It’s so hot outside, are you not bothered by it?] [That’s why it’s a fine weather!] [In addition, you’re always full of unreasonableness] [It’s because this is such a fine weather! Then, what about you Gerald? Why are you suddenly washing your body right now?]

Usually, people wash their body in the morning or the evening. There are not many people in the village washing their body during daytime.

[A… It’s because today has fine weather I guess]

It’s a hot day.

[You got it! During good weather like this, I’ll go crazy if I don’t play outside] [Who is it. The one who always ignore people when they are talking] [A man won’t mention trivial detail like that]

That kind of word, it’ll be treated as sexual harassment in my previous life.

Well, I don’t have any objection to play with Miru. I have slept for three days so I want to move my body for a little.

Therefore, I don’t have any reason to decline her invitation either.

— Though, suddenly I’m thinking something.

When I put power in my eyes to see Miru… From her, I see red light shining.

As I thought? Apparently, there is individual variation on the color of æther. I don’t know yet if it’s related with their character or personality. Or that they’re dependant on their strength.

But still, red hair and red æther, it matches Miru well. It’s because her red æther is brilliant and beautiful, I was unintentionally fascinated by it.

[Ah? Oi, Gerald. Why are you looking at me like that?] [Etto, sorry] [? What do you mean? Moreover, your face is red? Is the heat getting to you?] [Uh! It’s a fine weather after all!]

It’s really hot, you know. Though I don’t want to say it.

[More importantly, let’s go play now! Hurry-up!] [Yeah, oi, wait for me~ Don’t leave me, stupid!]

I heard her voice when I begin to walk quickly. But, instead of reducing my speed, I increase my pace further and keep walking.

It’s because, well. If she were to catch up… ah, such a fine weather, it’s so hot.

I don’t plan to say it.


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  2. There is no proper TL for お前ってやつは 
  3. Sound effect of sudden hugging 

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Magic Language Volume 1 Chapter 13

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[Vol 1] Chapter 13

I sat back down on my futon as I lost myself to my thoughts.

If I consciously focused on my hand, I was able to perceive golden light emanating from it.

“I knew it, this is æther after all……”

It had an appearance of just an ordinary light, albeit golden in colour. But I felt as if the light was overflowing from my body.

It seemed to be somewhat similar to the aura that the Gargantuan Boar was wrapped in, although the colour was different.

Perhaps my encounter with the Monster somehow activated the ability to perceive æther in me. However, possibly as a side effect, I lost consciousness.

When I clenched my fist with all the strength I could muster, the intensity of the light from my wrist seemed to grow noticeably. After observing that, I was convinced that this golden light was æther after all.

But to clear any doubts, it would be better to cast a spell and actually check whether the light would react.

“But how do I use the æther from within me to cast a spell?”

I tilted my head as I thought about it. The grimoire had no mentions of a way to manipulate æther in the body for magic.

For now, I decided to try the invocations that I have been using the most, such as light magic, drying magic, fire…… If things get dangerous, I will revoke the spell.

After that I would use wind magic to fly up and hover, while strengthening my body.

While doing all that, I managed to figure out the trick to manipulating æther. All I had to do in order to use it was to gather it in a part of my body!

I could charge æther into an incantation by gathering it in my throat while chanting the spell. Just like that, the spell would be charged with æther.

I noticed that when using magic powered by my æther, the effects of the spell would more accurately reflect the image I had in mind.

Until now, when using『Ruby’s radiance』, I was able to start a fire, but not control its size or strength.

However, I was now capable of exercising more control as the strength and size of the spell effect was proportional to the amount of æther used to cast it.

Magic language gave form to the casters imagination using æther. Therefore, if you were skilled in manipulating æther, you could increase the power of your spells by two to three times.

By the way, if I tried to cast『Ruby’s radiance』with the image of a water ball in my mind, it would not activate. But if I cast『Ruby’s radiance』with the image of a 『Crimson fire』, it would work as the『Meaning of words』overlapped.

This meant that the『Meaning of words』was indispensable while casting magic.

I started to practice my magic skills by varying the amount of æther used in casting light spells. As a result, I was able to change the brightness of the light according to my desires.

Without a doubt, soon, I would be able to command magic as if it was my arm or leg.

Coming to think of it, I might be able to improve the spell incantations further. Till now, all I had been doing was chanting the ones written in the grimoire.

That was because the effects were fixed and thus the result of the spell was guaranteed.

I was afraid I might regret messing around with the spells and bringing about unwanted outcomes.

However, now that I could sense and perceive æther,  it should be possible to give『form』to the 『image』in my mind with chants that were shorter and hence, more efficient.

…… Also, having to chant those weird incantations was embarrassing, even if no one else could understand them.

Anyway, I’d start by making an original spell first.

If I can image it, that is……


After chanting that, a ball of light materialized under the ceiling. Alright, it had reflected my『image』perfectly.

Seeing the white fluorescent light from my mind come to existence encouraged me a lot.

Ok, Let’s turn off the 『Lantern』 for now

“『Lights off』”

The ball of light disappeared.

This time, I’d try out another spell I have thought of.

“『Mini bulb』”

An orange ball of light lit up, though it was somewhat weak and unable to illuminate the room even at night. Nonetheless, I was satisfied that I could replicate 『images』in my mind.

It seemed like the effects could vary greatly in scope based on the amount of æther used alone.

For example, besides using wind magic to just blow on things, I could use it to raise or lower humidity in the room, increase or decrease the ventilation, or even hoisting someone up into the air…… Among other things.

I could even use magic to heal wounds I suffered to the back of my hand.

For the time being, I decided to not  cast any large-scale attack magic. I didn’t want the whole house turn into a charred bowl of soup.

While continuing to practice magic in my room, I suddenly felt a source of æther approaching it – a person perhaps?

It was almost like the æther the Gargantuan Boar was clad in, but it did not give off a bad feeling like the former.

Right when I moved my eyes towards the entrance door, it opened.

“Gerald-chan, are you awake……?”

The person peeking out the door was Mother. She was wrapped in an orange light・・・・・・・with a concerned expression while looking at me sitting on the futon.

“Ah, Okaa-san, sorry, was I too noisy?”

“Oh, no it’s not that. Are you feeling better? You slept for three days”

…… I was out for that long.

“Yeah. My body feels fine. There is no need for concern”

I stood up and jumped around to prove my point. Instantly, Mother ran up to me and hugged me, saying “I’m sorry”

She then placed her forehead against mine, while looking at me.

“Wha-, Okaa-san!?”

I stood up in surprise while my mother calmly said “Good, it seems your fever has subsided.”

I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by being treated like a child by Mother but still, I was very grateful for it.

Well, to be fair, my previous life’s Mother was so・・・I was not used to being treated like this and I was not sure how to respond.

“So? Do you want to eat?”

“Ah, that…… “

I was caught off guard by Mother’s question as I was still surprised by what happened just now. While I was scrambling for a reply, my stomach went guu.

Mother, while looking at me with a gentle face, smiled affectionately.

“Don’t worry about my stomach. Look, it is rumbling with energy!”

She smiled.

…… Ahh, I am so weak to her smile.

If Mother knew about this, I would be definitely made fun of by her. Definitely.

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[Vol 1] Chapter 11

Original Translation can be found at RaisingTheDead.

The forest added to the darkness.
The sun shining in the sky is really starting to fall now as well.



Father is nearly out of stamina.


Low stamina… well, that’s part of being an adult.

“Wh.. what is it Gerald? Your Father… haa… is just a bit out of shape.”

“I think it’s because you haven’t been doing any exercise.”

“That’s true, but exercise is hard! It would be nice to be able to boast about how fit I am, but I just can’t do it.”

“Ah, yes, yes, it’s such a hard thing. This coming from someone who’s exhausted.”

“Haaa… haaa, don’t try and think that this is someone else’s problem, Gerald. Your the son of Cecilia and I.”

Don’t say such a terrible thing with an air of superiority.
… for now, along with studying magic, and practicing reading and writing, I should also play a lot outside.

Still, I haven’t gotten exhausted after hiking, but we haven’t really gone that far.
…I should consider this as a warning about my physical strength, this thing Father called 『Adventure』.

“Well, it can’t be helped Father… 『Heaven’s defend this person with your divine protection.』”

I utter the incantation aimed at Father, and a magical light cover’s his body.

“Oh? What’s this? My body feels so light.”

“It’s magic to strengthen your body, Father. Can you keep walking like this?”

“Yes, um. Thank you, son. The azure stone! The star in the night!”

“You don’t need to praise me like that…”

By the way, when Father calls me the star at night, it’s because of my jet black hair and pupils. They are like the night, and I am my Father’s treasure, like a jewel. That’s why my Father call’s me his star at night.
Well, it’s fine. I don’t mind being called that.

…Mother says it sometimes as well.
It feels like a romanticised title when it comes from her.

Are they similar because they are a married couple? They are a good match.

“Let’s go, Gerald! Your mother should be waiting with some warm soup!”

“Oh, it looks like you’ve really got your energy back…”

I lowered my shoulders in amazement.
Then I furrowed my eyebrows because of a strange feeling. It felt like my skin was itchy, a similar sensation to the one I get when I use magic.

Just then…

“Ooooaaaaaaa, what is thaaaaaaat!?”

I heard Father yell.

“What’s wrong Father!?”

“It’s coming Gerald! A monster!”

Blocking the way in front of Father, there was a monster about twice his size.
I’ve never seen any monsters around this area, this one has an appearance like a wild boar covered in bluish fur.

Futhermore, the monsters body was wrapped in a mysterious bluish light. I’ve never seen a creature with it’s body wrapped in light like this.

It looks dangerous, something like 『a lower-class monster』 I think.

Father pulled out his wooden sword for self defence from his knapsack.

He holds it awkwardly, and springs at the monster.


It’s a pitiful yell, but the wooden sword is swung at the enemy with a lot of spirit. However, it makes a cracking sound as it strikes the monster and breaks.

“Wh, what… this can’t be…”

Father lets out a small voice and staggers backwards as things happen different to what he expected.
Also, I think Father’s attack might have made it angry? The monster violently scratches the ground with it’s foot.


“『Soul of heroes, rage of war, grant power and skill to my body.』”

When I used the spell, a golden light covered me and I felt my body fill with power.

This is a spell for physical strengthening. Unlike the one I put on Father, this one improves 『combat power』.

This raises endurance, strength, reflexes, and agility. It gives you enough power that you can outmatch even a soldier.


I charged out like a bullet at the same time as the monster put strength into it’s limbs.
I jump between Father and the monster, and block the monster with one hand.


I strike it’s head with my other hand, and it’s skull shatters, killing it.
It would have been dangerous if I couldn’t use Japanese. We wouldn’t normally be able to win such a fight.

“Father, are you alright?”

“Um, ah…. I think so. That was amazing, Gerald!”

“Yes, I used magic to strengthen my body.”

As I speak, Father lets out a breath of relief.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. But… you can’t use that power in front of people from the village.”

“…it’s not good?”

“Even if you aren’t bad, there are people who will assume you are if they see that power.”

It feels like Father hasn’t finished yet.

“However, Cecilia and I, we know you’re not bad for using magic. I want you to know that.”

“…um. Thank you, Father.”

Not everyone in the world would be happy with this power.
But my heart is lifted because my Father, Mother, and Sierra won’t leave me.

…even though my father isn’t that good with his words.
Well, perhaps we’re the same in that regard. Like Father like son maybe?


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