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Chapter 17 – Ruin, Boss, and Boar King

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1460 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1052 words
Editor(s): Fire

Eventually, a huge double stone door came into view. It appeared to have been left untouched for a long time already as it was covered with vines and dirt.

Right at the center of the door, there was a keyhole.

“This is it, this is as far as I can take you. Colbert said the rest of the journey must be taken by the three of you personally. The holy sword is kept in the last room. With this, I’ll take my leave first.”
“Eh? Wai—!”

Without giving me a chance to say anything, the witch bowed once before disappearing into the shadows.


Can’t you at least tell us how we should go back to the surface in case we failed?!

Sigh, since we do not have any return scroll, then we can only treat this as a dungeon instance where we cannot fail. Heh-heh, I’ve been known to clear an instance with twice the level difference, this kind of wannabe instance should just bow before me.

I took out the key, inserted it into the keyhole, and twisted it sideways. Thereupon, the stone door opened with a click.

Quest Updated.

Side Quest: Holy Sword
Go to Bryon’s Magic Tower located at Brent City’s underground to search for the Holy Sword that once slew the Demon King.
In Progress: 0 / 1

Special Quest: Holy Sword’s Scabbard
Go to Cristian’s Floating Island and find the Holy Sword’s Scabbard.
Progress: 0 / 1 (Individual Quest)

Underground Ruin: Bryon’s Magic Tower has been unlocked.


Why does it sound so familiar? Am I overthinking it?1

Meh, forget it. More importantly, we should loot this dungeon clean first!

Beyond the door was a straight rectangular path.

It was really a straight path, it goes all the way to the end without any curves. I thought we’d have to walk through a maze like in a certain Diablo II game, but it appears we just need to walk straight towards our goal.

While we were having such naive thoughts, we walked past the stone door.


A loud crash came from the back. The stone door had slammed shut, closing much faster than it had opened.

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Countless Magic Crystal Lamps were installed on both sides of the path. Although it wasn’t that bright, it was enough to not make Muqing feel frightened.

Moreover, those Crystal Lamps looked fancy, like the decorations you’d find in a boss room.

Wait… boss room’s… decorations?


As a thunderous roar rang out from the other end of the path, the three of us looked over there in sync.

From there… a huge… boar rushed out.

Boar King, LV9
HP: 10660 / 10660
(Overlord Rank)

God, are you serious?! How lazy can you be?! Regardless of its size or enmity level, this boar is exactly the same as the one from Newbie Village! Are you saying the Boar King is reared by the village chief?! Other than its HP that has increased to ten thousand, what’s the difference between the two boars?!

Be that as it may, there was nothing else we could do. After retorting to God in our mind, we entered our battle stance and faced the Boar King that’s rushing straight at us!

It is at times like this that we should display with quick-footedness of a glass cannon party…

But the actual result? Nangong was knocked away by the Boar King and lost two-third of his HP.

Didn’t we agree that Ranger is specialized in a hit and run strategy?! Why is this idiot getting up close and personal?!

I had a feeling that the following battle would be exceptionally challenging. Perhaps it had already crossed hell level and entered nightmare mode.

————A short break while Mushuo is fighting the boss————

I don’t remember how much time had passed, perhaps a dozen or more minutes. All I know is that I’ve drunk so many MP Potions that I almost threw up, but we finally managed to defeat the Boar King.

Seeing that the boss had turned into white particles, I threw my butt onto the ground and heaved a long sigh.

Boss Eliminated: Boar King
Achievement Points +1

Bonus EXP for Defeating a Higher Level Boss: 2x
Obtained EXP: 4200 * 2 = 8400
Level Up, HP and MP fully recovered.

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Su Mushuo, LV7 Mage
HP: 680 / 680
MP: 800 / 800
EXP: 3945 / 6300

8400 experience points increased our levels all the way up to LV7. So the loss and gain are directly proportional, I guess the money used on the potions was well spent.

Moreover, there was a pile of drop items on the ground as well as three magic books.

Three books! Can you believe that?!

“What a bountiful loot~”

I stretched my back and voiced my thoughts, still sitting on the ground. My loli voice was simply enchanting.

I was almost brought to tears by my own cute voice, is there nothing I can do about it?

“8400 EXP… we’re already LV7.”
“There are so many items, do you think our inventory has enough space?”

Nangong was such a realist. He was crouching in front of the pile of item loots and mumbled to himself while poking the items.

“This is the time for the top student to shine, underachievers should step back!”

The words that came out of my loli mouth felt quite dainty.

Nine items successfully identified.
Three items failed to identify.

Items looted:
[Magic Book] Rank 1 Spell – Rune Barrier
[Magic Book] Beginner Spell – Low-Level Shadow Projection
[Magic Book] Beginner Spell – Fitz’s Cooking Pot.

The spells have been registered.

I could understand what the first two spells are, one was defensive magic, the other was escaping magic. As for the third one… the heck is that whatchamacallit Cooking Pot?

Beginner Spell – Fitz’s Cooking Pot
Create a Magic Pot that can cook up to 2 kilograms of food. No firewood required. Need to prepare your own materials and ingredients.

So that’s how it is… no wonder that elven mage was able to stay in this Magic Tower for three hundred plus years without ever going outside. Magic is so convenient! If I can create a PS4 or XBOX with Rank 6 or Rank 7 magic, I wouldn’t even think about going back to Earth anymore.

Since God didn’t answer, does that mean such magic does exist?

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  1. Silva: It’s Excalibur and Avalon!!
    Fire: Kek
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