Chapter 16

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1986 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1376 words
Editor(s): Fire

It wasn’t by chance that Sister Angeline didn’t find out that I’m a boy.

No matter what was said and done, I had lived fifteen years of my life as a girl. The education I received was on how to become a better woman, so there’s no way I would expose myself so easily.

I was able to get through this difficulty even if we slept on the same bed with a thin nightgown and stuck closely to one another.


I even felt a little self-satisfaction from that, am I really hopeless now?

Even though I was feeling so guilty having to keep lying to Sister Angeline too. I’m sorry, I’m unworthy of your trust, I’m really so sorry!

After finishing our breakfast, Sister Angeline decided to send me back out of concern for my health. I could only silently accept her misunderstanding since it was entirely my fault for acting strangely due to sheer embarrassment. I could only lie flat on my stomach, making her misunderstand that I have a stomach ache due to the menstrual period.

How can a boy get a period?

“Remember to drink lots of hot water when you get back,” Sister Angeline kept reminding me.

“Y-Yes!” I readily consented. Please spare me from going through that again. I really felt like dying from drinking two cups last night.

In the next second, while I was still absent-minded from thinking about the hot water, she took off her robe and draped it over my shoulders.


Which surprised me for a moment.

“Wear it for now, I don’t want you to catch a cold when I use teleportation magic later,” she said towards me gently.

I firmly grasped onto the robe, the warmth in my heart already far exceeding the warmth brought upon me by the robe.

Big sister is really too kind to me, so much so that I feel ashamed of myself. What she didn’t know is that there’s no way I would catch a cold from the wind.

I’m really sorry, Sister Angeline.

Please just give me a little more time, I will confess the truth and seek retribution from you eventually!

A few dozen minutes later——

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I finally got back to the Red Maple Manor located on the outskirts of the royal capital. After bidding farewell to Sister Angeline, I was about to enter the manor when a raven flew past my eyes and slapped a letter right on my face.

“Geez, what is it…” I picked up the letter in exasperation. Did it get impatient waiting for me? I wasn’t home for an entire day after all.

This letter should be a reply from Queen Tristina, right? I remember reporting to her that the otherworlder (Louie) wanted to learn magic.

I checked the wax seal and indeed, it belonged to the royalties.

The contents of her letter were a fair contrast to my own, it was too long!! After skimming through the endless blattering in letters for a long time, the main point was this: “Why is the otherworlder interested in magic?? Did he think magic is crucial for defeating the Demon King?! Should I issue a new national policy to make everyone pursue magic?”


I feel like it’s better if I remind her not to act blindly.

After all, it has only been three days since I’ve served the otherworlder as a maid. I even requested a leave of absence during one of those days. Therefore, I still couldn’t get the big picture behind the hero’s intent.

The only thing I achieved thus far was learning her name… Oh, and that I accidentally pushed her down.

But it doesn’t matter.

I faced the entrance of the manor and pumped myself up. I have to work harder as a maid from now on! Yosh!1

I wonder if Louie ate her breakfast already? With that thought, I pushed the door open and the first thing I saw was Louie sleeping on the sofa.

Huh? How can this be? Did she sleep on the sofa again last night? There are hundreds of guest rooms in the manor, so why did she choose to sleep on the sofa again? Honestly, this hero is making me quite concerned.

It seemed like I came back too early since she was still asleep. I quietly drew near the sofa and was glad to find out that she was covering herself with a blanket this time. It was the same blanket I gave her last time. I didn’t plan to wake her up but she immediately became awake with the slightest signs of movement and gazed at me with her drowsy eyes.

“You’re back already? It’s still so early.”
“Y-Yeah, I apologize for waking you up. I will go prepare a towel and a washbowl for you immediately, then prepare breakfast later.”
“Don’t worry about the towel and washbowl, go prepare breakfast first, I’m starving to death.”
“Eh?” Slightly surprised, I asked, “Have you… not eaten anything since yesterday?”
“Naturally, I waited for you to return to make dinner.”

I was left momentarily speechless. Is she angry? Why is she not eating? Is this her protest against me skipping work?

“That’s, um… I’ve brought some souvenirs for you, please fill your stomach with these first…”

I promptly squatted to rummage through my luggage. Inside were the swimsuit I brought along, the souvenir I bought for her, and also…

“This, a present for you.”

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I pushed the bamboo monster pillow into her bosom.

“What is this? Bamboo?” She looked at me doubtfully, “You want me to eat this?”

“Nonono— Of course not!”

I blushed due to my blunder. It was that thing’s fault for occupying too much space, that’s why I took it out first. I quickly retrieved a box of mochi and gave it to her.

“There are eight flavors! I don’t know which flavors don’t exist in your world, that’s why I bought every flavor available.”

She silently stared at the box for a while.

“Oh, thank you.”
“Then, I’ll go prepare breakfast now,” I said while smiling with both hands collapsed behind my back.


After feeding the hero, it’s time to feed the horses. I arrived at the stable and put a big pile of fodder into the manger.

“I’m sorry to let you starve for one day,” Looking at them eating so pleasingly, I apologized to them. It didn’t matter even if they couldn’t understand me.

They raised ten horses in this royal manor. Tristina did tell me not to concern myself with them and only focus on serving the otherworlder, but how can I?

I concentrated my attention on the horses and wondered how it would feel to ride on them.

I bet it feels totally different from riding in a carriage.

I was ashamed to admit that, as a result of me spending the last fifteen years of my life in women’s clothing, I didn’t have any of the necessary skills I should have learned as a boy.

Since I’ve already learned that I’m actually a boy, then… maybe… I should… learn some of the skills I need as a boy?

“So this is where you are.” A voice came from behind me. I turned around to spot Louie standing there. This is… the second time I’ve seen her outside.

“Yeah, I’m feeding the horses,” I answered.

“Oh, horses huh? They also exist in my world. You are looking at them so hard, could you be thinking of trying to ride them?”
“Only the boys learn how to ride a horse, I can’t do it…”

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I really had no idea how I could be so shameless to say something like this…

“Then… I guess our worlds are quite similar in that regard?”
“No, there is actually a big difference.”

She got beside me and watched the horse eating with a pensive look.

“Seeing the horse, it reminded me of some fantasy creatures. I wonder if they exist in your world; a white horse with a screw-shaped horn on their forehead.”
“Are you referring to the unicorn?” I asked in a query.
“Yes! That’s it.”
“Yup, they exist, but you can only find them in the fairies’ forest.”
“Get me one of those.”


  1. Silva: This phrase means something like, “OK, I’m going for it,” or “I’ll do my best.”
  2. Silva: Same here, EHHHHHHHHH? Yu serious, hero?!
    Fire: Hero gets what she wants

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