Chapter 12 Negotiating with the King

「Well, well. Quite the small visitor we have here」

The King gazed at me from his chair without changing his position.

「Your Highness? Is there something you need?」

I’ve heard a soldier-like voice from the other side of the door.

While I considered the possibility of combat, the king shook his head.

「Don’t mind. It’s nothing」


An intruder suddenly teleporting into your room is considered nothing?

Huh. This king is a bit weird.

「It seems there is no barrier preventing teleportation, isn’t it rather insecure? King」

「I’m not senile to fail to understand you aren’t here to kill」

He’s quite relaxed.

But he doesn’t seem like the overconfident type.

From his presence alone, I could understand he was a man of considerable ability even without detection magic.

「Instead of that… claim to be the person I was looking for. Care to explain?」

「Don’t tell me you aren’t the one who tries to find the sage in the Madison Kingdom?」

「Ho. So a child like you in the Savior?」

The king laughed in amusement and stretched his own hand.

He must be looking at my status, his brows moved ever so slightly.

「…..This magic capacity value. Fuhaha, interesting」

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「You believe me now?」

「Who knows? You might be just a kid with abnormally high magic capacity」

「I’m glad you aren’t the king who swallows such kind of stories immediately」

That being said, my magic capacity is beyond abnormal.

I highly doubt there is a second kid like me in this world.

From this number it was plainly obvious I’m special, and the King knew it.

In the king’s keen eyes, there was a hidden spark of curiosity.

「Ah. Is princess Clarisse doing well?」

「She’s under house arrest. She’s probably reflecting now」

Having said so, the king narrowed his eyes full of meaning.

Is she under house arrest because of me?

I’ve done something bad to her.

While inwardly worried about the princess, I didn’t let it show on my face and casually changed the topic.

「I don’t have time for idle chat. There is curfew after all」

「Curfew? I don’t even know how much truth there is to it」

It’s all true, though.

「I’ll say it bluntly. Would you mind leaving me alone?」

Hearing my words, the king laughed.

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「It seems you don’t wish to appear on the grand stage just yet. Sealing the princess’ mouth was also your doing?」

「Being eyed by someone like a king is troublesome in a variety of ways」

「No matter how much money an honor we give you? With your power, saving the world would be easy」

「I don’t plan to act for a country’s sake or the world’s sake」

I’m so tired of that.

Instead of money or honor, I’d very much prefer a selfish life.

「Hmm. Whatever. I only thought of showing you our good intention in the first place…….But what are you going to do? The world won’t leave you alone」

「Yes, it won’t. You are the brightest king I’ve ever met」

「Don’t misunderstand. Our country only wants to secure you. I won’t immediately force you to do anything. But, eventually, there will be a time when we’ll need your help. Before anything else, I wish for you to avoid losing the power of the sage」

「Eventually? Are you planning to start a war with some other country?」

My expression hardened.

The king answered me with a daring smile.

「My goal is the world peace」

「World peace……」

That’s quite the dream he has.

「Demon race is strong. If they declare war on us, the world of humans will fall. The sage can act as a deterrent」

「You are saying that not only your country but the world needs me?」

「Do  you think you can find any other king who can utilize your power better than me?」

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Is it something you should say about yourself?

He’s even laughing like a kid.

I don’t dislike this king’s character too much.

But my wish lies somewhere else.

「Something like world peace doesn’t interest me」

「You just need to express your support」

「Wait, King. Don’t try to coax me like a kid. To be honest, after my existence became known, it would bothersome to refuse every single offer」

Although we are talking peacefully, the king might use forceful means if I push too hard.

「It’s our country’s fortune to locate you」

「It is indeed」

Can’t help it. The lineage of Meiri’s prophets supposedly produced many excellent prophets.

Meiri itself specializes in magic development. No other nation invaded this small country for the last several hundred years fearing their magical retaliation.

Even though it’s territory is small, Meiri’s hidden power isn’t something you can scoff at.

….Well, despite all its power, Meiri doesn’t try to expand its territory by invading other countries.

All things considered, his desire for world peace might have some weight to it.

「The princess said. Other countries might eventually notice me」

「There are other countries employing prophets. As long as you stay away from them, the possibility of them noticing your awakening is rather low. However, that’s true only for our present circumstances」

「Thought so……I’ve decided. But I have conditions」

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I stretched my index finger.

「First, I’ll only be helping you after school or on holidays. Only in a way that doesn’t obstruct my homework. Don’t interfere with my school life. I’m still level 10, so my endurance and magic power is shallow, I won’t be able to do a lot anyway」


「Also, you are required to interfere when another country tries to contact me」

「This is a matter of course. If we can monopolize the sage that is」

「And the most important! Don’t disturb my peaceful life!」

That’s a pretty important point.

「I want to spend my time in peace, without attracting too much attention」

「…….You have so much power, yet you want to have an ordinary life?」

A moment after the king asked that he burst into laughter.

「Fuhaha! Interesting. As expected of the chosen sage. Very well. I accept your conditions. I only want you to become even stronger. Don’t fall back on your studies, young sage」

「Of course. I’ll fulfill my part as an ordinary child」

……That being said, I’m not going to learn about the sage’s power, but about normal school life instead.

「However, young sage. You are a child with a great deal of courage. Even though it’s small, Meiri is a prominent country in the world of magic, yet you talk to its king so casually. Even the kings of other countries don’t allow themselves to talk like you do. That being said, you’re not being reckless because of your age. Are you trying to provoke me on purpose?」

「What are you talking about? I have no idea」

「Fu. What a brazen child」

「Back at you. To seriously negotiate with a kid, you must be a weirdo yourself」

「Haha, you aren’t wrong」

The king and I looked at each other and laughed.

「I have a personal question for you」


「Why are you so intelligent despite your age?」

That’s a very good question.

A shrugged my shoulders as I answered.

「Who knows? Perhaps because I’m the sage?」


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