Chapter 6 Demon King VS Me

I’ve modified a part of the status.

Reincarnation bonus has been increased.1

Once I reached the place……

「Kuhahaha, are the guardians of the forbidden forest all on this level?」


I’ve spotted my father being held by his neck and my older brothers, Logan and Max, all of them injured.

Opposite of them stood a long-haired man in a jet black mantle.

One of the defining characters of this world.

On the man’s forehead, there was a seal of demonkind, a mark of the Demon King.

「Still not going to hand over your children? Those two greenhorns weren’t that bad — but they had no chance against me」

The voice of the Demon King created a stifling atmosphere.

「Damn……Logan, Max…..I’ll hold him back…….! Use that opening……to escape…….」

「No, father…..! We are the father’s children, Eddie’s older brothers! We will never run away without father!」

「That’s right! We’ll fight together……!」

「Fight? Are you going to fight me in your tattered condition?」

Tattered indeed.

I felt cold inside my heart.

This guy’s at fault for making my mother cry.

The cold anger burning inside of me became even more intense.

「I’m not a devil. If you’re just cannon fodder not worthy of mention, I don’t mind letting you go. Should I throw you into the forbidden forest? You can’t fight anyway」

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The Demon King stretched his hand, took my father by his neck, and lifted him in the air.

Holding his breath, father nevertheless glared at the Demon King.

I see.

Thanks to unnecessarily talkative Demon King, I understood many things.

Apparently, the Demon King somehow knew about my awakening this morning.

It should be some kind of divination magic at work.

Perhaps this princess appeared here for a similar reason – that is, to contact 『sage』.

Good grief.

The strongest power attracts problems like a magnet.

But I shouldn’t dwell on this.

These people are my precious family.

Let’s make full use of my power to set an example.

「Those who go against me shall experience the abyss of death. All of you will die…..」

「……Hey, Uncle, what are you doing?」

I stood in front of the Demon King, as I asked.

I saw my father’s and brothers’ despairing expression on the edge of my sight.

「Eddie!? Why are you here!? Run away!」

「…..Hoh? His soul smells so revolting……..Are you the sage, child?」

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The Demon King looked at me and grinned.

With the eyes of a slaughterer.

I tilted my head with an innocent face.

「What is sage? I don’t know」

「Eddie!! Eddie is…….guh!!」

Said my brother despite his serious wounds.

Not only my brother.

It’s impressive they are still conscious.

Perhaps because he covered my brothers, father’s wounds were the most serious, it was obvious he persisted on pure willpower.

You have balls to injure my family.

「Kuhaha! I was tired of waiting!! The only being that can threaten my existence. Oh sage, since you’ve been reborn in this world, I’ll crush you before you grow stronger!」

Before I grow stronger?

Too bad.

You are a day too late.

「Haa…..The Demon King of the past didn’t go to the frontlines personally. The times have changed」


「Are you a kind of Demon King that doesn’t have any subordinates and has to do everything himself?」

「The hell!?」

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「But isn’t it strange for the Demon King to come here all alone to kill me? Don’t you have any subordinates to share the important information of the sage’s awakening?」

「B-*******! What are you talking about!?」

You are too agitated.

It’s obviously a bulls-eye.

The ruling positions for the various territories of the demon race are hereditary, like in most human kingdoms.

Of course, territory equals power. Their sizes, populace, and the number of talents greatly vary.

The Demon King I’m about to annihilate belongs to the lowest class.

「Whatever. How about you answer my question, Uncle? What did you do to papa and my brothers?」

The Demon King frowned when I looked at him.

「*******, your magical power has already…..」

Apparently, he finally noticed my power.

He must’ve peeked at my status with some kind of magic.

By the way, immediately after that.

The Demon King shook away his confusion, opened his eyes wide, and laughed loudly.

「……Haha!! Even though you’ve awoken, what is it with this magical power!? And your magic!? How dare you appear before me with such meager skills!?」

My remaining magical power is 60.

My magic is all beginner level.

Fire Magic (weak) and Wind Magic (weak) takes exactly 30 MP to cast,

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「You only have two shots! What can you possibly do? Fuhaha! Just an arrogant child. Your stupidity saved me the trouble of searching for you」

The Demon King raised both of his hands as he laughed.

Black magical power gathered inside his hands.

Seeing the inflating magical power in his hand, father sighed.

「It’s dark magic……!! Eddie, Logan, Max, run away!! Even if it’s only you…..」

「You can’t papa. You can’t outrun magic of such a scale. Leave it all to me」


Amongst their sorrowful scream, I put magical power in both hands.

Fire on my right,

Wind on my left.

The strong wind appeared around me and rustled my gown and pajamas.

Only two shots?

No. It’s more than enough.

「Fuh….an eyesore of a sage!! Die!!」

The moment the magical power in the Demon King’s hands was about to explode.

I merged fire and wind magic together before releasing it.


Magic responds to me.

My flame was surrounded and empowered by the wind.

The fire empowered by all the oxygen rapidly swelled, exceeding the boundaries of beginner magic.

「I…….Impossibleeeeeeeeeeee!! Aaaaa……….」

The Demon King’s body scattered in the wind together with his magic.

After the explosion of hellfire calmed down, I stared at the place where the Demon King was before looking at the sky and shrugging my shoulders.

For some reason, everyone reacts exactly the same when a Demon King dies.

「I’ve defeated plenty of Demon Kings like this uncle. Using even less magical power than I have now」




Turning around, I saw incredible facial expression on my family’s faces.

I thought of acting as a child, but I might have overdone it.

I blinked a few times and held my head with my hands as I laughed.

「Somehow, I defeated The Demon King. Tehe」

「…..No, Eddie!! Tehe won’t cut it!!」

……As I thought, it doesn’t work.


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