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Chapter 5 You’ve Made Me Angry

The moment I carried left their bodies close to the entrance of the forest.


A frantic voice called me.

Raising my face, I saw my mother rushing towards me.

That’s bad.

Apparently, my absence didn’t go unnoticed.

She might also notice the presence of Clarisse and the rest nearby.

I hurriedly run towards my mother.

If they were to be discovered right now, I won’t be able to weasel my way out of this.

I have to deceive her…..

「Mama, I’m sorry…! I broke the rules and went on a walk…..」

I desperately played the kid.

Though, that was my normal behavior before today.

I felt extremely dubious doing all of this.

Even so, my mother bought it completely.

She fell on her knees, hugged me, and said in a teary voice.

「Ah, Eddie….! I’m glad you’re safe…..! We have to leave this place immediately……!」

I have to get control of the situation.

What is she even saying?

「Eh?…..Wait. Leave?」

「It’s fine if you don’t know! Mama will protect you! It’s alright, everything is alright…..!」

「Protect from what?」

I asked in my normal voice, not the kid’s one.

Mother responded with silence.

Apparently, she wasn’t confused by my change but the question itself.

I put my hands on Mother’s shoulders and slipped out of her embrace.

She looked strange.

With a pale face, she looked directly into my eyes.

From my mother’s beautiful girly face you couldn’t say she was a mother of three children, yet that same face was overflowing with tears.

「You aren’t crying because of me, right?」

「T-This is…..」

「Mama, release me. Who made you cry?」

I asked in a low tone, and her shoulders slumped.


She’s not angry.

I felt extremely irritated towards the thing that made her cry.

— My previous self was always alone because of being the strongest.

I longed for power, and every time I used it I became famous.

Of course, many people aimed for my life.

It’s easy to protect yourself and deal with them.

However, when they can’t defeat you openly, they’ll aim for your party members and family.

The best choice was to stay alone to avoid unnecessary sacrifices,

I refused to form parties and acquired the title of the strongest sage.

Of course, I also gave up on making lovers and family.

Something I didn’t have in my previous life.

Warmth and love.

My new family gave it to me.

My father, mother, both of my older brothers dot on me heavily.

Being pampered every day, I didn’t complain and loved my family with all my heart.

Even with my memories back, nothing has changed.

That’s why…..

Someone who makes my family cry is beyond forgiveness.

「Mama, what happened? Tell me」

「But Eddie…..」

When I was about to repeat the question……


There was a sudden sound of an explosion causing the earth to shudder, the aftershock almost made me fall.

A great amount of magical energy was transmitted to me through the air.

「This magical presence…..」

I muttered in a small voice as if talking to myself.


It’s been a while.

「Eddie, come here! Hur…..ry…..」

The strength left my mother’s body after I cast a sleeping spell.

Even I can learn after this much, I didn’t try to support her body myself but used wind magic to gently place her on the ground.

I close to place her near Clarisse.

「Sorry, Mama. You’ll chase after me if you’re awake. Have a nice dream」

Leaving behind those words, I rushed towards the mansion.

There is no need to use detection magic.

Its presence approached closer and closer.

It doesn’t plan to hide it’s ominous magical power at all.

My my.

My opponent if quite a vile fellow.


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Chapter 4 I’ll Manage Somehow

「I can’t breathe……」

In a state of being squeezed from both sides by those soft mounds, I couldn’t even breathe properly.

「Ah! S-Sorry!……Ow」

The flustered princess knight tried to get up when her face contorted in pain.

Her wounds must have hurt.

「Are you alright?」

「It’s nothing….Thanks」

Maybe because she didn’t want to make a child worry, the princess knight smiled in response.

Since we face each other, it’s a good opportunity to look at her again.

Her dress was mercilessly torn near her thigh area.

She was scratched all over but nothing too serious.

Traces of violence aimed at her dignity.

My intent on using magic for my own sake went away at a certain point, but I don’t regret my decision.

Well then, next time….

My gaze alternated between the princess knight and her fallen comrades.

What should I do about them?

I could see their bodies becoming monsters’ food after we leave.

Several minutes would be enough.

Even now, I can hear the monsters coming closer.

The smell of blood must’ve lured them.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem possible for a 6-year old child and an injured princess knight to carry them out of the forest.

We don’t have time to do so anyway.

Considering our circumstances, it would be better to leave them behind.


I glanced at the princess knight.

The princess knight held her tears as she looked at her comrades.

Her small clenched fist trembled.

I don’t think she’ll agree to leave them behind.

Can’t help it.

There is another way.

I don’t care much about her feelings.

I just thought that choosing another way instead of wasting time on persuasion would be better.

You can get wind magic and sleep magic from orcs, these 2 kinds.

When you defeat a king monster, the probability of getting it becomes 100%.

I checked my status.

Name: Eddie

Level 4

Profession: Sage

Endurance: 65

Magical Power: 80

Magic: Fire Magic (weak), Wind Magic (weak), Sleep Magic, Detection Magic

Magic Capacity: 197578 (reincarnation bonus) 1

Alright. Wind magic and sleep magic are where they supposed to be.

My level rose because I defeated the orcs.

As a result, my tremendous magical power increased once again.

The problem is with the princess knight.

I want to avoid her seeing me using magic too often.

After all, I’ve decided to live for myself.

I want to hide the fact that I have more magical power than a sage at an age of 6 to avoid complications.

I guess I can deal with the princess knight with sleep magic.

As I thought that, the princess knight opened her mouth first.

「Ne……..Was it your magic just now?」


A small palm covered the mouth of the princess knight.


We have no time for small talk.

「I want to move from this place as soon as possible, so I’m going to make a request of you, okay? You don’t need to respond, just listen」

My methods might be rough but I can’t help it.

My magic is quite limited at the moment.

「First, I ask you to keep everything you saw here to yourself. Don’t tell anyone that you’ve met me in this forest」

「…….what are you…….」

The princess knight looked into my face with a confused expression.


I’m a 6-year old kid now.

When a child makes speeches like that, of course, you’d be confused.

Have to play the child!

「……I-I came here without my parents’ permission!」

I’ve desperately imitated my behavior before the memories came back.

「I’m practicing magic to surprise them……」

「I-Is that so……..?」

She’s still puzzled.

One more push.

「They’ll get really angry if this is known!! Please, Big Sister!」

I clung to her arm and looked with upturned eyes.

……..Am I overdoing things?

I’m also incredibly embarrassed.

But failing here will be twice as shameful.

Just as I thought that….

「I-I understand……」

The princess knight wore a gentle expression as she rustled my hair to reassure me.

I have a complicated feeling about a girl stroking my hair, but I think she believes me.

Let’s move to the next stage.

「…….Big Sister. If you don’t tell anyone I’ll help you carry those knights!」

「They are……」

The princess knight pursed her lips and nodded at me.

「I promise you, oh brave youth. I’ll not tell about you to anyone」

「Waa, thanks, Big Sister!」

「Ma name is Clarisse」

「I’m Eddie. It might be sudden but have a nice sleep Big Sister」


I stretched my right hand towards the princess.

Faced with her surprised expression, I activate the spell.

「You c-can’t…..w……why……」

Her eyes slowly closed.

Her forcefully sleeping body fell in my direction.

I tried to support her but….


I forgot.

I’m 6 years old.

Even if she’s a slender woman, she’s not something I can support.

Once again, like in the case with the orcs, I ended up squished between her softness.


I feel my face getting hot.

No, I have to stay calm.

It’s not the time to enjoy myself.

I told myself so as I desperately tried to escape.


My my, being a child is so inconvenient.

I looked at the unconscious Clarisse and heaved a sigh.

My face was still hot but I pretended not to notice.

Alright, one more task to complete.

Adjusting, adjusting….

I activated wind magic with the image of a ball of air in my head.

As I carefully adjusted the power, the air slipped below the knights’ and the princess’ bodies making them float.

Now I can finally move.

I walked back using the way I came here with the bodies in tow.

Let’s carry them out of the forest and leave them before the mansion.

Then I’ll go back to my room and slip under the blanket.

My parents shouldn’t notice anything.


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Chapter 3 Saving the Princess Knight

I rushed towards the place I’ve discovered.

「My legs are too short, it’s hard to run!」

I didn’t mind it before, but I subconsciously compared them to my previous self.

Somehow bypassing the barrier, I saw a group of people surrounded by the orcs.

There were 5 men lying on the ground, 8 orcs around them.

The men were decimated.

Judging by their attire, the men were knights.

At the moment, only a single delicate girl with a sword and a shield stood against 8 orcs, Orc King included.

She wore long boots and armor on top of her dress, her skin was full of scratches as she glared at the orcs.

The hem of her dress was torn and her long blonde hair was disheveled.

Apparently, they were attacked by a group of the orcs led by Orc King and gradually fell into disadvantage due to their numbers.

Unsteady on her legs, she confronted the orcs on pure willpower.

Her shoulders trembled in fear.

Even still, her eyes didn’t lose fighting spirit.

「You can’t escape Princess Knight-san. You were so close to the exit」


The King Orc spat saliva left and right and breathed heavily as he spoke.

Apparently, he was excited.

His armor was probably stolen.

The size doesn’t match him, so there is meat protruding from every hole.

Even still…..

From her dress and armor, I could guess about her noble status but for her to be a princess…….

Why did she enter this forest?

Since she was armed, it didn’t look like she got lost in her travels.

「If you strip yourself I don’t mind teasing you a little. If you want to live you have to kneel and beg for it!」

「I’ll never succumb to you…..!」

「Huh, so the negotiations failed. Oi, take her down!」

The orcs approached the princess knight as their licked their tongues.

Being in a completely advantageous situation, orcs easily let their guard down.

Well then, what should I do?

A plan swiftly took form in my head.

Although my status abnormality is worrisome, I think it’s safe to believe fire magic would work.

With fire magic, even Level 1 like me should be able to burn an orc’s eye.

No matter how small the fire is, if it lands in the eyes it would cause tremendous damage.

If I take King Orc’s eyesight, the orcs will panic.

I should use that opening to grab the Princess Knight by the hand and lead her out of the forest.

As long as she leaves the barrier, orcs won’t be able to follow.

Alright, let’s act according to the plan.

I lift my right hand towards the Orc King.

Since he folded his arms and watched from the side, it wasn’t difficult to aim.

I channel magical power towards my right hand, focus, and release the spell.

At that moment……

「Uh!? Giyaaaaaa….!!」

…….Waves of violent hellfire burned the Orc King alive.


I hadn’t been able to predict the recoil, so I stumbled and fell right on my butt.

I’ve never expected to release such powerful magic.

My mouth opened by itself.

「What’s with this power……..?」

It’s not the weakest fire magic released by a Level 1 6-year old kid.

It has about as much power as my fire magic when I was Level 99 in my previous life.

That number in the status.

It wasn’t a mistake but reality.

「Does that mean that I’m even more……..」

Subconsciously, I looked at my palm.

Not just me, even orcs and the princess knight stand in place in a daze.

「Bo…..Boss…..? Where did you go…..?」

「What was that……? What on earth happened…?」

「B-Boss……..didn’t die, right……?」

That’s bad.

It’s not the time to space out.

I have to escape with the princess knight.

When I thought that and raised my face.


My body flew in the air.

A warm soft feeling on my stomach.

Having noticed myself in the princess knight’s arms, I became even more confused.

「Wa, eh!? Why!?」

「This place is dangerous. I don’t know what happened but let’s escape while we have the chance……!!」

「W-Wait. I’m…..」

「It’s alright, I’ll protect you even if it costs me my life……!」

The princess knight ran with me in her thin arms.

The orcs, who suddenly lost their leader, had a hard time adapting to the situation.

「O-Oi!! The woman is escaping!! What should we do!?」

「What to do…….for now, let’s go after her!」

「Boss was definitely killed by that woman’s magic! Don’t let her get away!!」

Somehow, our roles are reversed, I was supposed to be the one doing the saving.

She carries me in her arms, what a blunder.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

I clung to the princess knight’s shoulder and measured the distance between her and the orcs.

The possibility of using powerful magic makes it simple.

「Hey, brat!! The hell are you looking at!?」

「Blow him away together with this woman!! Like her knights!!」

The princess knight gnashed her teeth and held her tears as she kept running.

I held my right hand and adjusted the magical power.

If my status is correct, I’m Level 1.

The attack power of magic correlates to the user’s level.

「I’m catching up, woman!! Just you wait!!」

「It’s alright…..everything is alright. I’ll definitely bring you outside……!」

……About this much should be enough.

「Wait!! Running is usele……」

I cast fire magic once again.

This time I adjusted the magical power to properly hold back……at least that was the idea.


Nevertheless, another tremendously powerful spell left my palm.

The eruption of flame completely burned the orcs.

In the end, the orcs disappeared in a moment, just like their king.

On top of that, the princess knight lost her footing and fell due to the recoil.



I, who fell down together with her, was about to be crushed between her breasts.


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Chapter 2 This Status Number Is Too Abnormal


In the forest close to the mansion.

Wearing a gown on top of my pajamas, I arrived at its entrance and quickly located a suitable monster.

A transparent body bouncing around.

The weakest of monsters, perfect for a child’s debut, also known as red slime.

A child can deal with it even without my experience.

As I thought that, the monster, also known as red slime, came at me.

I jumped to the right and avoided it.

Since I have knowledge of my previous life, red slime’s characteristics aren’t a mystery to me.

Its’ attacking method consists of body slams and weak fire magic.

Its’ weakness is the nucleus located in his gel-like body.

If you can pierce through it, the slime will die in one hit.

The magic that one can learn from the red slime is fire magic and detection magic, these two kinds.

The probability of acquisition is pretty high, so I have high expectations.

It would be troublesome if it releases fire magic, so let’s go on the offensive.

I smashed the red slime with a pointed rock I picked up nearby.


I felt an impact when I struck the nucleus.

As expected, the slime was destroyed.

At the same time the slime disappeared, something scarlet fell on the ground.

Seeing this jewel-like object, I was slightly surprised.

「Slime Core. I’m lucky today」

A rare material you can get upon defeating a slime.

Because it’s an ingredient of an eye medicine, many shops will buy it at a reasonable price.

This will add to my pocket money, I thought as I put the slime core into my gown.

Well then, let’s confirm the status.

I wonder if I got some magic?

Name: Eddie

Level 1

Profession: Sage

HP: 10

MP: 30

Magic: Fire Magic (weak), Detection Magic

Attack Power: 3

Magic Capacity: 199585 (reincarnation bonus) 1

「Alright. I’ve got the magic. Both fire and detection magic」

Both of them are super elementary trivial magics.

In this world, almost everyone has some kind of magic.

Fire Magic

It a versatile type of magic, its power depends on the user’s level.

At level 1, I should be able to release a fireball the size of a candy at most.

Detection Magic.

This magic allows you to detect the presence of certain beings around you.

You can use it to search for enemies in your vicinity or as a substitute for sight in a dark dungeon.

Slimes use this magic to look for their prey.


Having paid attention only to my magic, it finally dawned on me.

My level didn’t increase, so I casually looked through.

The part below my magic is rather strange.


Magic Capacity: 199585 (reincarnation bonus)

「The hell…..?『Magic Capacity: 199585』It’s more than in my previous life…..」

It’s weird no matter how you look at it.

After all, I’m still level 1.

This number is just ridiculous.

「And what about this reincarnation bonus……?」

When I was about to check my status again……..


I’ve heard a scream of a young woman deep in the forest.

「This voice…..Are there people in this forbidden forest……?」

The forest in front of me.

There is a special barrier erected deep inside this forest.

『Forbidden Forest』

My Radcliff house protects the barrier inside this forest.

There are powerful monsters trapped inside this barrier.

That’s why the locals will never enter the forest.

「Perhaps it’s an outsider」

Let’s postpone the status. For now……..

I’ve used Detection Magic that I’ve got a minute ago.

At Level 1, I won’t be able to get many details and the range should be about 10 meters.

Still, she’s close enough to hear her screams, it would work out somehow.

Or so I thought as I activated the magic.

Then I held my breath.

「This is……」

It’s too detailed.

Normally, one can only obtain the location of the target through the detection magic.

It should vaguely display the locations of living beings with white dots on the map.

However, instead of that, I saw detailed topographic map of the surroundings.

As well as monsters and a human sever dozen meters away.

More than that.

The types of monsters were mention close to the dots.

King Ork

Ork Ork


Ork Ork

Ork Ork

Human (female)

I know only one person capable of receiving so much information from detection magic.

That’s me, of my previous life.

「Haha, I can’t believe it……A Level 1 6-year old kid uses magic on the same level as Level 99 Sage who killed the Demon King?」

I found myself confused.

But this matter can wait.

To orks’ presences actively approached the woman.

「They’re definitely attacking…..」

Well then, as a 6-year old child I should probably go back home and call my father.

My father is a powerful magician, these orks shouldn’t be a problem for him.

But he won’t make it in time.

That being said, I can only use detection and weak fire magic.

And my fire magic isn’t even tested.

「…..No. Using this fire magic, I can at least restrict the orks」

Can’t help it.

I’ve decided to use magic for my own sake in this new life, but…….

「Her dying here would leave a bad aftertaste」

I heaved a sigh and rushed towards the barrier.


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Chapter 1 The Strongest Sage, Reincarnating

There was a thundering sound in a building called the Temple of Darkness.

There was a pile of corpses of those who challenged『It』before in the corner of the temple.

It was the sound of the Demon King unleashing his blow, strong enough to rock the entire temple.

The swords released by the Demon King pierced into the sage’s body one after another, as they produced red splashes.

「Sage. Have my praise for pushing me to such an extent……however…..」

He approached the sage, who slowly raised his face, to deliver the final blow.

「Your life ends here!!」

The blood fell down his chin.

Perhaps because the sage didn’t have enough magical power to use healing magic, his body was full of wounds.

There was no healer to fix him either.

Everyone who came here before did so in a party with cooperation in mind.

However, the sage was alone.

Having enormous magical power, the strongest sage had no need in comrades.

Facing the Demon King who was about to unleash his ultimate attack, the sage —-


Laughed at the Demon King’s words.

The blood flowing down his face lit up with blue light.

「Ah, finally. To be honest, I’ve almost fainted from the blood loss. But it doesn’t matter now」

「I-Impossible! What’s with this magical power?」

The Demon King, who was about to finish off the sage, visibly faltered.

「I’ve never felt such enormous magical power……」

「I’m honored to be praised by the Demon King himself. It’s my first time too」

「What!?! B-*******!! What are you trying to do!?」

「– Divine magic,『Reincarnation Art』, activate. With my body, my blood, my magical power as a price –」

Gusha — there was a sound of something tearing apart.


Enduring the shockwave, the Demon King lowered his gaze.

「Impossible……Impossible, impossible!!」

The right side of his body vanished.

The left side was wrapped in light as it gradually turned into dust.

「What on earth is this? What the hell did you do……!?」

「I sacrifice the lives of 1000 high-ranking demons」

The sage had trouble breathing.

「You are the 1000th. It was dull until this point. — As you’ve said, my life ends here. This time」

The moment he said that.

A huge magic circle enveloped the whole temple.

「Sorry. This is my dream. I’m sorry for dragging you into this….you’ve killed a fair share of humans. It’s time repent」

「For me….for me to fall at this place! As a sacrifice to a human’s spell!! Sage-sama, this, this magic…..」

The Demon King vanished before finishing his line.

This was the end.

And the beginning.

After all, all the conditions for this spell were finally completed.

「At last」

If successful, he could reincarnate into a new human being with his memories intact.

「If successful, after all….」

Even though he didn’t fail even once, he couldn’t stay calm in this situation.

「There should be no problem. All conditions have been met. The magical formula is at work. It won’t fail. It’s time for a new life」

With this『Reincarnation Art』–.

His longtime wish was about to be fulfilled.

The days of saving people left and right are over.

There is no need to accept challenges or defeating demon kings.

Anyway, I want my next life to be more relaxing.

It’d be nice to reincarnate into a rich and handsome scion to play around.

「I’ve saved humanity so many times, you can at least give me this much」

The reincarnation magic was about to be completed.

As if blessing his next life, divine light enveloped the sage.

He closed his eyes with high expectations.

His consciousness dimmed…….


And once the reincarnation happened I….

Found myself the youngest child of Count Radcliff named Eddie.

The memory came back at the 6th birthday.

The moment I woke up on the bed, it came back to me.

Magic rituals, chants, all of his accumulated knowledge rushed into his head.


Extremely nauseating feeling.

As if my insides are being reconstructed.

Far from breathing, I couldn’t even blink, only stare at the ceiling.

The torrent of information died down when my mind was on the verge of collapsing.

「I see…that’s how it happened……I remember everything…….although I feel horrible……」

Groaning, I pushed his face into the pillow.

I’ve made it in a way that the memory won’t come back immediately on purpose.


I’m using words a normal 6-year-old child shouldn’t know as if it’s only natural.

My muddled consciousness finally produced some thoughts. Apparently, my way of thinking didn’t change since the previous life.

「Haa, it finally subsided. That didn’t feel nice at all…….」

To get back all the memories at my 6th birthday.

Should have made it come back in part since infancy.

It’s good that my mind could withstand it.

I’ve put my hand on top of my erratically beating heart and slowly got up.

The problem lied in a fact that during these 6 years I didn’t use magic even once.

Forget about that, there wasn’t even an aptitude examination.

I was told that magic and swordsmanship training is dangerous, so I didn’t have to do it.

The Radcliff house is quite wealthy and I’m deeply loved by my parents and siblings.

The youngest child, who wasn’t considered an heir, could easily spend his whole life playing around.

Having no duties, living as I want, what a blessed life I got for myself.

Even though it’s me, it feels like I’m talking about someone else.

Me of the previous life, me of the current life.

It’d take a while for those two minds to align, I thought to myself.

Be that as it may……

Let’s confirm my status.

「Status, open」


Name: Eddie


Profession: Sage

HP: 10

MP: 10

Magic: –

Magical Power: –


As you’d expect from a child.

Both, hit points and magic points and few.

Even though I have some magical power, it’s not displayed since I haven’t mastered any spells.

「Whatever, have to learn some magic first」

I have memories of magic rituals and chants.

I also remember the feeling of using magic.

「Un, I have a suitable location in mind」