Chapter 20

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1925 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1266 words
Editor(s): Fire

It was starting to get late, I had to take a carriage back to the manor soon. As I walked through the streets, my speed gradually increased. I continued walking for a while before coming to an abrupt stop.

The reason being the knights of the Holy Light Church before me. There were roughly twenty of them. The important thing to note was the blonde-haired girl admonishing them. Hm? Isn’t that Chiffon?

I wasn’t expecting to run into an acquaintance on the street, so I promptly ran to hide in the alley. Fortunately, I was a step ahead of them as they didn’t notice me.

I peeked out from the alley a little to gaze at the back of the blonde-haired ponytail girl in a white gown. Mhm, she’s Chiffon, alright. She was the closest to me in age among all of my sisters, an actual childhood friend.

As a cleric, she was very hard-working and had already been promoted to inspector rank. But… Just what is she doing now? It’s too far so I can’t hear anything.

Be that as it may, I reined in my curiosity. If I got discovered by her, no way I would make it back to the manor in time. Moreover… I most definitely didn’t want her to see me in a maid outfit!

I was… still the saintess after all. I would die of shame if I got discovered by my believers in a maid costume! Wouldn’t the reputation I built up all these years be ruined in an instant? How would I be able to restore my image in her heart if that were to happen?

I should leave before Chiffon discovers me. Just when I was about to get away from the alley, someone whispered beside my ear, “Whatever are you sneaking around here for?”

That scared the daylights out of me. The voice didn’t come from Chiffon’s direction, but in the alley behind me. I mechanically turned around to spot a young knight in white robes fixing his gaze on me.

He was undoubtedly a knight associated with the church. Judging from his apparel, he seemed to have a pretty decent rank. He probably spotted me coincidentally while patrolling the area? Uwaa… what bad luck, why do I always run into trouble? I was just trying to buy some stockings.

“I… wasn’t sneaking around,” I refuted his claim in a soft voice.
“Still trying to feign ignorance? Speak! What are you trying to eavesdrop by hiding behind the wall?”
“I wasn’t eavesdropping… not like I can hear anything from here.”
“Don’t try to talk your way out of this,” the other side took on an arrogant attitude, “Are you sent by the evil cult?”
I pointed at myself dumbfoundedly, “Me? Evil cult?”

In all my life, this was the first time I had been accused as such. It left me totally speechless.

“What are you holding in your hands?” He stared fixedly at me.
“I-It’s nothing.” I unconsciously held the black package closer to my chest. Maybe it looked all the more suspicious because of the black packaging?
“Whose maid are you? Did you steal your master’s stuff?”
“Me? Steal?” Once again, I pointed at myself dumbfoundedly.
“Show me the item,” the other side spoke with a commanding tone.

Why would I do such a thing? I specially requested them to be packed in a black package because it would be embarrassing if the stockings were to be seen.

“Seriously, why are you doing this… Are you trying to purposely inconvenience me because I am a girl?”

Frankly, I was a little angry so my remarks came back a lot fiercer.

“Impudent! How dare you speak to me in that tone!”
“You… take a good look at me,” I told him while pointing at my cheek.
“Look at you?” Since the alley was a little dim to begin with, he couldn’t see my face clearly. When he came closer to get a better look at me, I also caught a glimpse of how his face was gradually turning paler.
“That white hair… those silvery eyes… You couldn’t be… the saintess???”

“The one and only,” I smiled faintly. It was understandable if the guards of the magic academy didn’t recognize me, but it would be inexcusable for the pious believers of the Holy Light Church to not recognize me. Especially a knight of his rank.

As soon as my voice reached his ears, he knelt down in front of me with a plop, “Ehhhhhhh? Who asked you to kneel down? Get up, quickly get up!” I hastily prompted him to get up, worried that Chiffon would hear it if he made too much commotion.

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“Y-Y-Your honor— I couldn’t recognize you momentarily in that outfit! I-I-I was an ignorant fool and wasn’t aware this one was in the presence of the saintess!”

He was even starting to stutter, a complete 180 from his arrogant attitude earlier. This contrast was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh.

However, looking at him now, I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I am… dressed like this for an incognito mission. Yup~ that’s it.”

I was very content at myself for being able to come up with such a good reason on the fly.

“S-So that’s what it is! I have accidentally intruded on your pilgrimage, I beg the saintess for forgiveness!”

He was scared witless and didn’t dare to make eye contact with me. Was I that scary?

“Do you always enforce the law with such a rude and unreasonable attitude?” I asked
“Lady Saintess, you might be unaware, but we can’t carry out our work if we don’t act a little overbearing, and the evil cult will look down on us.”
“If I’m not the saintess, then will I be arrested just like that?”
“W-What are you saying… of course not…” He made an excuse for himself while wiping off the cold sweat. Finally, these words came out of his mouth repeatedly, “Misunderstanding, it’s a misunderstanding…”

I waggled my finger at him, “From now on, you have to change your ways. Got it?”

“Y-Y-Yes!” He nodded with frequency as fast as a woodpecker.

“As the saintess instructed, I will turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start!”

Huh…? Exaggeration much?

However, it was no wonder he would be so scared. Calling the saintess an evil cultist was a capital offense.

“Do you know what Chiffon is doing?” I asked.
“About Lady Chiffon? Pardon me, your honor, but I am just as clueless.”
“Is that so.”

I fell into deep thought.

Chiffon sure did a great job to maintain secrecy. Even a knight of his rank didn’t know what she was doing.

“You may leave. Remember, we didn’t meet today, alright?”
“Y-Y-Yes! I didn’t see anything! Nor did I hear anything!” The other side answered in a panic.
“No…! I did ask you to change your ways,” I didn’t forget to emphasize that part to him.
“O-Of course! I will definitely reform!”

He answered while nodding and bending his body again. Just looking at him made me want to ask him to stop doing that.

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After that, I let him go. His expression was as though he was just spared of his life. I actually didn’t intend to scare him that much. As the saintess, I should have guided them with love, but I was only 15 years old. It seemed like I still have much to learn.

Hmmmmmm? Oh no! I wasted too much time here! If I don’t head back now, I’ll really be late!


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