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Chapter 9 – The 7th Loli… Wait, I mean the 7th Princess

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1203 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 795 words
Editor(s): Raltzero, Fire

I swung my staff down to hit the frozen Nangong’s head to make him wake up from his stupor.

Since we were in the same party, he didn’t receive any damage, but the sensation of being hit was still there.

Then, our attention shifted to the overturned carriage.

On the other side of the carriage… an information window popped up along with a lock of golden hair.

Limia Theotana, LV3 Mage
[City Lord’s Daughter, Royalty, 7th Princess, ?]  

Hm? What’s with that question mark? Anyway, she must be the one we’re looking for judging from the first two titles.

That “7th Princess” title though… it just makes her seem so classy…
According to my understanding of the word “princess”, shouldn’t they be those high-class ladies who wear fluffy formal dresses with long-sleeved white silky gloves and have neatly permed hair? But this person was just a cute young girl.

“It’s safe now, Lady Theotana.”

I tried to make myself sound as mature as possible, but disappointingly, it just wasn’t possible for this 12-year-old loli body of mine to produce that kind of queenly1 tone, unless magic was used.

And while I’m on the topic, there’s no such thing as a voice changing magic among the beginner spells.

Therefore, the sound that came out of my mouth was the same childish voice of a young girl.

No matter how you dice it, this childish voice wouldn’t be able to reassure anyone in this situation!

“…Uuuuuh, huh…?”

The blonde-haired girl finally poked her head out of the overturned carriage to scout her surroundings, then jumped out and ran towards a youth that was gasping for breath on the ground.

As we gazed at the guy she’s running towards, his information window also appeared in our vision.

Jack Theotana, LV5 Bard
[Theotana’s Relative, Middle-Rank Imperial Guard, Musician, Vocalist, ?, ?] 
Status: Near-death

Near-death huh? Seems like he was fighting with the assassin from before?

But seriously, what was up with that huge explosion from earlier? Even if it didn’t pack enough power to blast the passers-by away, it had definitely scared the living crap out of me!

“Jack… Brother Jack!”

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The way she called him brother was so sweet…
Then I quickly shook my head.
Bah! I should save him first! Just what is this wretched brain of mine thinking!

Limia sat down beside Jack and lightly shook his body while tears stained her beautiful face.

“Brother Jack… Brother Jack, please don’t die… Sob…2
“Alright, stop crying, that guy won’t die just yet, he still has plenty of vitality.”

Muqing walked past the princess while fishing out a red potion from her inventory. She then half-squatted before the wheezing youth and made him drink the potion.

The red gauge of his HP bar recovered a little, though not by much, but at least he wasn’t in a near-death state anymore.

I wonder what would happen if an NPC’s HP dropped to zero. I doubt they would enter a motionless state like us and wait for the revive timer to countdown or even come back to life at the church.

That Jack guy opened his eyes and studied Limia’s surprised face for a moment before he smiled and stiffly raised his hand to wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes. After that, he started to speak with a hoarse voice that sounded much steadier than before, “I’m fine Limia, ah… and who are those three?”

“Your benefactors.” Muqing got up and stated proudly with both hands on her hips.

Although I didn’t want to admit it… Muqing’s action had further highlighted her figure that was more prominent than her peers.

Eh? Why did I lower my head to check out my own body?! Erase that thought at once! Begone!

“…Are you guys… the ones who repelled that assassin?”

While speaking, he tried to sit up, but the bone fracture sign3 that was clearly indicated in the information window made him wince in pain and lie back down.

“Don’t force yourself to get up if you’re hurt, the guards should be here to rescue you soon.”
“……Honestly……I am extremely grateful to you for saving Limia……”

Nangong and Muqing glanced at each other for a bit before speaking out.

“Can you tell us why that assassin attacked you?”
“That assassin… was dispatched from Nasir City just a bit further from here… Sigh, as for the specific details… can the three of you come meet us at the city centre tonight?”

The two glanced toward the quest tip at the lower-left before nodding simultaneously.

Quest Updated.

Main Quest, Chapter 1
Rescue Lady Theotana from the assailant
Completed: 1 / 1

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Meet up with Jack and Theotana at Brent’s city centre tonight.
Completion goal: 0 / 1

Tip: This Bard might be hiding some secret.


  1. Raltzero: odd term imo
    Silva: well yeah, the raw said “queen” so I used queenly instead of kingly, majestic, or dignified.
  2. Raltzero: *crying loli noises*
  3. Raltzero: when was this stated in the information window smh

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