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[Vol 1] Chapter 10

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“Gerald, let’s go on an adventure!”

One morning.

During breakfast, my father suggested this.

Three months have already passed since I was able to use magic for the first time.
I remembered most of the incantations of the magic spellbook, and was able to warm the soup, or dry the laundry when it rained, and spent days helping in the house by preparing the firewood for cooking. During all of this, my father proclaimed “Let’s go on an adventure,” and the two of us went to the forest that day.

“…… rather than adventuring, it would be more accurate to call it hiking…”

While walking towards the grove between the trees, I murmured, the scene before me was much too idyllic to be considered an adventure.

“Exactly right!”

“I think I said what I meant.”

“Don’t worry about the small details. If I say it’s an adventure, then it’s an adventure.”

This father, he’s usually a steady and hard worker, but he often becomes strangely childish.

Well, I’m sometimes too serious, but I guess I’m just stubborn.

“Even so, why suddenly come here of all places?”

“Yeah? Well, I didn’t suppose you’d like it, Gerald. It’s actually kind of fun to walk around these places once in a while!”

So there doesn’t seem to be any particular reason. But I nod anyways at my father’s words. I’m ashamed to say this, but I don’t have any prior experience in hiking, not in my previous life. At best there was rock climbing at school.

That was not a fun memory, because I was floating around, alone, without any friends.
But now it’s different. When I look overhead, I can see the branches and leaves of the tree leave a shadow in the rays of the sun’s light. The light poured onto the ground and drew a mysterious shadow, like a painting directly drawn on the earth. The wind occasionally blows, not too cold nor too warm – just right. The fragrance of the forest permeates and fills my chest, and I breathe deeply. They say that magic fills the forests, and indeed, the air tasted and felt different to that which I usually breathed.

“Look, Gerald. Over there. There’s a bird over there.”

I was enjoying the scenery and looked there upon hearing my father’s words. Perched upon the branch that my father had pointed to with his finger was a small bird with blue feathers. I likely wouldn’t have noticed had I been walking by myself.
But since I was with someone who I was familiar with, I will know things I would otherwise never notice. It may be a somewhat splendid thing. It is a strange feeling that cheered me up, and so we walked the trails in this way.

“……Yeah. That’s right. How should I say… It’s good like this.”

My father nodded and eyed the unusual hue of the bird.

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“Don’t you agree? I found that it’s important to try walking around leisurely, and you may make discoveries you can’t find in everyday life. And around here, it’s rare for demons to wander, unlike around a dungeon. Even if I fought a demon of the lowest grade, I could only deal a little damage to it.”

“Dungeon? Is there such a place?”

Hearing the word ‘dungeon’, I unconsciously asked this.

“Of course. That is to say… wait, no. For the time being, sit.”

We came to an opening in the road.

I put my rucksack on the ground and sat in a suitable location.
I took a water canteen and some snacks from inside the bag, and was accompanied by my father who told me about the dungeons.

“Now. Where should I start?”

Father’s story began. In different parts of the world there are things called dungeons.

There, demons who harm humans are born, and every day they attack neighboring towns and villages. In the old days there was a powerful family of witches who were known as the the “Seal Appointing Individuals.” Even if they were able to wound them, regardless of what the humans did, they could not defeat the demons, so instead they decided to seal the demons. The sites sealed by the “Seal Appointing Individuals” were the precursors to today’s dungeons. Once the seal weakened and changed due to the malice of that which was sealed within, it changed shape into a dungeon, and demons were born there. It is said that the creatures called demons were born in order to attack mankind.
By the way, the things known as “Mazoku” is generally a Seal Appointing Individual, while “Mamono” [demon] indicates the kind of monster that spawns within a dungeon.

“It was immediately obvious that with only the the knights and soldiers, the country would be unable to cope with the monsters. Therefore, the country established the adventurer system. By going on adventures to the dungeons with other adventurers, they were able to curb the threat posed by the demons.”

“In other words, the country prepared towns and attracted people out there?”

“Yes. In addition, they attracted ruffians and criminals. There seems to also be some magicians.”

In that way it is said that the people who gathered came in order to hunt demons to gain rewards for their mercenary work.

“Of the adventurers, the achievements of the magicians are overwhelming. They can kill many demons with large-scale wide range offensive magic, instantly killing those that a sword or spear couldn’t pierce. So for a magician, their true vocation would be an adventurer.”

“……But, isn’t it dangerous?”

My father nods at my words.

“Of course it’s dangerous. However, we are constantly collecting information about the demons. If you aren’t prepared and are reckless, it is easy to die.”

Information seems to be paramount, regardless of the time and place.

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Seeing this, I was convinced.

“But, well, I don’t really yearn to be an adventurer.”

“Really? I thought you’d be attracted to the adventures and romance, son.”

“But father. Do you think we should try an adventure in the dungeon?”

“Of course we shouldn’t. Above all else, you are my most important treasure. And our home is the jewelry box for it to go in.”

Though I make a “Doya” face, my father has put some consideration into this… “By the way, we have been talking for a while. Let’s go home before it gets too late. When it gets too late, Cecil gets upset, and it’s hard to put her in a good mood every night.”

Is it a story in bed at night? Why do you need to put her in a good mood? …..For the time being I don’t want to imagine too much.


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