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Chapter 11 – A Real Loli, A Fake, and a Lolicon

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1385 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 914 words
Editor(s): Fire

After making an appointment to meet up at the plaza at 9 PM, we went straight to the big manor located in the city centre.

It was approximately 6:30 PM by the time we arrived.

“Guests, please present your identification.”

Said the guard stationed before the manor gate as he stared fixedly at Nangong and Muqing. The marker on top of his head was flashing yellow.

Guard, LV7 Warrior.

Is this guy actually named “Guard”?! Aren’t the gods of this world being a bit too lazy?!


Muqing dropped her jaw in surprise. She couldn’t bring out a single item even after searching all over her body so she could only glance at us with a troubled expression.

“We are friends with Jack, he invited us here,” Nangong went straight to the point. He was the highest level among us, but even so, he’s only LV5. If it came down to a fight, our odds of winning were slim.

That was unless he could miraculously perform another OHKO.1

“It is our job to check your identity, please present your identification.”

The flashing of the yellow marker became more frequent, was he starting to doubt our identity?

At this time, Jack would conveniently come out from the manor and order the guard to stand back. Then we will brazenly walk through the gate and glance at the guard a few times in the passing.

That was what I was thinking, so we continued to wait for at least five more minutes.

——————Some time later——————

……I admit I might’ve overestimated the screenwriter a little……

The marker turned from yellow to red and we could feel danger crawling up our skin.

If we don’t think of something else, we’ll be deemed as suspicious individuals and get arrested!

I then quickly came up with an amazing idea. This move is a sure-kill way when used against any young men!

And that method is—

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I stepped forward and lightly tugged the guard’s armor, then I shook him for a bit and raised my head to look straight into his eyes.

“Um… we’re here to find Limia… can you let us through? Bro bro?2

A fountain spraying sound came from behind. Nangong’s HP continued to drop as a fountain of blood sprayed out from his nose. He received a critical hit and fell on his back.

I didn’t expect this move to be so effective that we even sustained a friendly fire. So this is the power of “acting cute3”.

Special skill: Act Cute
The hostility of all young men drops to 0, has a fixed chance to cause Bleeding. Take care not to use it too frequently, alright?

Oi, stop fooling around, you stupid God!

The guard shuddered for a moment before he awkwardly scratched his head with a blush. The marker instantly turned into green.

“Well, if you’re here to find Lady Limia… then please enter by all means, but put away your weapons first, okay?”4

Hey, young man, why are you acting the same way as those villagers in the Newbie Village? Is everyone in this world a lolicon?

Welp, who cares, at least we got permission to enter the manor now.

“Hm? Isn’t that the big sister who saved Brother Jack earlier this morning?”

A young girl’s voice came from behind. We turned around to find Limia standing there with a bundle of flowers in her hands.

“Limia? That’s great, we’ve finally found you. Can you take us to see your Brother Jack?”
“Oh, Brother Jack should be playing with the instruments in the backyard… Well, come with me.”

With a glittering smile, she walked towards the right side of the house with light and bouncy steps.

Wait… did she say backyard? So you mean this entire five-story building belongs to your family? Please, I also want a sugar daddy like that!

“Um… what is big sister called?”

Limia spun around and asked with a finger on her chin. That was so cute I almost got moerized.5

“M-my name is Su Muqing, this is my br… sister, Su Mushuo. And that Ranger over there is Nangong Zhenxian, it was him who finished off the assassin.”
“Wow, big brother Ranger is so strong!”

Nangong jolted for a moment, seemingly a little embarrassed.

“It was just a stroke of luck… I’m actually no match for that assassin…”

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Just man up and speak properly dude, and why are you stealthily taking out a hemostatic agent?

And don’t you dare drink that agent, you fool! One bottle costs at least 10 gold coins!

The next words that came out of this loli, however, petrified us.

“Um… Sister Muqing… are you Brother Nangong’s girlfriend?”

Nangong spilled out the agent that he was drinking.

Muqing became frozen on the spot, then her cheeks slowly flushed before she roared;

“No way! Nuh-uh! I swear on my life!”

Her exaggerated reaction had given Limia a scare.

“So you’re not…? Then could it be that you’re ma—”
“L-Limia, let’s quickly go find your brother!”

Predicting what she was going to say, I quickly covered her mouth and dragged her forward.

And Muqing, stop staring at Nangong with such a scary expression, he’s innocent here…

Oi! Don’t draw your weapon! Let’s talk this out properly, okay?

Su Muqing has left the party.

“Go to hell you pervert Ranger6!
“Waaaa! Mashuo, save me!”

Sorry Nangong, even I can’t save you from this situation. Why don’t you escape by yourself by awakening your latent potential?


  1. Fire: One-hit KO? Ye think readers know this acronym?
    Silva: eh, if someone who’s bad with acronym knows it, then they should, says me.
  2. Silva: So tempted to type “Nii-nii” here
    Fire: Lol, bro bro, can’t you use big bro?
    Silva: because bro bro sounds more childish
  3. Silva: This chapter is threatening to bring out my inner weeb, I’m so tempted to type “Moe Moe Kyun” here.
    Fire: Give in
    Silva: Neverrrr
  4. Silva: Wao… it’s super effective!
    Fire: Who would’ve guessed
  5. Silva: moe + vaporized = moeporized
    Uhh… this a self made-up word? Does it work? xD

    Fire: Pfft, if you don’t explain it to the readers, no. Even if you do explain it, it still sounds weird

  6. Silva: ahhh must resist typing hentai Ranger
    Fire: lol

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