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[Vol 1] Chapter 12

“Now then, what is up with this Monster?” ⌈1

Father shifted his gaze from me to the Monster and opened his mouth.

I who thought that it was 『stinking』 until a while ago answered, while feeling thankful for what my Father just said.

“That’s right, such a thing as this is a hindrance isn’t that right?”

This Monster is similar to a wild boar…… For the time being, let’s call it a Gargantuan Boar for now. It fell on the road, as if to block the way.

On the road leading through the inside of the forest, there lies a gigantic figure that no matter how hard you push, you can’t even budge it a little. But I cannot leave it here because it blocks 80% of the road.
So I was just looking at the Gargantuan Boar and I suddenly thought of something.

It has almost the same appearance as a normal wild boar and I have heard that boars and pigs have similar taste.

…… Then, can this Monster be eaten?

So I looked up to Father and asked.

“Nee, Otou-san”

“Hmm? What is it?”

Father placed his hand on his chin as if he was thinking about something and tilted his head as he looked at me. Mother would have squatted down to match my height before talking to me but well I guess this suits him more.

That’s why I continued speaking while looking up at father.

“Well…… I thought about it for a while but, isn’t it possible for us to eat Monsters just like normal animals?”

“No, that’s not the case. I’ve heard that there are apparently some Monsters that can be eaten. Particularly, Beast-type Monsters are apparently just normal animals that are possessed by some kind of evil spirit, and so you can eat their meat no problem. Well, or I should say but of course, if there are some Monsters that taste bad then there should also be Monsters that taste good as well.”

“I see, if that’s the case, then”

I stared at the Monster blocking the road. Then Father frowned and said that he couldn’t believe it.

“Carry this thing home to eat? Such absurdly big animal? It might be possible if I disassemble it, but even so, I do not have my tools with me”

“Iya, I wonder if we can just pull it while heading back home?”

“That will be impossible. That thing is about 300 kilos or more based on my estimation. Unless we have 10 adults to help us, this is impossible”

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Even though Father asserted, I believed that I can do it.

As I possess a power that ordinary people don’t have, perhaps I may be able to do such a thing.

As if aware of my thoughts, Father’s eyebrows that seemed to have been haunted before opened, and his face now have a childlike glow.

“………… Can you do it?”


Father closed his eyes and muttered to himself.

“This is amazing. This is exactly a man’s romance”

He strangely looks like he is looking far away into the distance.

In any case, I will carry out Father’s so called 『man’s romance』.

I thought about which spells to use while going through the incantations that I have remembered from the grimoire and confirming the effects carefully.

……There are about three spells that I could use.

The first spell purely raises muscle strength.

The second spell improves overall physical ability.

The last makes the body sturdy and less likely to get an injury.

However, I feel like all of them lacks something.

I cannot carry the Gargantuan Boar if I raise my muscle strength alone and even if you raise your overall physical ability, the increase is not that much, and so I still won’t be able to lift the Gargantuan Boar. If I made my body sturdy, it won’t help with my strength.

Is there a spell that can help me carry the Gargantuan Boar and still have the weight not burden my body?

I groaned and thought about it for a while, then an idea came to my mind.

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“This can be done”

“Oh! As expected of my son!”

“……I have not done anything yet”

Although I was shocked by my Father’s excited voice, I chanted all three spells.

“I’m not sure if I can stack multiple magic with each other…… 『O heavens, bless this person with your divine protection.』, 『O heavens, bestow upon me a body with the sturdiness of a boulder』, 『O heavens, provide me with the herculean strength of a lion to my limbs』” ⌈2

The instant after I chanted all three spells, my whole body started to flare up.

I first raised my physical abilities, then stamina, and then lastly strength. Simply raising only muscle strength puts a huge burden on the body. Therefore, I first improved my physical abilities, raising the basic ability of my body, followed by muscle strength after I raised my stamina. (this needs beautification)

If you cast the three spells like this…… I see, so that’s what happens. Power wells up from the pit of my stomach, but not in an unpleasant way. On the contrary, I feel like anything heavy will not longer pose any issues for me.

“Ok, let’s give it a shot”

After saying so, I tried to pull the Gargantuan Boar. Zuzuzu The Gargantuan Boar slowly started to scrape against the ground and started to move.

“You did it, Gerald!”

“Yeah! Let’s quickly bring this back home to show Mother!”

While the body of a normal 5 year old child will be too small to carry the Gargantuan Boar on the shoulder, the body that I had strengthened is able to do this quite easily.

Be that as it may, to think that I encountered a Monster during an ordinary hike, defeated it, and carrying it home.

That in and of itself, is something.

“Otou-san, today’s『Adventure』was fun”

“Hmm? Ah, it was an『Adventure』wasn’t it”

Saying so, we looked at each other and started laughing. Our laughter, overlapping with the sound of dragging a decent prey, resounded throughout the dimming sky.

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“Still, why was such a Monster here? There should not be any dungeons here……”

Father tilted his head and muttered, but he seemed to change his mind suddenly, as if giving up,

“Oh well, when we arrive back in town, I will just inform the lord”

I found myself unknowingly agreeing with him.


Eventually we arrived back at our house. Mother seems to be cooking as the good fragrance of soup surrounded the house. Guu My stomach made a rumbling noise.

“Hungry, Otou-san?”

“Yeah, I would like to have dinner as soon as possible”

While having such conversation, I dragged the Gargantuan Boar to the back of the house for the time being. The villager will wonder where it’s from.

I guess I will disassemble it and store it in the storage room at a later date.

As soon as I enter the house, I suddenly felt dizzy.

Somehow, my feet felt unstable and blood seems to be rapidly flowing throughout my body, making it feel like I will die of heat.

“Are……What is happening?”

As I walked forward, it felt like the world is starting to warp around me. What is happening? Before my eye was the door for the entryway but I can’t reach it even if I extended my hand.

“U…… Ah, Otou-san? Okaa-san?”

I fell straight down face first, thinking if I have muttered.

My field of vision slowly started to fade into darkness and my hearing followed suit.

As I fade further into the darkness, I felt like my parents were calling out for my name from the distance.

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Then the consciousness as it is―― Blackout.


Slowly, my consciousness started to emerge.

As I remembered the feeling of something pulling me up, my eyes snapped open.


After I came to my senses, I thought that I was sleeping. Iya, I think fainted might be more accurate than sleeping.

Because I cannot remember falling asleep.

I seem to be laid down in my futon in the child’s room. Since there is a familiar ceiling at the end of the line of sight, I confirmed that I was sleeping on my back for now.

It seems that my head is strangely blurry and foggy. I strangely felt some heat at the back of my head but it was not terribly hot. What on earth is this feeling?

I will try to get up first of all. I did not feel any headache or nausea in particular, but I felt really hungry.

“……I want to eat something”

I faintly grumbled while I got up, I noticed that the light emitted in the surrounding is gold, I gently shook.

…… Hmm?

What is emitting that golden light? I turned my eyes towards the window. I could vaguely tell that the sun is rising although I am not sure whether it is morning or noon. But because of the curtains that was shielding the sun, the room is slightly dim. So the golden light is not from there.

There is no place for the golden light to be born.

“Huh? I guess it was just a magic I have casted……”

As I was dubiously thinking that, I turned my eyes back to that area and the atmosphere of the area where my focus was concentrated shined with a golden hue once again .

“Are? I did not cast that magic!?”

I thought that the golden light was from a spell I have casted.

When I looked down at my hand without thinking, there was a deeper, more clearly shining light compared to the surrounding air.

The light seems to envelope my whole body entirely.

“Could this be…… æther?” ⌈3

Somehow, after I slept, I am now able to sense the æther in the surrounding and in me.

Translated and edited by Sarah

Special thanks to Renbo for helping me check my translations and other people over at the RaisingTheDead Discord channel.


  1. I will TL Mamono as monster 
  2. I added took some creative liberties for the incantations to match with the previous translators and did some minor edits of my own. 
  3. Directly translated, 魔力 will be magic power, but since the previous translator used æther, I will use it too. 

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