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[Vol 1] Chapter 18

Translator: Raizu
TLC/Editor: Silva

Exterminating the monsters.

It’s a peerless battle. Including this chapter, the infant Arc will end in three chapters.

[ 『Wind, slice them into pieces!』 ]

I cleaved several monsters with one spell, then ran towards the villagers without being spotted.

I couldn’t use wide ranged magic attacks on the group of monsters due to villagers being scattered here and there. Instead, I used body strengthening, distinguished the villagers apart from the monsters, and, once the villagers took some distance, I crushed the approaching monsters.


A leopard-like monster bared its fangs towards a villager. Although he held a sword in hand, I who watched from afar, understood that he was trembling in fear.

It is a distance that I will not be able to cover in time even if I strengthen my body and use 『Acceleration』.

However, there is still no problem.

For these past few days, I have understood from experience, as long as the incantation is in the Japanese language, the spell can be quite flexible depending on the given instruction.

For example.

[ 『Teleport』 ]

The moment I casted it, my view changed immediately; I stood between the villager and the monster thanks to [Teleportation].

[Guru ouuuuu….]

The monster flinched momentarily because of the sudden turnaround, but it kept attacking.

I turn my palm towards the monster.

[ 『Flames, turn it into cinders』 ]

After I chanted the spell, the entire body of the monster was wrapped in flames. The monster didn’t even have a chance to scream as it was turned into ash, blown away by the wind and disappearing.

[Gerald!? You, are you a magician…?] [We can talk later! More importantly, you need to hide from the monsters!] […I am indebted to you. Also, Russel is that way. Please go, and take this with you. I won’t be able to use it anyway]

Although the villager that I helped couldn’t conceal his suspicious expression, he still gave me his sword and pointed at the direction where my father went.

That was where most of the monsters had gathered.

Thanks to my effort, most of the dangerous monsters had been cleared, although some of the smaller ones slipped away. Because of that, they started to gather in one place in search of prey that was weak and easy to win against rather than a strong opponent.

And, my father was over there.

[Wait for me, father. 『Teleport』 ]

I muttered and moved towards the whirlpool of monsters immediately.

The scenery changed again. When they noticed my presence, a Centipede-like monster opened its big mouth and approached me.

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[『Become a blade that can tear through space』 ]

I strengthened the sword with magic. The strengthened sword could literally cut through 『space』.

Naturally, the hard shell of the centipede monster was unable to endure it, and all that remained was two cleanly cut halves…

I cut down the other monsters with my sword and turned them into cinders. Occasionally, I used『Teleport』 to get behind their back and behead them. Before my power, the monsters that were densely packed were unable to do anything and lost their lives on the spot.

[Father, are you alright!?]

After I managed to rout the monsters with a swift attack, I turned towards my rear. I saw my father bleeding from his abdomen, that father who fought bravely with his own power and took up a weapon to defend the village.

Everyone was injured and shedding blood. They all looked painfully exhausted and was panting heavily.

[Ge… Gerald, are you safe?] [There is no way I would get hurt, right? Father! More importantly, your injury]

I rushed over and touched the wound. Father was groaning 「Uu」 in pain.

[Please endure it. 『Healing force, please assemble』 ]

It seemed like the wound was not serious. Even though the bleeding was terrible, it’s not a fatal wound.

I felt relieved for a moment after casting the spell, but his face complexion was still bad.

[Father?] [What, don’t worry. As long as the wound is closed up, ugh] [Don’t move yet, Russel-san. Weren’t you poisoned by the monster?]

When father tried to get up, One of the people who guarded father grabbed his shoulder and made him sit. He was called Reid, the boss of the warriors in the village.

[Poison!?] [Yeah, that centipede-like monster sprayed poison while attacking us…] [If that’s the case, we must detoxicate it!]

I turned to father’s body again and raised my palm. I imagined the flush of poison flowing in the whole body in my head.

And then, I uttered an incantation.

[ 『The poison flowing in this person’s body, eliminate it and recover the body to it’s normal state』 ]

When I finished chanting, father’s body shone for a moment. After the light disappeared, father’s complexion seemed better compared to a moment ago.

It’s clearly becoming better than earlier.

[Ku, how pitiful I am, showing such a shameful side to my son] [Th-that’s okay! Father was fighting for the sake of the people in the village, right!? There’s no way that kind of father would look shameful!] [Fu.. That’s right, my son] [Of course!]

Although still staggering a little, father managed to stand up. I stood at father’s side and supported him.

However, my body was also staggering a little. I used a considerable amount of aether, I’m exhausted.

[With this everything is settled. You can be relieved]

Reid himself showed a relieved expression.

In the village, monster corpses were stacked up everywhere. Centipede, leopard, bear, wild boar…… It was an ugly sight to behold. But still, sighs of relief could be heard as the safety of the village had been assured.

[Nevertheless, Gerald. You…]

Reid was looking down at me. When I took a glance, my body started to shake a little.

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When my identity as a magician was revealed, what kind of eyes would they use to look at me? Was it fear? Would I get persecuted and get kicked out of the village?

Such anxiety was sprouting in my mind. When the monster raid is over, everyone will start pressuring me about this matter.

Whether fortunately — or unfortunate — Reid-san didn’t continue his questioning.

It’s because there was a sudden explosion in the village.

[What!? What is that sound!?]

Reid-san prepared his weapon again after hearing the sound.

That sound— Mother and Sierra, I heard the sound from the direction of our house.

[Mother! Sierra!]

I began to shout and run. It didn’t even matter if my aether was exhausted.

I repeatedly used 『Teleport』, and reached our house in a few second.

At that place, I encountered someone who made me determined to be a Royal Court Magician.


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