Chapter 16 – The Witch, the Curse, and the Thief that’s Afraid of Darkness

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1922 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1257 words
Editor(s): Gil, Fire

We had several close calls, but we finally made our way around the inn towards the plaza.

…But the plaza is also empty? Isn’t this the meetup place?

We remained hidden in the dark alley and dubiously sought for the black-clothed person.

“Did we get ditched?”

While chewing on the apples Nangong bought for us, Muqing extended her head out of the alley to look around.

“That shouldn’t be…”

While feeling just as doubtful, I place my right index finger on my palm to activate the pre-installed spell.

“Το δίκτυο που καλύπτει τον κόσμο κλειδώνει σε αυτό που αναζητώ.”

Beginner Magic, Life Scan: Scan for a designated target within a twenty-meter radius to display the target’s location and basic info.

Using this spell to search for the quest NPC is such a brilliant idea, really.

The figure of a person appeared in my mind, and they’re standing right behind Nangong. This info was passed to the other two as well.


Nangong immediately pulled his sword and turned around, pointing the sword tip at the human-shaped shadow.

“Oh my, I’ve been found.”

The outline of the shadow became clearer and clearer, eventually revealing the flaxen-haired female shopkeeper dressed in a black cloak, a big smile on her face.1

Rank 3 Spell, Khaki – Mirage: Can conceal the presence of up to three party members at once. Lasts for one minute. While the spell is active, the caster cannot use a different spell. The concealment will be canceled upon receiving or dealing damage.

The spell info popped up in the lower left of my vision along with the woman’s information.

Hilde, LV48 Warlock
[Forbidden Magic User, The Master of Magic Spell, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?] 

Five hidden titles and she’s LV48 to boot. As expected, she’s a hidden expert.

“Phew, can you please don’t scare us like that?” I said while patting my flat chest.
“To be able to find me with Life Scan, you are… quite interesting?”

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Hilde suddenly got in front of me and patted my head.

Oi, why do you guys keep patting my head! Did the head-patting cult spread to this world as well?!

“Let me introduce myself once again, my name is Hilde, a witch.”
“That’s right. I am the vice president of The Witch’s Association, Saint Nouveau Empire’s branch. It’s a great pleasure to meet you, heroes.”

Accordingly, two of the hidden titles are revealed.

No wonder she looked like a certain “caster” when she put on the pointed hat, so she’s really a witch.

“Miss Witch… is the sewer you’re talking about… somewhere around here?”

Muqing asked after sweeping her glance all around.

“Don’t be impatient, because the Magic Tower was built by Colbert a really long time ago, the structure of the sewer then was completely different from how it is now. If we want to enter… we need to do a little preparation.”

The witch held out her hands from the cloak. Her left ring finger, middle finger, and little finger each had a piece of black paper, a black leaf, and a strange-looking black root. Then she lightly tapped her temple with her right index finger while releasing a huge magic pressure.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Title Skill activated.

Rank 5 Spell, Khaki – Advanced Shadow Projection
Catalyst: Black Scrap, Shadow Tree Leaf, Withered Parthenocissus.
Casting Action: Place both index fingers on a pressure point.
Incantation: Unknown
Effect: Cast up to 17 nearby targets into the world of shadows. Can voluntarily set the location where the spell is canceled, either on earth or a flat ground.

The shadow suddenly rose from the ground and swallowed the four of us, making us disappear in a flash.

After being dazzled for a while, we found ourselves in a pitch-black world.

Muqing remained quiet for a moment before letting out a scream.

“Waaah! It’s so dark, so scary!”

She grabbed me at once and hugged me firmly like how you’d hug a long pillow.

It slipped my mind for a moment… but this girl is afraid of the dark…

“Φωτεινά πυροτεχνήματα, ανθισμένα στο τέλος της ράβδου, φωτίζουν την άβυσσο του κόσμου.”

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Beginner Spell, Illumination.

I doubt there is a need to explain the effect as it’s self-explanatory.

A ball of light appeared at the tip of the staff and illuminated our surroundings.

This is… indeed a sewer, a dried-up sewer, that is.

“This sewer was abandoned fifteen years ago. It collapsed in on itself due to an earthquake. Because it was too hard to repair, they abandoned it and built another sewer to the side.”

I cast a glance at the altitude data on the upper right of my vision.

WTF, you guys built a sewer twenty meters underground? Wouldn’t the workers get tired just from climbing the ladders up and down?

Muqing had definitely been scared by the absolute darkness earlier. She was hugging me firmly and wouldn’t loosen up even after I activated the illumination spell.

Well, there are many reasons why she’s afraid of darkness. One of them being that I frequently told her ghost stories in her childhood? What goes around comes around I guess?

————Some time passed while Mushuo was at a loss————

“The entrance is up ahead, please follow me.”
“More importantly… Miss Hilde, you said you’re from the Witch’s Association… is that a guild?”
“… That’s correct, you guys don’t know?”

We shook our head.

Hilde seemed to find it troublesome and slapped her head.

“That… it’ll take a while to explain.”
“There’s no need to explain to us, I just wanted to ask a quick question. Do you know of the curse cast upon the royalties?”
“Curse? ……Ah, you mean the curse where the imperial concubines can only give birth to daughters?”

Information, get!

Hilde looked at me, twirling her finger on her chin as she recalled the event, “Mhm… I think it was forty years ago? When the president and I went out to settle some business, we ran into the late emperor of the Saint Nouveau Empire. For whatever reason, that crazy old *** kept pestering the president to do a divination for him. The president refused, but he refused to let us go until we agreed… Later, the president became furious and I don’t know whether she used a Rank 6 or Rank 7 spell, but anyway, she mopped the floor with the entire platoon before casting a curse on the emperor.”

“I think the curse was called… something along the line of… ‘The Curse of Mercury’? Anyway, it’s a rank 7 spell and because the catalysts are too expensive, it couldn’t be cast in a wide scale.”

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Title Skill activated.

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Rank 7 Spell, The Curse of Mercury.
Catalysts: Unknown
Casting Action: Unknown
Incantation: Unknown
Effect: The target’s woman can only give birth to girls until the curse is canceled by a third party or the caster.

This spell is so pointless! It didn’t have any firepower at all, if they’re going to waste the catalysts, they might as well put it in the Magic Tower’s treasure chest and let Muqing loot them.

Since we’ve already received information regarding the curse, I didn’t continue prying.

“Muqing, let go of your hands! Where do you think you’re touching?!”
“Ehehe~ Are you jealous of mine because yours is flat?”
“No way!”
“Hoho~ Big bro is getting tsun tsun~2
“…Do you want me to immediately cancel the illumination spell?”

I no longer paid any more attention to Muqing, who was sending me some strange instant messages. At least she had loosened up a bit.


  1. Silva: Oh right, at chapter 11, they did make an appointment to meet at 9 PM… my goldfish memory… sigh
  2. Tsun tsun refers to someone who acts cold, blunt, or curt. The onomatopoeia itself is actually the sound of someone sticking their nose up in the air, or turning away in disgust.
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