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Chapter 9 The World is Aiming For Me, Maybe

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Together with princess Clarisse in the room.

I wonder how long I’m here.

I’m still being hugged……

When her sobs finally died down, I tried calling out to her.

「…..Calmed down yet? Princess-sama」

「Y-You’ve seen something embarrassing……」

Clarisse released me in a fluster before wiping her tears and taking a deep breath.

Her nose was still red, but I’m glad she calmed down.

「I won’t tell anyone, be at ease」

「…..Fufu. Thank you very much」

With an impish laugh, the princess narrowed her eyes.

She looks pretty young when she does that.

Just when I was busy thinking about things 6-year old doesn’t think of…..

「You are so young but already a gentleman. You’re also the prophesied Savior. I shall pay you due regard. Eddie-kun……..No, Eddie-sama」

I was surprised at the sudden change in honorifics.

The youthful expression vanished from her face replaced with a serious air.

It’s not a face one would use to speak with a child.

An equal, no, she saw me as someone she looked up to.

Isn’t it pretty bad…….?

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When I increased my vigilance, parents came to check on us.

Nice, I’m lucky today.

Let’s be a kid and hide behind my parents’ back.

Or so I thought and tried to rush out……..



Princess Clarisse grasped my right hand and prevented me from escaping.

「Eddie-sama, I have an important question」

「…….What? Princess」

「You don’t desire status and fame as the Savior. Am I right?」

I nodded in response.

「Un. I want to live as I always did! The school starts next month too」

Hearing my answer, princess Clarisse closed her eyes as if to solidify her resolve.

「I understand your feelings. However, please be careful, Eddie-sama. There is no guarantee our country was the only one to learn about the Savior’s existence」

……Well, I expected as much.

「It is very possible another country will approach you to get your power. Eddie-sama’s power can change the destiny of a country, no, a whole world」

「It can’t be…….Eddie is still 6-year old…….」

Parents came to my side in a panic.

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「Even the most excellent of prophets can’t possibly know that Eddie-sama is the Savior. However, they can still approximate the location. Like my country did. I Eddie-sama so desires, our country is always ready to protect you」

Being the center of everyone’s attention I…..

「Thank you, princess-sama. But I’m fine as it is」


I don’t want to request a country’s protection.

Even if my status is low, I don’t feel like losing to most of the enemies.

I don’t want to owe a favor to a country.

I’m going to live free and in peace.

For me, this was even more important than my own life.

「If I go to the princess-sama’s country, I won’t be able to go to school. Besides, people in the castle will be surprised by my sudden appearance. Why is this kid here, or something like that」

「…..Yes. You’re right. I’ll do as you say」

I was honestly surprised when princess Clarisse gave up so easily.

She supposedly came all the way here to secure me.

As a result, she even lost her knights.

「Is it okay not going?」

「How can I possible decline the request of my savior?」

「But didn’t you come here because of me……」

「I’ll convince father myself……But Eddie-sama. About your location…..」

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I grinned in response.

「It’s alright! Because I’m going to school!」

「…..I see! If you enter the academy’s dormitory….」

Hearing my father’s words, I nodded.

「If they only know the place, we can just move somewhere else」

My family looked at each other.

Would that work? They must have thought.

However, they didn’t think too deeply.

Their son said「I want to keep it secret」and they are fine with that, I also don’t want to hide too much from my family.

Well, that is fine in its own way.

Because I love this side of my family.


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