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Chapter 10 – Beautiful Shopkeeper and the Key

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1319 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 934 words
Editor(s): Raltzero

Around 5:30 in the afternoon.

The three of us arrived at the city centre, but since it was still early, Muqing dragged us to go shopping.

There was a huge contrast in the buildings here compared to the ones on the outskirts. It was akin to the difference between the slum area and the rich district; it was like pitting a rural area in India against London, the capital of the United Kingdom.

A-anyway! What I mean is that the difference is that huge!

Thick traces of modernization were clear to those who walked the streets as there were rows of neatly trimmed trees planted on both sides of the road. It was an area that made common adventurers like us feel out of place… oops, I got off-topic again, what I’m trying to say is that it looks really good.

Mmm, since I’m a very magnanimous person, I’ll forgive myself for talking about nonsensical things this time around~

“Stop putting on that face like you want to stuff everything here into your inventory!”

I knocked Muqing’s head while panting with rage.

We’re currently in a grocery shop, and a strange one at that. As for why it’s strange…

Well, let’s see… unlike the clothing shop and the accessory shop nearby, which decorated their display window with clothes and accessories, this grocery shop put up several items that even I couldn’t put a name on. Even after I used the Mage’s special ability to the limit, I could only identify a few articles.

“Guests, is there anything you want to purchase?” The woman who sat near the entrance asked. She was wearing a black cloak, looking awfully similar to a certain caster in a certain fate game.

“Oh, we’re just looking around…”
“Is that so…? The Thief lady over there seems to be up to something though.”

Muqing flinched for a moment before she put the puppet, which she tried to stuff into her inventory, back to where it belonged, then she turned to face us with an awkward smile.

She’s lucky that we’re inside the shop, otherwise, I would’ve smacked her head with the staff.

The woman turned her smile back to us and overlooked Muqing’s dangerous action from earlier. Then, she walked to my front, stooped down, and lifted her black hat to let me get a clearer look at her face.

So beautiful… her face is on the level of a supermodel…

“Is this young lady… a Mage?” She had a melodious voice with a soul-penetrating charm. It caused me to nod in spite of myself.

Nangong twisted his head to look at the woman and me with a slight frown. I had no idea what he was thinking then.

“I see… I feel a familiar aura exuding from your body… this might be seen as rude, but do you mind letting me see your staff? Just a glance is enough.”
“Ah… O-of course…”

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I reached my hands into the robe to pull out a staff that measured about an arm’s length and handed it over to the woman. She received the staff with both hands and carefully inspected it.

A long time later, she finally recovered from that absent-minded state to look at me in amazement.

“This is… Bryon’s staff… where did you guys get this?”

I finally woke up from the daze of encountering a beautiful woman and turned around to look at the speechless duo before giving this answer, “This was given to me by our village chief, I also have no idea where he acquired this.”

When I combine this lie with my childish voice, it was super effective.

The woman paused for a moment, her eyes filled with grief as she gazed upon the staff.

“Colbert… you actually… sigh…”

This woman has a strange relationship with the village chief, I’m sure!

“If he’s willing to give this to you, then you guys must be the heroes he’s waiting for.”

Oh, so you actually knew the village chief was a sword saint?

As she was speaking with a solemn tone, the door of the grocery shop suddenly closed by itself and the room was taken over by silence.

“You know the village chief?”
“That’s correct. Twenty years old, Colbert told me three heroes will come to Brent City on this very day and requested me to pass this item to them.”

While speaking, the woman retrieved a really old key from the cabinet behind and gave it to us.

Obtained item, “Bryon Tower’s Key”.
An artifact, used to unlock the gate of Bryon’s Magic Tower.

Magic Tower? Like the one in The Lord of the Rings?

Why does this reek so much of old school RPG games? Is this the key to a mysterious Magic Tower that contains legendary tier equipment at the topmost or bottommost level?

“This is the key to an underground tower in Brent City. It was built by Colbert thirty years ago. At the lowest level of the tower, you can find the sword that once slew the Demon King.”

I didn’t continue listening to the rest of her explanation since the information window that popped up at the lower-left corner already summed up all we needed to know.

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Quest Updated.

Side Quest: Holy Sword
Go to Bryon’s Magic Tower located at Brent City’s underground to search for the Holy Sword that once slew the Demon King.
Completion goal: 0 / 1

“Uh… that something-something tower, how do we get there?” Muqing asked.

The woman’s answer made us really want to bang our head against the wall.

“Of course, it’s… through the sewer.”


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