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[Vol 1] Chapter 13

I sat back down on my futon as I lost myself to my thoughts.

If I consciously focused on my hand, I was able to perceive golden light emanating from it.

“I knew it, this is æther after all……”

It had an appearance of just an ordinary light, albeit golden in colour. But I felt as if the light was overflowing from my body.

It seemed to be somewhat similar to the aura that the Gargantuan Boar was wrapped in, although the colour was different.

Perhaps my encounter with the Monster somehow activated the ability to perceive æther in me. However, possibly as a side effect, I lost consciousness.

When I clenched my fist with all the strength I could muster, the intensity of the light from my wrist seemed to grow noticeably. After observing that, I was convinced that this golden light was æther after all.

But to clear any doubts, it would be better to cast a spell and actually check whether the light would react.

“But how do I use the æther from within me to cast a spell?”

I tilted my head as I thought about it. The grimoire had no mentions of a way to manipulate æther in the body for magic.

For now, I decided to try the invocations that I have been using the most, such as light magic, drying magic, fire…… If things get dangerous, I will revoke the spell.

After that I would use wind magic to fly up and hover, while strengthening my body.

While doing all that, I managed to figure out the trick to manipulating æther. All I had to do in order to use it was to gather it in a part of my body!

I could charge æther into an incantation by gathering it in my throat while chanting the spell. Just like that, the spell would be charged with æther.

I noticed that when using magic powered by my æther, the effects of the spell would more accurately reflect the image I had in mind.

Until now, when using『Ruby’s radiance』, I was able to start a fire, but not control its size or strength.

However, I was now capable of exercising more control as the strength and size of the spell effect was proportional to the amount of æther used to cast it.

Magic language gave form to the casters imagination using æther. Therefore, if you were skilled in manipulating æther, you could increase the power of your spells by two to three times.

By the way, if I tried to cast『Ruby’s radiance』with the image of a water ball in my mind, it would not activate. But if I cast『Ruby’s radiance』with the image of a 『Crimson fire』, it would work as the『Meaning of words』overlapped.

This meant that the『Meaning of words』was indispensable while casting magic.

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I started to practice my magic skills by varying the amount of æther used in casting light spells. As a result, I was able to change the brightness of the light according to my desires.

Without a doubt, soon, I would be able to command magic as if it was my arm or leg.

Coming to think of it, I might be able to improve the spell incantations further. Till now, all I had been doing was chanting the ones written in the grimoire.

That was because the effects were fixed and thus the result of the spell was guaranteed.

I was afraid I might regret messing around with the spells and bringing about unwanted outcomes.

However, now that I could sense and perceive æther,  it should be possible to give『form』to the 『image』in my mind with chants that were shorter and hence, more efficient.

…… Also, having to chant those weird incantations was embarrassing, even if no one else could understand them.

Anyway, I’d start by making an original spell first.

If I can image it, that is……


After chanting that, a ball of light materialized under the ceiling. Alright, it had reflected my『image』perfectly.

Seeing the white fluorescent light from my mind come to existence encouraged me a lot.

Ok, Let’s turn off the 『Lantern』 for now

“『Lights off』”

The ball of light disappeared.

This time, I’d try out another spell I have thought of.

“『Mini bulb』”

An orange ball of light lit up, though it was somewhat weak and unable to illuminate the room even at night. Nonetheless, I was satisfied that I could replicate 『images』in my mind.

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It seemed like the effects could vary greatly in scope based on the amount of æther used alone.

For example, besides using wind magic to just blow on things, I could use it to raise or lower humidity in the room, increase or decrease the ventilation, or even hoisting someone up into the air…… Among other things.

I could even use magic to heal wounds I suffered to the back of my hand.

For the time being, I decided to not  cast any large-scale attack magic. I didn’t want the whole house turn into a charred bowl of soup.

While continuing to practice magic in my room, I suddenly felt a source of æther approaching it – a person perhaps?

It was almost like the æther the Gargantuan Boar was clad in, but it did not give off a bad feeling like the former.

Right when I moved my eyes towards the entrance door, it opened.

“Gerald-chan, are you awake……?”

The person peeking out the door was Mother. She was wrapped in an orange light・・・・・・・with a concerned expression while looking at me sitting on the futon.

“Ah, Okaa-san, sorry, was I too noisy?”

“Oh, no it’s not that. Are you feeling better? You slept for three days”

…… I was out for that long.

“Yeah. My body feels fine. There is no need for concern”

I stood up and jumped around to prove my point. Instantly, Mother ran up to me and hugged me, saying “I’m sorry”

She then placed her forehead against mine, while looking at me.

“Wha-, Okaa-san!?”

I stood up in surprise while my mother calmly said “Good, it seems your fever has subsided.”

I couldn’t help but be embarrassed by being treated like a child by Mother but still, I was very grateful for it.

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Well, to be fair, my previous life’s Mother was so・・・I was not used to being treated like this and I was not sure how to respond.

“So? Do you want to eat?”

“Ah, that…… “

I was caught off guard by Mother’s question as I was still surprised by what happened just now. While I was scrambling for a reply, my stomach went guu.

Mother, while looking at me with a gentle face, smiled affectionately.

“Don’t worry about my stomach. Look, it is rumbling with energy!”

She smiled.

…… Ahh, I am so weak to her smile.

If Mother knew about this, I would be definitely made fun of by her. Definitely.

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