Chapter 11 I’ll Talk to the King

A few days after the admission meeting.

Somehow passing through the aptitude examination, I spend my days at leisure while waiting for the school to begin.

The day when the Demon King attacked almost seemed like a dream.

However, the calm didn’t last.

There are rumors about suspicious people looking for the sage in the city.

I’ve heard these rumors from the mayor of the neighboring city.

「They wear robes to conceal their identities…..But some people saw the emblem of Meiri on their swords」

「Meiri……I see…….」

「Those people are investigating the city.『Were there any disasters or a big magical phenomenon around here?』they ask」

Said the mayor and looked at my father with a confused face.

Father silently nodded, but I could more or less guess what he was thinking about.

Because I’m thinking the same thing.

As promised, princess Clarisse kept my identity hidden.

However, the King probably knew about the Demon King’s death and launched his own investigation.

That was bound to happen eventually, so I’m not particularly surprised.

As I fell in thought while eavesdropping from the other side of the door………

「Young master? What is it?」

When I hurriedly turned around towards the voice, I saw our maid with a tea-tray amusingly looking at me.

「Wawa! N-nothing!」

That’s bad.

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I was too engrossed in their conversation.

I ran away from the room in a hurry

I breathed out once I climbed the stairs.

My my.

So it did happen.

At the moment, the knights of Meiri are secretly searching for me.

However, eventually, they might approach our king to request cooperation.

As long as you don’t tell anyone about the sage’s awakening, you can come up with as many reasons as you want to.

This would gradually turn the situation unfavorable.

My father is a count of the frontier territory.

If I leave this problem unattended, my father would be put in a precarious position.

I want to avoid dragging father into my problems.

……Can’t help it.

….Let’s have a proper conversation.

Even though I predicted it, it still weighs on me.

I don’t want to make my parents worry, I’ll go alone. How should I reach Meiri then………let’s do it this way.

I had a plan ready specifically for this purpose.

I’ve acquired Teleportation Magic (self) upon defeating the Demon King.

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However, my magical power is too shallow to actually use it.

That means I have to ask someone else to do it.

In our family, only father and eldest brother have teleportation magic.

While my father was busy talking with the mayor…..

I made haste to Logan’s room.


「You forgot something in school?」

My older brother put his pen on the desk and turned towards me.

I approached him and looked up with an embarrassed face.

「Yes, big bro. A treasured coin I received from our late grandpa. I took it with me to an examination but dropped it somewhere」

「Good grief, Eddie. You can’t bring valuable things to school」

「Un, sorry」

He didn’t lose his calm even while rebuking me.

Like my parents, this eldest son is weak when it comes to his youngest brother.

「Can’t help it, I’ll go with you on a carriage」

「You can’t…..When papa and mama learn about the coin, they’ll definitely scold me. That’s why I wanted you to quietly teleport me there」

「Teleport, but that’s……」

「With your teleportation magic, I’ll be there in a moment. Then I’ll return with Max on the carriage」

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Max takes a carriage to the school every day.

Logan has『Teleportation Magic (others)』 allowing him to teleport other people.

I was lucky that he didn’t have 『Teleportation Magic (self)』.

Thanks to that, Logan couldn’t go with me.

「Still, I’m too worried to let you go alone. After all, that thing happened a few days ago……..」

「Mou, big brother. I’m almost a 1st grader in the royal academy. I can pick the lost thing by myself」

When I started sulking, Logan smiled in defeat.

「……I see. You’re already at this age. I suppose it’s the big brother’s duty to let his little brother experience the world……..I’ll prepare the teleportation magic」

「Thanks, big bro! I’m excited!」

「Hahaha. Don’t be in such a hurry」

Teleportation magic activates via a magic circle drawn below your feet.

He picked up chalk from the desk as well as a big piece of parchment and a map.

「Eddie, stand to the side. Don’t touch the magic circle. I would be a problem if you accidentally rewrite something.」


Logan confirmed the longitude and latitude using the map and incorporated them in the magic circle.

I looked at it from a distance.

I was my first time seeing him drawing a magic circle since my memories came back, but his speed was quite impressive.

There aren’t many who can draw a magic circle with such precision and swiftness.

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「Alright, it’s done」

At that moment, I suddenly shouted.

「Wa! I saw a mouse behind the curtains!」

「M!? What did you say? What here a minute!」

「Big bro, it’s under the desk now!」

「A-Alright! Here!?」

While my elder brother was busy crawling under the table, I picked up the chalk and rewrote the magic circle.

I adjusted longitude and latitude.

……In other words, a destination.

…..Might as well fix some questionable lines.

Brother’s magic circle is correct, but it puts too much of a burden on someone like me.

Just when I finished my revisions and put the chalk back, brother stood up.

「How is it, big bro?」

「Umu….sorry. It got away. I’ll tell the maids later」

「Un, sorry for startling you, big bro」

「No. I’ve made you wait. Stand inside the magic circle」


When I stepped inside the magic circle, it was immediately activated.

I closed my eyes and relaxed feeling the flow of wind around me.

I felt as if I was floating.

The inside of my body felt ticklish.

After a brief moment, I opened my eyes and found myself in a different place.

The wind surrounding me died down soon after.

It was a certain office.

「And who are you supposed to be?」

A bearded man seating on chair asked of me with a raised brow.

He didn’t even flinch at my sudden appearance.

Seeing his dignified demeanor, I understood he wasn’t a fool.

I’ve met too many kings in my previous life, it’s easy to distinguish between an outstanding kind and an absolute idiot.

Right now, only the King and I were present in the room.

There sensed guards on the other side of the door but none inside.

If my first impression of him is correct, it would be of great help.

While thinking along those lines, I spoke to the King.

「Weren’t you searching for me?」


I gave him a carefree smile and stretched my hand.

「Didn’t you want to talk with me? So here I am, King. Let’s have a proper conversation」


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