Chapter 10 Magic Aptitude S-Class

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10 days after I defeated the Demon King.

My mother took me to the Royal Academy for an examination.

Today I’m here to buy the necessary books and clothes as well as to pass the physical examination.

And as the most important event, have my magic aptitude measured.

「I wonder what would happen on your examination. Mama is worried. They will raise a commotion the moment they see your genius!」


I gave it a dry laugh.

A special measuring tool is used in the aptitude examination.

The resulting value determines the possibility of a person learning various types of magic.

They use this value to measure the talent and further divide everyone according to their class.

In the Royal Academy, students are divided in A, B, C, D, E, F classes according to their ability.

My goal is, of course, F-class.

However, I have the power of the strongest sage within me.

An outrageous number would come out if they examine me normally……

Of course, I have countermeasures prepared.

I confirmed the existence of a piece of paper in my pocket, in a way my mother wouldn’t notice.

This should solve everything.

「Good luck, Eddie. Mama is off to handle all the paperwork」

「Un. I’ll do my best」

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I waved with a smile.

「Mama? Hikk, mama……」

「Wa! What kind of tool is this? Seems fun! Give it to me!」

「Kya! Mou, boys are really rough!!」

While other children were having fun causing a commotion, I passed the physical examination and wrote some tests in peace and quiet.

My below average height bugged me but……..I’m still growing, I suppose.

It’s within a reasonable margin. Yep.

And finally……

「Attention, please. Those who are about to undergo an aptitude examination should line up here」

I headed towards the place with a number of children lining up.

In an aptitude examination, one should put his hand in a dome-like magic tool.

After a few seconds, the tool will spit a piece of paper with a characteristic sound.

I decided to peek at the value of a child next in line.

【1st grade №83 G. Norton】
Magic Aptitude C
Possible to Acquire Earth Magic (weak)
Earth Magic (medium)
Healing Magic (weak)
Paralysis Magic (weak)
Paralysis Magic (medium)
Strengthening Magic (weak)

Thank’s god.

The papers didn’t change at all.

My plan should work without a hitch.

It was my turn next.

「E. Radcliff-kun. Please proceed」

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As instructed by the female teacher in a white robe, I put my hand inside the magic tool.

A feeling of neither warmth nor cold transmitted to my palm.

A few seconds later…….

The magic began producing a document of unimaginable length.

「Eh!? What is happening!? It doesn’t stop!」

The teacher rushed towards the magic tool in surprise.

1st grade №83 E. Radcliff
Magic Aptitude SSS
Possible to Acquire Fire Magic (weak)
Fire Magic (medium)
Fire Magic (strong)
Fire Magic (super)
Water Magic (weak)
Water Magic (medium)
Water Magic (strong)
Water Magic (super)
*** ***

「W-What the…..!?」

「Royce-sensei, what has happened!?」

Abnormally agitated, the teachers gathered together.

Waa, this quickly got out of hand.

Wind Magic (weak)
Wind Magic (medium)
Wind Magic (strong)
Wind Magic (super)
Earth Magic (weak)
Earth Magic (medium)
Earth Magic (strong)
Earth Magic (super)
*** ***

「Eddie-kun’s examination result doesn’t stop!! How could…….how could this happen!?」

「Calm down!! But still…….there is every single registered kind of magic written here!!」

「This is the most prodigious talent since the foundation of the academy……no, a genius!! Put him in A-class……no, it’s enough to make a special S-class with individual lessons!!」

All the stares gathered on me.

The other children gathered around me too because of their curiosity.

「What’s about this kid? Does he have some amazing magic?」

「This is much more than I have…..」

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It’s about time.

I took a deep breath and said in the most innocent voice possible.

「Wa! This magic tool is broken!」

「B-Broken…..? But that didn’t happen even once before….」

「What else it can possibly be!? Such numbers are totally unprecedented!!」

While the teachers were busy quarreling, I put my hand in another magic tool…..or so I pretended to do.

Instead, I took out a paper from my pocket.

「Told you! Look! That’s what I got from this machine」

【1st grade №32 M. Radcliff】
Magic Aptitude F
Possible to Acquire Blunt Magic

The teachers looked at each other before glancing at my paper.

「Uwaa, this is…..」

「Amazing…..I haven’t seen such a low number since the second son of Radcliff’s!」


This is a legit status of a person with F-class aptitude.

As you might have guessed from the name, it belongs to my second brother, Max.

A brother whose specialty lies with the sword, not magic.

When he was 6 years old, he went through the same examination and was assigned to F-class.

At the paper from that time landed in my hands.

I hid it away before the teachers noticed anything.

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It was worth waiting for the commotion to happen, to divert their attention from the wrong number and name.

「Perhaps it did break」

「That’s bad. We have to move these children from this line to the other!」

Having said so, the teachers scattered to do their work.

「Sorry, Eddie-kun. You can go. The paper stays with you」

The kind female teacher said apologetically before recording my number.

「Un! Then I’ll take it home. Goodbye, teacher」

I patted my chest to relax and put the paper back in my pocket.

I owe you one, Max.

I gave sincere gratitude to my older brother.

Thanks to him, I’m saved from all the trouble.

With this, I’ve successfully passed the examination, just as I planned.

All’s good that ends good.


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