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[Vol 1] Chapter 11

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The forest added to the darkness.
The sun shining in the sky is really starting to fall now as well.



Father is nearly out of stamina.


Low stamina… well, that’s part of being an adult.

“Wh.. what is it Gerald? Your Father… haa… is just a bit out of shape.”

“I think it’s because you haven’t been doing any exercise.”

“That’s true, but exercise is hard! It would be nice to be able to boast about how fit I am, but I just can’t do it.”

“Ah, yes, yes, it’s such a hard thing. This coming from someone who’s exhausted.”

“Haaa… haaa, don’t try and think that this is someone else’s problem, Gerald. Your the son of Cecilia and I.”

Don’t say such a terrible thing with an air of superiority.
… for now, along with studying magic, and practicing reading and writing, I should also play a lot outside.

Still, I haven’t gotten exhausted after hiking, but we haven’t really gone that far.
…I should consider this as a warning about my physical strength, this thing Father called 『Adventure』.

“Well, it can’t be helped Father… 『Heaven’s defend this person with your divine protection.』”

I utter the incantation aimed at Father, and a magical light cover’s his body.

“Oh? What’s this? My body feels so light.”

“It’s magic to strengthen your body, Father. Can you keep walking like this?”

“Yes, um. Thank you, son. The azure stone! The star in the night!”

“You don’t need to praise me like that…”

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By the way, when Father calls me the star at night, it’s because of my jet black hair and pupils. They are like the night, and I am my Father’s treasure, like a jewel. That’s why my Father call’s me his star at night.
Well, it’s fine. I don’t mind being called that.

…Mother says it sometimes as well.
It feels like a romanticised title when it comes from her.

Are they similar because they are a married couple? They are a good match.

“Let’s go, Gerald! Your mother should be waiting with some warm soup!”

“Oh, it looks like you’ve really got your energy back…”

I lowered my shoulders in amazement.
Then I furrowed my eyebrows because of a strange feeling. It felt like my skin was itchy, a similar sensation to the one I get when I use magic.

Just then…

“Ooooaaaaaaa, what is thaaaaaaat!?”

I heard Father yell.

“What’s wrong Father!?”

“It’s coming Gerald! A monster!”

Blocking the way in front of Father, there was a monster about twice his size.
I’ve never seen any monsters around this area, this one has an appearance like a wild boar covered in bluish fur.

Futhermore, the monsters body was wrapped in a mysterious bluish light. I’ve never seen a creature with it’s body wrapped in light like this.

It looks dangerous, something like 『a lower-class monster』 I think.

Father pulled out his wooden sword for self defence from his knapsack.

He holds it awkwardly, and springs at the monster.


It’s a pitiful yell, but the wooden sword is swung at the enemy with a lot of spirit. However, it makes a cracking sound as it strikes the monster and breaks.

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“Wh, what… this can’t be…”

Father lets out a small voice and staggers backwards as things happen different to what he expected.
Also, I think Father’s attack might have made it angry? The monster violently scratches the ground with it’s foot.


“『Soul of heroes, rage of war, grant power and skill to my body.』”

When I used the spell, a golden light covered me and I felt my body fill with power.

This is a spell for physical strengthening. Unlike the one I put on Father, this one improves 『combat power』.

This raises endurance, strength, reflexes, and agility. It gives you enough power that you can outmatch even a soldier.


I charged out like a bullet at the same time as the monster put strength into it’s limbs.
I jump between Father and the monster, and block the monster with one hand.


I strike it’s head with my other hand, and it’s skull shatters, killing it.
It would have been dangerous if I couldn’t use Japanese. We wouldn’t normally be able to win such a fight.

“Father, are you alright?”

“Um, ah…. I think so. That was amazing, Gerald!”

“Yes, I used magic to strengthen my body.”

As I speak, Father lets out a breath of relief.

“Thank you, I appreciate it. But… you can’t use that power in front of people from the village.”

“…it’s not good?”

“Even if you aren’t bad, there are people who will assume you are if they see that power.”

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It feels like Father hasn’t finished yet.

“However, Cecilia and I, we know you’re not bad for using magic. I want you to know that.”

“…um. Thank you, Father.”

Not everyone in the world would be happy with this power.
But my heart is lifted because my Father, Mother, and Sierra won’t leave me.

…even though my father isn’t that good with his words.
Well, perhaps we’re the same in that regard. Like Father like son maybe?


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