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My Loli Brother Chapter 15

I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks, while I’d love to use the server migration as an excuse for the lack of update, the truth is that, I left most of the migration work to Fana and indulged myself in reading Spirit Chronicles Light Novel. I only helped a bit here and there, mainly to identify the problems and push all the work to her and restore some of the site functions that didn’t get transferred properly.

To make up for that, I’ve translated two chapters today so you can expect another chapter coming up soon. I might do 1 or 2 more chapters tomorrow depending on my availability.

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My Loli Brother Chapter 14

It seems that many people has been bugging me to pick up the Maid novel lately due to the lack of updates. I wonder if I should pick that as the next teaser after I finish My Loli Dude volume 1? Is it any good? I haven’t actually read that yet… but if people are asking for more, it’s probably good?

As for why the Maid novel is not receiving update, well… I am somewhat, a little, acquainted with the translator in question and it seems that she’s working on the frontline as a doctor, and you know how hectic a time it is now for the doctors, so please understand and give em some breathing room.

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My Loli Brother Chapter 11

I actually finished this chapter last week, but I was too lazy to publish. Meh whatever, at least it give me a good reason to slack this week~ So last week I talked about whether or not to continue translating this teaser, quite a few of you say yes so I guess I’ll continue this for a bit longer, just a bit ok? Fact is, I am slightly curious about the rest of the story too.

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