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Chapter 12 – I. Am. A. Straight. Guy (Loli)!

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1278 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 885 words
Editor(s): Fire

After making a scene for a while, Muqing finally rejoined the party, but I could definitely feel the reproachful gaze Nangong directed at me.

I have a feeling Nangong’s life wouldn’t be smooth sailing from now on.

The melodious sound of a string instrument rang in my ears. It sounded so illusive as though someone was playing the harp under the moonlight.

That blond-haired youth leaned against the railing as he strummed the stringed instrument. He was casting his gaze towards the moon in the distant sky while the moonlight illuminated his thick court dress. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he looked just like an angel.

“Big bro, look! A pretty boy!”1

I could see Muqing’s status on the lower left of my vision, thus I only glanced at her in silence.

Though… he’s indeed very handsome. I’m still a straight guy, so I don’t really have much interest in pretty boys for the time being.2

“Brother Jack, the big sisters are here.”

Hearing the call from Limia, Jack turned his head to take a glimpse at us. Then he stopped playing the instrument and strode towards us.

“I hope you three can forgive me for being unable to welcome you properly. The moon tonight is too beautiful, so I couldn’t resist playing a song. Once I start playing, I easily forget about the time. I apologize.”

Jack bowed politely before stretching his hand to pat Limia who had just gotten beside him.

“Limia, we’re going to discuss some important matters. Go play with Frey for now. I will play another song for you later.”
“Oh, okay~”

The little girl waved at us before disappearing into the manor.

The pretty boy suddenly stopped in front of me, half-kneeled, and held up my right hand, before planting a kiss on the back of my hand.


He. Kissed. It!

My body stiffened, my brain blanked out, and I could feel steam coming out from the top of my head.

What the actual fudgeeeeeee!! My hand actually got kissed by a guy! Waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Warning, you’ve been afflicted with Dizziness.

“B-big bro, what happened! Why did you get afflicted with Dizziness?!”
“Get a hold of yourself, Mushuo! What happened?”3

Two private messages and a warning sign popped up, but I wasn’t in the mood to care about them now.

Regardless of my body’s gender, I’m still a bona fide man on the insideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Jack was a little puzzled over my changes, so he casted a doubtful look towards Muqing.

“Um… My sister is a little shy… Maybe she’s not used to being kissed on the back of the hand…”

Muqing pulled me to the side and lightly slapped me a few times.

“Is that the case? I guess our sense of etiquette are vastly different.” Jack said while showing off a dazzling smile.

This man is really too handsome…

Nonononono! I am straight! There’s no way I’d be interested in a pretty boy!

————A short break while Mushuo is having an inner conflict————

“I still don’t know the name of you three, do you mind introducing yourselves?”
“I am Su Muqing, this is my younger sister, Su Mushuo. And that Ranger over there is Nangong Zhenxian.”

While introducing him, Muqing glanced at Nangong fiercely and continued,

“He’s not my boyfriend, absolutely not.”
“As expected of a youngster. Muqing, don’t you know of the saying the more you touch things up, the darker they get?”
“S-shut up!”

Tsundere4 much? That’s cute.5

“An adventurer party consisting of a Ranger, a Thief and a Mage, huh? That’s a strange party setup.”

Muqing could only smile awkwardly at that.

Since he mentioned it, that’s quite true. Our party is indeed a little weird. Ranger, Thief and Mage all have paper-thin defenses and these classes specialize in DPS and assassination. We don’t even have a healer, what more a main tank and support. If we really have to fight a boss like this, we could only form a DPS party.

But don’t you dare look down on a DPS party! Do you think your standard party can beat a DPS team in damage per second?! Who knows, maybe by the time we beat the second boss, your party would still be dealing with the first boss by slowly wearing down its HP!

“Ah, I didn’t mean anything by that. Let’s get down to business, shall we?”

At the same time, the status of the handsome guy changed. The change was so drastic that it sent a chill down our spines.

Jack Theotana, LV17 Bard
[Theotana’s Relative, Musician, Vocalist, ?, ?, One-Hit Kill, Executioner, Middle-Rank Magecraft Technician] 

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LV17? So this handsome man was hiding his true strength before? Then how did that LV8 Assassin beat him half to death?

“…… With that much power, how did the Assassin manage to beat you?”

Nangong asked with a sharp gaze like he was a swordsman that came across a powerful expert.

This guy… Why can’t you be like this when we were in the presence of the village chief before?

Thinking for a bit, this kinda reminds me of an apprentice swordsman, who had only practiced the sword for a month, versus the legendary Dugu Qiubai6, in which the latter could send the former flying a thousand miles without even needing to lift a finger.


  1. Silva: Urk, almost gave in and type bishounen. Listen to this while you read:

    Fire: …Lmao

  2. Fire: Soon™
  3. Silva: Mhm, what did you say again? You’re not interested in pretty boys?
    Fire: Very doubtful…
  4. Fire: A random Japanese word appears, you’re slowly caving in
  5. Silva: I imagine Kaguya-sama that’s cute reaction.
    Fire: But a loli doing it

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