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Chapter 5 You’ve Made Me Angry

The moment I carried left their bodies close to the entrance of the forest.


A frantic voice called me.

Raising my face, I saw my mother rushing towards me.

That’s bad.

Apparently, my absence didn’t go unnoticed.

She might also notice the presence of Clarisse and the rest nearby.

I hurriedly run towards my mother.

If they were to be discovered right now, I won’t be able to weasel my way out of this.

I have to deceive her…..

「Mama, I’m sorry…! I broke the rules and went on a walk…..」

I desperately played the kid.

Though, that was my normal behavior before today.

I felt extremely dubious doing all of this.

Even so, my mother bought it completely.

She fell on her knees, hugged me, and said in a teary voice.

「Ah, Eddie….! I’m glad you’re safe…..! We have to leave this place immediately……!」

I have to get control of the situation.

What is she even saying?

「Eh?…..Wait. Leave?」

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「It’s fine if you don’t know! Mama will protect you! It’s alright, everything is alright…..!」

「Protect from what?」

I asked in my normal voice, not the kid’s one.

Mother responded with silence.

Apparently, she wasn’t confused by my change but the question itself.

I put my hands on Mother’s shoulders and slipped out of her embrace.

She looked strange.

With a pale face, she looked directly into my eyes.

From my mother’s beautiful girly face you couldn’t say she was a mother of three children, yet that same face was overflowing with tears.

「You aren’t crying because of me, right?」

「T-This is…..」

「Mama, release me. Who made you cry?」

I asked in a low tone, and her shoulders slumped.


She’s not angry.

I felt extremely irritated towards the thing that made her cry.

— My previous self was always alone because of being the strongest.

I longed for power, and every time I used it I became famous.

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Of course, many people aimed for my life.

It’s easy to protect yourself and deal with them.

However, when they can’t defeat you openly, they’ll aim for your party members and family.

The best choice was to stay alone to avoid unnecessary sacrifices,

I refused to form parties and acquired the title of the strongest sage.

Of course, I also gave up on making lovers and family.

Something I didn’t have in my previous life.

Warmth and love.

My new family gave it to me.

My father, mother, both of my older brothers dot on me heavily.

Being pampered every day, I didn’t complain and loved my family with all my heart.

Even with my memories back, nothing has changed.

That’s why…..

Someone who makes my family cry is beyond forgiveness.

「Mama, what happened? Tell me」

「But Eddie…..」

When I was about to repeat the question……


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There was a sudden sound of an explosion causing the earth to shudder, the aftershock almost made me fall.

A great amount of magical energy was transmitted to me through the air.

「This magical presence…..」

I muttered in a small voice as if talking to myself.


It’s been a while.

「Eddie, come here! Hur…..ry…..」

The strength left my mother’s body after I cast a sleeping spell.

Even I can learn after this much, I didn’t try to support her body myself but used wind magic to gently place her on the ground.

I close to place her near Clarisse.

「Sorry, Mama. You’ll chase after me if you’re awake. Have a nice dream」

Leaving behind those words, I rushed towards the mansion.

There is no need to use detection magic.

Its presence approached closer and closer.

It doesn’t plan to hide it’s ominous magical power at all.

My my.

My opponent if quite a vile fellow.


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