Chapter 23

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1848 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1148 words
Editor(s): Fire

Next early morning, to my surprise, I found that the unicorn was really delivered to the manor in a simple wooden cage, with the toothbrush still hanging in my mouth.

As expected of Sister Molly, a platinum-ranked adventurer, her efficiency was too high. Perhaps this was also thanks to her magician friend Nana who’s proficient in teleport magic?

I quickly rinsed my mouth, changed into my maid uniform, and rushed to inform Louie about this matter. It seemed like she just woke up as well. I thought for sure she’d praise how fast they caught the unicorn, but she unexpectedly said, “You actually wore the black stockings.”

I stupidly stared at her for a moment before answering softly, “Didn’t you order me to wear this…?”

“You could refuse if you didn’t want to, but I see that you are also very eager to put them on.”

“……” My face immediately reddened. Regardless of whichever being the case, I felt ashamed as a boy. One had to do with my dignity as a man, while the other proved how much of a pervert I was.

“I wasn’t… that eager. I never got the chance to wear black stockings before so I actually feel a little uneasy.”
“Really? Then you were always wearing white stockings?”

I bashfully nodded. Due to my status as the saintess, aside from within the comfort of my home, I had to wear pure-white religious clothing on all sorts of occasions. Naturally, I also had to wear a matching pair of stockings!

While I was lamenting, Louie gave me a once-over and smiled.

As expected, a maid costume looks good with black stockings.”

Though I wouldn’t openly admit it, I also thought the same in my heart. It gave a different impression from the cuteness of the white stockings. When I was looking at my own reflection in the mirror, I felt an indescribable excitement.

“Have you… ever tried wearing one before? The stockings…” I asked tenaciously. She should be about the same age as me, at the phase where she would start caring about the clothes she wore.

“Back in my world, these are the only clothes I wore,” She spread out her arms to exhibit the loose-fitting white and blue clothes she’s wearing.

“Is that so……”

The organization in her world must be quite strict. Although these clothes are unisex and loose-fitting, Louie seems quite comfortable in them.

Moreover, Louie was undoubtedly a girl, she remained unfazed even when we were talking about stockings. Perhaps only a crossdressing boy like me would find the topic awkward?

“Are you that curious about me?”
“Not really……”

She took one step forward, forcing me to retreat towards the corner of the desk.

“I like to see you wearing it because I thought you are cute, but that doesn’t mean I’ll wear it myself, understand?”
“Mm…… Understood.”

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I was at my wit’s end. Tristina said it before, that she was unfathomable, but from my point of view, it would seem that she liked to bully people? Maybe she was acting reserved in the past because we weren’t familiar with each other yet? Could it be…?

“You promised to keep the fact that I’m a girl a secret. That’s why, please refrain from asking such questions in the future. What if you slip up in front of other people? Where in the world can you find a boy wearing a pair of stockings? Right?”1 
“You… are absolutely correct.”

I smiled bitterly. There’s one standing right in front of you.2 

“Oh right, where’s the unicorn?” She asked.
“Mm, just outside the door.”

I led her to where the simple wooden cage was delivered.

“I also didn’t know when my sisters delivered it here. It was already there when I was brushing my teeth in the morning.”

I watched curiously as she approached the cage, wondering what she wanted the unicorn for. Sensing human presence approaching, the unicorn started to stamp its hoofs in panic.

Louie opened the cage to let the unicorn out.

I was watching silently by the side, but my curiosity got the best of me, “Excuse me… what will you be using the unicorn for?”

“I naturally have a use for it.”

The unicorn was rubbing its forehead against Louie’s hand. Even though it had a horn growing on its head, it was milder and more friendly than those dozen of horses in the stable.

“This seems unrelated to the Demon King countermeasures…” I said weakly.

“Let’s not worry about that right now. Quickly come over here. Isn’t it cute?” She said while patting the unicorn.

“Mhm, it is cute indeed.”

I had never seen such a beautiful “horse” before. Its fur was silvery-white, just like the whites of pearls, and glittered under the sunlight.

Even I got the urge to rub its head3, but just when I reached out to touch it, the unicorn bared its fangs against me.4


I was scared by its sudden change and retracted my hand. I didn’t expect such a pure and noble creature could actually make such a fierce-looking face.

I-It won’t bite right???

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If I reached out any further, it would certainly bite me!

I grasped my hand and shivered.

Oh right, I just recalled……

The unicorns like maidens and are hostile towards men. Louie is a girl, no wonder the unicorn is so intimate with her.
And I, on the other hand……
Am a boy!

B-But how did the unicorn tell I was a boy? That’s shocking! Was it possible that… the beasts could tell the difference from scent?!

Uwaaa!! I don’t believe this, the identity I’ve kept a secret for fifteen years was seen through by a unicorn…

Scared that it would bite me, I didn’t dare take another step forward. Louie was watching all these with an unfathomable expression.

“I heard that… the unicorn only allows a virgin to approach it and is also hostile towards men. Don’t tell me—”

I was sweating buckets and my internal alarm was blaring! O-Oh no! Maybe Louie had already guessed that I was a—

“Don’t tell me you already have experience in sex? Dang, that’s unexpected.”

Rather than doubting my gender, her thoughts actually went THAT way?!
“N… No! I’ve never done it!” Regardless of everything, I refuted her claim with a flushing face. On one hand, I was afraid that she would start to suspect my gender. On the other hand, I didn’t want her to think I was that kind of person! Boohoo… what should I do now?

I was a boy so I couldn’t be considered a virgin? Nonono— I won’t accept it!

“I’m a virgin……”

I minced my words for a bit before biting on my lips and uttering those words, with tears in my eyes. I didn’t know if she would believe me with this.

I want to cry……


  1. Silva: Well, there is one right in front of you~
    Fire: She doesn’t need to know that
  2. Silva: Jinx!
  3. Fire: Before I fix this, “rub its rub”. pfft…
    Oh and, not sure if it’s head or not. Just winging it.

    Silva: Rub its rub? Uh… who typed that? Not me, nuh-uh

  4. Silva: The unicorn can tell. As expected of master pervert.

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