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The Saintess Chapter 22

Remember the other teasers I was talking about 2 weeks ago? Well, I already did the first two chapters but I haven’t published them because we’re still actually stumped by the novel title.

We’re going back and forth between The Rise of the Strongest Female Reincarnation Player or After Genderswap Reincarnation, I Raised the Strongest Player. These two titles have a completely different nuance so we can’t afford to mess it up. One implies that her reincarnation self will become the strongest while the latter means that her past-self will be stronger than her. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re holding off on releasing the chapters, we wanted to be absolutely certain which is going to be the case. Though right now we’re strongly inclined to the second option.

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The Saintess Chapter 21

Do you ever have a day when your brain just shut down and you can’t think of any intelligible thoughts or words? Well, that happens a lot when you’re translating, there are days when your brain works super well and the chapters come out super nice, but there are also bad days when your brain just don’t want to cooperate and you spent hours longer than usual to complete a single chapter because you weren’t able to form the words that you wanted to convey. It really sucks when that happens, makes me just want to say screw it all and leave the job for another day.

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The Saintess Chapter 19

I have an interesting debate here for you all. What do you all think of the terms “trap”? To me, it’s simply a slang term used in the anime/manga community to refer to Otokonoko characters, along with other especially effeminate men. But in a different community, the trans community, so to say, it is a derogatory term to them. The moment I brought it up, I unintentionally triggered a war between the two factions.

One side argued that it is some bs that reddit mods came up with long, long, long after the term came into use and that they couldn’t find anything that connects between trap and trans. They explained that the (anime/manga) community that uses this term does not use it to refer to trans people in the first place, but rather to refer explicitly to men that look like women

While the other side argued that the trans people do not like that term as it is used against them as a slur and continued to escalate why it’s offensive is because it has the obvious implication that a trap is tricking you. They go on to say that they have seen people use it in a derogatory sense. That they have seen people hurt by it, and how they understand why people don’t like it. Then they concluded by telling us to avoid the term to make someone’s life a little better.

What’s your take on it? By right, we are the anime/manga community, and we use the terms casually enough without any of the derogatory implications attached to it, but should we be avoiding the terms just to assuage the trans community?

Let the war commence! (Grabs my popcorns)

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The Saintess Chapter 18

So… I just got a Mesh WiFi router today and funnily, as soon as I finish setting up the router and the node, I was hit with a power blackout for a few hours. After the electricity is back and we switched the router back on, it was blinking red and isn’t working. I panicked for a bit but good thing it started working again after a few more restart…

It’s great that we are able to cover up the dead spots with the Mesh router but I feel that the interface could probably use some improvement, the QoS settings especially, is a bit buggy.

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