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Chapter 15 – No Way My Sister Can Overthrow Me

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1145 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 769 words
Editor(s): Lilith, Fire

“In the end, we still didn’t get any information about the Demon King~”

Muqing laid atop the inn’s bed and let her body sink into the soft duvet1 like a weary cat.

“If the main quest requires us to do this, we just need to do it. What could go wrong anyway?2
“That’s no fun~! The essence of RPG is to sweep through instance dungeons and PVP!”
“What’s the rush, if we go meet that mysterious woman later, wouldn’t we be able to enter the Magic Tower then?”

I sat in front of the desk to read by the magic crystal lamp.

“Magic Crystal Lamp”
Common item, a lighting tool fueled by magic power.

Muqing let out a bored shout as she rolled on the bed. Then I suddenly felt the world turning upside down as she pulled the scruff of my Mage’s Robe and pinned me onto the bed.

“W-W-W-What are you doing?!”

I cried out in shock and attempted to push her away. But alas, the strength of a Mage was so pitiful that I couldn’t even make Muqing budge with the slender arms of this loli body.

“…(Sniff, sniff) Uh-huh~ Big bro…3 your body is giving off a delightful smell~”
“S-Stop sniffing me… it feels weird…”
“There’s only… the two of us in the room… do you want to do something naughty~?”
“That tickles! Let go!”

This isn’t good!

“Gh… Yipes—! S-Stop pulling off my robe—!”
“Mhm~ There there~ Let’s take off our clothes and sleep now, shall we~?”

Oi!!! If this keeps up, this’ll become an R18+ game!

Struggle as I might, my Mage’s Robe was taken off by Muqing effortlessly. By the time she reached my chest, the last of my strength exploded out in a desperate attempt to fend her off.

“Waah… d-don’t do this…”
“Well~ If you call me big sis, I’ll stop~”
“Ugh…! Mghh!”

Right as I was about to give up, the front door opened.4

Nangong walked into the room with a half-eaten apple in his right hand and a bagful of it in his left. The apple was bright red and seemed delicious.

“I bought some apples, Mu… shuo…”

When he noticed I was bare down to my shoulders, he froze right where he stood and met with my teary eyes. The apple fell from his hand and rolled on the ground, only stopping when it hit the foot of the bed.

Muqing also turned her head to look at him, freezing in the posture of pinning me down.

“D-D-Did I come at a bad time?”
“You idiot, why did you have to come in at this timeeeeee!!”

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Su Muqing has left the party.5

“Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I didn’t do it on purpose! Mommy!”
“Save those words for when you’re in hell! Stop! Don’t run!”

Watching the two dash out of the room, I let out a sigh and straightened out my Mage’s Robe.

I really have to thank Nangong for this, otherwise my honor as a man would…

… Wait, am I now considered a man or a girl?

————Time Skip————

It’s almost 9 PM

In Brent City.

There wasn’t a soul in sight on the street. Other than the occasional guard, there were only bats flitting across the night sky and cats that were meowing all over the place.

From beside a bakery that had long been closed for the day, a tiny blue-colored head peeked out.

“… It’s all clear, let’s move.”
“Why are you stepping on me!”
“Ow, not the face!”
“Geez, can you two at least be quiet during the quest?!”

Can you imagine how I feel right now? Say, if you’re playing Assassin’s Creed and formed a party for an infiltration mission, while you’re quietly scouting ahead, your two party members were performing all kinds of dangerous stunts behind your back to screw each other up, that kind of feeling.

If only I had the catalysts and grimoire for Silence spells, I would have cast it on the two of them by now.

All the patrol guards are LV8 and formed a squadron of eight people. Their yellow markers show that they’re on high alert.

I heard that there was some unrest in the neighboring country recently, and Brent City had to bear the brunt of it since they were the closest to the border. To prevent spies of the neighboring countries from infiltrating the city, the guards had been on night patrol for the past two months.

If we’re caught, it’s straight to the prison for us.

With that thought in mind, I was even more determined to learn the Silence spell at all costs.


  2. Lilith: Flag
  3. Lilith: Can I just change this to “Little Sis”?
    Silva: No, you can’t, that’d change the entire nuance
    Lilith: But it’d fit so well
    Silva: No means no
  4. Silva: Here comes a lucky pervert.
  5. Silva: Here it comes again

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