Chapter 17

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Author: Grim Reaper Anubis Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1995 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1351 words
Editor(s): Fire, Liomad

Louie’s request really caught me off guard. First, the mansion, then a silver-haired beauty, learning magic, and now the fourth request was to get her a unicorn?

Honestly speaking, I had no idea why she wanted a unicorn, but it would be rude to keep digging deeper. Louie was a hero from a different dimension, the one who will defeat the Demon King, she must have her own way of thought.

“The Queen should be able to get one right?” She asked me in earnest.
“Yeah… of course.”

It’s just that they didn’t raise any unicorn in the castle. Even if I write a letter to Tristina, she’d just instruct the ministers to get it done. That’s too much trouble, it would be better to…

“Oh right, I have a sister who happens to be an adventurer, why not ask if she can catch one for us, what do you say?” I suggested.

She looked at me, a little perplexed, “What, you even have sisters among the adventurers?”

“Mhm, she usually stays in the capital’s Adventurer’s Union, so I’m afraid I’ll have to request for a half-day leave.”

She approached me and stared at me skeptically, “You… did you suggest that so you could request a half-day leave?”

“Nonono, definitely not!”

I denied it flatly and explained myself.

“I just feel that the process is too troublesome since the Queen will instruct the ministers to handle it, and then they will request the ones working under them to deal with it and so on…”

“If that’s the case, I will grant you a half-day leave then, but you must come back before it’s time for dinner.”

I nodded hastily, “Y-Yes, of course.”

She placed one hand on her waist and heaved a sigh

“Honestly, why don’t you have any self-awareness as a maid?”

“Eh… what?” I gazed at her vacantly. Am I… getting reprimanded?

“You leave the mansion every few days without reporting to me and just now, shouldn’t you reply with ‘Yes, Master!’ instead of ‘Y-Yes, of course’?”

I was dumbfounded for a moment. Since I was the saintess, it was a little difficult to find it in myself to call her master, but looking at what I was wearing then, I was nothing more than a simple maid. No matter how embarrassing it was, I had to swallow it and play my role properly. After all, I was the one who voluntarily chose to do this.

“Yes… Master,” I blushed and vocalized it in a weak voice.

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“That’s more like it.”


With that, she finally granted me a half-day leave. I didn’t change out of my maid uniform and left the mansion as is.

The me who just learned that I was a boy found that wearing the maid uniform was very embarrassing! But there was another part of me who found myself in a maid uniform to be very cute. It felt just like taking drugs and while I was feeling remorseful, I just couldn’t stop myself from continuing as though I was addicted. Just what the hell was wrong with me?!

In actuality, wearing women’s clothes had already become a deep-rooted habit for me. I reckon I’d be more opposed to wearing men’s clothes at the moment. I must still be subconsciously refusing to accept the fact that I’m a boy.

After leaving the Red Maple Manor, I shamelessly utilized the ‘girl’s ultimate weapon’ to hitch another ride to the capital.

One hour later, I arrived before the Adventurer’s Union.

“Mhm, this is the place.”

As I stepped into the hall, I was lamenting about the fact that there’s always a huge quantity of adventurers gathering in this place. Since I was wearing the maid uniform, I undoubtedly attracted the attention of the men.

The gaze they sent to me was very different from the times I attended a public function as the saintess. For example, they were gazing at my face, my chest, and my thighs… It was very embarrassing.

Well, I didn’t really mind them staring at my face or my thighs, I was wearing the smallest size underwear, so there’s nothing to see anyway? Besides, did they realize they were looking at a boy?

Silently enduring their stares, I weaved my way through the crowds and arrived before the counter.

In front of the counter, I saw an old farmer discussing something with the clerk. I recognize that bespectacled girl, I remember seeing her a few times when Sister Molly brought me here before.

“Please help! My village has been raided by a criminal gang!”
“A commission is it? Please fill in this form.”

The female clerk pushed a piece of paper towards him on the counter.

“But I can’t write!” The uncle slapped his thigh anxiously and exclaimed.

“You can’t? Why didn’t your village send someone who can write to issue the commission? Are your children not available?”
“My daughter and son have been kidnapped by the bandit!”
“Let me help,” I stepped forward without second thoughts.

He thanked me repeatedly, but as I picked up the pen on the counter, the clerk glanced at me and immediately showed a flabbergasted expression.

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“Excuse me, may I ask for the client names and address?”

I jot down the letters as the uncle continued to narrate. By the time I filled half the form, the clerk spoke to me with a weak voice, “That, uh… that pen is of inferior quality, how about I write it in your stead?”

“Don’t worry, I’m already done.”

I passed the filled-up form to her which she received with both hands.

“T-This is the reward money subsidized by the entire village.” The uncle said while taking out a pouch.

The clerk then received the pouch with a smile. From my point of view, there was a subtle change in her attitude.

After they finished with the procedures, the clerk sent the uncle off. Then she turned towards me and swallowed her spit, “L… Lady Saintess?”

“Eh? Is that really Lil’ Saintess?” Hearing that voice coming from the side, I turned my head around and spotted a young lady with long, light brown hair approaching. A white cape was draped over her back and hanging on her waist was a double-edged sword.

She scanned me from top to bottom and revealed an incredulous countenance.

“Why are you dressed like that? Pining for the past?”
“I am on a mission, that’s why I donned this uniform,” I smiled bashfully as I answered. It was always a little awkward to run into an acquaintance when wearing a maid outfit.

She was known as “The Unparalleled Sword Saint” Livi, one of the three people with the title of Sword Saint. Oh, and she’s also a Platinum-ranked adventurer, Sister Molly’s friend.

Speaking of which, I believe the adventurer’s ranks were divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum?

“On a mission? What kind of quest is it?” Hearing the word “mission”, Livi’s eyes immediately started to glitter. Oh, now that I think about it, Livi’s a bit of a work maniac.

“Lady Saintess is not obligated to tell you about her mission.” Before I could say anything, a cane majestically bonked Livi’s head. The cane’s… oh no, the magic staff’s owner was a girl with figures much smaller than mine. She had short blue hair with neat bangs.

“Please excuse our rudeness.”

She bowed towards me, but as a result, the wizard hat she wore almost dropped so she hastily supported it with her hands.


We exchanged greetings with one another. Her name was Nana, a great spellcaster despite her young age. Similarly, she was a Platinum-ranked adventurer.

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“Um… is Sister Molly around?” I asked
“Of course, where else could she go? Elves are pretty laid-back and you know it.”

Livi grabbed my waist and said with a grin on her face.

“I’ll take you to her. Oh! By the way, Lil’ Saintess, we’ve discovered a dragon cave recently~ We’ll go on a dragon hunt next time!”
“Dragon hunting again?”

I felt a bit exasperated.

Does she have a grudge against the dragons?


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