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[Vol 1] Chapter 16

The Demon’s Raid

Several days have passed since I was able to perceive aether.

To polish my manipulation skill and magic incantation, I spent a long time inside the forest these past few days.

[ 『Spear of Flame, burn and pierce my enemy』 ]

My objective is to hunt. I can improve my efficiency for practical magic by hunting weak monsters and wild animals,, while also shortening the chant when my magic efficiency improves.

Fortunately, if I took some rest, I can recover some of my aether, I was spending half a day in the forest while resting sometimes.

As for the monsters in the forest, there are large monsters with sharp horns, they are a little dangerous. There are also man-eating mushrooms and human-sized caterpillar, there are fundamentally no strong monsters around.

However, that day, there are several weird signs drifting in the entire forest, I had felt it since the time I entered the forest in the morning.

[….. W-what is this, this unpleasant feeling]

I sense that the aether in the whole forest is increasing. No, rather than increasing, it’s more like they’re mixing unnaturally with something…

When I am still thinking about it.

[U, uwaaaa!]

I heard a scream from somewhere in the forest.

When I looked at the direction of that voice—- I was lost for words.

I felt high density of aether from that direction. Powerful, yet intense and wild aether.

However, I was certain I heard a villager’s scream. As a fellow member of the village, and as a person who is also a magician, there is no way I won’t go and help.

[ 『Accel』 ]

After I chanted a simple spell, I quickened my pace. Then immediately, I saw the villager being surrounded by monsters.

It’s a young man who is still in mid-twenties, this person played with me many times. He is crawling with his butt on the ground in the front of monsters, he seems unable to escape.

Looking down at him was a bear with red-fur.
If a human was hit by its claw, they will surely be blown away in one hit.

— Well, if it can hit the target, that is.

[『Physical Strength UP』 ]

With my strengthened power, I grabbed the young man from the side. While accelerating, I kicked the monster to make it crash onto the ground. We escaped from that place using that chance.

[Y,you are… Gerald!? Why are you in such a place… More like, what was that!?] [… Sorry, there is no time to explain. We need to inform the village for now]

The young man who I shouldered on my back talked to me, I could only say that in return.

A strong monster showed up near the village. Moreover, it’s unlikely the enemy is alone.
Two or more monsters are approaching… I can sense it.

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I maintained my speed as I ran toward the village.

And then, over there, I saw…The village was raided by a pack of monsters.

[No way…]

A monster that looked like a huge centipede is running after the villagers. A scorpion-like monster is trying to surround the child who attempted to flee. Monsters are swinging their claws and fangs in attempt to kill and devour the villagers.

Toward the spectacle in front of me, I was stunned for a moment. But, anxiety rose within my heart as I thought about the safety of my family. Immediately, I rush towards my home with trembling feet.

When I opened the door, Mother, who was holding on to Sierra, called me with a scream-like voice. She always called me with [-chan] attached, seems like it’s not possible to do it during situation like this.

[Mother!? Where is Father?] [He was holding off the monsters, with weapon in hand. But…]

No way…

Father is not an athletic person. He doesn’t have physical strength either. Just by hiking a bit, he became exhausted, there is no way he can hold them off.

And yet, he has a strong sense of obligation and passion, and that kind of man went to the battlefield. Taking a weapon he is not familiar with.

It was as if he’s going to the battlefield to die.

There’s no other choice.

I forcibly take mother’s arm that is holding Sierra, and push them into the closet. I also throw the young man who I shouldered into the closet.

Even though it’s small, they should be safe in here. They just have to endure the stuffy feeling for now.

[What are you doing, Gerald!? What are you trying to do—] [It’s okay]

To mother who was crying and clinging to me, I matched my line of sight with Sierra.

She is not screaming even in situation like this, her eyes looking at me is somewhat intellectual, she looks so noble.

[Sierra. Listen. It’s safe in here. Your oniichan will definitely protect you] [Nii-tan?] [You two, please I need your help here. I’ll definitely be back].

Listening my words, the young man who I saved in the forest nodded in agreement as he saw me.


Mother is shouting. However, I need to go. There will be less casualties if I were to move.

Because I have my memory from previous life. I can understand the magic language, it’s possible for me to awaken as a magician.

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In a word, I have power. The power to save everyone in this village.

And more importantly, is there anyone who can silently watch their precious family get hurt?

Father said, 『As a man』, one must strike without holding back. He should be fine, right?

I am a magician, a boy, the son of my father and mother.

I close closet door forcefully…. Now that I think about it, isn’t this the place where I found the grimoire? While recalling the old memory, I close the door and turned around.

[ 『Any person excluding me is forbidden to open this door』 ]

I chant a spell to keep the door completely locked.
In addition, as precaution, I cast another magic on it.

[ 『Negate any forms of attack from outside, reinforce the door and wall of this closet and make it indestructible』 ]

… With this, perhaps the closet won’t get destroyed. Moreover, although the phrase is not smart, I think it’ll be better to use detailed words in situation like this.
Mother and the others, you’re gonna be safe.

I went out of the house while steeling myself.

How to fight, I haven’t learned about it yet. There has yet been a chance for me to fight enemies stronger than usual.

Still, I can’t run away this time. Father, only I have the power to save him and protect the people of this village.

I resolve myself, and run towards the crowd of monsters whose invading our village right now.


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Weapon from Japanese. That’s all. But, in Another World, how strong will that weapon be? The next chapter is from Russel’s point of view when the monsters attacked the village.
Father is working hard.


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