Chapter 22

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1909 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1377 words
Editor(s): Fire

After serving dinner to Louie, I returned to the living room to retrieve the tea set and wash it. It was then, my eyes were involuntarily drawn towards the broken corner of the crystal desk.

I had originally glued it back with holy power, but it was broken again because it couldn’t support the weight of a mere teacup Louie placed on top of it. Geez, did I not glue it firmly enough?

I picked up the broken part, glanced left and right to make sure nobody was around before sucking on it with my lips1 to fill it with holy power, and glued it back to the desk.

“This time… should be fine, right?” Mumbling to myself, I carefully placed the teacup on it as though I was building a tower of cards.

And it managed to completely~ support its weight.

Seriously, why didn’t it work last night? Because of that, one perfectly intact teacup was broken and Louie had a cut on her finger. As a maid, I was fully to blame.

To be absolutely certain, I put my entire weight on it by sitting on the corner.

Naturally, I wasn’t stupid enough to sit down all at once. Just in case it couldn’t bear my entire weight, wouldn’t I slip and fall? That would be humiliating.

As a result, nothing happened even after I put my whole weight on it. It remained stable despite bearing my entire body for one minute.

“What’re you doing? Sitting on the coffee table like that.”

Eh? I turned towards the direction of the voice and found Louie had unexpectedly appeared in front of me. It was too disgraceful to let her see me sitting on the coffee table so I tried to explain in a panic, “Sorry, I was just testing if the glue worked properly—”

As soon as I said that, the glued part snapped with a cracking sound! Losing my balance, I fell and pushed Louie down with a yelp.

By the time I realized what was going on, I was already breaking out in cold sweat. This was the second time I had pushed Louie down onto the sofa…2

“Hey, are you… doing this on purpose?” She wore a really displeased expression.

“I-I-I, I’m so soooorry!”

I had a furious blush as I removed my hand that accidentally touched her chest. This too was the second time it happened! Ughhh!3

Why is it that it becomes ineffective every time Louie is nearby?4 It even caused me to slip and push her down, is His Holiness doing this on purpose???

Just when I was about to spring up from her body, she extended her hands out to press down on my shoulders, pinning me in place.

“Fine then, I’ll let you experience what it feels like to be pushed down!”

Before I even processed her words, I was flipped towards the sofa and was pinned down by her. Only now did I notice that her strength was not in any way inferior to mine! But for god’s sake, I’m the boy here! And yet, I was easily pressed down by a girl. She rode on my body and our role was totally reversed at this point.


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She looked down at me from above and showed a wicked smile.

“I won’t be satisfied if I don’t push you down at least once. Now we’re even.”5


Only stared at her blankly. Even though my wrists were being pinned down by her and unable to budge, I actually forgot to resist in the first place. All I felt was my face gradually heating up and my body becoming strange.

As she rode on me, I subconsciously clamped my thighs together… So this is how it feels to be pushed down? The feeling was totally different from when I was pressing her below me. While I was the one on top, I unconsciously thought, ‘What should I do next?’

But now that I was the one at the bottom, I unconsciously thought of something along the lines of ‘What’s she going to do to me?’

Even the ignorant me was now able to understand the subtle difference in mentality between the dominator and the dominated6. At present, I was being dominated by her! Uwaaaa! I actually got dominated by a girl! How shameful!

“I’m sorry… I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

Be that as it may, it was true that I had pushed her down twice. I couldn’t think of anything else other than to apologize.

“You still dare say that you didn’t do it on purpose? You stupid maid.”


I got scolded.

“I’m not stupid…” I whispered, “I just never imagined I’d make the same mistake twice in the same place…”

“You still dare talk back?”

“Ah… I’m sorry, please don’t fire me,” I pleaded to her weakly.

“I’ll let it go this time since you brought me some souvenirs, but… to be fair, should I also grope your chest?”

Grope whose????Mine???
But I’m a guy!

I replied frailly, “But I’m flat-chested, there’s practically nothing to grope…”

“What’s wrong with being flat? Flat is justice!”7

She released my left wrist and touched my chest without hesitation. I didn’t dare move and allowed her to rub me through my clothes a few times with my hand remaining where they were planted.

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I shut my eyes due to the unpleasant feeling.

Perhaps finding solace in the fact that I was a boy, I let her do as she pleased? That was why I didn’t resist and endured it silently.

“Wow, you’re not kidding. Yours is actually smaller than mine.”

While speaking, she lets go of me. I opened my eyes only to see her smiling…

“But don’t worry about it, how old are you now?”

“Well… 15 years old,” I answered softly.

“It’s okay, you’re still in puberty after all.”

I realized that was what everyone said when they tried to console me……

After comforting me with those words, she finally got off my body. I couldn’t help but sigh in relief and sit up from the sofa silently. Really, what’s up with today? Why do I keep getting bullied by her…

I straightened up my maid outfit with a flush face. It was fortunate that she didn’t touch the parts in between my skirt.

I stole a discreet glance at her, but she just lied back down on the sofa with the bamboo cushion I gifted her as a pillow. She didn’t even look a tiny bit remorseful for bullying me.

“I’m going to sleep, you should too. Good night.”

I wanted to say something but kept it to myself. Geez… she pushed me down and groped my chest, yet she treated it as though it was nothing! Although I also did the same to her, I really didn’t do it on purpose!

“Yeah… good night.”

At the end of the day, my current identity was that of a maid, so I bowed towards her as a form of etiquette. And after that, I quickly escaped into my room.


The first thing I did after entering my room was to jump onto the fluffy bed.

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I could honestly die in shame from all the things I experienced tonight!

It was my only consolation that the hero was a girl. If a boy did all that to me tonight, I’d really die in grievance!

Maybe I would even slap him and lash at him for sexual harassment!

I won’t be able to stand it even if we’re both guys!

It really isn’t easy being a maid, huh… You also had to be careful of being sexually harassed by your own master.

I remained lying face down on the bed and could feel the stockings rub against my legs if I moved them ever so slightly…

That reminds me, Louie demanded me to continue wearing black stockings tomorrow.


As a maid, I also had to satisfy my master’s various demands… Being a maid was a really tough job, but I wouldn’t admit defeat so easily.

However, compared to being able to wear anything I liked at any time I wanted, it was mortifying to be demanded to wear a specific type of clothing.


  1. Silva: Lewd

    Fire: That’s what I was thinking as well when I read it.

  2. Silva: Lucky pervert moment, but can this really be considered it?

    Fire: no…

  3. Silva: Ok, he’s (she?) a lucky pervert

    Fire: Is he/she really lucky though to bear Louie’s displeasure?

  4. Silva: Hmmmm, Char might have caught on to something here… maybe it’s Louie’s power?

    Fire: The power to make Char become a lucky pervert

  5. Silva: Oh, even, that’s the word… I couldn’t come up with the word and used square…

    Fire: …

  6. Fire: ~~Dom and sub~~
  7. Silva: No, she didn’t really say that, the original text is more on like: They’re rare.

    If I am to be more literal: I hear they’re a scare resources.

    Fire: Flat is justice!

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