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[Vol 1] Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Aura

In the village, there is an plaza for the children to play around.

Even if I said plaza, there is nothing special on it. It’s just a wide plain and flat ground.

The children in the village have already gathered there, under this fine weather… they are moving their body in high spirit.

There are several kids around 5 to 7 years old gathered in plaza, their number is 8 in total.

When they noticed Miru and my appearance, they stopped playing and come over here.

[Gerald, I heard you collapsed?] [You seem fine though, let’s play with us!] [Ge,gerald, is Sierra-chan is not coming? I, I, I captured a big toad, and I want to present it to her…] [… You seem to feel better now]

Everyone gathered and several of them said their own piece. And also, you, don’t approach Sierra, because she is scared of toad.

Her onii-chan won’t permit it.

[Everyone, it’s been awhile. Thank you for worrying about me. But, I’m alright now]

While answering them, I pour magic power into my eyes and [observe] everyone.

Then as expected, I can see colorful magical light wrapping their bodies. It seems there are an individual differences from the intensity of the light, there are some with dim, flickering aether, and some others with aether so bright that it blinds me.

However, the one with the brightest aether is still Miru, who is standing next on me. Although, hers is not as bright as mine.

[Haa? Who’s worried about you! I was only wondering if you’re alright or not!] [If you’re already fine, let’s play!] [B-by the way, Gerald, you won’t infect Sierra-chan, right? I-i-if Sierra-chan collapse next time, I, I, I will, I will…] […Fuu. I am fine already, see?]

Why are there two people here acting like tsundere? And you, shut-up with Sierra-chan. I won’t permit anyone approaching her as her onii-chan.

[Don’t listen to them, let’s go play! It’s just the usual gang!] When Miru held the ball over her head,
[Ooooh!] shout of joy arises.

By the way, that ball was handmade by Miru. She rolled the clothes, paper scraps, and the leaves together, coiled it around and fixed them with a string, it was really well-made.

Thanks to her achievement of making this ball, she became our leader even though she was still five years old. Besides, with her height and physical abilities, she was able to compete with the older childrens.

The other five years old in this village is only me, therefore it’s not bad for me to be frequently treated as a pair because of that.

[Well then, let’s have a match to celebrate my return. I’ll show you who’s boss, Miru] [What did you say! I won’t lose! I will be the one who knock down Gerald!]

After Miru and I started it, we scattered around the plaza.
The usual game, is beginning.

Here is the rule and explanation about our [usual game].

At the east and west corner of plaza, there is a log standing there respectively.
On top of the logs, which are taller than us, a [circle] is drawn at the side, that will serve as the goal.

We will get a point if the ball hit the circle, and the two teams compete for points.
If you kick the ball and hit the circle, the team will get 3 points, if you use your head it’ll be 2 points, and if you hit it by throwing with hands, it’ll score 1 point.

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Even though there is no foul play, after the ball is thrown, the two team scramble for it. This game is called Jump Ball.

In addition, one isn’t allowed to hit or kick another player. You can carry the ball by hand, kick it, and make it roll, but if you try to carry it by holding it to your stomach then the ball will be given to the opposing team..

To put it bluntly, it felt kinda like soccer, rugby, and basketball being mixed into one.

We split our team into 5:5 on the left side and right side respectively. The teams are somehow fixed already, although one or two people trade places sometimes.

And then, Miru and I will never be on the same team. We are the only five years old children here, so it might because of that we have a deep sense of rivalry.

[… Nevertheless]

When the game started, I stood still for awhile and noticed something.

I’m able to see the opponent’s movement, more than usual

For example; when someone made a feint; when the opponent started to make suicide attack; when the ball was kicked or thrown.

The aether from the opponent is always swaying to the direction that they will advance to, it cast a strong light, so I can very much 『understand』 their intention.

Before, I can only 『sense』 their intention, but now, from the aether of the opponent, I can predict two steps ahead of their movement.

…. Is this 『Magic Perception』? Perhaps this is what they call 『Feel』 and 『Perceive』.

[Here I go, Gerald!]

Miru is approaching while holding the ball. Her aether is strengthening in flash.
For a moment, Miru feinted by trying to run through my right side. But, her aether is swinging to my left side.

However, I have yet to make a move. I didn’t move to either the right or left side. I just stood there and waited for the right time.

And then, Miru’s aether suddenly intensified. By the time I noticed it, she already released the ball from her hand and prepared to kick.

But, I begin to move immediately before that. Miru’s prided long shot— She pretends to run towards the right side, and shoot the ball towards the left side.

I cut off the ball which was released from Miru’s hand and began to dash. Miru’s foot kicked the empty sky.

After I passed the ball to my teammates, they threw the ball towards the target.

[Hell yeah!]

There is shout of joy from my team, while I am calmly reflecting the greatness of magic perception.
This ability is awesome. Perhaps, if I am to use this on children’s game, I can win by myself alone?

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[Kuh, one more time, one more time! Next time I’m gonna win!]

At the same time, the frustrated Miru throws the ball back into the plaza from the outfield .

I sensed aether approaching from the sky, when I looked above.

There was a bird with its wings spread out. The bird opened its talon and swoop down like a bullet, the ball which was thrown by Miru earlier, was taken from us.

Miru let out a stupid sound when the bird flew back to the sky, it provoked us to do something about it.

[Return it! Return the ball!] Everyone started throwing stones toward the sky, but no one could reach it. The only stone which reached the bird’s height was from Miru’s kick, but the bird swung one of its wing to deflect it as if sneering us.

[My, my ball….]

Miru, whose ball that she made with great effort being taken from her, became teary eyed and bitterly stamped the ground.

[Return it, Return it please… My ball!]

Her face was deep red because of anger, that girl’s face looked really vexing.
It really made me sad.

For five years old children, the importance of the ball was immeasurable.

If it’s an adult, they might possibly endure it, but for Miru, she could not easily accept it.

When I saw her like this, my chest tightened. I could feel her sadness, my heart is aching.

I resolved myself and pick up a stone, I was conscious of my magic power.

I concentrate the magic power around my throat. And then, I apply my 『imagination』 on the magic.

Shoot down the bird from the sky with the stone that I throw. When I imagine it, I recite the chant.

[『Grant me power to shoot down the flying bird』 ]

Since I was whispering, nobody heard the chant. Power suddenly welled up within my body

My body feels light, I understood that my physical strength has been strengthened. It’s not same when I compare it with my previous buff, furthermore, my view has become clearer too.

Right now I can clearly see the movements of the bird in the sky. I can predict how fast it flies, how far is the distance, and how fast will my throwing stone reach the bird head…

I gripped the stone, while being cautious to not break it, I rotate my whole body.
And then, with a powerful recoil, I threw the stone with the right timing.

The stone shot made a [Boom!] sound as it flew towards the bird with a terrific speed. The bird tried to avoid it in a panic, but it was already too late.

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In an instant, the stone hits the bird’s head. The bird which got its head crushed, fell down along with the ball.


I heard someone shout. But my eyes were focused on the fallen bird.

Just now, I realized the dread when I use my magical power. The bird head is completely crushed with the stone, I understood that it’s an instant dead with only one blow.

This is different with the magic training that I did so far before I can sense the aether. Regarding this magic, it was impossible to activate it with only images so far.

At the same time, [Aah] I had this feeling.

I used magic in the front of the people in the village. Now that my magic is exposed, I wonder how the others would react…

[Awesome Gerald! You, how did you do that?]

Miru noticed it and talked to me while hugging her recovered ball.

I felt relieved and answered her question with random things. Miru continued to talk without any regards to me.

[Just now, you did that, right!? Awesome! That’s so cool! Hey hey, please teach me the trick!] [The trick, eh, just now is only by chance…]

It’s not possible to say honestly that it because of magic. I can only evade the question.

[By chance? Nn~, is that so? Oh well. More than that, you’re so cool! I have fallen in love!] [Love… Eeeh!?] [Yeah, I have fallen in love! Because you’re so cool!]

The cheerful Miru came closer to me, she brought her face closer to my cheek.
Toward her sudden behaviour, I was unable to react fast enough,
[chu] I heard light sound.

[Y, y, you, just, now, what, did….?] [Eh? Papa always did that with mama]

My face become hot. When I noticed that I was being kissed on cheek, I began to blush more.

[Na, nyan, na na, nya re?]

Oi my tongue. Speak properly.

[Eh? Like I said, I fell in love with you?] […? Your face is red, you know? What’s the matter?] [It’s because the weather is so hot!] [Yeah! It’s great that the weather is so nice!]

This girl do not seem to understand anything.

— Although, it was I who didn’t understand anything at all.
This sign is the cue for 『that omen』.

At this time, I did not know anything..

Coming up next: The Demon attack on the village. The battle scene should be increasing, please look forward for it.

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