Chapter 8 The Princess Showed Me……

Having woken up, princess Clarisse requested an explanation from mother and father.

Meanwhile, I changed clothes and washed my face while staying in my room.

Parents were busy talking with the noble princess.

When I met her in the forbidden forest, I talked without restraint due to the circumstances, but she’s not originally a person I can casually talk to.

However, not much time has passed before I summoned by the princess.

Apparently, the princess wanted to talk to me.

What is happening?

While inwardly cautious, I headed towards her room.

Most likely, she is a princess of a small country north of us.

I have a recollection of the emblem I saw on her armor.

It’s an emblem of Meiri, a country that existed even before I reincarnated.

That country is right next to a Demon King’s territory.

I have a bad feeling about this, to be honest.

I remember my past life.

After I became famous as the strongest sage, each nation requested my support.

Exterminate some monsters, defeat a Demon King.

I should stay alert.

「Excuse me」

When I entered with my head lowered, princess Clarisse, who was cured of any injuries, approached me herself.


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「Princess-sama. I see you are feeling better. I’m glad」

I grinned and laughed.

I’m getting used to smiling like a 6-year old.

「I’m glad you are fine too. Any injuries? There aren’t any, right?」

「Un! Princess-sama carried me all the way, so I’m fine」

Princess Clarisse smiled back at me.

Looking closely, she had big eyes, plump lips, in other words, an exceptional beauty, as expected of a princess.

However, there was a shadow in her smile.

Even though she was in a safe place.

The events in the forbidden forest must still be on her mind.

「Count Radcliff, would you mind leaving us alone for a while?」

Hearing the princess’ words, I looked at my father.

Father looked back in surprise.

「Alone with Eddie……..understood」

「Eh………papa, mama, are you going?」

Please wait a minute.

I don’t want to be left alone with her.

She’s a princess of a country, you know? Is it okay to leave a 6-year old child with her?

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She might ask something weird when no one’s around…..

「Eddie. Don’t be rude to the princess」


As expected, you can’t decline so easily.

Parents bowed to Princess Clarisse and excused themselves.

「Etto…’s my first time talking with a princess and I’m nervous. First time seeing one too!」

In this life, of course.

In this situation, a normal child would probably shower her with questions.

Let’s try that.

「Ne, what country’s princess are you?」

「I’m the third princess of Meiri. I’ve received a prophecy, which says that a savior has awakened to defeat the Demon King. I came here to secure him」

As I thought…..

「So you are searching for hero-sama! Good luck! I’m rooting for you!」

「Eddie-kun. You are a mysterious child」

「Eh? W-What do you mean?」

Princess Clarisse observed me with her full attention.

Her gaze was a bit too sharp to look at a child.

「You have very intelligent eyes. Count Radcliff said that you coincidentally defeated the Demon King. But he’s wrong isn’t it?」

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「…….What do you mean? I have no idea」

Let’s assume that Princess Clarisse and the Demon King came here after receiving the same prophesy about the sage’s awakening.

I’ve told father to disclose the matter of the Demon King’s death to the princess if that was the case.1

We won’t be able to hide it anyway, no matter how you think about it.

I’ve managed to deceive her about the orc but the Demon King is a different matter.

Even if I try to wiggle my way out of this, she would just ask who defeated the Demon King.

It will fall apart the moment she investigates further.

I thought about substituting myself with parents or brothers, but that wasn’t very realistic.

It’d fail the moment she asks them to show the power capable of defeating a Demon King.

I don’t want to implicate them.

Instead of forcing this unreliable story, negotiating with the princess would be much better.

「In that forest, you came out to protect me. It wasn’t a coincidence. You did it on your own will」


I stayed silent for a bit and thought it through before answering.

「Did you ask papa the same question?」

「No. I wanted to hear the truth directly from you」

「…..I see」

「At that time I was led by the nose, but you did defeat those orcs with your magic」

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「……Un, you’re wrong, big sister. At that time, I didn’t know what to do and decided to look」

This much was true.

I’ve helped her simply because it would leave a bad aftertaste.

「I didn’t do it to protect you」

「Nevertheless, as a result, you used your magic to help me escape」

…….Well, she’s right.

Princess Clarisse is convinced.

I won’t be able to change that.

In that case. let’s admit everything and go straight to negotiation.

「…….Don’t tell anyone about my power, princess-sama」

「So I was right…….」

Princess Clarisse stayed silent as she grabbed my hands.

Surprised at her sudden action, I looked straight at her.

「This small body has saved me」


「I was saved because of your courage. Truly…..such a disappointing person as me…….」

Princes Clarisse fell silent after saying so.

Her clear eyes shook in sadness.

「Even though my brother tasked me to secure the savior, I was teleported by the Demon King and lost my precious knights

I should have been able to protect everyone…….

I couldn’t even warn you, the Savior, about the danger」

Princess Clarisse pressed her lips together and tears overflowed from her eyes.

Her hands were much bigger than mine, yet delicate nonetheless.

Those hands trembled ever so slightly.

She desperately tried not to cry in my presence.

Her eyes were full of tears she tried to hold back.

Despite being a knight, she, perhaps, lacked experience.

Her age was about fifteen years old.

Too young to call herself a full-fledged adult.

Her current appearance seemed so far away from the one she showed before the orks.

「Princess-sama, were you on good terms with those knights?」

Hearing my question, Clarisse nodded.

「They are veterans who protected me since childhood. My dearest….」

The princess cut of her speech and her lips trembled.

They must’ve been her family.

Unlike my previous life, this time I was blessed with a family.

I want to protect them.

If I ever lose this family…….

I’ve never experienced the pain of losing a precious person.

But just imagining it made my chest hurt.

I want to comfort her……

But I’m troubled.

I have no idea how to console her.

In my previous life, I didn’t communicate with people much.

The only thing I can do is…..

「Don’t cry. These people would definitely wish for you to stay strong」


「Papa said that our maid cleaned their bodies. You can take our carriage to go back to the country」


「They will definitely be pleased. There is something you can still do for your knights, isn’t it?」


She couldn’t hold it back any longer and tears fell like a waterfall.



Princess Clarisse subconsciously hugged me.



Squished between her breasts, I found it difficult to breathe.

But it doesn’t seem like she intended to let go of me.

「Sorry……hikk……Just a little……Before you, forgive me……」

「Princess Clarisse……」

Can’t help it.

I gave up and stroked her back.

Princess Clarisse didn’t let go of me until her tears dried.


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