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Magic Language ch.14 part 2

Greetings everyone. I’m the new part timer, Raizu.

I’ll helping on Magic Language for awhile, it’s quite interesting plot. The story  pace is also good.
Oh yeah, Sarah and Silva mentioned that there will be childpr0n on this series,
well, let’s looking forward for it together since I am also bit curious. 😡

if you are also enjoy and like it, please give me your support by commenting on the page~

Anyway, enjoy Magic Language Chapter 14 Part 2~

Translator: Raizu
Editor: Silva


Author note: There will 5 to 6 more chapters of Kaoru’s childhood, then we will move on to the adventure outside of the village. Please bear with me till then.

Translator note: I will be dropping this series as I am no longer enjoying this story. But I will release this teaser as part 1 and hope another translator will pick it up from part 2 onwards. Thanks for all the support!

P.S. (to answer some questions) I have read ahead, and this is not a story I would enjoy. I tried to continue translating but then I will not be enjoying myself, which is the point of me translating. Sorry for dropping it, but if there is no one translating this series after 3 months, I will try to pick it up again.

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