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Chapter 7 Our Child is a Genius!!

After I dealt with the Demon King.

We entered the mansion and gathered in a room.

I sat on a tall chair in my usual gown above the pajamas, feeling like I’ve done it this time.

Mother healed father and brothers’ injuries with magic when she woke up.

Clarisse too rests in our house.

After the incident with the Demon King.

It’s too late trying to deceive everyone.

Mother also helped Princess Clarisse heal her wounds.

However, the sleep magic that I put on her was still active.

「I’ll wake up the princess after the family meeting」said father with an unusually stern expression.

It’s not okay for outsiders to know about my deeds, I suppose.

I have to answer some questions first.

Of course, they also checked me for injuries.

Mother carefully looked all over my body.

I’m not a toddler, you don’t need to go that far.

I said so but no one listened.

「Eddie, it doesn’t hurt anywhere, right……?」

「That’s what I’m talking about since a while ago…….trust me」

「All is good then…..」

After my family confirmed I was uninjured, they felt relieved but assumed complicated expressions right after.

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6-year old kid defeated a Demon King uninjured.

In one shot of weak magic.

The reality finally settled in their minds.

In order to protect my family, I had no choice but to destroy him where he stood.

Still, what a bother……

I had a sudden flashback from my past life.

When people saw my strongest power, their reactions didn’t differ too much.

It wasn’t respect or envy reflected in their eyes.

It was fear and hate.

Humans are a type of animal, they couldn’t help but fear the one who was stronger than them.

But when the opposite party is your own family, this changes things.

They are something I’ve finally obtained after the reincarnation.

I don’t wish to lose them.

…..In that case.

I assumed a kid-like expression and swung my head left and right.

All for the sake of making up a reason why an ignorant child like me suddenly learned magic.

「Alright then」

Having sat on the top seat, father looked at the rest of us.

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「First I want to apologize for my inability to keep everyone safe as a family head. Please forgive me for my incompetency」

Seeing father with his head lowered, the rest of the family panicked.

「No, Dear. Didn’t you let me escape?」

「It’s precisely because father protected us that we got away without fatal injuries」

「It’s us, your sons, who are incompetent…..」

I had my mouth shut for the time being.

I thought it was fortunate there were no deaths among us.

A child shouldn’t participate when adults talk.

「So Eddie…..」

Father’s eyes bore into me.

The whole family looked at my face.

「How did you cast that magic?」

I took a deep breath and lowered my head.

Like my dad did.

But much more hesitantly.

「Sorry. I saw a dream about magic and really wanted to try it. I wanted to learn magic in secret, so I snuck out」

It was useless to hide that I can use powerful magic.

However, I won’t even tell anyone about my memories of the past life as the sage.

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「Did you go to the forbidden forest?」

「Un. I defeated some monsters and learned their magic」

The general outline stays the same.

I only forgot to mention my memories of past life.

「There I met that princess and used magic to save her. It became something amazing. So I thought, let’s beat that Demon King like the ones before! And I kinda did that……..」


Father and mother looked at each other with unbelieving faces.

Father stood up from his chair, came to me, and squatted.

「You were speaking with the Demon King about something. What was it all about?」

「The protagonist of a book I recently read said something like that. I thought it was a cool line, so I imitated it」

「…..In other words, Eddie. Today you’ve acquired magic, learned how to use it, and even have so much power to it」


That’s a bit too much, as expected.

Everyone would be frightened if their son were to suddenly use magic in such a way.

If they were to learn about my memories, they would think of me as a completely different person.

Perhaps it’s the last time they view me as a family.

Not acting, I gripped the edges of my gown. My family looked at each other and nodded.

「There’s no mistake, Mother」

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「Yes, Dear」


Father turned back to me and opened his mouth.

What would he say?

Just when I was worried about that……

「You are…….genius!!」


What did he?

「Genius, no, prodigy!! The best talent since the dawn of ages!! Our cute child is so amazing!!」

Father lifted me in the air shouting 「Hahahahaha! Our child is a genius!」and spun around.

M-My eyes are spinning.

「Eddie, my little angel!! You don’t need to worry! I’m so proud!! My heart almost broke in pieces I learned you fought the Demon King, but I’m elated nonetheless!!」

Mother took me away from father and tightly embraced me.

I-I’ll get crushed.

「Brother is also proud!! I looked forward to Eddie overtaking me but it’s already happened!」

「By sneaking out of the mansion you’ve unconsciously dodged the Demon King! What an occasion! The Goddess of Fortune protects you, Eddie!」

「Let’s have a celebration! Not for the birthday only but also for defeating the Demon King!」

「Wa, mother, I can’t breathe…..!! Guee」

Being hugged by my whole family made me flustered.

I thought they will be afraid of their youngest child suddenly awakening and magically defeating a Demon King. I’ve never expected for a storm of 「Our child is adorable, The best」coming my way.

I might have underestimated my family.

…….I was born in a truly blissful place.

The storm has eventually passed.

「Well then, I guess I should wake the princess up」

「Ah, I’m going to the toilet!」

My hair disheveled from all the skinship, I rushed out of the dining hall.

「Let’s use this moment to check my status」1

Name Eddie
Level 10 <limited>
Job Sage
Endurance 100
Magical Power 230
Magic Fire Magic (weak)
Wind Magic (weak)
Dark Magic (super)
Sleep Magic
Detection Magic
Analysis Magic
Teleportation Magic (self)
Teleportation Magic (others)
Magic Capacity 204531 (reincarnation bonus)

「I’ve acquired the magic of the Demon King. Although, I don’t need super-class dark magic」

I don’t have enough magical power to use it in the first place.

The rest are analysis magic and teleportation magic.

Analysis magic allows you to investigate someone’s status.

Teleportation Magic, well, the name speaks for itself.

Since I have both, I can teleport others and well as myself.

However, teleportation magic doesn’t lose to dark magic when it comes to required MP.

I can’t see myself using it.

「N? I’ve hit the level limit」

I won’t be able to level up further until I undergo a limit releasing ritual in the Magic Temple, but that’ a problem for later.

The experience I got from that Demon King was mostly wasted but that doesn’t matter.

It’s not like I’m aiming to become the strongest.

「On the other hand this things worries me much more….」

I’ve neglected it because I had better things to do.

『Reincarnation bonus』

Interpreting it literally – I’ve got a bonus because of my successful reincarnation.

As far as the numbers go, it’s multiplied by about 1.5 times.

I knew that various things would be pulled over together with my soul when I reincarnated.

But I didn’t expect it to manifest in such a way.

I’ve reincarnated to avoid becoming the strongest sage again but ended up with an even stronger power.

Would my magical power become 1.5 times bigger too?

Magical power should grow as I level up.

「This……..would be quite something if I level up further……」

I have to spend more effort on hiding my true power.

I’ve made my determination clear in the toilet.

Let’s forget about the fact that I used magic in public 2 times in one day.


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