Chapter 18

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2268 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1495 words
Editor(s): Fire, Lilith

While I was being pushed forward by this so-called sword saint, I recalled Sister Livi had another title, “Dragon Slaying Tactician”. She had devoted all her life to come up with all kinds of ways to slaughter dragons. Perhaps her animosity towards the dragons was more than meets the eye.

In just ten brief steps, I once again became the boys’ center of attention. I bet they were probably thinking, “Huh? What is the platinum-ranked Sword Saint doing with a maid?” Embarrassed, I bowed my head.

She brought me in front of a round table. Over there, I saw a female elf with peppermint green hair sprawled atop the desk stifling a yawn.

That elf was none other than Sister Molly. Molly was her Elven surname. Her full name was ‌super, super long, so… even I’ve gotten used to calling her Molly.

Don’t be fooled by her appearance though. She might look like a young girl, but she’s actually already 800 years old. It’s amazing how elves could maintain their youthful appearance for so long, it’s quite envious… Yes, even after learning that I’m a boy, I’m still very envious of that trait.

“Leader, look who’s here?” Livi pushed me in front of her with a grin.


Sister Molly listlessly lifted her head to look at me. I waved at her weakly and greeted her, “Hello, Sister Molly.”

As for why I was so submissive, it’s all because I’m feeling a little bit awkward wearing the maid attire.

“Charlotte? Why are you…” After a quick once-over, she continued, “… dressed like that?”

As expected, she has the same reaction that I’m now used to.

“It’s a long story…”
“I’ve always wanted to take some time to go find you in the church, but I didn’t know when would be the best time. Come quick and sit over here. Tell me your stories, I’m almost bored to death.”
“If you’re bored, then go slay some dragons,” Livi muttered.
“No rush, it’s not like the dragon cave can run anyway.”

I silently took my seat beside Sister Molly. She‌ was resting her cheek on her arms and gazed at me with a smile.

Sister Molly was truly beautiful. Being on the receiving end of such a beauty’s gaze, I was so embarrassed I bowed my head to look toward my shoes.

“Let’s hear it then, why are you wearing a maid outfit?”

There were plenty of crowds in the surroundings. In order to prevent news regarding the hero from spreading, I narrated the entire sequence of events to Sister Molly, Livi, and Nana in a low voice.

“Anyway, that’s how it is. Don’t let anyone else know, alright?”

After I finished speaking, I made a shush hand gesture at them.

“So the person who can defeat that big monster really exists? But, Charlie, don’t you think that’s a bit too unfair to you?” Sister Molly faced me and asked.

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“I don’t think it’s that bad,” I answered with a smile and continued, “I heard that news travels fast among adventurers. I wonder if you have any news regarding that person?”

“Every person who came across the Demon King would be met with certain death. How could there be any news about her1?” Nana answered in whispers. I could see her grip tightened around her staff, seemingly terrified to talk about that person.

“Ah, we have such a good weather today, let’s not talk about that person anymore. That… unicorn, right? Isn’t that the weird creature that clings to a virgin? Why does the hero want it?” Livi asked.

“That’s, um… please don’t make it sound so ominous…” I replied weakly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to face that creature if we have to raise it in the mansion.

“The unicorn horn can ‌test for poison. Charlie, did the hero not trust you?”

“N-no way!” I refuted in a rush.

Sister Molly was thinking too much. On what ground would Louie suspect me to poison her food in the first place? All she did was… to make me call her master! It’s not like she asked me to do something excessive enough to want to poison her.

Uwaaa… I can’t believe I really called her master. Just thinking about it now is making me feel so ashamed.

“Drinking unicorn’s blood can prolong one’s life. Does the hero want to use the unicorn’s blood to extend his life?” Nana questioned me dead-panned.

“H-He wouldn’t be that cruel, right??”

I doubt Louie would do that.

“Well, there’s no point making wild guesses here. Charlie, you want us to go catch a unicorn for you, right?” Sister Molly asked me.

“Y-Yes! Big sis is an elf, after all. And the unicorn lives in the same forest as the elves, so I wanted to request you to catch one for me, pretty please?”

I smiled bashfully and begged her with my palms together.

“When do you want it?”
“As soon as possible…”

With that, Sister Molly got up from her chair.
“Very well then, I’ll set off now.”

“Huuuuh? Lil’ Saintess, you ‌cured her procrastination?!” Livi said with an incredulous expression.

“It’s such a rare sight to see Lil’ Charlie beg me for something. Besides, we still owe her a favor, remember?” Sister Molly pressed Livi.

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“It’s no big deal, really! That really wasn’t something worthwhile to mention,” I tried to deny it at once.

“Yeah, sure, let’s go then! How about we do it as usual? Lil’ Saintess, you go make a commission at the counter, I’ll accept it in seconds.”

As soon as she said her pieces, Livi held me by the waist again and pushed me to the front of the same clerk as earlier. I could faintly hear Nana muttering something behind my back, “Eh? Livi, you aren’t thinking of taking advantage of the situation again just to earn some contribution points, right?”

“Is Lady Saintess here to request a commission?” The ‌clerk used her most professional smile and bowed to me deeply. She was like a totally different person compared to when she was handling the farmer.

“Um… please give me a commission form and pen.”

“No, there’s no need! Allow me the pleasure to fill in the form for you!” She hastily replied.

“Yo, if we finish the quest handed by the Saintess, how much contribution points will we get? It should be at least 10,000 right?” Livi leaned on the table with a wicked smile.

“If you want contribution points, then go kill some goblin, geez,” Nana complained with an inaudible voice at the back.

“Uh… naturally, the saintess will decide that herself,” the ‌clerk pushed the responsibility to me.

For real? Even I was surprised by her. Can they really push their responsibility to others as casually as that? Doesn’t the Adventurer Union have a principle to abide by?

“I know little about how contribution points work. How about we follow Sister Livi’s standards?”
“O-Of course! No problem!”

I saw the ‌clerk panic a little. Perhaps 10,000 points were a little too much?

“Excuse me… just one more thing.”

I asked them.

“Just now, I saw an uncle making a commission. He said that his village had been plundered and that his daughter and son have been kidnapped. From what I can tell, the reward is very low… not enough to even hire a few bronze-ranked adventurers.”

“Oh? There was such a thing?” Livi expressed her surprise.

“Please do not worry, Lady Saintess. This happens occasionally, but the Adventurer Union won’t ignore their plight.” The female clerk answered smoothly.

“You still don’t understand what Lady Saintess is saying? It’s just a mere bandit gang, just leave it to me.”

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I was pleasantly surprised, I didn’t expect Sister Livi to accept it so frankly.

“Really? Even though I’ll be troubling you to do extra work.”

“It’s no big deal!” Sister Livi waved her hand nonchalantly, “I’ll go deal with it now, you guys just wait for me with dinner at the ready!”

“Are you sure you want to be raising a flag2 like this?” Nana murmured tartly.

“What are you saying! How can a magnificent sword saint like me lose to some no-name bandit group?”

“Then we’ll move separately. Nana and I will go catch the unicorn, and you’ll come rendezvous with us after you deal with the bandit group,” Sister Molly proposed.

Livi nodded before gesturing Nana to hand her something, “Gimme two of your teleportation scrolls.”

“Where should we deliver the unicorn after capturing it?” Sister Molly turned around to check with me.

I tilted my head and responded with a smile, “The Red Maple Manor at the outskirts of the royal capital.”

It’s so great that the big sisters were willing to lend me a hand, I could finally loosen up my tension. Louie demanded me to be back by dinner, there’s still some time left for me to finally go buy some non-revealing black stockings.


  1. Silva: Her? So the Demon King is female huh. Wait, I feel like I’ve said the same thing in the past..
  2. Silva: They know about * raising flag * in this fantasy world?

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