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Chapter 13 – A Bug Finally Appears?

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1297 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 840 words
Editor(s): Fire, Pat

Jack took out a blackish ball from his pocket and handed it over to Nangong. After fiddling with it for a while, he passed it to me for confirmation as it seemed like no information window popped up.

I received the black ball and used the Mage’s special skill to identify it.

Item successfully identified:
“Type-3 Magic Bomb”
Description – Deals 2,800 damage to all targets within 3 meters, ignores the defenses of every target within 1 meter.

Due to the shock I received, I almost dropped the bomb by accident.

2,800 points of damage? Ignore defenses within 1 meter? If the three of us, no, actually, make that the four of us, were to get hit by this bomb, we’d no doubt be buried alive.

“Oh my god?!”
“Hm? Does Miss Magician recognize this item?”
“O-Oh… I recognize this from a magic book I once read in my master’s archive…”
“Your master? Who is it? To be able to shape up such a well-learned apprentice, your master must be well-known. Would you mind telling me your master’s name?”
“Ah… T-that’s… um… my master is…”

It seemed like… my background story had a loophole?

The three of us hadn’t set up our background story yet, but there’s no way we could just up and tell everyone we came from another world, right? We would definitely be locked up as subjects of alchemy research.

An unexpected situation occurred.
The target for revision: “Jack Theotana”, “No. 0001: Su Mushuo”.
Cause of Revision: Unexpected situation.
Objectives of Revision: Background Setting and Global Progress.

Revisioning… Revision complete.

Result: “No. 0001: Su Mushuo” is now the successor of the Great Magician “Cristian Vian”.

Obtained Title: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Upon coming into contact with unlearned magic below rank 7, the user will be able to recall the casting action, incantation, and catalyst required to cast the spell. Automatically triggers.

The series of pop up windows kind of overwhelmed me.

I was barely able to make out the key points below from the sea of information that flooded me:

First of all, it seemed like some sort of error had occurred and so the God or administrator had to intervene and modify the data. This could possibly be a bug or something similar. Next, why is my name associated with No. 0001? What is that number? Test subject number 1? It looks to have a high boasting value.

And lastly… who is that Cristian whatever sorcerer! I haven’t even met him, yet I already became his successor? Can you summon his spirit here so I can have a discussion with him?

After that, a new window pops up with information regarding the Great Magician Cristian.

Character Update:
Cristian Vian, LV93 Mage
[Great Magician, Forbidden Magic User, One-Hit Kill, Master of the Floating City, Divine Magic User, Arcanist, Master Alchemist, Dragon Slayer, Demon Slayer, The Pope’s Guest, The Pope’s Friend, Underworld’s Returnee, Moving Library…] 
Already deceased, his spirit is at the peak of the star realm, which is one step away from the realm of god.

That’s ridiculous! LV93?! That’s so much higher than the sword saint village chief! How come I can’t recall ever meeting such an invincible great magician before?

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Jack, the blonde hunk, blanked out for a moment before he was overtaken by shock. The eyes he used to look at me now contained a hint of reverence.

“So you are actually the successor of Master Cristian?! I didn’t expect the great master still had a successor left in this empire. With this, the restoration of the empire is looking more hopeful than ever!”

…Oh brother, you must be completely mistaken. Although I don’t know how much the god or administrator had adjusted your memory, that sudden bombshell still greatly surprised me.

I cast a quick glance at Muqing and Nangong who wore a baffled expression. Then I faced Jack again to explain in a voice fitting for my age.

“Eh? Do you know my master? Can you tell me about him in detail? My master never told me anything about himself as he pursued to reach the peak of the star realm.”

Special skill: Act Cute activated

Jack’s body jolted and his face flushed, but it only lasted for a mere fraction of a second.

“Er… Master Cristian is very famous throughout the continent. He is known as the strongest Mage over these past hundred years. He became a Rank 9 Mage by the age of 45 and could even use the legendary Rank 10 Divine Spell. Moreover, it has been rumored that he built a floating city over the sea in the far west of the empire’s border. Also, the treasures he kept in the magic tower on said island is almost equivalent to the empire’s state treasury.”

Whoa, so he’s a tycoon Mage?! As his disciple, will I be able to secretly enter the magic tower… no, could I brazenly walk into the magic tower and plunder all the treasures? It’s an empire’s state treasury worth of fortune yo.


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